Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 502

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Episode 502 Don’t ask or argue, Park Se-jun!

Episode 502 Don’t ask or argue, Park Se-jun!

“The bag of abundance that Leah gave me has been broken.”

[what?! The bag of abundance I gave you is broken? What did you do that the pocket of abundance was destroyed? It has a lot of durability, so it’s unlikely to break…]

How much divine power did that go into?!

Contrary to her excited feelings, Leah opened her mouth in as calm a voice as possible so as not to hurt Sejun’s feelings.

“Well… I put this in and it broke.”


Sejun took out the Great Magic Stream Seed and relayed to Leah exactly what Theo said.

[So… So, when I put the Magic Stream Seed in the Pouch of Abundance, 10 were created, and they combined into one and evolved into the seed of the Great Magic Stream. You mean?]


Is that possible?! Is it possible?!

Leah gave an expression of disbelief.

He knew better because he made it himself. Anti-Magic Stream Seeds cannot be made using the Pouch of Abundance. never.

At best, the limit is to replicate a single Magic Stream Seed.

‘This is impossible unless a miracle occurs.’

As Leah said, it is something that cannot be explained except by a miracle.



This miracle was thanks to Theo, who works miracles as if he were eating anything related to Sejun.

“Leah, that’s why we need new shoes. “It’s a more expensive and better device that these seeds can fit into.”

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! “Lea, please give the great Hybrid Chairman Park a better performance!”

[hmm. Sejun, if you ask me to make the Pouch of Abundance again, I can make it 10 times, but to make a sacred device that can duplicate this seed, I need to make at least a five-star sacred device… That is beyond my abilities.]

Leah is embarrassed by Sejun’s request. He made an expression.

The number and grade of sacred items that gods can create are determined by their status.

Currently, Leah’s divine status is about 250,000, and the number of sacred items that can be made is up to 3 grades of 2 stars (★ ★).

For reference, Sejun had all three of Leah’s sacred items, including the golden box of abundance, the base of the golden tree of abundance, the flower pot, and the bag of abundance.

Now that the Pouch of Abundance has been broken, Leah’s sacred energy has been reduced to two. You can create a new one, but

the problem is the grade.

It was not possible to create a five-star divine device with Leah’s godhood.

A situation where we can see just how ridiculously powerful the Black Family is, as they created at least a 3-star item for Sejun even when they lost all of their strength.


“5 stars?”

Is that what we make as well?

Sejun is completely unaware of such facts.

“God can’t do that?”

Even sunfish can do that?

Looking at Leah with a slightly disappointed expression, she said,

‘I can’t disappoint Faithtubak!’

I will protect the pride of the non-combat gods!

Leah decided to live up to Sejun’s expectations even if her godhood was permanently reduced.

[Keuhum! But who am I?! I am Leah, the god of abundance who makes the impossible possible! Nothing is impossible for me!]

Believing is always right!

Shouting slogans in my heart.

“oh! As expected, Leah! go for it!!”

When Sejun cheered for Leah,

“Lea, fighting!”

Theo also followed Sejun and cheered for Leah by raising his front paw to the sky.

[Instead, there are two conditions.]


Would it be okay to place a deity on the achievement fee?

Sejun thought that of course he would talk about temples.


[First, you need your divine power stored in Enos. I cannot create a five-star sacred weapon with my divine power alone.]

Leah brought up another story.

If a god with divinity were a blacksmith, his divine power was like ore before it was refined.

And to make good sacred equipment, a lot of ore was needed.

“What about the second condition?”

[By making this, my divine status will decrease and other divine powers will probably disappear. Still, you should never be disappointed.]


The second condition was a bit ambiguous.

“New Shingi can clone other seeds, right?”

Sejun asks for confirmation.

[Of course it is possible.]

“I understand. But did I have divine power?”

Sejun, who did not exceed the minimum level of godhood to use divine power, did not receive the divine power of , and

the divine power was stored in one by one.

[Yes. Didn’t you know? Enos has accumulated quite a bit of divine power.]


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And Theo also steals from our temple every day…

“is it so? Then, how much divine power is needed to create a sacred device?”

[There are about 900,000 divine powers stored in Enos, and you need to use 700,000 of them to be able to create a proper sacred weapon.]

Originally, this much was not needed, but as the divine power was forcibly raised, the divine power consumed to create it was almost doubled. .

“Then, please just create a divine device using my divine power. And if anything is left, Leah, please keep it.”

Sejun knew from Leah’s big promise on her face that she had suffered a great loss, so he decided to make a sacred weapon and hand over the remaining sacred power to Leah.

Anyway, I have no use for sacred power yet.

When the conversation ended like that,

oh yeah! Holy power has solidified! As expected, it’s unbelievable!

[Then I will create a sacred weapon!]

Leah, who had saved her sacred power, was happy and drew on Sejun’s sacred power stored in and began making sacred weapons.


The white lights gathered together to form a lump and


It was shaped according to Leah’s hand. The shape was similar to a broken pocket of abundance.

When the divine power is almost completed

, [The grade of the divine power is raised by burning 50,000 divine powers

.] [The grade of the divine power is raised from 3 to 4 stars.]

[The grade of the divine power is raised by burning 100,000 divine powers.]

[The grade of the divine power is raised to 4. It rises from star to 5 star.]

Leah burned the divine spirit and made it five star.

An hour later.

[Gasp. It’s done.]

Leah, who had put all her effort and effort into creating the sacred device, handed over a green leather pouch with a voice full of fatigue.

“Thank you, Leah.”

When Sejun receives the shingi that Leah gives him, he

says, “Then I guess I’ll just leave.” Park Se-jun. Be well.]

Leah’s advent has been released.


Seed Store Headquarters.


Leah sighed as soon as she released Kangrim.

‘Now that his status as a god has been lowered, it is difficult to shout out loud even at the seed store headquarters…’

Leah didn’t like shouting loudly except when she shouted ‘Trust me!’

‘What if the kids ignore me because I’ve been lowered?’

The other non-combat gods believed in and followed Leah not because of her abilities but as their spiritual support, so Leah was not ignored even though her deity was lowered.

When Leah, whose divinity was lowered and whose self-esteem was lowered, was worrying about nothing, [In order to create a divine weapon that could not be created with her own divinity, she burned her divinity to create a divine weapon that was two levels higher.]

[The great feat of creation was achieved.

As a reward for the achievement of creation, I acquired .]

[’s effect reduces the amount of divine power burned when creating divine energy by 10%.]

[Great Achievement of Creation As a reward, your divinity will increase by 300,000.]

A message that appears in front of Leah.

The amount of godhood you burned is 150,000, but the godhood you gained is 300,000?!

“As expected, it’s unbelievable! “You had a plan!”

Park Se-jun knew! I’ll be like this!

Leah thought that the whole reason Sejun asked her to make a five-star sacred device was for this purpose.

Of course, Leah was mistaken.

[The achievement of creating a five-star sacred weapon has been achieved.]

[As an achievement reward, has been acquired.]

[The sacred power consumed when creating a five-star divine weapon or lower is reduced by 10%. ]

[As an achievement reward, your divinity will increase by 100,000.]

A message appears again in front of Leah.

“This was all a big picture!”

Thanks to this, Leah’s delusion deepened, and

without asking or arguing, Park Se-jun!

“Matter! Ask! Ask!”

Leah went out of the house and spread the new slogan she had created to the non-combat gods.


79th floor of the Black Tower.

[Pocket of abundance made with utmost sincerity]

“Oh. “It’s a good name.”

Sejun looked at the options for the new product made by Leah.

[A bag of abundance made with utmost sincerity]

It is a divine instrument containing the power of Leah, the god of abundance.

Leah, the god of abundance, raised her level by two levels by burning her godhood with utmost sincerity to give as a gift to Park Se-jun, a farmer at the Black Tower.

It has three sacs inside, allowing three seeds to be cloned at the same time.

If you put seeds in a bag and wait one day, the number of seeds will increase to 100. (The quantity of clones and the period required for cloning may vary depending on the seed.)

Usage restrictions: Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun, approved by Leah, the god of abundance

Creator: Leah, God of Abundance

Rating: ★★★★★

“Oh. “Are there three pockets inside?”

When Sejun opened the entrance to the green bag, three entrances were seen, each splitting 120 degrees from the center.

Tok, tok, tok.

As Sejun put the Magical Cherry Tomato Seed, Transcendent Black Bean, and Magical Stream Seed into each of the three entrances,

it sizzled.

[1 day until 100 magical cherry tomato seeds can be duplicated]

[1 day until 15 Transcendence Black Beans (+2) can be duplicated]

[7 days until 1 Great Magic Stream Seed can be duplicated]

Text that appears on the side of the bag.

‘Hehehe. But the five-star magic is different.’

When Sejun was laughing as he looked at the pocket of abundance that he had created with the utmost care,

it was growling.


A sound came from Sejun and Theo’s stomachs at the same time.

“uh?! “Why am I so hungry?”

“Chairman Park, I’m strangely hungry too!”

Sejun and Theo both ate lunch and about 3 hours had passed since they came down.

It was about four o’clock in the afternoon. It wasn’t time to be hungry yet.

At that time,

[Sejun, have you come to your senses now?!]

Fire Sprout asked Sejun.

“huh? “What do you mean you came to your senses?”

[You two have been standing here for 7 days.]

“I’ve been standing here for a week?!”

“Nyan?! What did I say?!”

Sejun and Theo, who don’t know the English story,

actually took 7 days to make Leah’s new device, not an hour, but the two who were watching Leah’s new device made were so absorbed that they did not notice the passage of time.

“That can’t be possible…”


Let’s fill our bellies first.


Sejun hurriedly opened the sub-space warehouse to take out food,

and hehehehehe!

[Hehe. It’s so good because I eat and sleep every day!]

Inside, I saw the Black Pig family rolling around on the floor, and the floor was a complete mess.

During the week Sejun was away, we had fun eating, playing, and partying at the sub-space warehouse.


who didn’t have the strength to scold them, hurriedly ate beef jerky and churro with Theo to fill his stomach.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

Sigh! Sigh!

[Dad hasn’t come home for a week! Kueng is going to look for it!]

It’s clear that dad and eldest brother are in danger! Kueng needs to be saved!

Kueng, who had stayed awake for seven days waiting for Sejun to return, carried his lunch bag and went out to look for Sejun.

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