Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 521

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Episode 521


The butler will be surprised later, right?

Green Tower Administrator Area.

[By planting 100 billion seeds, one of the conditions for growing the Green Tower has been achieved.]

“Hohoho. My granddaughter is working hard.”

Brachio, the leader of the great green dragons, smiled broadly as he saw the notification that appeared in the crystal sphere.

Ophelia was trying hard to catch up with Sejun, as if she still had a crush on him.

Good rivals help each other grow.

In reality, Sunfish Sejun had no idea that he was the great dragon’s rival.

“Now all I have to do is achieve three more conditions for growing the Green Tower?”

Brachio said while looking at the list of conditions for growing the Green Tower.

Top Farmer (A) is achieved when Ophelia becomes a Class A Top Farmer.

Growing the World Tree is achieved when a Chestnut World Tree suddenly appears on the 57th floor of the tower.

Achieve 1 great achievement by wiping out the Locust through Sejun’s destruction sold by Theo to the Neta tribe.

Afterwards, Theo sells fragrant grapes full of life and a pineapple that lets out a loud scream to exterminate the giant vampire spider once again.

A total of two great achievements were achieved and the requirements were exceeded.

In this way, 5 out of 8 green tower growth conditions have been achieved.

It was a very satisfying achievement as more than half of what had not been achieved in 3,000 years was achieved in just one year.

-Hahaha. Brachio, how are you?! Thanks to Sejun, we achieved 6 conditions for growing the White Tower!

Until a magical communication came from White Tower manager Kelion Mambe.


We will achieve 7 before the next meeting of dragons!

Brachio with a burning desire to win.

It was clear that Ophelia’s passion for winning was similar to that of her grandmother.


86th floor of the Golden Tower.

“Be jealous and jealous.”

Silaut used his power to place an area curse on the surrounding area.


“profit! Everton! “What makes you so much better than me?!”

“Willy! Why are you always praised by the captain?! What am I worse than you?!”

“Roto! Why are you the only one who wins the lottery?!”

The soldiers’ eyes turned red, and the envy and jealousy they had been holding deep in their hearts came out.

However, the soldiers did not look at the object that made them envious and jealous.

The soldiers were angry as they looked at Sejun’s group.

“Kkeukkkkkkkk Hkk huh H H H HH. And die fighting with each other.”

A stench that enjoys making other beings look like objects of envy and jealousy, making them fight with each other, and ultimately causing the same side to destroy themselves.


This was the reason why Silaut was called the devil of envy and jealousy.


[I was cursed by Silaut, the demon king of envy and jealousy.]

Silaut’s curse began to encroach on Sejun’s companions as well.


Sejun’s eyes turn red with the message.

Why am I weak?!

The jealousy that was in my heart was about to rise.

[Resist against unclean energy due to the effect of .]

[Curse resistance was successful.]

Fortunately, Lee Myung and Sejun were able to push away the curse thanks to the mental and spiritual strength they had accumulated over the years.

“Kids, are you okay?!”

Sejun, who succeeded in resisting the curse, hurriedly took a look at his companions.

“Nyan?! Puhuhuhu. I, Hybrid Te Vice President, am a cat that has it all, so I won’t be caught by a petty curse!”

I have nothing to envy because I have the knees of the great hybrid Chairman Park!


[Kueng is okay because dad loves him!]

They say that as long as Dad loves Kueng, Kueng will be happy!


[It’s okay because I have peanuts too!]

Phew. I’m already Theo’s right paw!

Theo, Kuengi, and Pyogi, who already have everything they want, are not cursed.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Butler! I won the curse!]

The Kamangi family is a group of beings with the highest mental defense who cannot be affected by the Devil’s curse even if they want to. There was no need to worry.


“Why is only Theo happy?! Why is only Theo so lucky?! Please give me luck too!”

There were also beings who could not overcome the curse.

Yuren, who had always been so envious of Theo’s good fortune, became furious with her eyes turning red.


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“Please share the good luck with me too, Theo!” Uhehe. “I will hold you tight and not let you go until you give me luck!”

Yuren runs towards the soldiers. In Yuren’s eyes, all 100,000 soldiers appeared to be Theo.

“Vice President Te, let’s go to sleep.”

“I understand!”



Theo hit Yuren on the back of the head and knocked him out.

Once the internal arrangement was completed,

“It was originally mine! Give it to me!”

“I have to have it!”

“It was mine originally!”

There was a distance of about 100 meters left between the soldiers who had completely lost their senses due to envy and jealousy.

“Leave this to me.”

Sejun spoke with a confident voice.

Seeing the soldiers running with their eyes wide open, it seemed difficult to stop them with a powerful attack like before.

Then it takes too long to have to stun them one by one.

And while you’re defeating the demon lord, you might come to your senses and run away.

You can’t miss out on full-time employees.


Sejun takes out a purple gem

‘Now I’m trying this.’


He broke it with force in his hand.


[The God of Grape Vine Uncle’s protection stone is destroyed.]

[The grapevine protection of suppression is activated.]

[The grapevine of suppression subdues the enemy.]

A message appears


Grape vines sprouted from beneath the soldiers’ feet and began to entangle them.

The soldiers shook off the grape vines at first, but

Plop, pud, pud.

The grape vines sprouted infinitely and wrapped themselves around the soldiers, and the soldiers were eventually tied up and subdued by the grape vines.

“Hehehe. Good performance.”

Uncle, I guess I’ll have to give something to the achievement fee.

Sejun, who was satisfied with Gaho Seok’s performance, planned a plan to receive more Gaho Seok from his uncle.

When the soldiers were subdued,

“Hey guys! Catch that guy!”

Sejun pointed to the silout.

“Nyan! “I understand!”



Theo, Kuengi, and Piyoti quickly rushed towards Silaut.

“Kamangi, you can do exorcism well, right?”

Sejun followed behind the three and asked Kamangi.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. The great Kamangi can even defeat the devil! Win them all!]


Sejun patted the head of a black cat that was barking vigorously and arrived in front of Silaut, who had fainted after being stabbed in the back by Theo.


“good! “Exorcism and blackmail!”

Whip! Whip! Whip!

[Butler! Believe me! The great Kamangi solves it! The Kamangi family is on the move!]


At Sejun’s instructions, Kamangi headbutted his subordinates and Silaut on the forehead.

Hair stone.

Sejun carefully picked up the black family member who had fallen on the floor and placed them in a sling bag.

I had no worries because I saw how strong Black Mangi was in the mental world of Mobius, the silent invader.

It’s time to wait for Kamangi’s exorcism to end.



Theo stamped the back of the heads of the soldiers who had been suppressed by the grape vine. It was extreme sincerity.


The spiritual world of Silaut.

“This body is Silaut, the demon king of envy and jealousy!”

Silout struggles at the sight of a huge wolf.


“This body is the great Kamangi!”

Are you the devil? I am the great Black Man! I win!


The exorcism was over in an instant as the black man lightly stepped on the silout with his front paw.

The souls that were bound by Silaut escaped out of the spirit world, emitting blue light.


[11,123 souls were saved.]

[Due to the effect of , all stats increase by 30,258.]

Kamangi surpassed Sejun at once. Perhaps there were strong souls among the souls rescued, and their stat increases were enormous.

“Kids, take it. And don’t get caught by the butler. Understand?”

Kamangi distributed the power he gained to his subordinates, giving them 3000 of each stat, and had them hide his power.

It would be too easy to seal the power without being noticed by the former Apostles of Destruction.

Hehehe. The butler will be surprised later, right?

It was interesting to see that Sejun knew himself to be weak.


‘That way the butler will keep putting it in the sling bag!’

The butler was so narrow-minded that if he knew he had gotten stronger, he wouldn’t put him in a sling bag.

I couldn’t miss the slingback seat where I could feel Sejun’s warm embrace.

“Let’s just leave!”

In this way, the Kamangi family, who hid their powers, escaped the mental world.



While the Kamangi Family was performing the exorcism, Sejun, who had nothing to do, watched Theo stamping his name while humming his song.

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, are you looking at me well?!”

“okay. “I’m watching.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

Although Theo’s humming stopped midway through the process as he kept checking to see if Theo was watching what he was doing.

Kueng~ Kueng~


The song didn’t stop because Kkueng and Piyot were singing together next to us.


When Sejun starts humming again

[Please quickly designate a substitute guardian deity who will become the guardian deity of on your behalf.]

[The longer the time goes by without designating a proxy guardian for , the faster the destruction will occur.]

A message appeared urging the designation of a substitute guardian deity.

“ah. right.”

I forgot.

“Then Hamer…no.”

Sejun tried to designate Hamer as a substitute guardian deity so that he could gain divine power and create a body, but canceled it.

Currently, Sejun was in a situation where he couldn’t even handle the stats borrowed from other top farmers, and Hamer was very busy making elixirs of strengthening.

“Then to whom…”

Sejun was worried.

at that time

[Uri, the god of loneliness, and 10 other gods ask Park Se-jun, “Can you hear our voices?”]

A message visible to Sejun.

God of Loneliness We gathered the lonely gods one by one and prayed to Sejun together.

The prayer, which combined the will of several gods, became a clear message that could be conveyed to Sejun.


“yes. I can hear you. But is it possible that Uri, the God of Loneliness, is the same as Uri, the vine that I named?”

Sejun asked, thinking of the vine cage as soon as he heard the name.

[They say it is the God of Loneliness and 10 other gods.]

“okay?! It worked really well! Congratulations on becoming our god. But what happened?”

[The god of loneliness, Uri, and 10 other gods ask if a temple can be built for them as well.]

“Temple? “How about a substitute guardian spirit?”

When Sejun, who needed a surrogate guardian, asked,

[The god of loneliness, Uri, and 10 other gods jointly say they would like to act as proxy guardians.]

“Jointly? Does it work? I would like to designate Uri, the God of Loneliness, and 10 others as joint guardian deities. The distribution is 1 each.”

Let Sejun speak

[I propose the position of substitute guardian deity of under the condition of distribution of 89 to 11 among 10 gods including Uri, the god of loneliness.]

A proposal was sent to the gods.

If it weren’t for us, even if there were 11 opponents, we would have beaten them with a distribution of 1.

Because then we might be hated. You shouldn’t be lonely there.

They gave us 1 each to show that they would take good care of us.

After a while.

[God of Loneliness

In addition, 10 other gods accept the position of substitute guardian deity of .]

[Uri of Loneliness and 10 other gods replaced Park Se-jun as substitute guardian gods of .]

11 gods approved Sejun’s proposal and

[He had 11 gods.]

[With the effect of , all stats increase by 550 and divinity increases by 22.]

Sejun achieved unexpected results by leading 11 gods.

[Thanks to designating a substitute guardian deity, he became the unofficial guardian deity of .]

When Sejun became Skudo’s unofficial guardian deity



Theo comes to his senses and hits Marin on the back of the head as he tries to get up, knocking him out again.


“Puhuhu. Chairman Park, I took pictures of everything! Take this!”

As he put the final stamp on the back of Marin’s head, he took the necklace from Marin’s neck and handed it to Sejun.

“thank you.”


Sejun broke the heart of Silaut, the demon king of envy and jealousy.

Also containing the envy and jealousy contained in his own heart.

Of course, if he finds out that Kamangi is stronger than him, his jealousy and envy will boil over again.

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