Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 523

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Episode 523

Are you saying you can’t write because you’re less unhappy?

Just now.

Sejun and his group robbed Yuren’s fourth warehouse.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Now it’s the last warehouse!”

“Okay. Let’s finish this quickly!”



With great momentum, we headed to the last remaining warehouse.


“Let’s put it all in first!”

“Fuhuhu. I understand!”



Sejun, Theo, Kuengi, and Pyogi, who have now become experts in warehouse theft, quickly emptied Yuren’s fifth warehouse.


Yuren was still depressed.

When the warehouse thieves, excluding Yuren, worked hard to sweep up the treasures from the treasure trove.


What is this unpleasant object?

Theo carefully examined the square piece of black wood that his front paws could not reach.

[Talisman against misfortune]

The entire front of the palm-sized amulet had the word ‘厄’ engraved in large letters.



The amulet also moved little by little in the direction opposite to Theo’s front paw, as if it wanted to avoid it.

The two are not compatible with each other.



Where are you running away?!

It was impossible to escape from Theo’s paws.

“Chairman Park, I picked up something strange!”

Theo picked up the amulet and took it to Sejun.

“Something weird?”

Sejun received the amulet and examined it.

[Talisman against misfortune]

This is a sacred instrument created by the god of misfortune, Miss Fortune, imbued with power after striking a branch of the World Tree, a jujube tree that has lived for 10,000 years, with lightning.

By swallowing one small misfortune that befalls the wearer, it can prevent a major misfortune coming within 24 hours (it cannot prevent a huge misfortune).

Activates once per day.

The more misfortune you swallow, the more your magical abilities grow.

Restrictions on use: Those recognized as unhappy by Misfortune, the god of misfortune

Producer: Miss Fortune, God of Misfortune


“Oh! Is this amazing?”

Perhaps because it was a gift from Yuren, it even had an emotion attached to it.

A small misfortune can prevent a big misfortune?!

‘Then it’s perfect for me!’

For a sunfish, one major misfortune costs one life.

When Sejun is happy holding the amulet

[Misfortune, the god of unhappiness, does not acknowledge your misfortune, saying you are less unfortunate to use this miracle.]


Miss Fortune, the god of misfortune, rejected Sejun. I didn’t even know what a great opportunity it was.

Sejun was rejected by Miss Fortune like that.

“You can’t write because you’re less unhappy? then… .”

He is 100%.

Naturally, I looked at Yuren, who was crying in front of the treasure trove.

“Vice President Te, give me this Yuren.”

“I understand!”

Theo, who received Sejun’s instructions, gave Yuren an amulet to swallow misfortune.

[Miss Fortune, the god of misfortune, trembles, saying she has never seen someone so unhappy.]

[Miss Fortune, the god of misfortune, asks where she has been and has now appeared and calls out to be together forever.]

Yuren received a warm welcome from Miss Fortune and became the owner of the magic.


[The misfortune-swallowing talisman swallows one small misfortune.]

[The talisman that swallows misfortune grows slightly.]

[Prevents one major misfortune from coming within 24 hours.]

[A big misfortune was prevented.]

Shinki immediately swallowed Yuren’s small misfortune and prevented Yuren’s one big misfortune that would occur today.


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Of course, after the great misfortune that was prevented, waves of misfortune continued to come.

“Mom, Dad, I think I have to leave again.”

If only I could grow this miracle…

So Yuren left the Damon family with the hope of controlling his misfortune.

If 10 years ago I was kicked out, this time I am on my own journey.


“okay. If you’re a man, of course! Let’s see a wider world! “Don’t worry about us, just stay here for a long time.”

“Yuren, eat well and don’t bother coming if you need pocket money. please! call. “I’ll send it to you right away.”

Somehow, Yuren felt like she was being kicked out like she did 10 years ago.


A corner of the combat store headquarters.

“Hahaha! I finally have a new owner for my miraculous skills! I’ve never seen such an unfortunate person before!”

Those who avoided me because they said being with me would make them unhappy, I’m going to punish them now!

She was a goddess with gray hair, lying on the street, dressed in rags and without her own home. Miss Fortune, the god of misfortune, cheered.

Just as there is greater darkness in brighter places, there were some battle gods in the battle store headquarters who were poorer than the non-battle gods.

Miss Fortune, the god of misfortune, is one of them.

at that time

[The misfortune-devouring talisman swallowed a small misfortune and acquired 0.01 divine power.]

[The Misfortune-Devouring Talisman prevented great misfortune and gained 0.5 divine power.]

“Cheer up! I gained divine power!”

Miss Fortune cheered when she saw the message.

If you recognize Sejun as the owner of the divine power, you can receive an achievement fee in return for eliminating Sejun’s misfortune and gain divine power dozens of times more than this.

Without knowing.

She was also the god of misfortune.


[Arrived at the 99th floor of the Black Tower.]

Sejun registered the waypoint on the 86th floor of the Golden Tower and returned through the waypoint on the 99th floor of the Golden Tower.

It’s already night.

“Guys, you did a good job today. good night.”

As soon as he arrived at the farm he went home and slept.



So Sejun and his companions fell asleep.

(Bat Bat. Good night everyone.)

Batbat woke up.


Hee hee hee hee.

[Hehe. went.]

As Batbat went outside, Blackman ran outside and came back with a piece of his 1% core that he had hidden in his treasure trove.

It is a core that gathered together what was previously purified by the Devourers of Destruction, and was a key ingredient for the great method that had been prepared.

From long ago, the Kamangi family would gather in the spirit world and have meetings when they were bored.

Their main meeting topic is

How can we strengthen our deacons?

How can I live without worrying about my butler?

How do they get their deacons to stop being jealous of them?

Of course, it was about Sejun.


If the butler is strong, everything will be solved!

The answer came down to one answer.

The Kamangi family joins forces with Theo, Kuengi, the dragons of the Saryuhoe, Eileen, and even the Creator God, who have the will to make Sejun stronger.

also joined.

At this level, the entire universe is helping, but Park Se-jun, the dust of the universe, cannot escape the sunfish.

There were countless ways to make Sejun stronger, but Sejun was too weak to handle that power.

However, the Kamangi family did not give up and thought hard for a long time, and after much thought, they found a very safe way to strengthen Sejun.

It also creates a core for the butler!

The core was an institution with only divine beasts and had excellent safety.

However, the problem is that Sejun is not a god.


Hehehe. Let us force it!

There were eight outstanding divine beasts here, so there was no problem.

The Kamangi family planned to create a core in Sejun’s lower abdomen.

Then let’s begin!

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Butler, swallow it!]

Kamangi forces a piece of the core into Sejun’s mouth.


He ran to Sejun’s lower abdomen.




“Break it!”




Meanwhile, the remaining seven subordinates who had taken their places around Sejun began to radiate their power and help Kamangi dismantle the core containing 1% of the power.

Because they had already practiced a lot in the mental world, their actions were precise and flawless.

When the core was dismantled like that,


[Gather together!]

Blackman brought the energy of his disintegrated core pieces back to Sejun’s lower abdomen.



After creating a small, invisible lump of energy, he began rolling the lump little by little to absorb energy and increase the size of the lump.



When the size of the lump grew a little, stats were consumed to put pressure on the lump from all sides and stabilize it.

For this, it was Black who distributed the stats to his subordinates.

Roll the lump that has become smaller, and when it gets bigger, consume your stats again to compress it dozens of times.



Finally, the energy completely stabilized and settled in Sejun’s lower abdomen.

Hair stone.


Oh my gosh.


The exhausted Black Family fell asleep as if they had fainted.



Sejun woke up energetic as usual.


Something felt different today.

My stomach was heavy.

It’s not a bathroom?

Sejun rubs his heavy stomach and looks forward.

[ has been acquired.]

Visible message.

“Sunfish core?”

Who named the power like this?! I don’t know who it is, but if I find it, I won’t leave it alone.

Sejun confirmed the power, deciding that he would definitely punish the guy who named the power ‘Sunfish Core’.


This is a core that Black Tower Park and his seven subordinates have designed for a long time for the Black Tower farmer Sejun Park.

Butler! Be strong!

All stat potential +3000

All stat potential +30 per day (maximum 50,000)

Butler! do not die!

Life +500%

Butler! Never die!

All stats can be converted to stamina stats for 1 minute.

The power was enormous.

Increases all stat potentials by 3000 at once and an additional 30 every day. There is a limit of 50,000, but for Sejun, it was a long way off.

In addition, +500% vitality and the ability to change all stats to stamina for 1 minute.

“But Kamangi was the culprit.”

How dare the Shubokchi think I’m a sunfish?!

Sejun’s mind became complicated after confirming his power.

He has to scold Black Mangi for calling him a sunfish…

As he read the explanation, his heart softened as he realized how much Kamangi thought of him.

Can I just watch it this time?


Sejun stroked the stomach of the black cat that was sleeping on his stomach.



Kamangi smiles happily at Sejun’s touch.

Hehehe. cute.

Thanks to this, Sejun unconsciously put a smile on his lips and forgot what he was thinking.


Kihihi. Whing?! Whing?!

[Hehe. Butler! How about the sunfish core I made?! It’s good?!]

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Even a butler can become stronger if he has a sunfish core!]

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. I’ll make the butler’s sunfish core better later!]

Blackfish woke up and ran around Sejun frantically, explaining about the sunfish core.

This Shubokchi guy! You keep calling me sunfish?!

“I can’t stand it anymore! Boo-boo-boo-boo!”

Whining?! Hehehe.

Sejun, the sunfish, eventually exploded and punished Blackfish with his stomach.


“Fuhuhuhu. “The great hybrid Chairman Park, I want you to do a baebangu too!”


Theo and Kueng wait for their next turn next to him, holding out their bellies.







Sejun took turns doing belly fat to the three of them until he felt dizzy, and only then could he go to eat breakfast.

After breakfast.

-huh?! Sejun, what did you wear this time?

-Is it like the core of a divine beast this time?

-uh?! Do you have other energy? Isn’t this speculation used by those ogres?!

-Hahaha. Our Sejun is becoming more and more of a hybrid.

The dragons of the Saryonghoe began to tease Sejun, who had a mixture of dragon bone, divine blood, and even the divine beast core.

“It’s not a hybrid, it’s a hybrid! And hybrids are actually healthier!”

Sejun diligently preached to the dragons the superiority of hybrids. For the second generation of Park Se-jun who will be born in the future.

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