Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 516

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Episode 516 Kueng is scary?

Episode 516 Kueng is scary?

A huge number of disasters are visible in front.

Locust, giant vampire leech, fire moth, petrified spider, and even slime.

All disasters were coming towards his castle.

Is it that time again?

I’m dead…

Les was embarrassed as he looked at the scene in front of him.

What Les saw in front of him was the final moments of , which he dreams of every time he sleeps.

A nightmare and memory from 700 years ago.

The five plagues were too insignificant to the ogre warriors.


“O king! Go to the tower!”

“What about you?”

“ha ha ha. “We will gain time and catch up soon!”

“Don’t worry! Les, you trust us, right?”


The ogres prepared for the final battle, reassuring the young king who was worried about them in their youthful voices.

Because in the distance, a huge crow with bright red eyes was smiling at this place.

2nd Apostle of Destruction, Halfas, the Raven of Death.

No warrior could last even one second in front of Halfas. no. Even one second was too long.

A fleeting moment. Hundreds of thousands of ogre warriors lost their lives in that short period of time without even being conscious of it.

So they were struggling to buy time for their king to escape.

I didn’t know it then, but I see it now. The face is smiling, but the fists are clenched to overcome fear.

As Les ran towards the White Tower, he shouted,

“Warriors of Balkan! “Are you afraid of death?”


“Hahaha. As expected, they are Balkan warriors. Balkan! Long live!”

“” “Valkan! Long live!”””

Leth’s guardian warrior Chaf and other ogres rushed towards the disasters.

One-sided slaughter of ogres.

So Les, who glanced back, felt relieved and slowed down his steps.



The moment Halfas cries for the second time. The tide turned in an instant.

A red energy attacked the ogres, and the ogres became the sixth plague and started chasing them.



The breath of the great white dragon Kelion Mambe from the White Tower erased the disasters.

-Go in now.

If Kelion had not stepped in to buy time, Les would have become a disaster like the other ogres, and then the ogres who are with the king would have become even stronger.

Just before Les entered the White Tower with the help of Kelion.



With a snapping sound, Les suddenly came to his senses as his cheeks became hot.


slap! slap!

He made eye contact with the cat that was hitting his cheek.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Chairman Park has become a permanent full-time employee!”

Treatment is over!

After finishing Les’ treatment, Theo clung to Sejun’s lap again.

“Why didn’t you kill me?”

When Les, who has come to his senses, touches his burning cheek and asks Sejun,

[Bev, the god of bravery, said that what he just said was a bit ambiguous, but he is generous and will recognize it as an achievement of bravery.]

[One brave achievement has been obtained. .]

[Bev, the god of bravery, offers to give 3 feats of bravery if they engage in a one-punch battle where each person exchanges blows.]

Sejun was talking with Bev.

With that fist?

‘I’m blocking Bev.’

Sejun glanced at Les’ fist, which was bigger than his head, and cut Bev off,

“Fuhuhuhu. Why are you killing me?! The crime of attempting the life of the great Hybrid Chairman Park is very, very expensive! “I’m going to make you work for the rest of your life!”

That’s Sejun Company’s policy!

Meanwhile, Theo answered instead of Sejun.

‘Then of course. ‘What an expensive body I have.’

Nod, nod.

Sejun nodded quietly while listening to Theo.

“But why did you suddenly attack me?”

Sejun, who was nodding his head, asked Les.


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“Is that because you sense speculation from Sejun?”


“yes. “Speculation has been around since we were born.”

According to Leth’s explanation, the Ogre tribe is born with an innate spirit of fighting, and as they grow up, they can develop their fighting spirit through fighting.

And even if you are not an ogre, if you kill an ogre with fighting spirit, you can absorb some of the fighting spirit that the dead ogre had, and in

that case, the ogre must avenge its kin on the being with that fighting spirit.


Now that I think about it, I saw a message saying that the ogre, the sixth plague, was defeated in the 10th tower.

‘But I’ve never seen a message saying that speculation was gained…’

The system child is missing.

Sejun suspected the system of negligence.

“Les, then the sixth plague is your kind?”

“yes. They were originally my people…”

In response to Sejun’s question, Les spoke, suppressing the anger and sadness boiling in his heart.


Because it’s the Ogre King. You are the king.

When Sejun belatedly realizes that Les is the king of ogres, he says,

“Sejun, I am truly sorry for attacking you. “I thought I had to do something as a king…”

Res controlled his emotions that were about to burst out again and bowed his head to Sejun and apologized.

“are you okay.”

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! “It’s okay!”

Sejun and Theo, who had gained a lot thanks to him, smiled and accepted Les’ apology.

First, we accepted Les as a permanent employee and said,

“Ajax, this is cracked.” “Would you please ask Kelion to do some repairs?”

“huh! brother! “I will make it stronger!”

The shield will also come upgraded.

Of course, there were reasons why Kelion weakened the shield, but it was a troubling situation for the higher-ups that Sunfish did not need to know.


Kuo! Kuo!

Is Kueng still angry?

“Kueng, Dad, it’s okay now. calm down.”

When Sejun looks at Kueng who keeps growling behind him and starts talking to him,


Kueng tilts his head cutely.

Kueng! Kueng!

[Kueng is not angry! Kueng is practicing making scary noises!]

He did not neglect his efforts to become a ferocious beast.

Kuo? Kuo?

[What do you think? Are you scared of Kueng?]

No. It’s cute.

Sejun thought that Kkueng, who was still a baby Maengshu, was cute.

Kuo! Kuo!

“Kueng, raise your front foot like this. “That makes it scarier.”


[Like this?]

Kueng asked, raising both front paws at Sejun’s words.

“That’s right. “Try again.”

Kuo! Kuo!


what? Why did it get cuter?

Sejun suppressed the laughter that was about to burst out and said,

“Okay. I got a little scared. “Let’s practice some more.”

Kueng encouraged.

Kuo! Kuo!

Kueng trains hard as a beast at Sejun’s encouragement

. I don’t know whose family it is, but it’s so cute.

Sejun enjoyed the happiness of seeing Kuengi growling at him with both front paws raised.


White Tower administrator area.

“Grandpa, I’m so disappointed! “What are you going to do if Sejun makes such a weak shield for you?!”

Ajax confronted Kelion with his brother’s shield, which was cracked by Les’ full-power punch.

“no. It’s not that I want to make myself weak…”

“I don’t know. I’m disappointed.”


As Ajax sulked, Kelion’s worries deepened.

You can make as much good equipment as you want.


what should we do about Sejun’s weakness?

The problem was who would wear it.

If you put in too much magical energy, it may become an ornament that cannot be worn, or even if you are lucky enough to wear it as equipment, there is a risk of it going out of control due to unstable magical energy.


if I make it stronger here, others will notice…

Originally, I decided not to gift equipment to Sejun and the other Dragons of the Saryuhoe.

Sejun already has a lot of good items compared to his abilities.

This is because if you wear the equipment made by the dragons, it may interfere with other equipment and cause problems for Sejun.

So, I deliberately added a function to the shield to hide in subspace so that other dragons wouldn’t notice it.

‘What should I do?’

Will he show his grandson his abilities even if it means being scolded by other dragons? Or will he remain an incompetent grandfather?

Kelion thought for a moment.

We can’t show our grandchildren an ugly side!

Naturally, Kelion’s choice was the former.

“Grandson! “I will show off my skills properly through this spare fee!”

Kelion melted the shield of his brother, the dragon guard, who was hiding in hiding, and created a new shield by imbuing it with an incredible amount of magic that was incomparable to before.

Something very big and strong.


“Why doesn’t Ajax come?”

Should I call you?

Sejun said as he put seasoning on the locust skewers.

Sejun’s surroundings were filled with dishes such as locust stir-fry, fried locust, and locust salad that were made while waiting for Ajax.

If the first half of the meat party was slime meat, the second half was locust meat.

Chii Iik.

When Sejun was grilling seasoned locust skewers,

“Hyung!” “I talked to my grandfather and changed it into a sturdy shield!”

Ajax has appeared.

Thump, thump.

With two circular shields measuring 10m in diameter.

[Yonggak’s older brother’s shield that proudly protects]

[Yonggak’s younger brother’s shield that proudly protects]

Now, the will to protect openly rather than hiding in subspace is revealed in the name.


restrictions on use: Park Se-jun, who was recognized by Kelion Mambu.

Are you saying that if you don’t have the ability to have all stats above 100,000, you shouldn’t use it?

Just like the name, the options were also impressive.


Then you think I can’t write?!

“Moving the Earth.”

After Sejun erected four pillars,

“Ajax, place your shield here.”

“huh! brother!”


Ajax placed the shield on four pillars and it became a great roof.

“Hehe. Genius Park Se-jun says he can use everything even if he can’t wear it.”

Sejun was proud when he saw the shield that became his roof.

Plus, if you put it in front of you in times of danger, you can use it as a defensive wall.

‘Because I have the power.’

allows you to take one object within a 100m radius without being detected.

I recently discovered something unusual about this power.

It means that you can take any object in your subspace regardless of the distance. ‘Put


the giant fish that Theo left behind.’

It was also possible to put it directly into subspace without using one’s own hands.

Hehehe. With this power, I also delivered meat to the Kamangi family in the subspace warehouse.

“After all, I am a genius.”

Sejun was proud of himself.


‘take out the pink fur chopsticks.’


“ruler. Les, use this.”

“thank you.”

Sejun handed Les the huge wooden chopsticks he had taken out of the subspace warehouse.

“Then let’s eat now.”

And so Sejun and his companions began the second half of the meat party.


[As expected, all of Dad’s cooking is delicious!]

“Hehehe. “I heard Sejun’s cooking is delicious!”

“It’s really delicious.”

After digesting the slime meat during the break, the group quickly attacked the dishes that Sejun made with locust meat and

[ingested the locust seasoned skewers.]

[All stats increase by 1.]




His stats also rose quickly and he became stronger.

It was thanks to Sejun’s , where the stats increase when you cook using the first disaster locust.

Sejun also ate the dish and his stats went up.

[You have consumed Locust stir-fry.]

[All stats increase

by 3.] [The potential of all stats has reached its limit.]

[No more stats can be absorbed.]

[The acquired stats are returned to nature. ]

Not the 4 major stats.

[The outpouring of praise fills the soul.]

[Spiritual strength increases by 7.]

Spiritual strength.

I can’t do anything about this.

Sejun looked vainly at his stats.

At least I found a way to use the item even if it didn’t have the ability, but there was no way to stop the stats from skyrocketing.

I’ll still eat it though! Because it’s delicious.

Sejun eats a delicious locust dish without giving in to his sky-rocketing stats.




[The acquired stats are returned to nature.]

Naturally, the more stats Sejun returned to nature, the more stats he returned to nature.



Sejun’s speculation?

Les is surprised to see Sejun like that.

Some of Sejun’s reduced stats were absorbed into Sejun’s speculation, and Sejun’s speculation was getting stronger.

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