Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 533

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Episode 533

Hehehe. Got it!


Kaiser is happy to see the dragons gazing at the whipped cream cake Sejun made.

“ruler. Eileen, take this for yourself.”

Kaiser ripped off the entire top of the black tower and gave it to Eileen.

“Thank you so much, Grandpa!”

Eileen expressed her deep gratitude for Kaiser’s consideration.

It was very rude to call a guest and take away the most delicious and beautiful part.

However, our granddaughter, the idiot Kaiser, warned her to be rude and just get scolded.

Who dares curse at me?!

no. It was just shameless.

“Then eat now.”


The dragons, who had been waiting for the Kaiser, the person in charge of the meeting, to say something, began to eat the food in front of them and said,

“Hehehe. “I should put it in the collection warehouse.”

Eileen took her statue and headed to the collection warehouse in the administrator’s area where ancestral treasures are stored.


“My ancestor, I’ll write something here.”

Cheer up.

He pushed the sword ‘Polar Ice’ made of perpetual ice, which was in the collection of former leader Oili Frittani, that was on the display stand, away with his tail and thudded


He carefully placed his chocolate statue.

On the shelf next to the chocolate statue, Eileen’s old bag of ‘Budget Cleansing Apples’ was still taking up space.

“Heeheehee. pretty.”

Eileen admires a chocolate sculpture in her image to her heart’s content.

“huh? What is this?”

I belatedly checked Sejun’s message.

[To Eileen, the most beautiful dragon in the world – Sejun♥]

Oh my god, a heart?!

‘Aaaah! i love it!!!’

Eileen, who checked Sejun’s writing, screamed internally, fearing that the noise outside would be loud.

“Heeheehee. Later, I will also have to tell Sejun that he is the coolest person in the world. ah. “I have to go.”

I was away for too long.

Eileen calmed down her excitement and returned to the eating area. “


is Eileen not looking for her mother, perhaps because she is a precocious child?”

“I never saw you looking for your mom. “Don’t you miss your mom?”

“If I were that age, I would have made a fuss about missing my mom.”

“Isn’t that because it’s you? “You were always like that.”

“what?! no it’s not! “I was a very independent hatchling when I was young!”

The sounds of other dragons’ conversations reached Eileen’s ears.


Eileen quietly walked back to the administrator’s area.

I miss my mom too…

I miss her every day.

But I couldn’t show it.

Every time he asked about his mother, his grandfather would look sad and his father would look guilty.

So, to avoid seeing that expression, I deliberately didn’t bring out the mother’s baby. For everyone to laugh.

But strangely enough, I couldn’t help but laugh. I have never laughed so heartily. Until Sejun came.

Thanks to Sejun’s arrival, Eileen was able to keep from smiling bitterly.


Eileen buried herself in the corner of the administrator’s area and cried quietly. Don’t let anyone see it.

At that time,

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun asks what he is doing.]

Se-jun, the man who would make Eileen laugh, spoke up.


‘Sejun, I can’t answer right now. sorry.’

Eileen couldn’t answer because she didn’t want to be caught crying.


99th floor of the Black Tower.


“Are you busy?”

I was going to say that Theo wrote it without my knowledge…

but Sejun was a scumbag until the end.

“Hmm! good night.”

I lay down on an outdoor bench, waving my arms and legs, and enjoyed some time alone for the first time in a long time. Theo and Kkueng have gone to work.

Hehehe. I’m not going to do anything today.


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I had been extremely busy preparing food for the dragons for the past few days, so I was planning on taking a break today.

okay. I need to rest for about a day.

For the past week, Sejun has been busy making dishes and going around various towers to get the fruits needed to make a liquor suitable for the attributes of the nine dragon clans.

The red dragon had well-ripened extreme salt cherry wine that Sejun had already made, the

black dragon had cherry wine made from dark cherries, the golden dragon had kiwi wine made from lightning-like gold kiwi, and the

green dragon had golden kudzu root of life. The Blue Dragon was able to make watermelon wine from watermelon that causes drought, but

there was no fruit that matched the attributes of the other four dragons.

I could probably satisfy the dragons with just a strengthened Samyang liquor made from golden rice, but

I want to make it!

Sejun, who had already set a goal of making a liquor that matched the attributes of the nine dragon clans, became greedy.

‘And I have to look good to Kaiser too. Hehehe.’

So, in order to find fruits with properties, I started calling other top farmers and updating the botanical book of experienced farmers who had not been interested in it.

What I’m doing now is updating all tower information.

In the case of Ophelia, who could not meet face-to-face, the solution was to have Sejun leave the plant book on the 99th floor of the green tower and Ophelia update the plant book.

Sejun updated the plant encyclopedia and found out the locations of all the plants in the nine towers.

Luckily, I was able to solve all problems with land documents from other towers I had.

Except for the silver pagoda, which does not have any land documents.


“Go! Kwinmon!”

Silver Tower had Kwin get the Storm Lemon from the 75th floor of the tower and steeped it in lemon wine.

And the remaining three towers were moved by Sejun himself with his companions.

I got limes filled with light from the lime farm on the 55th floor of the White Tower and made lime wine. I got Mavidog’s grapefruit from the grapefruit farm on the 89th floor of the Purple Tower and

made grapefruit wine. I got a stone pear full of intelligence from the pear farm on the 32nd floor of the Brown Tower and made stone pear wine. .

“eww. “Next time I will never work this hard.”

Sejun vows not to work harder next time. It seemed like he didn’t know that it was his personality to work hard when there was a task ahead of him.

As Sejun continued to sit around like that,


[Hehe. Butler! Let’s play!]

“Okay. ruler. “Ask!”


[Hehe. Butler! Look at this! I picked up something interesting!]

“Okay. “Ask!”

The Kamangi family was excited. Because Sejun keeps playing.

The Kamangi family who ran around so hard.


[Butler, I’m sleepy…]

“Okay. now.”

Jump up.

As if it was natural, I climbed onto Sejun’s chest

and lingered.

Oh my gosh.




I lay down on my back and fell asleep.


Sejun too.

While Sejun and the Kamangi family were sleeping,

“Fuhuhu.” “The great hybrid Chairman Park, I’m back!”


[Kuengi came too!]

Theo and Kuengi came back.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Chairman Park was sleeping?!”

When Sejun was sleeping, Theo climbed onto Sejun’s lap as if it was natural and settled down.



[Dad said if you don’t work, you can’t eat anything, but Dad isn’t working…]

If this happens, Dad won’t be able to eat today! This is a big deal!

Kueng, who knew that even if he starved for just one meal, he would be in big trouble, was overcome with serious worry when he saw Sejun lounging around.


“I cooked.”

Son, cooking is not easy.


[That’s right! Dad worked! Thank goodness!]

Dad, I can eat!

Kueng was greatly relieved by Sejun’s words.


Kueng, who felt relieved, clung to Sejun’s side and showed off his cuteness to his heart’s content.

While Sejun was spending leisurely time lying down with his companions

[The tower manager asked if he was hungry and wanted something to eat.]

Eileen spoke up.

After crying as hard as I could, I became hungry.

“huh? “Anything to eat?”

There must be a lot of food there, so why?

Sejun had doubts, but

said, “Okay. What do you want to eat?”

Thinking something was wrong, I got up and headed to the kitchen.

[The tower manager says he wants to eat spicy food.]

Are you depressed?

Craving spicy food means feeling depressed.

Sejun did not ask why Eileen was depressed, but quietly began making food to soothe her depressed mind.

First, we started with spicy cheese steamed chicken. Inside were things like rice cakes, sweet potatoes, and sausages.

Especially because Eileen likes rice cakes. You should put in three times as much rice cake.

While the spicy cheese steamed chicken filled with rice cakes were cooking, I also made sweet and sour cherry tomato juice to take away the spiciness.

“Eileen, eat this first.”

Sejun delivered spicy cheese steamed chicken and cherry tomato juice to Eileen and then made other dishes.

I was planning on making all the dishes for the dragons’ meeting today.

Sejun buffet opened just for Eileen.

When Sejun was diligently preparing the fourth dish,

[Top’s manager says he misses his mother so much.]

[Top’s manager says he can’t see his mother because she’s somewhere else.]

Aileen’s story that she had kept in her heart. I started to do it

Sejun cooked in silence while listening to Eileen’s story.

Eileen’s mother is alive.

I never asked about Eileen’s mother because I felt like it wasn’t appropriate to ask because of the atmosphere.

Sejun quietly cooked and listened to Eileen’s story.

[The tower manager says that 150 years ago, Mom descended on a place called Omid and was shipwrecked.]


Where are you trapped?!

At Eileen’s words, Sejun stopped moving and listened carefully to Eileen’s words.

According to Eileen, only one Black Tower of Omid remained, and Eileen’s mother, who was the manager of the tower at the time, descended on Omid.

However, it is said that the magic was activated when Eileen’s mother came.

Dimensional magic that isolates itself by cutting off all connections with the other world.

An isolated world

Due to this magic, Omid became a world where no one could find him.

This is because all connections between Omid and the rest of the world are cut off, and it continues to drift through dimensions like a raft adrift in the vast ocean.

“Don’t worry Eileen. I’m the mother-in-law…no. “I will definitely find Eileen’s mother!”

Sejun comforted Eileen in a confident voice.

It’s not like there is a good way.

I just felt like it would work somehow.

Vice President Te will do something this time too, right?

When Sejun looks at Theo with eyes full of trust,

he licks, licks.

I saw Theo eagerly licking his crotch.


isn’t it Theo this time?

Suddenly my expectations dropped.

At that time,

[Top’s administrator says he saw your post.]

Eileen suddenly started talking about Sejun’s post.

“Ah… that…”

Sejun was in a hurry to come up with the lame excuse he had prepared earlier.


[the tower manager says that you are the coolest person in the world.]

Eileen spoke one beat faster and

said, “Hehehe. okay?”

Sejun laughed brightly at Eileen’s words.



There was a way! If Eileen’s eyes rot, Chairman Park’s rotten face will be solved!

Theo came to a great realization.


Dimensional sea.

Countless worlds were floating like islands, and countless worlds were not fixed and flowed along with the flow of the dimensional sea.

At that time,

[Hehe, I got it!]

I held on tightly to the world where the fire was flowing with my roots.

The name of the world captured by Flame is Omid.

The one thing that did help was the fireworks.


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