Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 530

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Episode 530 I won’t lose this time!

66th floor of the Black Tower.

An antique shop in the Red Citadel, ruled by Red Orcs.

“Miss Fortune, is this it?”

[Betting coin for sure defeat]

Yuren asked, picking up a black coin with both sides reversed from a pile of rusty coins.


[Miss Fortune, the god of misfortune, says that is her divine power.]

[Miss Fortune, the god of unhappiness, is happy because she is also unhappy, saying that she is finding her magic well.]

Miss Fortune answered happily.



[This is my first time doing something like this!]

Pyogi, who followed Yuren, was shocked to see Yuren like that.

Except for the delay in getting information while getting from the 99th floor of the Black Tower to here, everything went very smoothly.

After coming down the tower, I did not encounter a single monster, a robber, or a fragment of Jormungan, the Apostle of Doom.

Even Yuren, like Lucky King Theo, found a coin in a pile of countless coins at once.

But it was worth it.

Yuren was blocking one major misfortune with an amulet that swallowed up misfortune every day.

Above all, the fact that Yuren, the king of misfortune, went to find the divine treasure of Misfortune, the god of misfortune, was a rush towards misfortune, so no other misfortune was activated.

The negative (-) of negative (-) is positive (+).

[Misfortune, the god of misfortune, tells you to quickly use your divine power.]


At Miss Fortune’s urging, Yuren puts magical energy into the sacred device.

[The bet of inevitable defeat begins.]

[Today’s stake is 10 billion Topcoin.]

[If the coin lands on tails, you lose.]

[However, if you land a coin, you will receive 1000 times the stake.]

[Please toss a coin.]

The message that appears.

The Shinki Must Lose Betting Coin is used to bet with the owner by betting a random amount of money every day. A bet that the owner can never win.


Yuren threw a coin as instructed in the message.


The coin that fell on the floor came out tails. It was natural. Because both sides of the coin are tails.

[It is your defeat.]

[Take 10 billion Topcoin stake.]

[I feel sorry for you, so I will take a little of your misfortune.]

A miracle that takes some misfortune instead of taking money.

Thanks to this, Yuren became a little less unhappy today.


[Miss Fortune, the god of misfortune, urges us to quickly go find her last remaining magic.]

Yuren and Pyogi, urged by Miss Fortune, set off again to find the magic of Miss Fortune, the god of misfortune.

It seemed like it would probably be a smooth journey this time too.


The 99th floor of the Black Tower.


Sejun poured half of the burning cherry into the jar.

The moment Sejun heard that it was a hot drink, he thought of the fire carrot wine made by Udon, the top farmer of the Flame Tower.

He decided to make a drink hotter than Buldang Geunju using hot cherry blossoms.

Of course, he not only planned on making alcohol, but also added spicy seafood maeuntang as a side dish.

If you have spicy snacks that go well with hot drinks, you will feel more energized.


This time, Sejun poured sugar into the jar containing the cherries and stirred it with a stick to mix the cherries and sugar.

He deliberately crushed the cherry while stirring. The cherry must be crushed to allow the stronger scent of the cherry to be absorbed into the drink.

After mixing the cherry and sugar,


Lastly, I added alcohol. It is also a soju with a higher alcohol content, distilled from Samyang liquor made from golden rice.

When all the cherry wine is made


Sejun placed his hand on the sealed jar and used a skill. The purpose was to quickly make cherry wine and deliver it to the listless Ramter.

[Fermentation Lv. Use 5.]

[Fermentation Lv. With the effect of 5, the fermentation period is shortened by one and a half days.]

[Fermentation Lv. The effect of 5 makes it a little faster.]

[Fermentation Lv. The taste becomes slightly deeper due to the effect of 5.]

[Fermentation Lv. The skill level of 5 increases slightly.]


Kavi also used the power of corruption to assist Sejun.


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While Sejun and Kavi are working hard to ferment cherry wine deliciously

“Fuhuhuhu. “Vice President Hybrid Te, a master at catching fish, is leaving!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Kueng, an honorary member of the Hybrid Association, is also good at catching fish!]

Theo and Kueng, who received Sejun’s instructions, were catching seafood for spicy seafood soup in the cave pond.



Except for Kabi, the helpless Kamangi family just ran around the farm and played.

That’s what Sejun wanted from the Kamangi family. Don’t get into an accident.

While each person worked hard at his or her role, the sun set before we knew it, and instead of the sun, soft starlight illuminated the darkened sky.

Although not as dazzling as the sun, the starlight is enough to brighten the night sky.

It was like Sejun, caught between super strong people and being treated like a sunfish even though he was strong.

“Okay. Done!”

Sejun, who worked until late at night without even eating, shouted

[We achieved the achievement of making the first well-aged, ultra-salted cherry wine in the tower.]

[The recipe for well-aged, ultra-salted cherry wine is registered in Cooking (Master).]

The message that appears.

At the end of fermentation, Kavi used the power of corruption to age the alcohol, creating a perfectly matured alcohol.

“Hehehe. Where should I look?”

Sejun confirmed Aengdouju’s option, which was the result of his efforts.

[Well-aged, ultra-salted cherry wine]

It is a liquor made with soju, fiery cherry blossoms, and sugar distilled from dark golden Samyang liquor made from the golden rice (+1) grown by Park Se-jun, the top farmer of the Black Tower.

It has a deep cherry scent.

When ingested, fire attribute abilities are strengthened, and the fire with powerful magic powers burns away curses and amplifies magic power by 2000% for 20 seconds.

If a god with fire-related divinity drinks it, his divine power increases by 150. (For other divinity, his divine power increases by 100.)

If you cannot handle the fire of well-aged, ultra-salted cherry wine, it will burn your body.

Chef: Black Tower Farmer Sejun Park

Assistant Chef: Kavi

Restrictions on use: Beings with a magical power of more than 5 million or a god status of more than 1 million.

Expiration date: 1000 years

Rating: ★★★

This is hot enough, right?

Sejun looked at Aengdouju’s options with a satisfied expression.


“excuse me… Please take a drink of this and tell me if it’s okay.”

He visited the dragons at the fountain and asked them to taste them.

The dragons put each glass of alcohol that Sejun poured into their mouths and delivered it to the main body.

They were silent for over a minute. no. I couldn’t do it. It was because of the lingering taste left behind by alcohol.

When I drank alcohol


I felt a deep sweetness along with a heavy cherry scent that filled my mouth.


When I swallowed the alcohol, the alcohol that went down my throat was so hot that I could tell where it had gone down my esophagus. It felt like my esophagus was burning.

The alcohol that went down the esophagus spread heat throughout the body, starting from the stomach, and the dragons felt a strange sense of relief along with warmth.

On the contrary, the esophagus, which had been hot just a moment ago, felt cool and cool.

The heat spreading throughout the body, the cool esophagus, and the subtle cherry scent and sweetness remaining in the mouth all combined to give the dragons a long lingering taste.


Before I knew it, the dragons were smiling.

“It’s okay.”

Sejun, who was nervous as he looked at the silent dragons, was confident when he saw their smiles.

This drink works!

So when Sejun gained confidence in his drinking and went back.

– Hmm. Sejun, I suddenly feel listless…

-… … I also have no energy… I can’t do anything.

-Ugh… Maybe if I just drink one more glass of cherry wine, I’ll be okay?

The dragons all spoke in dying voices.


“So you should drink in moderation. “It’s a liquor bottle.”

Sejun, who realized that the dragons were tricking because they wanted to drink well-aged, extremely salted cherry wine, ignored them and went down the fountain.

And then I hurried to the kitchen and started cooking with Sejun No. 1. The last dish.


Sejun picks up the largest and best fish in the kitchen to clean it.

“Nyan?! “Great Hybrid Chairman Park, that’s not possible!”

This is my fish for grilling!

Theo shouted urgently.

“Vice President Te, let’s give it to Ramter this time. Mr. Lambtor, you seem to have no energy.”

“Mean… I understand! “These are the words of the great Hybrid Chairman Park, so I will yield!”

Theo said in a slightly depressed voice and gave up his fish.


My octopus is safe.

Kkueng smiles at that.



[Kuengi also has to give in… ]

When Sejun picked up the giant octopus he had photographed and put it in the pot, he started crying.

Whip! Whip!

[The Great Black Man wins! I will win!]

In the end, only Blackman, who was fighting an octopus half the size of himself, which he had chosen for dinner today, won a mysterious victory.


[Butler! Help me!]

With one clear loss.

“Ugh. “How can our Shubokchi not defeat just one octopus?”

Sejun laughed as he bit off one of the octopus’ legs and released the octopus from the other seven legs.

“Stay calm while eating this.”


[Hehe. huh!]

Sejun gave dried roasted sweet potatoes to Kamangi and prepared the ingredients again.

After a while.

“Great. Good.”

Sejun exclaimed after tasting the finished seafood stew. He made it himself, but it was so delicious.

When the dish is finished

“Sejun No. 1, thank you for your hard work.”

Sejun said, patting the shoulder of Sejun No. 1, who cooked with him. Now it was time to part ways.


Sejun No. 1, whose expiration date was over, turned into a beautiful halo of ivory light and quietly disappeared.

I didn’t know where I was, but I knew where I was, and immediately I felt empty.

at that time


A belly clock ringing in Kuengi’s stomach.

Come to think of it, no one had eaten dinner because they were busy making drinks and food for Ramter.

“hang on.”

Sejun hurries to the fountain.

“Mr. Lambtor, try some of this.”

Well-aged cherry wine and spicy seafood stew were placed in the mouth of a red dragon statue and delivered.


“You’ve been waiting a long time, right? “Let’s eat dinner quickly.”

I grilled fish, fried eggs, mixed rice with soy sauce and butter, and had dinner with my companions.

Today was a busy, but peaceful day.


Red Tower Administrator Area.

Ramter sitting blankly. I was so weak that I didn’t even have the strength to move the tip of my tail.

at that time


Lambtor wrinkled his nose at the pungent smell that tickled his nostrils.


Ramter swallowed the saliva in his mouth without realizing it.

It was a small movement, but like a small pendulum on a lever that moves a huge weight, the movement made Ramter move.


[Well-aged, ultra-salted cherry wine]

[Spicy seafood stew of disaster]


Where Ramter turned his head to find the source of the smell, there was alcohol and food lying there.

I added fire moths, which taste like squid, and petrified spider legs, which taste like snow crab, to the spicy seafood stew, and the name came out a bit scary.


First, Ramter ate the delicious-smelling spicy seafood stew.


I couldn’t help but gasp at the spicy soup.


in other words.

Naturally, my hand reached for the liquor bottle.


One shot of cherry wine poured into a glass.


This time, I let out a long exclamation at the thrill of the alcohol going down my esophagus as if it was burning.

Soon, Ramtor was sweating profusely and devouring the drinks and snacks.

When I was eating drinks and snacks for a while,


[The Red Tower is connected to the new world .]

The crystal ball vibrated, indicating that the Red Tower was connected to a new location.

“I won’t lose this time!”


Ramtor, who had regained his energy, ignited his enthusiasm.


Thanks to this, the remaining alcohol and snacks evaporated. This is because Ramter’s firepower was greatly strengthened by Sejun’s drinks and snacks.

“are you okay.”

Just ask Sejun to make it again.

Ramter burns off all his negative emotions by eating the alcohol and snacks that Sejun gave him.

“I have to ask them to make 10 bottles of cherry wine and 3 bowls of seafood stew for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sejun will do that much, right? I am Ramter, the great red dragon. Hahaha.”

It seemed like it had changed so positively.

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