Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 522

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Episode 522


I like it all! Everything is different!

“Let’s leave now.”

“Fuhuhu. I understand! Full-time employees should follow the great hybrid Chairman Park!”

In response to Sejun’s words, Theo shouted to the 100,000 full-time employees.

Sejun’s group and Sejun Company’s 100,000 full-time employees head to Yuren’s home.


Yuren, who was the first to go home, was in a very good mood. Thanks to the enormous army that followed behind him, there was no special chance for him to return home in peace.

“That’s our house.”

Yuren pointed to a huge mansion in the distance.

A mansion built on a hill slightly higher than the surrounding area so that it can overlook the surroundings.

Although the distance was considerable, the mansion was still large enough to be clearly visible.

Let’s go for about 30 minutes

“There are too many people, so let’s leave the staff here.”

Sejun had his employees standby. No matter how big the Damon family mansion was, it was not big enough to accommodate 100,000 troops.

Moreover, if things continue like this, the entrance to the Damon family will be blocked and surrounded.

“Fuhuhuhu. I understand! “Just follow me!”

At Sejun’s words, Theo had only Marin, the instigator of this incident, and the heads of the Nokdon and Hongdon families follow him.

Because there was wealth they had accumulated in the mansion.

When Sejun’s group arrived at the mansion with troops waiting outside,

“Master Yuren?!”

Ruytor, head of the Damon family, recognized Yuren at the front of the group and hurried over.

“Deacon Luther!”

Yuren also waved her paw happily towards Rui Ter, who had taken care of her since she was young.

“Young master…what…what is the mission given to you by the matriarch…?”

Ruiter approached Yuren and asked in a cautious voice.

If Yuren returned without completing her mission, she planned to send him back quickly before anyone else in the family saw her.


‘How difficult must it have been for you, Master…’

Ruyter was convinced that Yuren had not completed her mission.

This was an almost impossible task given the personality of Yuren, whom Ruiter had watched since he was young.


“Uhehe. Of course, I came back because I finished my mission.”

Yuren responds to Ruitor with a triumphant expression.

That expression was full of confidence that she had never seen before.

ah. Our master has also grown up.

Ruiter looked at Yuren proudly.

But, why aren’t Marin, Aegion, and Nelk coming forward?

Ruiter found it late because the three of them had their heads down.

I didn’t pretend to know because the atmosphere was strange, but looking at the current situation, it seemed clear that Yuren was above the three.

‘Not only did you complete your mission, but you also suppressed and brought in the opposition leaders who were interfering with the matriarch’s work at every turn.’

The head of the family will be happy.

“Master, congratulations! I will report to the head of the family that you have returned! “You must serve Master Yuren!”

Ruyter called a servant who was passing by and had him wait on Yuren, while he himself quickly went to report to Yuto.

It was Ruiter’s lightest steps in nearly 10 years.

Let Deacon Luther leave.

“Master, where should I take you?”

The servant asked Yuren.


“Fuhuhuhu. “First, guide me to the treasure trove!”

Theo leads the way as if it were his home.

“First, lead me to my treasure trove.”

Yuren looked at Theo and nodded her head to her servant.

“Hey Sejun, can I have those three bring their belongings?”

Yuren said while looking at Marin, Aegion, and Nelk.

No matter how much he tried to kill them, the three of them held high positions in the family and there were a lot of eyes on this place.

In addition, Theo had his seal stamped on him, so he couldn’t do anything foolish like embezzle his property.


When Sejun gave permission, the three expressed their gratitude to Yuren with their eyes and hurriedly disappeared to avoid the eyes of others. The group then went to Yuren’s treasure trove.

headed to

That’s how Yuren’s treasure trove arrived.


Let’s open the door


The inside was full of all kinds of treasures.

Yuren is the only son of the Damon family, and in addition to the treasure he receives on a regular basis, he receives even more treasure as a gift on his birthday.

“These are things I received when I was young. If there’s something you like, take it.”


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Yuren said

“Fuhuhuhu. I like it all! “I want everything!”

Theo, a cat who knows no rejection or shame, began to sweep all the treasures from the warehouse into his luggage.

“Oh! This is the jewel of the earth!”



Sejun and his companions also quietly joined in and collected the treasure together.

After a while.

“Fuhuhu. I got everything!”

Let Sejun and his group clean out the treasures in the warehouse.

“There are more treasure troves than here. “I’ll show you there too.”

“Fuhuhuhu. Good!”

Yuren guided his party to another treasure trove.

Originally, there were 20 treasure warehouses like this, but due to Yuren’s reckless behavior, now only 5 remain.

When Sejun and his party robbed Yuren’s three treasure troves(?)

“Yuren-! Where is our little pig?!”

From afar, a woman’s voice was heard desperately calling for Yuren.

Thump, thump.

Soon they heard loud footsteps and a pink pig lady, one head taller than Yuren, dressed in a beautiful dress and jewels, appeared in front of them.

It was Yuren’s mother, Hamie Damon.

A maid who discovered Yuren at the same time as Ruyter, the head deacon, ran to Hamie and informed him.



The two run towards each other.

“Look at how dry our little pigs have been outside!”

Hamie shed tears as she touched Yuren’s bony(?) face.

Yuren’s mother, can’t you see the shine on Yuren’s face?

Sejun, who had worked hard to feed Yuren well, felt aggrieved that he had somehow become a sinner. No matter how you look at it, Yuren was a fat pig.


After a while.

“oh. “What kind of indecent behavior did I do in front of the guests? Yuren, who are these people?”

Hamie, whose intense emotions calmed down a bit, wiped away her tears and asked Yuren to introduce Sejun and his group.

at that time

Bang! Bang!

The sound of heavy footsteps rushing towards you.

“Black Giant Tower Farmer Sejun Park, welcome! I am Yuto Damon, the head of the Damon family!”

Yuto, with a neat mustache and a stately black tuxedo, ran over and bowed his head to Sejun.

Hamie, who realized that Sejun’s status was unusual based on her husband’s attitude, hurriedly followed Yuto and bowed her head.

Yuto heard about Sejun helping Yuren from Cecilia, with whom he usually interacted.

She received words of gratitude directly from the Great Golden Dragon Artemis Yul, the manager of the Golden Tower.

In return for my gratitude, I received the scales and teeth of a golden dragon as a gift.

He is said to be friendly not only with the great golden dragon, but also with other great dragons.

“ah. hello.”

Sejun also bowed his head in response to Yuto’s excessive greeting.

Of course, for Yuto, he had no choice but to give an excessive greeting. Because the other person can talk to the great dragon and the great dragon listens.

“Sejun, you must be hungry, so let’s eat first.”


Let’s go into the restaurant under Yuto’s guidance.


Theo sits at the head of the table as if it were a given.

“Great Hybrid Chairman Park, I took over!”

Bang. Bang.

I tapped the center of the chair with my front foot and called out to Sejun.

Yay! Come down!

Sejun hurriedly moved his hand and called Theo, but

Bang. Bang.

The great hybrid Chairman Park must sit in the best seat!

Theo pounds on the chair and holds on.

“Hahaha. Sejun, please sit at the head of the table. It is right for Sejun to sit at the head of the table.”


“That’s comfortable for us too. Please sit down.”


At Yuto’s repeated urging, Sejun sat at the head table.

When Sejun sat down, Kueng naturally sat to Sejun’s right and Piyo to his left.

Yuto sat across from Sejun, and Hamie and Yuren sat on either side of him.


Theo also climbed onto Sejun’s lap, who was sitting at the head of the table, and sat happily.

“I’ve been here for a long time.”


“Bakejang, why are you like that?! What am I doing?”

I had to eat glutinous rice cake until the food came out. A small smile appeared on Sejun’s face as he stretched Theo’s cheeks.

After a while.


Carts loaded with food came into the restaurant endlessly, filling the tables with food.

“Sejun, please eat.”

“yes. “I will eat well.”

The meal has begun.

“Fuhuhu. Give me Churu!”

Even in this situation, Theo looked for the chur made by Sejun.

While eating like that, Sejun’s stomach was already full.

“Why doesn’t it end…”

The servants continued to remove empty plates and fill their places with plates full of food.

There was no end to the amount of food I ate and ate because I thought it might be because of the pigs’ family name.



Thanks to you, Kueng and Yuren are excited. The two ate the food deliciously as if they had starved for months.

Was I starving?

Sejun was confused as to whether he was really starving.

at that time


[Butler! Give me that this time!]

Kamangi barked at Sejun for the first food he saw inside the sling bag.

“okay. wait for a sec.”

Sejun looked at the food and chose only the food that Kkamangi could eat.

Recently, he realized that black dogs are very different from other canines.

“Eat carefully. If anything feels weird, spit it out right away. Okay?”

To Sejun, Blackfish was a super sunfish that still needed to be looked after.

Hehehe. The great Kamangi beats Choco too! Even grapes win! Win it all!

Of course, it was a little frustrating for Black Dog, who can physically overcome foods that canines cannot eat, not being able to eat as he pleases.

Hehehe. I like it because the butler takes care of it!

I stayed still because it was better to be looked after by Sejun. I was so happy just chewing the food Sejun put in my mouth without moving.

Two hours after the meal started,


Deacon Ruiter quietly called Yuto.

“What’s going on? “Didn’t I tell you not to look for me today because I am attending an important guest?”

“sorry. But it’s important.”


“yes. Please enjoy your work.”

“thank you.”

At Ruitor’s words, Yuto asked Sejun’s permission and hurriedly got up.

10 minutes later.

“ha ha ha. sorry. Suddenly, I received a report that the upper deck heading to the 46th floor of the tower had been captured by thieves…”

Yuto finished his work and came back.

“is it so? “Did things work out well?”

“yes. “I decided to bargain and pay.”

As soon as Yuto sat down,

“Mr. Hamie.”

This time, one of her maids cautiously called Hamie over.

“what’s the matter? “They told me to cancel all my plans for today.”

“Well… I think you should go and see it.”

“Okay. Sejun, I’m sorry. I’ll also have to excuse myself for a moment.”


“Can you excuse me?”

She was also away in Hamie.

20 minutes later.

“I’m sorry. There was a sudden problem with the product to be delivered today…”

Hamie returned and she explained her situation to Sejun.

“I don’t know if the food suits your taste.”

“You don’t eat well. Should I ask you to bring me some other food?”

The two tried to restore the atmosphere that had become chaotic because of them.


Soon Ruitor found Yuto again.

“Mr. Hamie…”

Next, the maid visited Hamie.

Incidents and accidents suddenly occur everywhere.

Thanks to this, they had to go out frequently to take care of work.


As expected, the king of misfortune.

Sejun seemed to know what kind of situation this was.

Yuren’s misfortune was spreading its magic towards the Damon family.

As a reaction to Yuren’s happiness after returning home, misfortune grew stronger and attempted to engulf the entire Damon family.


At first, Yuren, who was eating his food without paying any attention, noticed something strange and put down his spoon with a sad face.

He realized it himself.

He said it was not time for him to come home yet.

“Let’s go back…..”


At Yuren’s words, Sejun, Kueng, and Piyoti quietly stood up. Because no words of comfort will comfort me now.

“Fuhuhuhu. Yuren, I’ve found the remaining two treasure troves. Let’s go!”

Only Theo, who was clueless, had anything to say until the end.


“Uhehe. As expected, Theo is the best!”

“Fuhuhu. That’s right! I, Vice President Hybrid Te, am always the best!”

Theo found a clue to control Yuren’s misfortune in the treasure trove, and it was Theo who gave Yuren the greatest comfort.

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