Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 489

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Episode 489 Eileen, it really hurts when you step on it.

Episode 489 Eileen, it really hurts when you step on it.


Sejun, who had fainted after connecting with Ice Cube, opened his eyes.

Some time had passed, so the surroundings were dark, and the 12 stars that Sejun had illuminated were twinkling in the sky.


Oh my gosh.





The atmosphere is peaceful thanks to the snoring sounds of the Kamangi family.

“Good. But it would have been better without this…”

[As a reward for your courageous act of trying to connect to the star without knowing the subject, you received one achievement of bravery.]

Sejun said as he read the message in front of him.

Isn’t this how Bev is making fun of me?!

Thanks to this, Sejun’s favorability towards Bev went down even further.

But there was a use for his mental power…

Sejun recalled the memory of briefly connecting with Ice Cube before he fainted.

A flood of visual information that he couldn’t handle came into Sejun’s head.

I suddenly felt like I was in the middle of the deep sea. Just as water pressure was pressing down on his body, an enormous amount of visual information was pressing on Sejun’s brain.

When he felt like his head was going to explode

[Using mental power to forcibly increase the brain’s information processing capacity],

a message appeared in front of Sejun.

An energy that I had never felt before flowed into Sejun’s head and helped him process the information.

Of course, it wasn’t enough.

“And then I passed out.”

I would have died if Ice Cube hadn’t forcibly disconnected me.

I shouldn’t use Star Link for the time being.

Sejun neatly sealed the Star Link.

But it’s a bit disappointing that I can’t use Ice Cube. It was really easy to make ice…

‘But I gained a lot this time.’

By completing three great achievements, I strengthened one of my nicknames and gained new nicknames and powers, and my stay cost was reduced by an additional 2%, reducing my total stay on Earth by 23.5%.

Hehehe. I guess I can go on a date with Eileen on Earth later, right?

When Sejun later imagined staying on Earth with Eileen without any burden by reducing the cost of stay by 100%,

[It was confirmed that Tower Farmer Kwyn Beretta of the Silver Tower was planting a large amount of magical cherry tomatoes without permission.]


[Tower In accordance with the laws of the Black Tower, Park Se-jun, a farmer at the Black Tower, will take care of Kwyn Beretta, a farmer at the Silver Tower, for the next 100 years.]

[Despite informing him of the laws of the tower, Kwyn Beretta, a farmer at the Silver Tower, is planting large quantities of magical cherry tomatoes. .]

[Aggravated punishment is imposed on Silver Tower Farmer Kwyn Beretta.]

[As long as Black Tower Farmer Sejun Park is alive, Silver Tower Farmer Kwyn Beretta will be assigned to him.]

[Depending on the job characteristics, Silver Tower Farmer Kwyn Beretta will be assigned to the Silver Tower Farmer Kwyn Beretta. Borrows 0.5% of the stats.]

[Strength increases by 37, stamina by 30, agility by 30, and magic power by 26.]

A message that appears in front of Sejun.


Wasn’t Kwin under the watchful eye of the Uma King?

When Sejun was puzzled, he said,

“Fuhuhu. “We’re making this guy a full-time employee of Chairman Park!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Big brother, I understand!]

Under Theo’s leadership, Kuengi used telekinesis to move the unconscious Kwin and sprinkle handfuls of magical cherry tomato seeds at a time.

Originally, Se-jun’s crime of stealing compensation was a 10-year irregular job, but

he attacked the great hybrid Chairman Park! Chairman Park’s life is very expensive!

Because he attacked Sejun, Theo made Kwin a full-time employee.

Now, if I just collect Udonmon, the Red Tower Farmer, will I be able to collect them all?

Sejun is thinking of collecting all the Top Farmers as if he were filling up a pocketbook.

Later, when I summon all the top farmers, I…

hehehe. Good.

I had a fun time imagining the scene where all the top farmers were gathered,

and I cried.


It can’t be cold?

Tower farmer Udon, who was diligently planting fire beans in the hot environment of the red tower, felt an inexplicable chill.


I’m hungry.

Sejun is heading to the kitchen to make dinner when he hears a sound coming from the boat.

“Chairman Park is awake?!”



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[Dad, he’s awake?!]

Theo and Kueng, who were returning from hiring full-time employees on the other side, found Sejun and ran over to him.

“huh. But where did you guys go?”

“Fuhuhuhu. “We made Chairman Park a full-time employee!”

Kueng! Kueng!

[That’s right! Kuengi did it like this!]

In response to Sejun’s question, Theo made a proud expression, and Kuengi eagerly expressed what he had done by moving his front paws.

Was it you guys?

“Hehehe. good job. Are you hungry? let’s go eat.”

Sejun hung them on his knees and waist and headed to the kitchen.

As we entered the kitchen like that,

Kueng! Kueng!

[Today, Kkueng is the Jjajang Ramen chef! Dad stay still!]

Kueng held out his front paw to stop Sejun from cooking.

“Nyan?! No way! “If Chairman Park doesn’t cook, then what will I do with my grilled fish?!”


[Eldest brother, you can eat chur today!]

“Nyan! I understand! “Chairman Park, I’m going to eat churro today!”


Cheap chook chok.


while Sejun was feeding Theo some churro .

Kkueng made Sejun No. 1 get out of the way and tore open the box with his front paws with an excited look on his face


I opened dozens of bags of Jjajang Ramen in one go with my telekinesis.

And then

it floats.

I used my telekinesis to float the noodles and put them in the pot. I tore the bag containing the soup ingredients and neatly dumped the contents into the pot.

Telekinesis is a complete fraud!


when Sejun envies Kuengi who cooks using telekinesis .

Thump, thump.

While waiting for the noodles to be boiled, Kueng broke the egg bowl and made a fried egg.

After a while.


[Dad, I made it all!]

Kueng put 10 fried eggs in a bowl containing 30 black bean ramen and brought it in front of Sejun.

Although it was a large amount, 30 pieces of ramen was just a bit of a burden for Sejun, who had trained himself to survive on the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

“I’ll eat well.”


Sejun picked up the noodles with chopsticks and sucked them to taste it.

oh! it’s good.

The taste is beyond reproach. It reproduces the original taste of Jjajang Ramen.

Just as there is a saying that it takes three years for a village to have a good month, Kkueng, who spent 300 days with Sejun, was able to cook black bean ramen perfectly.

To be honest, Kueng’s cooking skills were much better than Eileen’s.


When Sejun raised his thumb,

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Dad said it was delicious!]


Kueng, who received Sejun’s approval, also enjoyed the black bean ramen he made with a happy expression.


whine?! whine?!

[hey! What are you eating alone?! Isn’t that delicious?!]

Kamangi woke up to the delicious smell and started barking for black bean ramen.


Sejun served black bean ramen in a special rice bowl for Kamangi and also placed a few strands of black bean ramen in small sauce bowls in front of Kamangi’s subordinates.

Salt, salt, salt.

Hehehe. it’s good.

I want to make that guy my sub-butler…

Kamangi’s eyes lit up when he saw Kuengi making delicious black bean ramen,

but no. The look in his eyes at that time…

I couldn’t bear to say that to the Demon Beast of the Apocalypse.

When Kamangi gives up on making Kuengi a sub-deacon, he says,

“Hehe. “My dad made black bean ramen for me, so my dad can’t just sit still.”

Sejun, who finished eating the black bean ramen, stood up and started boiling the black bean ramen.

Quickly and over high heat.


I increased the power of the fire and first stir-fried the onions and slime meat well, then poured water in, and when the water started to boil, I

added ramen and soup and quickly completed Jjajang Ramen.


slowly, slowly.

White truffles were sliced thinly with a dagger on top of hot black bean ramen.


disaster struck.

The smell of black bean ramen mixed with the strong scent of white truffles spread a delicious aroma throughout the kitchen.

“ruler. “Try what dad did.”

Hehehe. Dad’s skills are like this.

Sejun placed the white truffle pork black bean ramen in front of Kueng with a proud expression.

Kueng! Kueng!

[After all, my dad is a cooking genius! It’s so delicious!]


Kueng eats Sejun’s cooking without hesitation.

Whip! Whip!

[After all, you are my butler! Quickly, give me that too!]

Black Mang was also excited and clinging to Sejun’s leg.

Sejun and his companions even had a second dinner using Sejun’s cooking.


Oh my gosh.




After eating their fill, the Black Family quickly fell asleep and said,

“Ah. It’s nice to see the stars. Can you see Eileen too?”

While Sejun was talking to Eileen,



Theo and Kuengi spent a peaceful time by Sejun’s side and rested.

After a while.


When the pink fur called Kueng,


[Good night, Dad!]

Kueng went to sleep with Pink Fur and said,

“Vice President Te, let’s sleep too.”

“It’s good!”

Sejun goes home with Theo and

grows up.


I fell asleep as soon as I lay down.


The night sky of the Black Tower.

Twelve stars were twinkling and having a conversation.

-No matter how much he has made us shine, it is against following Park Se-jun, who is just a human being. I will follow Milky, the god of starlight!

-that’s right. How can you trust and follow Park Se-jun, who almost died trying to hook up with Ice Cube? I will also follow Milky.

-We are stars, so of course we must follow Milky, the god of starlight!

-Things you don’t even know about! Of course, our master is Sejun! I will follow Sejun!

-that’s right! Are you going to forget the grace of Sejun who lifted us up to heaven?!

-And Sejun is also a person with godhood! Don’t ignore it!

The topic of conversation was who Zodiac would serve in the future.


– you are dead. Eileen, it really hurts when you step on it.

-I know. So why did you betray me?

Ice Cube and Pierce laugh quietly while listening to their words.

-Are there five stars who dare to betray Sejun, including the blind power-up, iron skin, and speed blink?

-It will soon change to 0. If you get stepped on by Eileen, your opinion will change significantly.

I was making a list of anti-Sejun faction stars to report to Eileen.

-Blind called Sejun a mere human

-Powerup said he couldn’t trust Sejun.

Of course, the conversation was also recorded and reported. So that the ungrateful stars get trampled even harder.

-Betrayal is death!

-that’s right! How dare you betray Sejun?!

It was Ice Cube and piercings that they couldn’t think of in the past.


The next morning.


Sejun woke up in a good mood.



I took Theo and Kamangi, who were still sleeping, and went outside and walked around the farm.

After walking for about 30 minutes,

[The sweet potato of strength is grateful for the sound of the farmer’s footsteps and lends strength.]

[The crop’s great reward (Master) is activated and the stamina stat potential increases from 6197 to 6207.]

A message appears.

Hehehe. It’s increasing a lot.

Sejun smiles happily as he sees his potential increase by 10 thanks to the golden boots of a great farmer. Hmm



King Uma came to see Sejun carrying Kwin on his shoulder.

“What’s going on, King Uma?”


[Sejun, this guy has woken up.]

King Uma answered as he put down Kwin.


“See you Sejun!”

As soon as Kwin saw Sejun, he hurriedly bowed down.

Kwin has never seen Sejun, but he found a black man with his eyes wide open (trying not to fall asleep) inside the sling bag that Sejun was carrying.

Even though it was small in size, its eyes were the same as the being that I had seen in my mental world.


then this is the great Kamangi’s butler, Sejun?

Anyone could see that Sejun looked like a butler.


Black Tower 1st floor.

“Shall we hunt hard today?”

Gyeong-cheol, who had had enough rest on Earth, carried the longbow of infinite arrows that Se-jun had given him on his back and headed toward the waypoint with brisk steps.

At that time,

“Are you Oh Gyeong-cheol?”

Kuengyipa black bears surrounded Gyeongcheol.

“yes?! That’s right… why are you doing that?”

“Eat this!”

A black bear said to Gyeong-cheol, holding out 100 seedless grapes for beginners.


“These are Sejun’s instructions! Eat! You must eat!”

Sejun clearly told him to pass it on, but

“Sejun, you told me to feed this to Oh Gyeong-cheol, right?”


Halfway through, the black bears became confused and the instructions changed.


“Are you Sejun?”


Gyeong-cheol eats the grapes without any doubt upon hearing Se-jun’s instructions.


Sejun, what did I do wrong to you?

As he ate the extremely bitter grapes, Gyeong-cheol wondered if he had done something wrong to Se-jun.

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