Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 520

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Episode 520 The great Kamangi beat Kiwi!


[I harvested kiwi.]



While Theo worked hard to put a seal on the back of the Nok Donga assassination group, Sejun picked Kuengi, Piyoti, and Kiwi.

The Kamangi family did not have the height or strength to pick kiwifruit.


“Sejun, I will help you too.”

“No! Stay still!”

Staying still helped.

When Yuren approached, misfortunes occurred one after another, such as an unripe kiwi falling or a healthy branch suddenly falling on Sejun’s head.


So Yuren sat still and she fell asleep.

Kihihihi. Whing whining!

[Hehe. The great Kamangi won!]

Kamangi climbed onto the back of the head of Danju Neg, a member of the stunned Nokdonga assassination group, and showed off his victory to his heart’s content.

“As expected, you are the great Kamangi!”



“You look great!”



While receiving praise from his subordinates.

After about 10 minutes like that

“Fuhuhuhu. “The great hybrid Chairman Park, everything is stamped!”

[He led an assassination team belonging to the Nokdon family that occupied the kiwi farm.]

[Quest completed.]

[Recognized as the rightful owner of the kiwi farm land document on the 86th floor of Golden Tower.]

[Land Document Skill: Farm Information Lv. Max is activated.]

The land document quest was completed when Theo stamped the backs of 500 assassins’ heads 10 times.

[He had 500 slaves.]

[All stats increase by 5 due to the effect of .]

The stats obtained by hiring employees were returned to nature and speculation was strengthened.

“Yes. Good job.”

“Puuuuuu. I, Hybrid Te Vice President, work hard for Chairman Park!”


Sejun pats Theo’s head and praises him.

I need to pick a little more and go.

He started picking kiwis again.

When harvesting kiwi like that


[Dad, this kiwi is special! It’s clearly a new variety!]

Kueng called Sejun.


Let’s go to where Sejun and Kueng are.


There was a kiwi there that, unlike other kiwis, gave off a weak thunderbolt.


Sejun caught and harvested the electric kiwi with his bare hands. Sejun’s magical power was high enough to overpower Kiwi’s brain power, so he suffered no damage.


[I harvested the thunderous gold kiwi.]

[Job experience increases slightly.]

[Harvest Lv. The skill level of 9 increases slightly.]

[You have gained 100 experience points.]

[You have achieved the achievement of creating a new breed in the tower.]

[As a job characteristic, all stats increase by 20.]

Messages that appear.

As expected, it was a new variety.

“Kueng, you did well.”


Sejun hugged Kueng tightly and praised him, then checked Gold Kiwi’s options.

[Gold Kiwi of Thunder]

This is a kiwi that grew in a golden pagoda and was accidentally grown on a kiwi tree that had absorbed the earth’s energy.

As it absorbs outside air, the flesh turns yellow and becomes sweeter.

When consumed, agility increases by 5 and brain attribute talents are strengthened.

Cultivator: Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun


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Expiration date: 180 days

Grade: S

“It’s okay.”

Increased agility and strengthened brain attribute.

It was an option that would be helpful for myself and Kkueng, who have brain attribute talents.

Sejun checked Kiwi’s options like that.


Cut the harvested golden kiwi in half.

“This is a prize. Since Kkueng found it, I’ll give it a first-class taste.”

I gave Kuengi half of the gold kiwi.

There were a lot of kiwi seeds, so it didn’t matter if I gave half to Kuengi.


Sejun took out a seed buried in the flesh of the remaining half of the gold kiwi and placed it in the abundance pouch that he made with utmost care.



[1 day until 100 copies of Thunder’s Gold Kiwi Seeds]

[1 day until 15 copies of Transcendence Black Beans (+2)]

[1 day to duplicate 1 High Magic Stream Seed]

The message on the side of the pocket changed.

at that time


…… ?

A spoon enters Sejun’s mouth.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Dad eats first!]

With bright eyes, Kueng gave the first bite to Sejun.

Hehehe! Kueng…

‘Are you raising your child with this taste?”

Sejun’s heart swelled as he saw Kueng like that.

[My soul is filled with overwhelming emotion.]

[Spirit increases by 20.]

Sejun’s mental strength increased significantly.

“It’s delicious.”

Sejun savored the taste of kiwi in his mouth. It was sweeter and more delicious because it was a kiwi that Kueng had given us.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It’s more delicious than other kiwis!]

Kueng also ate some gold kiwi and smiled brightly.

When his father and his son were smiling happily


Whip?! Whip!

[Are you eating delicious food without me?! please give me too!]

The great Kkamangi appears!

Black Mangi, who discovered that Sejun and Kuengi were holding a kiwi cut in half, quickly ran over, wagging his tail and barking fiercely.

“Just a little bit. “If I eat a lot of this, I’ll get sick.”


[Give it to me quickly!]

The great Kamangi beat Kiwi!

I won the gold kiwi.


“Why is there no news?”

There was no news for over 30 minutes after Nokdonga’s assassination group sent a signal that they had found Yuren.

Marine, who was happily waiting for the news that Yuren had been killed, began to frown.

If Yuren breaks through this siege and arrives at Damon Street, everything will be over.

“Marin, don’t worry. The Assassin’s Green Hunger that we, Nokdonga, are proud of has never failed. It’s probably a little late because they tried to handle it quietly.

It’s the same.”

Egion, the head of the Nokdon family, spoke to Marin in a confident voice.

After receiving a report that their children, Ebisu and Nellie, were suffering harsh hardships at the Black Tower, the heads of the Nokdon and Hongdon families came to kill Yuren and rescue their children.

Helped Marin.

Unlike Machun and Magin, the two of them had a hard time because they had no work ethic.

-Yuren is overworking Ebisu and Nellie by making them do hard labor. She may die if not rescued quickly.

The report that Marin touched changed into something completely different.

After waiting like that for about 30 minutes


Someone started coming out from the kiwi farm.


“Look at that. Our green pig…huh?”

“Not pigs!”

It wasn’t the scene they were expecting.

Sejun and his group left the kiwi farm leisurely.

The green hunger of the assassin group that Aegion, the head of the Nokdon family, boasted was not visible. Not even one.

You got hit.

“Move the troops!”


Marin, who understood her situation, gave instructions to her subordinates without hesitation.


His men blew trumpets to signal the waiting troops.

Then, with a small tremor, the troops began to advance from about 500 meters away from the kiwi farm, quickly narrowing the siege towards the kiwi farm.

A grand advance of a total of 100,000 troops, including 50,000 private soldiers raised by Marin, 20,000 troops from Nokdonga and Hongdonga, and 30,000 hastily hired mercenaries.



Suddenly, a roar was heard from the enemy camp, which did not fit the cute sound, but was powerful enough to blow away a huge rock stuck in the ground.

The soldiers’ advance noticeably slowed down.

The 100,000 soldiers who were overwhelmed by Cuengh Hui lost their will to fight.

My morale is broken even before the fight!

“Nelk, please.”

Marin spoke while looking at Nelk, the head of the Hongdon family.

“Please leave it to me. “The Red Terror of Hongdonga’s bombing squad, go forth!”

Nelk shouted loudly, and his men waved a huge red flag.

Bang! Bang!

300 red pigs waiting at the rear soared into the sky using rocket backpacks on their backs.

As they reached the highest point, the wings spread out on either side of the pack.

Hong Donga’s pigs flew freely in the sky and began dropping bombs from the sky above Sejun and his group.


“Bring out your shield. Kueng, put this on top of your head.”


With his power, Sejun summons the proudly protective Yonggak brother’s shield from the subspace warehouse.

Boom! Quagwagwang!

The bomb was easily blocked.

“Fuhuhuhu. “I’m an employee!”


[Theo, I will help too!]

Meanwhile, Theo and Piyot quickly ascended to the sky and subdued the bombing squad.


Kuengi used his telekinesis to catch the falling Red Terror members and gathered them all in one place.

“It’s impossible for this red fear to be so vain…” .”

As the bombing squad was quickly suppressed, Nelk and the pigs of Hong Donga were shocked.

The shock was transmitted to the surrounding troops and completely destroyed their morale.

Before I knew it, I could no longer hear the soldiers’ footsteps.


The attack just targeted Chairman Park! By becoming a permanent full-time employee, I am paying for my sins for the rest of my life!

The battlefield was filled with silence, filled only with the sound of Theo’s laughter as he stamped the backs of the red pigs.

at that time

-Marin. At this rate, we lose. Then, the position of head of the family that you have longed for will be over.

The red jewel on her Marine’s necklace glowed, and a sticky whisper was heard in Marine’s head.

‘I know! But there’s no way!’

Marin was not surprised and answered in her head, as if her whispers were familiar.

-There is a way. Offer your body to me. Then I will take care of those insignificant things.

what?! What are you talking about?!

-You don’t like it? So do you want your children to feel the way you felt? If that’s your choice, do whatever you want.

Her whispers pierced Marin’s heart.


Marin began to feel conflicted.

After losing the position of head of the family to her own older brother, Yuto, Marin felt a tremendous sense of betrayal.

Those who seemed to do anything for her Marin, when her Marin failed to become the head of the family, she immediately broke off her relationship and ran to Yuto.

Marine to the floor, no. She felt like she was falling deeper than the floor.

Her potential to become a matriarch was gone, and she was worthless.

What she found then was her current necklace.

-Look at your older brother Yuto. Marin, aren’t you angry that someone less powerful than you is taking over as head of the family?!

-Do you plan to make your children feel the same way you do?

The presence in her necklace aroused her Marin’s envy and jealousy and whispered that she should make her children the head of the family.

Just in time, she began to see a gap in her position as the next head of the family due to Yuren’s brazen actions.

She said that those who had turned their backs on her in the past came to her as if nothing had happened and suggested that one of Magin and Magin be made the head of the family.

-Marin, if she doesn’t become the head of the family, she will only be abandoned.

-It’s about making sure your children don’t feel the same way you do.

The whispers of her necklace continued to keep Marin obsessed with her matriarchal position.


She said, ‘Okay. Offer her body.’

Marin became so obsessed with her position as the matriarch that she was eventually able to sacrifice herself for her position.

After her Marin’s permission was given

-Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Marine Damon, good choice.

With her terrifyingly delighted whisper, a red energy from her necklace began to encroach on Marin’s body.

-My name is Silaut, the demon king of envy and jealousy. According to the contract, I will take your body and soul. All this time, she worked hard to dream a vain dream.

‘what?! This?! Cancel! “Give me my body back!”

-Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. It’s always too late to regret.

Silaut, who thus subdued her Marin’s spirit.

“Kkekekeke. I, Silaut, the Demon King of Envy and Jealousy, have returned.”

The pink pig with red eyes said with a grin.

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