Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 518

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Episode 518 The bat is spinning. Go back.

Dawn on the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

(Bat Bat. Good night everyone!)

Batbat woke up after a good night’s sleep and started his activities.

Eat fruit at the kitchen as usual

(Batbat! Open!)

With this, I will travel with Sejun later!

Bat-Bat dreams of the day when he can travel through dimensions with Sejun, and today he opens and closes the portal to increase its size.

While traveling through many dimensions,

(Batbat! That’s the meat that makes you stronger, Sejun!)

Food is great.

We discovered the Locusts that invaded the world called .

I have to take that with me!

Batbat can’t miss Sejun’s health food.

Puff, puff, puff.

I planted a lot of sturdy bladed green onion leaves where I could see the locust.

You can attack them directly and catch them, but this will cause a lot of damage to the Locust corpses and you will have to pick them up one by one.

After planting the pie leaves, Batbat went to a quiet place.

(Special move Bat-Bat Spin!)

(Batbat Driver!)’

(Batbat Super Drill!)

While practicing the skills he created himself, he came up with a suitable name for his new skill.

Batbat worked hard at skill training for several hours and came up with a name for the skill.


(Batbat…I don’t like it all.)

I couldn’t name a skill I liked.

Batbat even came up with a perfect name for the skill and wanted to show it to Sejun, but

As expected, it is difficult for me alone. I have to ask Sejun to name the skill!

In the end, I decided to ask Sejun, who has excellent(?) naming skills.

Let’s think Sejun creates a name for his new skill.


So good!

A pink smile filled BatBaet’s face.

Maybe I didn’t like the name of the skill because I wanted to do it this way from the beginning.

(Bat Bat! I have to go back now!)

When BatBae finished his training and went to the place where he had planted the green onions, the place was full of Locusts who died after eating the leaves of the strong bladed green onions.


“The Great Wave God has sent a wave that destroys evil for us!”

Great green onion god. Please take pity on us and give us more green onions!”

Next to the place where the green onions were planted, the cute Tow tribe and Skudo tribe with short, chubby dwarf bodies were bowing and praying toward the green onions planted by BatBae.

(Batbat! Those green onions were provided by Sejun Park!)

So I quickly stepped forward and corrected the facts.

(Batbat! For your information, I am Sejun’s subordinate, Batbat!)

He also appealed to the relationship between himself and Sejun.

“Great Park Se-jun, please protect us!”

“Batbat, a subordinate of the great Park Sejun team, give us a big wave!”

Thanks to this, the Skudo people began to praise Sejun and Batbat and worship Sejun as their guardian deity.

Batbat succeeded in making Sejun the guardian of .

We planted green onions around the Skudo village and treated the nearby locusts.

(Batbat! Sejun will be happy if you put locust meat through this hole!)

The Skudos were asked to prepare locust meat and put it into the portal.

A few hours later.

A huge mountain of Locust meat has appeared on the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

(Batbat! I got a lot of meat to make Sejun stronger today too!)

He said with a happy voice as he looked at the locust meat piled high.


(Batbat… I need to get the skill name from Sejun…)

I returned home and waited for Sejun to wake up.

Barrow Long.

I fell asleep soundly.



Sejun opened his eyes with energy again today.

[300,000 residents of honor you as the guardian deity of .]

[He is far from worthy of being a guardian deity of .

[Please designate a substitute guardian deity who will become the guardian deity of on your behalf.]

[A proxy guardian may be disqualified at any time.]



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Looks like BatBaet did something.

He smiled brightly as he looked at the message in front of him.

He was told by Bat-Bae how he became a guardian, and now he knows what the situation is.

There is nothing great about Sejun becoming a guardian deity. Even though Sejun has divine power, he cannot use it.


You can get the tinnitus effect.

If you designate a substitute guardian deity, all stats and divine status increase by 50 due to the effect of .

I’ll have to praise my Bat-Bat later tonight.

Sejun thought he would sleep late tonight because it was BatBaet’s sleeping time now.

at that time




Oh my gosh.


A snoring sound heard in the middle made Sejun turn his attention.

It’s piyo.

There, nestled in the soft paws of Theo, who was sleeping on his lap, was a white-headed, sunken-eyed cat, sleeping with Theo’s fur as a nest.

As expected, Theo’s right front foot.

‘Did you come with Yuren?’

Sejun laughed while looking at Piyo.


He carefully picked up Theo so that it wouldn’t fall off and placed him on his lap.

When I looked closely, I saw that Piyo was holding Theo’s foot tightly, so it didn’t look like he was going to fall.


Sejun then put the Kamangi family in a sling bag.


He started the morning of the 465th day of his visit by drawing a line on the wall.

When Sejun leaves the bedroom


Yuren’s snoring could be heard from the guest room.

As expected, you came together.

Sejun came out, quietly closing the front door so as not to wake Yuren.



Is this all Locaster?!

I saw a huge mountain of locust meat brought by Bat-Bae.


[Sejun, eat this meat and become strong! -Batbat]

A sign erected in front of the Locust Meat Mountain.

Bae Bae…

Sejun is touched by Batbat’s gift.

I also got a gift… .

I walked around the farm thinking about a gift for BatBaet.

He walks for about 30 minutes

[The wheat is grateful for the sound of the farmer’s footsteps and gives strength.]

[The Master of crops activates and the magic stat potential increases from 7167 to 7177.]

Mill thanked Sejun and improved Sejun’s potential. The wheat that Cecilia gave her had no powers, so its name was just Wheat.

Jeopuk, Jeopuk.

Sejun, whose potential had risen, kept walking and when his strength potential rose once again.


Kueng woke up and came to see Sejun.

“Kkuengi, did you sleep well?”


Kueng answered Sejun’s question and hung on to Sejun’s side like a piece of gum, rubbing his face vigorously and covering it with Sejun’s body odor.


When Sejun walks around the farm, stroking Kueng’s head

Tap, tap, tap.


[Sejun, hello!]

Piyot woke up and flapped his wings vigorously, rising to Sejun’s eye level and greeting him.

“Yeah. Did you sleep well?”



Piyot answers Sejun’s question with a cheerful voice.

“Nyaaaang! Fuhehehe. “Chairman Park, I slept well too!”

Theo also stretched and answered bravely.


Sejun pats Theo’s head as he wakes up.


Theo rubs his head vigorously in Sejun’s hand.


[Theo, use this!]

Towards Theo, Pyogi handed a money bag as big as his body.

It was a pocket where the money collected as a commission was collected from debtors who had borrowed money from Yuren.

“Fuhuhuhu. Piyote, thank you!”

Just as Sejun stroked his own head, Theo stroked Piggy’s head and opened his money pouch.


“Nyan?! Why do you have so much money?!”

Inside was money close to 10 trillion TOPCOIN.

Theo is surprised to see the money bag he gave him.


[I caught all the guys on Yuren’s blacklist!]


Piyo puffed out his chest and was proud.

“Nyan?! “You caught all the guys on the blacklist?!”

Piyot! Piyot?!!

[yes! Did I do well?!]

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, take the money here! Piyo, you did a great job! In particular, I will give Vice President Teh a 3-hour boarding pass!”

Theo handed Sejun his money bag and then placed Pyogi on his head.

Piyot?! Piyot! Piyo!

[Really?! I can’t believe I can ride on Theo’s head! I’m so honored!]

Piyo is impressed as he climbs on Theo’s fluffy head.

Fuhehehe. I’m finally going to Yuren’s house! Yuren, I said your family has a lot of money!

Theo, with that little ponytail on his head, was smiling very sinisterly.

Even if Yuren didn’t ask, Theo had already been thinking about going to Yuren’s house for a long time.

While Theo and Piyot were laughing for different reasons, Sejun headed to the kitchen.

When Sejun arrived at the kitchen, white rice, grilled Spam, fried eggs, and stir-fried potatoes were neatly placed on the table, prepared by Sejun No. 1.


“Kueng, Yuren please….”

When Sejun climbs on Theo’s head and tells Kuengi to bring Yuren instead of Piyot, who is happy.


A loud noise was heard outside.


Let Sejun run outside.

“uh?! My house… .”

Sejun’s house was collapsed.


“Uhehe. The house was broken down today?”

Yuren was seen coming out of the broken rubble as if it was no big deal.

As expected, Yuren, the king of misfortune.

The morning started with misfortune.

After a while.

With Sejun’s skills, the house was rebuilt and the group ate breakfast.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It’s delicious to eat spam on top of rice and a fried egg on top!]

“Uhehe. “It’s also delicious to spread spam on a spoon, top it with rice, and top it with spam again!”

Kuengi and Yuren tried various combinations to find the best taste.

Hee hee hee hee!!

[Hehe. Butler! It’s delicious to eat dried roasted sweet potatoes and white rice together!]

For the Kamangi family, dried roasted sweet potatoes were always the main dish.


“Fuhuhuhu. “Chairman Park’s grilled fish is delicious!”


[I love peanuts!]

Theo and Pyogi always had grilled fish and peanuts.

While the group was eating

[You consumed 100,000 grains of rice.]

[Rice has a tonic effect.

[Strength, stamina, agility, and magic stats randomly increase by 100 total stats.]

[Strength 3, stamina 49, agility 17, magic power 31 increased.]

[The potential of all stats has reached its limit.]

[Stats can no longer be absorbed.]

[The acquired stats are returned to nature.]

Sejun also enjoyed his meal and worked hard to improve his stats.

In the past, when he saw messages like this, he felt like he was throwing away his stats, which made him lose his appetite a little.

“Hehehe. It tastes like honey.”

Fighters, absorb the stats and grow well.

Now it just tasted good.

I thought my paycheck was just disappearing from my bank account, but it turns out that it was accumulating in my savings account without my knowledge.

“ah. full.”

Sejun finished eating and took out rice seeds.


I dropped the last remaining drop of the elixir of strengthening.

Since rice is what we eat every day, fortifying rice seeds seemed to be the most effective.

When the rice seeds were strengthened in this way, the ‘rice is the best medicine’ effect was strengthened to increase the total stats from 100 to 150, along with the explanation that the taste improved.


Sejun is satisfied with the option of the strengthened 1st class golden rice seed and plants the rice seed in the ground.


I used 10 drops of the elixir of harvest that I had to quickly increase the number of seeds and then planted them in the rice fields.

Late evening that day.

(Batbat! Huh?! Sejun, didn’t you sleep?!)

“I was waiting to play with Bat-Bat.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “Even Vice President Te didn’t sleep and waited for me!”


[Kkuengi is a little sleepy, but he’s holding on!]

Batbat had fun playing with his companions for the first time in a long time.


Oh my gosh.

Of course, except for the Black Family who sleeps a lot.

right! Sejun, I created that skill. Please give it a name!)

!Show me the spool of white matter”

Hehehe. If I had to name it, I would be Park Se-jun.

(Batbat! Yes!)

At Sejun’s words, Batbat used a skill.


A skill that involves folding the wings while flying quickly, creating a strong vortex, rotating the body, and performing a body slam.

“Hmm. Good.”

The bat is spinning. Go back.

When Sejun saw Batbat’s skills, a name that struck him strongly came to mind.

“Baet Baet, let’s name that skill Batdol from now on.”

(Bat Bat! A Bat Stone?! I love it!)

Everything Sejun does is a good bat.

In this way, the name of Batbat’s first original skill became Batdol.

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