Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 524

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Episode 524 [1000 ways to perfectly attack a cat’s heart]

The 99th floor of the Black Tower.

“Starting today, we are forming a hybrid association to protect hybrids.”

Sejun declared the founding of an organization to combat the teasing of dragons, or abbreviated as Hayeonhoe. In a very solemn voice.


“Fuhuhuhu. Good! “Since the great Hybrid Chairman Park is the chairman of Hayeonhoe, I, Hybrid Te Vice-President, am naturally the vice-president of Hayeonhoe!”

Theo, who has dragon claws and dragon skin, shouted happily at Sejun’s words.

(Bahehe. I’m a hybrid too…)

The dragon-clawed Bat-Bat also smiled and spoke in a half-asleep voice.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Butler! me too! me too!]

The black cat with dragon teeth also waggled its tail and barked excitedly.

“I also have dragon bones in my body, so I’m a hybrid!”



Following the leader, Kamangi, Kamangi’s subordinates also proved themselves to be hybrids.

They had already strengthened their bodies using dragon teeth, scales, and skins found in the subspace warehouse.

When everyone becomes one at the banquet


[Kueng is not a hybrid… ]

Kueng is sad because he is a pureblood alone.

[Misfortune, the god of misfortune, says she senses another divine power from the Black Tower and asks you to find it.]

As soon as Yu-ren and Pyo-yi, who are purebloods like Kkueng, ate breakfast, they left to find other miracles of Miss Fortune.

“Kueng, it’s okay. You are an honorary member of our Hayanhoe.”

To appease Kkueng, Sejun hastily created an honorary membership system. Everything is up to the president.


[So Kueng is now part of the Hybrid Association like his dad?!]


Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. I’m excited!]

Kueng’s expression immediately brightened at Sejun’s words.

“Okay. Then, let’s take a break now for the hayeonhoe!”

After Sejun shouted to the group


I drank the coffee that Kueng gave me. Because morning coffee is important.




The group settled down around Sejun and began to rest together.

We had a summer banquet, but nothing changed at all. That was natural.


Anyway, will I be able to raise my stats again now?

Sejun checked his stats while drinking coffee.

Thanks to , all stat potentials have increased by 3000, so there will be plenty of potential now.


Stats: Strength (8498/11113) Stamina (9372/9982) Agility (7697/8633) Magic Power (1177/1177) Mental Strength (1934/3000) Divine Power (35.7124/100)

As Sejun expected, his potential increased and he was able to raise his stats. Except horsepower.

“Wow. My stats are really high.”

Total stat 35,744.

Sejun’s heart grew majestic as he looked at his stats.


“Hehehe. At this level, isn’t I the strongest among the top farmers, after Ophelia and Ajax?”

The total stats of other top farmers calculated when borrowing stats in the past were approximately 25,000.

Now Sejun was higher.

“Veronica, summon.”

You’ll be surprised by my energy, right?

So Sejun unleashed his energy to the fullest and summoned Veronica.

After about 30 seconds

[Summon Veronica, an honorary full-time employee of the Purple Tower.]

Veronica, with white skin and a 3-meter-tall body full of muscles, appeared.

“Sejun, did you call me?”

Contrary to Sejun’s expectations, Veronica asks Sejun without looking at all intimidated.


“Huh?! Uh….”

On the contrary, Sejun was overwhelmed by Veronica’s energy.

Veronica’s total stats are around 50,000. While Sejun grew up, Veronica also grew up. More than Sejun.

“Veronica, go back.”

Sejun is heartbroken and returns Veronica.


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“Zelga, summon.”

“Kwin, summon.”

“Udonmon, summon.”

He tried summoning all the other top farmers in the hope that there would be a top farmer weaker than him, but there was no top farmer weaker than Sejun.

“Why do they all have higher stats than me?!”

Let Sejun feel unfair.

“Kelkelkel. Sejun has no talent.”

“What?! Dude! You go back too!”

Oric, who was summoned last, smiled slyly next to him and got on Sejun’s nerves.

But he was also right.

Because other top farmers had talents such as ‘Efficient Ingestion’, ‘Complete Digestion’, and ‘Medicine’ that increased the effectiveness of the items they ate.

Sejun spent the whole morning confirming that he was the weakest top farmer.

“I’m depressed today, so I eat meat!”

Fill your stomach with meat for lunch


He entered the subspace warehouse, planted the seeds of Doom Pioneers and Doom Devourers, and harvested the crops he had planted on Alice’s body.

While doing math like that

[The scorching cherry has been harvested.]

[You are a field Lv. 8 activates and deals additional damage.]

[You are a field Lv. 8 is activated and the stats of the 9th Apostle of Destruction, Alluring Spider Alice are harvested.]

[Strength increases by 20, stamina by 20, agility by 25, and magic power by 30.]

[The potential of the magic stat has reached its limit.]

[You can no longer absorb magic stats.]

[The acquired magic power stats are returned to nature.]

Stat harvesting was activated from time to time, increasing stats, and reducing magic power to strengthen fighting spirit.


You will become stronger!

Perhaps thanks to meat, Sejun completely shook off his depression and worked enthusiastically.

[You are a field Lv. 8 proficiency is filled and the level increases.]

You are a field. The skill has been raised to level 9.

Thanks to this, the amount of stats obtained when stat harvesting is activated has increased to a maximum of 150.

While Sejun was working hard in the subspace warehouse,

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. I wish I could feed this to my dad!]

Kueng went to the herb field and picked some herbs to feed to Sejun.

“Fuhuhuhu. Nice to meet you! This body is the deadly dragon claw hybrid golden cat Theo Park, the right-hand man of the great hybrid Chairman Park and the target of the Black Tower! Come and take a look at the things!”

Theo started a new business on the 4th floor of the Golden Tower as the exit for people traveling to the Nine Towers changed.

It usually takes a while to get a response at first, but

“Oh! It’s a sturdy blade!”

“What is this smell?! Fragrant grapes overflowing with life?!”

That wasn’t the case this time.

The great golden dragon Artemis distributed the crops, such as green onions and grapes, purchased from Eileen to the hunters of the Golden Tower, and the hunters in already knew about Sejun’s crops.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Then the auction will begin!”

Thanks to this, Theo immediately sells Sejun’s crops at auction.

“It’s sold out!”

He was able to leave work early.


“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, I’m back!”

“okay. great job.”

I ended the day by clinging to Sejun’s lap as he was making Samyangju with kabi and golden rice.

Ten days passed quickly without much incident.


Morning of day 477.

“Tsk tsk.”

Sejun wakes up energetically today as usual

[Due to the effect of , all stat potentials have increased by 30.]

check the message


I took Theo and Kamangi outside, walked around the farm, raised my potential, and had breakfast.


“Shall we get to work now?!”

When I’m about to start work in the morning

[, managed by the Blue Tower, is being destroyed by disaster.]

[We offer the middle manager of the Black Tower a last chance to save .]

[Middle manager quest occurs.]

[Middle Manager Quest: Go to and defeat the disaster while protecting the remaining 5 Blue Towers.]

Reward: Peace of , all stats +100, 10 billion Top Coins

In case of failure: Automatically returns to the Black Tower.

[Do you want to accept the quest?]

A message appeared in front of Sejun asking him to make a choice.

The disaster that invaded managed by the Blue Tower was driving closer to destruction.


You want me to go to the place managed by the Blue Tower and fight?!

Sejun was confused when he saw the message. This was my first time receiving a message like this.

And no one has ever received a message like this before.

The last chance to save the world from ruin is given only to towers that have grown into giant towers.

Usually, dragons, who are managers of towers, get a chance to descend on a ruined world for about an hour when there is only one tower left.

But their coming was not to save the world. It was a last resort to reduce the power of destruction.

And since the world was already ruined, the dragons descended without burden, eliminated disasters within the allowed time, and returned.

“I’ll accept it.”

After thinking for a moment, Sejun accepted the quest.

He didn’t mean to save the world, grandiosely.

Even if he failed, he could safely return, so he wanted to help the residents of even if only a little.

So let Sejun accept the quest.

[Move to after 30 seconds.]

[You can take his men with you.]

[Please specify a subordinate to go with you.]

“Kids, go into the subspace warehouse!”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”



Sejun hurriedly opened the subspace warehouse and let his companions enter. He might not be able to take you because he doesn’t have enough magical power.

And it was a very wise choice.

Because the only people who could go with Sejun’s magic were the formidable mushroom ants and poisonous bees.

Not only other tower farmers, but also members of the 99th floor of the tower were growing by eating Sejun’s crops.

This was the reason why Sejun continued to be a sunfish even as he grew up.

After 30 seconds like that

[Automatically assigns load within the horsepower limit.]

[Move to .]

Sejun disappeared from the 99th floor of the Black Tower, taking 700 mushroom ants and 100 poisonous bees with him.


Battle Store Headquarters.

“I’m bored because Park Se-jun hasn’t been active these days.”

Bev, the god of bravery, was bored waiting for a message from Sejun, who had not been doing anything brave recently.

If he urged him to do so, he would be blocked, so he had no choice but to remain quiet.

at that time

“Kkueng! You… Ahh! “I’m blocked again!”

From afar, the screams of Thunder, the god of storms, who did not give up and forced Kueng to follow the path of a warrior, but was blocked for the 35th time, were heard.


I’m still better than him.

Bev smiled at Thunder.

After a while.

“Hello Bev.”

Thunder spotted Bev and greeted her.


“Yes. Kueng, even if you just bring up the ‘E’ character of the warrior, I will block you.”

“Once we get to know each other, I have to sneakily take the baby out. Then sometimes it works.”



Bev was teaching Thunder how to lure someone he likes to the path of a warrior.

“It’s Thunder. But have you seen Battler recently? Or something I heard.”

We asked Thunder about the current status of Battler, the god of battle.

“Ah. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you, Battler. I heard you don’t come out of the house these days.”

Battler isn’t the type to stay at home…

Bev felt strange.

“Let’s go to Battler’s house.”


I took Thunder to Battler’s house.


Bang! Bang!

“Battler, are you there?!”

Let’s knock hard on Battler’s door


A huge Battler opened the door with wide eyes.

In the hands of such a battler was a very thick book called [1000 Ways to Perfectly Attack a Cat’s Heart].

Battler, the god of battle, has not given up yet.

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