Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 536

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Episode 536

Fuhehehe. I sold out Chairman Park!

Omid, hold on. Hold on.

“Fuhuhuhu. Elizabeth, listen carefully! Let me tell you about our great hybrid Chairman Park! Our Chairman Park’s name is Park Se-jun….”

Listen. The story of Chairman Park’s achievements is coming out!

While Theo was treating Elizabeth, he started talking about Sejun. Of course, like a Sejun knee fanatic, it was full of praise for Sejun.

However, it was a little different from usual. Instead of mentioning that his face was rotten or weak, he only praised me.

I, Vice President Te, will raise President Park’s mother-in-law’s score for President Park!

It was to make Elizabeth like Sejun.

So, when Theo passionately talks about Sejun’s strengths to Elizabeth,

“…Chairman Park…Chairman Park…”

What do you mean?

Every time Elizabeth briefly regained consciousness, she listened to Theo’s story.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I felt this comfortable.

I feel cozy for the first time in a long time.

So, I enjoyed Theo’s massage and listened carefully to his story.

Most of the content was about a person named Chairman Park,

but “Fuhuhu.” As for Chairman Park, he is a top farmer with 27 new varieties! Using the new breed, he has all the top farmers from other towers as his subordinates!”

“Fuhuhuhu. “On the 99th floor of the Black Tower, there are two world trees grown by Chairman Park!”

“And this is a secret that even the great Chairman Park doesn’t know about, but since you are Eileen’s mother, I will tell you especially! “We have a tree that is even greater than the world tree planted by Chairman Park!”

As the story progressed, it occurred to me that Chairman Park was by no means an ordinary human being.


huh?! Chairman Park’s cherry tomatoes cured Eileen’s heart?!

Chairman Park’s destruction caused Locaster to become extinct?!

Chairman Park turned the black tower into a black tower?!

There was a curse placed on the great dragons, but they lifted it?! And that too with Chairman Park’s alcohol?!

Since then, Chairman Park’s achievements that Theo talks about have become even more remarkable.

As if to brainwash Elizabeth, Theo kept talking about Sejun’s great achievements and said

that Chairman Park has outstanding abilities.

Elizabeth developed a crush on Sejun, just as Theo had intended.


“Puh-hu-huh.” “The great white dragon Ajax Marv takes the great Chairman Park as his older brother!”

“Fuhuhuhu. The great Chairman Park….”

Theo’s praise for Sejun did not end.

Too much or too little.


Finally, unable to bear it any longer, Elizabeth opened her eyes and stood up.



The black dragon statue controlled by Anton called out to Elizabeth.

“This…magic power…Anton?”

Elizabeth recognized Anton’s magic and shouted happily. How much I wanted to see this.

-okay! it’s me!

The reunion of Elizabeth and Anton.

The two looked at each other and began their first conversation in 150 years.

Vice President Te, come here.

Without notice, Sejun called out to Theo, who was still on Elizabeth’s boat and standing still.

“Fuhuhuhu. I missed Chairman Park! But why did you call me?”

Theo ran to Sejun’s call and asked while clinging to Sejun’s lap, and Sejun quietly took Theo outside.

Right now we needed some alone time.

When Sejun came out of the cave where Elizabeth was,

he started to flutter.

(Batbat. Sejun, this is it!)

[Sealing Stone of Adrous, the Demon King of Sloth]

Batbat brought the stone where Adrous, the Demon King of Sloth, was sealed.

“Kamang, let’s work.”

When Sejun gives the seal stone to Kamangi

, hehehehehehehe!

[Hehe. Butler! Just trust me!]


Kamangi fell asleep with the seal stone in his mouth.

He started exorcism with his subordinates.

Meanwhile, Sejun looked around and


I opened the subspace warehouse, took out the crops, and started cooking.

My mother-in-law’s condition is very bad.

Since Elizabeth was not in good condition, the idea was to make a nutritious food for her health.

The fact that Sejun was fine even when he went near Elizabeth in her original state showed how serious Elizabeth’s condition was.


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“Miniaturization of crops.”

Sejun used skills to reduce the size of crops that would be used for cooking.

Today’s dish is highly concentrated nutritional chicken porridge using crop miniaturization skills.

Sejun didn’t need to use crop miniaturization, but Elizabeth did.

Concentrating it as much as possible to increase digestion efficiency would help restore health.

I have to score points with my mother-in-law with this.

When Sejun started cooking with locust meat and crops, he said,

“Sseu-eup.” looks delicious.”

“I’m hungry…”

The children, attracted by the smell of Sejun’s cooking, gathered one by one and began to watch.

At first it was only children, but soon adults also gathered.


After thinking for a moment, Sejun took out a large pot, added potatoes, onions, corn, slime meat, and boiled soup.

“Take this and eat it together.”

I started giving it out to people.

There was a feeling of pity, and there was also a desire to raise the four major stats and mental power by receiving praise and the Lee Myung: Feeding Saint effect.

“Fuhuhuhu. “If you come here, get a stamp, and become an employee of Sejun Company, you can eat three meals a day for free!”

uh? I hadn’t thought of this…

Thanks to Theo, I even enjoyed the effect of Lee Myung: Slave King.


“Just say that Vice President Te can become an employee of Sejun Company until today.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

“It will be effective if you emphasize that this opportunity does not come every day and that the deadline is imminent.”

“Nyan! As expected, Chairman Park is a genius! “It’s great!”


In order to increase the number of employees, Sejun taught Theo one of Earth’s commercial techniques.

A special move that invites purchase – deadline is imminent.

“Fuhuhuhu. Humans, this isn’t an opportunity that comes every day! After today, there will be no chance to become an employee of Sejun Company! “The deadline is approaching!”

Theo immediately used the business tactics he learned from Sejun and


The residents of Omid, who had no tolerance for such commercial tactics, hurriedly lined up in front of Theo and began to receive the stamp.

[Has 50 slaves.]

[Alternative name: All stats increase by 0.5 due to the effect of Slave King.]


When Sejun made the residents of Omid into employees, fed them well, and raised their stats,

hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Successfully exorcising the great Black Man!]

Black Man came to his senses and barked.



[Butler! This!]


Adrous spit out the stone that was sealed in Sejun’s hand.

[Heart of Adrous, the Demon King of Sloth]

The sealing stone where Adrous’ soul was extinguished was transformed into the heart of the Demon King.

How dare you put my mother-in-law through trouble?!


When Sejun broke the heart of Androus, the demon king of sloth, and was stirring the porridge to keep it from burning

– Sejun. Elizabeth wants to see you.

Anton called Sejun.

“yes! wait a minute!”

Finally, my first greeting with my mother-in-law.

Sejun hurriedly entered the cave with a pot containing porridge and held

. Hold. Hold.

We need to keep Chairman Park’s rotten face as intact as possible!

Theo eagerly tapped Sejun’s face with his front paw to make a good first impression on Sejun.

This time, Sejun also quietly received a facial massage.


Black Tower Administrator Area.

“Really?! Did you find Omid? how?!”

“Hahaha. This time too, our lucky Sejun came to see us. “Now your father and Sejun have gone to Omid to look for your mother.”


After all, my man!

Eileen burst into laughter when Kaiser said that Sejun had found his mother.


“Huh?!” Our Sejun too?!

Eileen was embarrassed.

When Sejun goes to see his mother, it means that he went to see the dragon’s true form.

Sejun was in danger.

“Don’t worry Eileen. “Your mother is now…”

Kaiser reassured Eileen and explained Elizabeth’s situation.

Since his body is very weak right now, there is no way Sejun will be harmed…

“Huh?! “You’re saying I can’t meet my mom?!”

So, I think it will be difficult to return until my body heals.

Eileen was 50 when she last saw Elizabeth.

It was sad news for Eileen, who would miss her mother quickly as 150 years had passed since then.

“But will Mom like Sejun?”

Eileen asked, worried about Sejun.


Now that I think about it, I think Elizabeth married Anton after seeing his face…

Do you think Sejun will be okay?

Kaiser suddenly began to worry about his grandson.


“hello. “Elizabeth, my name is Park Se-jun, a farmer at the Black Tower.”

“okay. “Nice to meet you.”

When Sejun said hello, Elizabeth smiled kindly and responded in a voice full of goodwill.

I already had a crush on Sejun through Theo.

Through a conversation with Anton, I heard that Sejun really helped the great black dragons and especially Eileen.

In addition, the effect of Lee Myung, who is not despised by dragons: the dragons’ helper, was also helpful.


Anton looked at Sejun silently next to Elizabeth with his arms crossed, as if he had never praised Sejun before.

“Elizabeth, please eat some of this. It will help your body recover.”

When Sejun handed the pot filled with porridge to Elizabeth, she

said, “Thank you.”

Elizabeth grabbed the pot that Sejun gave her with her huge hands.

It was a large pot, but when Elizabeth held it in her hand, it looked smaller than a bottle cap.

looks delicious.

The smell coming from the small(?) pot was strong enough to dominate Elizabeth’s entire sense of smell.

Elizabeth swallowed the porridge in the pot in one go.


As soon as I swallowed,


So delicious!

First of all, my mouth was happy and

[I consumed highly concentrated nutritional chicken porridge.]

[Power: The effect of ingestion increases 5 times due to the effect of complete digestion.]

[Power: The increase in magic power increases 10 times due to the effect of highly efficient magic absorption.]

[All Stats increase by 250.]

[Magic power increases by 500.]

[Body recovery increases by 500% for 10 minutes.]

I felt my body improving quickly.

“Would you like some more?”

When Sejun asked cautiously,

“Hmm. “Is that so?”

Elizabeth put aside her embarrassment and gently placed the pot in front of Sejun.

The taste was delicious, but I couldn’t refuse it as my body recovered quickly.

“wait a minute.”


Sejun takes out the ingredients, infuses them with magic, and makes porridge again.

Hold. Hold.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Elizabeth, our Chairman Park is a talented man who is good at cooking, but he is also good at other things!”

Theo started promoting Sejun again while massaging Elizabeth’s body and said,

“Hurry up! Our great hybrid Chairman Park doesn’t come around every day! “The deadline is approaching!”

I immediately used the commercial techniques I learned from Sejun today.

“Is the deadline imminent?”

Are you coming today or not?!

Elizabeth’s face began to harden at Theo’s words and she said,

Hey! What if I use that here?!

Sejun was embarrassed.

At that time,

“Now that I think about it, I didn’t like it from earlier. “Why don’t you call me mother-in-law?”


“If I promised a future with Eileen, wouldn’t I be the mother-in-law? “Are you sure this won’t be a light-hearted meeting with Eileen?!”

Elizabeth brought her face closer to Sejun and asked interrogatively.

Nod, nod.

Anton also nodded quietly.

Since Kaiser and Anton had already recognized Sejun as Eileen’s partner, Elizabeth also decided to recognize Sejun as Eileen’s partner.

From his perspective, Sejun’s face was very disappointing, but

he said he likes my daughter.

I decided to respect Eileen’s opinion.

“Well…of course! “I’m serious!”

“Then go ahead and call me mother-in-law.”

“yes! mother in law!”

good! I was approved by my mother-in-law!

Sejun was so moved by Elizabeth’s recognition that he coolly shouted out the name he had only used in his heart and


A slight smile appeared on Anton’s lips as he watched Sejun through the black dragon statue, but it quickly disappeared.


“Puh-hu-huh. I sold out Chairman Park!”

Theo, who sold out Sejun, also smiled happily.


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