Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 497

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Episode 497 Guys, let’s show the power of the Kamangi family!

Episode 497 Guys, let’s show the power of the Kamangi family!

Whip! Whip!

[Butler! This is Shasha!]

When Blackbird introduces the blue chick to Sejun,

beep! beep! beep…

[Nice to meet you! A lowly human being. This body is the 5th great Apostle of Destruction, the Queen of Ice and Screams…]

flutter, flutter.

The blue chick flew with difficulty, looked down at Sejun, and directly introduced itself to Sejun with a rather arrogant expression,

and whined!

[Hit Sasha’s head!]



I offended the black man.

Whip?! Whip?! Whip!

[What is this habit of talking to my butler?! What are you doing?! Hit your head quickly!]



Sasha hurries to hit her head at the black man’s shout.

Everything goes according to plan.

Karr laughed inwardly as he saw Sasha like that.

When Karr brought Sasha, he deliberately did not tell Sasha about Sejun’s rank.

It also meant that you should experience it just as it happened to you, and

if Sasha’s first impression is bad, you will come up with a more miserable name than mine, right?

The big picture was to make Sasha get a bad name from Sejun.

Unfortunately, among the names Sejun has created so far, none of them are worse than his own name.

Fighting, Sejun! You are creating the masterpiece of a lifetime!

Karr cheered for Sejun by bringing his two wings together as if praying.

Has the exorcism not been completed yet?

Sejun carefully distances himself from the blue chick with its head stuck in its head.


[Butler! [Give me a name!]

Kamangi asked Sejun for a name and asked,

“Shall we?”

Sejun Nammyeongseo opened on the 59th floor of the Black Tower.

Exciting! Exciting!

The hearts of the Kamangi family, except for Sasha, who was banging her head, began to beat vigorously in anticipation.

My eyes were focused on Sejun’s mouth, and my ears were pricked up as much as possible so that I wouldn’t be able to hear Sejun’s voice at any moment.

“Because it’s Sha Sha, Sha Sha Shasha? No, I need to get rid of the feeling of an apostle of destruction as much as possible. Well… since it’s a blue chick, it’s a fly. “Because it’s a bird that uses ice…”

In the meantime, Sejun entered the naming process. I tested the names by saying them one by one.

Names that aren’t good, but aren’t bad either.

Something was missing… but

nothing clicked.

Sejun felt regretful and began to think even more deeply.

He said that he would use screams and ice… so did he add ice to the ‘ㅂ’ of screams to make a chicken?

Or, considering the harmony of East and West… Blue Chick. Bliary.

Future-oriented, if a chick grows up, it will be a chicken, so it will be a blue chicken. Green onion chicken.

After much thought, we came up with three names.


“Pingdak bulari green onion chicken.”

I said the three names out loud and chose the one that made me feel good.


this wasn’t it…

After much consideration, there wasn’t a name I liked among the names I chose.

When I think about it for this long and still can’t find an answer…

I go back to the beginning.

There is a high probability that you pressed the first button incorrectly.


let’s think again, starting with Sasha.

I went back to the beginning and created a new name.

“Sha-sha and chick plus Shari? Shari… Shari.”

This is it!

The more I said it, the more the name stuck in my mouth.

“good. From now on, your name will be Shari.”

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. It’s worse than my name!]

“That’s right. “Eomdori is better than Shari.”



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“Hmm. “I think it’s better than my name.”

Sejun’s words brought a mixture of joy and sorrow to the Kamangi family. After living with Sejun, we were part of the Black Family whose standards for cool names became strange.


Of course, it was Karr who was most saddened by the name Shari.

It seemed that Carre would be remembered as Sejun’s masterpiece for a long time to come.

So when Sejun named Shari

[Beekeeping Lv. 9 proficiency is filled and the level increases.]

A message appears in front of Sejun.

My beekeeping skills have finally reached master level.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

Sweet’s honeycomb.

Weeing, weeing.

Thousands of poisonous bee queens stood in a long line in front of the honeycomb.



[Congratulations to Dalkom on becoming the Queen of Poison Bees!]

The poison bee queens entered and congratulated Dalkom.

Dalkom, who has learned a lot under the great king of poisonous bees, has finally evolved into the great king of poisonous bees.


[huh. Thank you.]

Dalkom indifferently received the congratulatory greetings from the poisonous bee queens.

It would have been nice if Sejun was with me…

He regretted not being able to show Sejun the moment he became the Great King of Poison Bees.

When Dalkom was receiving congratulatory greetings from the queens of poisonous bees,

weeing, weeing.

[Hehehe. Sweet, congratulations on becoming the king of poison bees. This is my sincerity.]

The seventh poisonous bee queen, whom Sejun calls ‘the seventh’, congratulated Dalkom and placed a red object in front of Dalkom.

As the seventh child with the talent of treacherous trust, he never left out bribes.


[Why is it like that?]

The other poisonous bee queens couldn’t understand the seventh’s behavior.

[???’s Seed]

What is placed in front of the poisonous bee queen is a seed whose name is unknown. Because it is not edible like pollen or honey.


be gentle.

If I give this seed to Sejun, he will like it, right?

For the first time, a smile appeared on the face of Dalkom, the king of poisonous bees, who had been expressionless until now.

Hehehe. It worked.

In order to win Dalkom’s heart, you must first win Sejun’s heart!

The Seventh looked at the other poisonous bee queens and proudly sat to the right of


[Hehehe. Dalkom, do you need anything?]

He rubbed his front paws vigorously and began to demonstrate his talent as a gansinbae in earnest.


59th floor of the Black Tower.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Get your stamp quickly!”


“hey! “Don’t push!”

“I’ll take the picture first!”

After hearing Paku’s words, the goblins of Gobo Village who arrived at the perilla farm were competing with each other to receive Theo’s seal.

“ruler. Goblins who have received the seal can take food from here.”

It was to eat the food Sejun made first.

Just the smell of what was done to the food created an ecstatic taste in my mind.

“Fuhuhuhu. Don’t worry! “I, Vice President of Hybrid Te, will take the picture right away!”

Faba Park.

Theo moved around using Nyambo and quickly stamped the shoulders of hundreds of goblins and said,

“Oh! it’s good!”

“no. “How does it taste like this?”

The goblins were quickly able to use Sejun Company’s high-quality headquarters cafeteria.

“But what’s over there?”

Sejun, who was eating with the goblins, looked towards the south where he could feel a piece of Fenrir’s core and asked the goblins.

It was to obtain information. For some reason, it seemed like there might be a monster that picked up a piece of Fenrir’s core.

“Over there? “Over there… there is an abyssal forest.”

Paku answered Sejun’s question.

“Abyssal Forest?”

“yes. “Fog started forming in the forest a few months ago, and since then I’ve seen things going in, but nothing coming out, so that’s why it got its name.”


I guess I’ll find out once I get there.

Sejun did not receive any special information other than the information that the location of Fenrir’s core piece was suspicious.

After finishing the meal,

“Shari. “Freeze this for me.”

I handed the glass filled with watermelon juice to Shari.


beep! beep!

[yes! I’ll show you the skills of Shari, the chick of screams and ice!]

Shari flies right up to Sejun, grabs Sejun’s glass with her two cute wings, and gives him strength.

After putting our heads together with Kamangi earlier and having a brief personal interview, he became very polite.

Beep! Beep!

[Aaaah! Aaaah!]

Shari tried to freeze the watermelon juice with all her might with an uncanny spirit, but


strength was lacking, so she looked very depressed as she looked at the watermelon juice that was only slightly frozen on the outside.


“Oh. Did you make it with thin ice on purpose? “Shari, do you have any sense?!”

Ice Cube is not good at it.

Sejun, who thought Shari did it on purpose, praised Shari and liked her.

Beep! Beep!

[sure! It was all my plan!]

Thanks to this, Shari, who received Sejun’s praise, regained her confidence and

– Why do I suddenly feel bad?

Ice Cube suffered a mysterious loss.

Sejun even drank watermelon juice like that.

“Guys, let’s shake it up!”

They mobilized the goblins and their companions and began to shake off the sesame seeds. There are perilla seeds in front of me, so I can’t just go there.

If I had come early, I would have picked perilla leaves, but it was a shame.

After shaking off the sesame seeds and filtering out any foreign substances,

say, “Kkueng. “Squeeze this for me.”


[I got it!]

Kueng levitated the perilla seeds in the air with telekinesis.



When we strongly compressed the perilla seeds,

they came out.

Oil began to flow from the perilla seeds.

“Wow. “It kills the smell.”

First, he fried eggs with perilla oil…

At the fragrant smell of perilla oil, Sejun put the perilla oil in a glass bottle, thinking about how to use it.

After a while.

Hehehe. Just looking at it makes me full.

Sejun smiled happily as he looked at 300 glass bottles full of perilla oil.

[The soul is filled.]

[Spiritual power increases by 1.]

Mental power has increased.

“Now let’s leave. “Please take good care of the farm from now on.”

“yes! “Please leave it to Chairman Park!”

Sejun was seen off by the goblins and moved towards the Abyssal Forest, where he could feel a piece of Fenrir’s core.

1 hour later.

“It looks like this is an abyssal forest.”

Sejun and the group found a forest shrouded in gray fog. The fog was wet and had an ominous stickiness to it.

“I feel uncomfortable going in. Kueng a kueng hu.”

Kuueng! Kueheueng!

[I understand! The fog will disappear!]

Following Sejun’s instructions, Kuengi used Kuenghu to push away the fog.

Uji string.

Boom! Kwagwang!

However, the force was so strong that it even pushed away the trees in the forest, completely obliterating the view.

The more you look at it, the more amazing Kuengi’s power becomes.

“···Good job Kueng.”


After praising Kueng, Sejun walked to the flat area that was the ‘Abyss Forest’, which was completely comfortable.


[Abyssal Fog]

I discovered the main culprit that creates the fog in the center of the Abyssal Forest.

A round body the size of a dump truck.

That body was full of mouths that looked like suckers, and

puffed. puffed.

It was spitting gray fog from its mouth.



Who is that guy?!

Kamangi, who discovered Fogra late, was embarrassed.

In the meantime, the fog that had been pushed away by Kuengyi had come to surround Sejun and his companions.

“Nyanyanyang! Nyanyanyang!”

Theo immediately attacked the fog with his Nyan Nyan Storm Fist and


[It’s Kueng Manbokwon!]

Kueng followed Theo and attacked the fog.



the gray fog absorbed the two attacks without a trace.

It’s no use. That guy’s fog absorbs all attacks.

The only way is to enter the fog and fight against all the souls that Fogra has absorbed.

That was impossible even with Fenrir.

So Fenrir, who had no way to defeat Fogra in the past, ate Fogra whole along with the fog.

Fenrir ate and digested many beings, but there were five beings that he could not completely digest and sealed away.

Abyssal Fog Fog is one of them.

Pogra, who had been sealed in a piece of Fenrir’s core, was

manipulating the piece of Fenrir’s core to create his own body and turn this place into his territory as Fenrir’s power weakened.


-Fenrir! There you are!

Fog began to surround Black Mangi.

Trying to repay past grudges.

-Fenrir I will swallow you this time!

A black bird swallowed by the fog.


hehe. welcome! Guys, let’s show the power of the Kamangi family!

Blackman was no longer the noble wolf who fought alone like before.

-What…what?! Fenrir Why aren’t you alone?!

In the fog of Foghra, which can unite everyone’s mental world, the seven former Apostles of Destruction appeared in a gigantic form.

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