Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 496

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Episode 496 What a windfall this is! Joining Sejun Company as a group!

Episode 496 What a windfall this is! Joining Sejun Company as a group!

[Due to limited potential, you can no longer increase your stats.]

“It’s a shame.”

Sejun looked disappointed after checking the message.

This is because Sejun’s stats, which should have increased tremendously by borrowing 1% of the stats from the other eight top farmers, barely increased due to his potential.

Because nothing is going away.

Literally borrowed stats.

When Sejun’s potential increases, he can borrow that much to fill it.

“But how did Udonmon plant the burning cherry?”

It couldn’t have been Udon’s own doing…

“It couldn’t have been Ramter either…”

If Ramtor had the will to do so, he would have had Udon plant the seed long ago.

Who is that?

Sejun thought for a moment.

Let’s ask directly.

“Summon Udonmon.”

Udon was summoned to question the parties directly.

Sejun has also become much stronger, so unless he is a dragon, there is no need for his life to be threatened just by meeting him.

[Summon Udon, the Farmer of the Red Tower.]

10 seconds after the message appears,

“Is that you?!” “You put other seeds in my seed container?!”

As soon as a dwarf, about as tall as Sejun’s waist, with a bushy red beard and lion-like red hair carrying a huge battle ax on his back, appeared, he shouted at Sejun.


At the same time, the flames coming from Udon’s body opened their mouths and threatened Sejun.


“Ha! How dare you get angry at our great hybrid Chairman Park over the topic of 100 years of irregular employment?! Vice President Hybrid Te is going to scold me!”

Theo is about to begin employee training.

Kueng?! Kueng!

[You just got angry at your dad?! Kueng will scold you!]

Sejun’s bodyguard Kueng also came forward.

“Uh… over there…”

Udon is surrounded by two overwhelmingly strong men and is beaten without even being able to make a sound.

Whip?! Whip!

[How dare you threaten my butler?! The great Black Man will scold you!]

Bang. Bang.

Kamangi also joined in and beat Udon hard.


I don’t even know Udonmon.

As Sejun watched Udon’s reaction, he realized that Udon himself had no idea how he had planted Sejun’s seed.

“Go back to Udonmon.”

Sejun reverse-summoned Udon, who was being beaten by Theo and Kueng.

So what is it?

Sejun is once again confused about who planted the burning cherry in Udon. Could it be Bayon



Bayon’s slyly smiling face appeared in Sejun’s mind.

‘It’s very possible.’

Hehehe. I’ll have to praise you later when I go to the Red Pagoda.

Sejun, whose curiosity was resolved, returned home smiling happily.


The next morning.

Sejun finished his morning coffee in the morning.

“ruler. Personnel check!”





At Sejun’s words, the group quickly lined up in front of Sejun, with Theo Kueng in that order.

“good. To the subspace warehouse!”

When Sejun opened the warehouse and spoke, the three quickly entered the subspace warehouse, and

Sejun squeaked as the group entered the subspace warehouse


The door was closed.


“Eileen, I’ll be back.”

[The tower manager tells you to be careful.]



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After saying hello to Eileen,

I said goodbye.

He opened the land document and disappeared.

Sejun was moving to the 94th floor of the tower to complete Hamer’s quest to complete the door leading to the 10th tower.


[Arrived at the 94th floor of the Black Tower.]

[I moved from the 99th floor of the tower, which is the highest floor, to the 94th

floor of the tower . ]

[He becomes invincible.]

Sejun arrives on the 94th floor of the tower.



As soon as he arrived, the huge dinosaur’s tail hit Sejun.

[You have been hit with a fatal attack.]

[You are invincible.]

[You do not take damage.]

Luckily, you are invincible, so there was no damage, but

it hurts so bad!

The pain was the same. It hurt so much that tears came to my eyes.

Then it

hit me.

“The great hybrid Park…Nyan?! Chairman Park, why are you crying?!!!”

Who made our Chairman Park cry?!

Theo, who opened the subspace warehouse and lunged at Sejun’s face, became angry when he saw Sejun’s tears.


[Black Drake Mozak, ruler of Chikasan]

Sejun silently points to Mozak who hit him.

Mozak, with red mist wrapped around his body, flew into the sky and prepared for the next attack.

“Sigh! “You made our Chairman Park cry?!”

I didn’t cry…

I shed tears because it hurt, but I didn’t cry. It’s real.

Anyway, let’s go! Te Vice President!


Theo immediately changed direction and moved towards the head of the mosaic that attacked Sejun


Mozak flapped his huge wings and attacked Theo with a blade of wind.


“Nyan! Nyang!”

Theo steps in the air and freely changes direction to avoid attacks. It was thanks to the effects of .

After a while.


Mozak was struck in the back of the head by Theo’s front paw, which was so small that it almost looked like a dot compared to Mozak’s size, and he fell to the floor.

“Nyan! “You attacked Chairman Park, so this is 1,000 years old!”

Hold. Hold. Hold.

As Theo stood on top of the unconscious Mozak’s head and stamped it diligently,

[He was led by Black Drake Mozak, the ruler of Chika Mountain who was illegally occupying the coffee tree farm.]

[As the rightful owner of the coffee tree farm land document on the 94th floor of the Black Tower. Recognized.]

[Land Document Skill: Farm Information Lv. Max is activated.]

At the same time, the land document quest was completed.

“oh! “Is this a coffee tree farm?!”

Now you can harvest and eat coffee yourself.

Sejun cheers when he sees the message.

“This was a coffee tree.”

When Sejun gets excited looking at the trees around him,


[Hehe. Guys, pull it!]

Black Mang took the piece of his core stuck in Mojak’s chest with his mouth and pulled it,



Sha love!



The subordinates also helped Kamangi by pulling his fur.




A piece of the core was pulled out and Kamangi rolled along with his subordinates.

After much struggle, Black Manang pulled out a piece of his own core.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Butler! Take this!]

Eat quickly, get stronger, and make a lot of delicious food!

He grabbed a piece of his core and ran to Sejun.

“oh. thank you.”

When Sejun receives the core piece given by Black Mangi, a brown, fist-sized piece of wood is separated from the core piece along with the message

[The piece of the door leading to the 10th tower has been obtained.] and Sejun receives the

4th piece of the door leading to the 10th tower. got it

Sejun caught one mosaic and got 1 hit and 3 dodges until he reached the piece of the door leading to the 10th tower of the Revenge Land Document quest.

[Fenrir’s Core Piece (0.5%)]

Theo captured 0.5% so easily?!

He was embarrassed as he looked at the core piece in his hand.

Considering that Ajax struggled with a 0.1% core before awakening, you can see how much stronger Theo has become.

Theo, when did this guy become this strong?

Sejun suddenly feels a stomach ache.


“Puh-hu-huh.” “The great Hybrid Chairman Park, Vice Chairman Hybrid Te, scolded the guy who made Chairman Park cry!”

When I saw Theo’s smile running toward Sejun with pride, my jealousy melted away.

“I’m not crying.”

“Nyan?! “I definitely saw water flowing from Chairman Park’s eyes!”

“That’s rain.”

“It rained?!”


Theo unconditionally believes what Sejun says. I thought it was raining like Sejun said.

“Now there is only one left. “Let’s go to the 59th floor of the tower.”

“Fuhuhu. I understand!”

Sejun and his group moved again using the land document on the 59th floor of the tower.


59th floor of the Black Tower.

“Run away quickly!”

“Once we reach it, it’s over!”

Damn it.

Residents on the 59th floor of the tower running away from the ice coming towards them.

“This is the right place.”

I can feel Fenrir’s energy here.

The blue-skinned woman, who was not interested in the fleeing residents, spoke in an alluring but cold voice and moved in the direction where Fenrir’s energy was felt.

Apostle of Doom Scream and Ice Queen Shasha.

When Fenrir Kuruger Violet Alice, a soloist like herself, all disappeared, she set out to find them.

At that time

[I arrived at the 59th floor of the Black Tower.]




[You become invincible for 1 second due to the effect of .]

Sejun appeared in front of Sasha.

There was quite a distance,

but damn.

Sasha’s coldness tried to freeze Sejun.

Sasha sent a huge number of fragments to the Black Tower to find Fenrir, and

Sasha, who is currently in front of Sejun, has 1% of her original power as the fragments gather within the tower.

[You have been hit with a cold attack that you cannot withstand.]

[You are invincible.]

[You do not take damage.]




As soon as Sejun saw the message, he quickly used the skill.

[Greenhouse Lv. 6 is activated.]

[A warm greenhouse is created in a 2km radius.]

[Greenhouse Lv. The skill level of 6 is filled.]

[The temperature of the greenhouse drops significantly due to the surrounding cold.]

“Phew. “I lived.”


Sejun shivers from the cold. Although the temperature was still below freezing, I was able to endure it thanks to my greenhouse skills.

And then

it clicked.

“Nyan?! Great Hybrid Chairman Park Why is water coming out of his nose this time?! “It’s so cold?!”

Don’t worry! I, Hybrid Te Vice President, will keep you warm!


Theo, who came out of the subspace warehouse, hurriedly hugged Sejun’s knees and made him a fur coat.


[Kuengi also keeps dad warm!]

Kuengi also kept Sejun warm by clinging to Sejun’s side.



[This is Sasha’s energy?!]

Blacky felt Sasha’s energy from afar.


I sneezed due to the cold and snot came out of my nose like Sejun.

Is it too cold?


[Bring Eomdol and Alice and bring Sasha!]


Following Kamangi’s instructions, Komi wrapped Karle’s body with a spider web to create a barrier to block out the cold.

When Karr leaves with Eomdori and Kkomi in tow,

whine! whine!

[Butler! I’m cold! I want to go home quickly!]

Black Mangi barked at the boy to quickly put him in the sling bag.

“okay. “Isn’t our little one cold?”

Sejun hurriedly picked up the camera, wiped his nose, and put it in his sling bag.

Since it was still cold, Sejun put on a few more clothes and asked,

“But is this a farm?”

When Sejun looks at the piles of grass piled high around him,

he sighs.

A goblin cautiously sticks his head out from a pile of grass.

“uh?! Vice President Te?”

It was Scaram’s nephew Pa’ku.


[a quest occurs.]

[Quest: Kill the Green Goblins who are illegally occupying the perilla farm or make an agreement and regain the rights to the land.] Reward:

Recognized as the rightful owner of the perilla farm on the 59th floor of the Black Giant Sejun’s

Message that appears in front.

“Hehehe. Do you want to agree to say something nice and work here? Or do you want to get hit and work?”

Can I eat perilla oil now?

Sejun, whose head was full of perilla oil, looked at Parku, smiled like a villain and said,

“Fuhuhu. “Paku, quickly bring other goblins and have them get stamped!”

Theo had Pa’ku bring the other goblins. Before I knew it, the cold had completely disappeared.

“yes! sure! “I’ll bring it to you quickly!”

What a windfall this is! Joining Sejun Company as a group!

Pa’ku was happy and hurried to pick up the goblins in the village.

While Pacu went to pick up the other goblins,

flutter. flutter.


[The great black man, Shasha, has been brought!]


[Fenrir! You are here!]

Karrr flew in with a blue chick.

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