Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 498

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Episode 498 I’m not going.

Episode 498 I’m not going.

The spiritual world of Fogra, the abyssal fog.

-Become one with us!

-Living an eternal life with Fogra!

Hundreds of millions of various souls whose souls were eaten by Pogra and were reborn as Pogra’s subordinates rushed towards Kamangi and his subordinates.

Heroes with great appearances, monsters with hideous appearances, gods with a divine energy, and even demons with an ominous energy.

Under the command of Pogra, they were forced to move on the same side.

“Get out of the way!”

Thump, thump.

As Kamangi kills the enemies and advances towards the castle where Pogra’s soul is located, he shouts,

“Harvest of death!”

“Cutting spider webs!”

“Crystal explosion!”

“Ice rain of screams!”

“A mountain-crushing punch!”

“Land of corruption!”

To the right of the kamangi was Karre Comi Jaki, and to the left was Shari Eomdoli Kabibi, killing the souls coming from both sides.

“It’s too easy.”


Fenrir said, striking the demon running towards him with his front paw.

In the past, when I came here alone, I couldn’t even go near Pogra’s castle because of the crowds of spirits.

After a while.


Kamangi broke down Pogra’s castle and went inside.


“I’m finally seeing your damn face.” Pogra.”


With a fearful expression, he stepped on Pogra, who looked similar to a toad sitting on a golden throne, with his front paw.



“help me···.”

“If you save me…”

Pogra begs for his life.

Strangely enough, Fogra’s voice came from his back rather than his mouth, and as many people say, his voice was very different.

The souls that have been devoured by Fogra are talking with their faces on their backs.





“I will give it to you…”

Pogra’s sweet offer.

If you can possess the souls that Fogra has absorbed, you will immediately gain tremendous power and status.


“I don’t like it.”

If I eat something like that, I’ll get sick.


Without any hesitation, Kamangi killed Pogra with his front paw.

[You have achieved the great achievement of creation by destroying the immortal being, the fog of the abyss, Fogra.]

[As a reward for the great achievement of creation, you have acquired .] [

Due to the effect of, it becomes stronger when fighting immortal beings.]

So, Pogra gave Kamangi a wonderful nickname and disappeared.


Kamangi found two beads that fell at the spot where Fogra disappeared.

Gray and red beads.

[Power Stone of Fogra of the Abyssal Fog: Fog of the Abyss]

[Power Stone of Fogra of the Abyssal Fog: Soul Exploitation]

These were power stones containing the power representing Fogra.


– let me out!

-Fogra is dead! Why are you still here?!

-Demons! die!

Inside the red bead was another hell.

Although Pogra was dead, the souls that Pogra absorbed were trapped in the power stone and continued to suffer.

“what? “It was given to me even if I died anyway.”

A black bead looking into a red bead.

“Hehe. “I have to give this to the butler.”

After taking the gray marble,


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“This is dirty!”



He smashed the red orb with his front paw and destroyed it, and the souls captured by finally regained their freedom.


[even in death, he accomplished the great feat of saving hundreds of millions of exploited souls.] [As a

reward for his great feat of creation, he was given .]

Every time you save a soul, all stats increase.

The stronger or greater the number of souls rescued, the greater the stat increase.

A message that appears in front of Kkamangi.

‘But why do you keep calling it an achievement of creation?! I feel bad…’

Although he was the third apostle of creation, he was still uncomfortable with the word creation.

Kamangyi frowned and escaped from Fogra’s gradually disappearing mental world.



“uh?! “Kamang!”

As Blacky fell down, enveloped in gray fog, Sejun hurriedly ran to Blacky.

Fortunately, the gray fog quickly shrank towards Fogra, so Sejun did not enter Fogra’s mental world.

Because the seven former Apostles of Destruction were running rampant in the mental world of Pogra.


Oh my gosh.





Are you exorcising?

Sejun, who was checking to see if he was hurt, was relieved to see the Black Family sleeping while snoring.

Still, if you sleep on the floor, you might catch a cold.


Sejun carefully put Kamangi and his men into the sling bag.


it was crunchy.

With the sound of something breaking, the fog and fog surrounding the fog disappeared.


At the same time, a black bead fell to the spot where Fogra was.

[Fenrir’s core piece (15%)]

It was a piece of Fenrir’s core.

“It’s 15%…”

Sejun got goosebumps as he looked at the core piece that fell on the floor. If it hadn’t been for the exorcism, everyone would have died.

Of course, that was Sejun’s idea, and even if Theo, who has the super-giant Chairman Park, and Kueng, the demonic beast of the end, entered Fogra’s mental world, the result would have been the same.

“Please give me a piece of Vice President Te’s core.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

Sejun had Theo collect the core pieces and then said,

“Good job, Kamang.”

I’ll have to give you a lot of dried sweet potatoes later.

I stroked the black cat’s head.

At that time


Kamangi woke up.

“Do you want to eat dried black roasted sweet potatoes?”

When Sejun asks Kkamangi

, hehehe.

Instead of answering, a black bead spits out gray beads from its mouth.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Butler! I’ll give you this! This is really good!]

With a very proud expression, Blacky grabbed the gray bead covered in his saliva with both front paws and held it out to Sejun.

[Abyssal Fog Fogra’s Power Stone: Abyssal Fog]


why am I given this orb?

Sejun could not see the item description. This is because Sejun did not have the ability to see Kwon Neungseok.

Drop, drop.

“···uh. thank you.”

Considering Kamangi’s sincerity, Sejun received a rock covered in saliva, which was dripping onto the floor.


When Sejun uses only two fingers to pick up the gray bead that Blackman gives him,

it sticks to the butler!

Kamangi commanded the power stone and

[Abyssal Fog Fogra’s Power Stone: Obtained the Abyssal Fog.]

[Abyssal Fog Fogra’s Power Stone: Absorbs the contained in the Abyssal Fog. .]

Kwon Neung-seok?

Only then did Sejun learn about Kwon Neung-seok, the gray stone given to him by Kamangi, through the message.

[The power of the target to absorb the power is greatly insufficient.]

[ cannot be absorbed properly.]

[The power is adjusted to the target’s power.]

[The power of the power is greatly reduced. .]

“Hehehe. “What am I like?”

I just laugh.

After checking the message, Sejun just laughed at the familiar situation that had been bothering him again today.


I was granted [.]

Just looking at the name, I was given a trivial power. What happened



[hey! You said I was giving you dried sweet potatoes?!]

I gave you good things too!

Kamangi spoke up and urged Sejun, who remained still.

“huh. okay.”

Sejun gave dried roasted sweet potatoes to Kamangi and said,

“Salty, salty, salty.”

He confirmed his power by listening to the sound of Kamangi and his subordinates noisily eating dried roasted sweet potatoes.

It spits out the fog of the abyss, which is so thin that it cannot be seen, with its breath.

The Mist of the Abyss hovers around the person with the power and disappears after three days.

You spit out the fog of the abyss with your breath?

“Whoo. Whoo. Whoo.”

Sejun exhaled hard, but

[Smoke from the abyss swirls around.]

[Smoke from the abyss swirls around.]




Nothing changed except the message.

Is there anything there?

I wanted to test it, but Theo and Kuei were too strong to kill me with a light attack, and the Kamangi family was too weak to do any damage to me.

‘There is no middle.’

Should I hit you?

Sejun thought about slapping himself in the face,

but he guessed he could check later.

I just decided not to do it. Because I don’t want to be sick.

Sejun gained power like that.

“Te Vice Core Piece.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “It’s here!”

I received a piece of Fenrir’s core from Theo.

When Sejun holds the core piece in his hand,

[Obtained the piece of the door leading to the 10th tower.]

A piece of wood separated from the core piece of the Fenring.

[All five pieces of the door leading to the 10th tower have been collected.]

[Complete the door leading to the 10th tower.]

With the message, the five door pieces that Sejun had were combined into one, and

[the door leading to the 10th tower has been created. Completed.]


An antique wooden door appeared in front of Sejun.


[I achieved the great achievement of creation by completing the door leading to the 10th tower.]

[As a reward for the great achievement of creation, I acquired .]

[ will be able to summon the door to the 10th tower anywhere in the future.] [As a reward for the Great Creation achievement, the cost of staying on the 0th floor of the Black Tower

will be reduced by 1.5%.]

Achievement message.

[You have completed the quest.]

[You have obtained 3 drops of Elixir of Strength as a

reward for completing the quest.] [You have obtained 10 billion Top Coins as a reward for completing the quest.]

[As a reward for completing the quest, all stats increase by 50.

Hamer’s quest was then completed and reward messages appeared.

“Hehehe. “I’m finally using this.”

Sejun laughed as he took out the key to the 10th tower.


Chuck. You have to

put the key in the key hole on the handle of the wooden door and then

go back with a bang…

Huh?!” “Why isn’t this working?”

The key didn’t turn.


A key that won’t work no matter how much you try.

“Patrick, the key doesn’t turn?”

Sejun eventually filed a complaint with the 10th Top Customer Center.

[The Earth God Patrick tells us to wait a moment as he will check.]

“Yes. “Guys, shall we have some snacks?”

“Fuhuhuhu. Good! “Chur dalananang!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Kkueng wants to eat rice cake!]

Kihihihi. Whip!

[Hehe. Butler! I’ll give you dried sweet potatoes!]

Sejun ate a snack with Theo Kuengi and waited for Patrick’s answer.

10 minutes later.

[The earth god Patrick asks if his strength cannot exceed 100,000.]

“Yes? 100,000 strength? “Of course I can’t get over it.”

[Patrick, the Earth God, says that’s why the key doesn’t turn.]

[Patrick, the God of the Earth, says that you can only turn the key when your strength exceeds 100,000.]

Are you kidding me?!

I worked hard to complete the door and it says I need 100,000 strength?

My strength is now over 5000?!

“I’m not going.”

Sejun, tired of his sarcasm, declared his refusal to enter the 10th tower.


10th Tower Administrator Area.

[Black Tower farmer Park Se-jun says in an angry voice that he will not go to the 10th tower.]

“Huh!? Sejun!”

Patrick is embarrassed by Sejun’s reaction.

no! There is still hope!

“If you don’t have enough strength…”

Just upload it!

I quickly started looking for a way to increase Sejun’s strength.


“Okay. “If that’s the case!”

Go to the 5th floor of the 10th tower and

say, “Landrox, wake up!”

I shouted to the huge land.


Kugu Palace.

“Patrick, what’s going on?”

The giant who thought it was land moved and answered.

“I’m going to draw some blood!”


“thank you.”

After receiving permission from the earth giant Landrox, Patrick drew Landrox’s blood and said,

“Sejun, drink this and try again!” “It’s too early to give up!”

I sent it to Sejun and persuaded him.


“You want me to drink this?”

[Lava Bloodstone of the Earth Giant Landrox]

Landrox’s blood was lava, and while it was being delivered to Sejun, it cooled and turned into stone.

“Ah. It’s hot!”

Of course, it was still too hot for Sejun to touch.

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