Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 488

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Episode 488 These guys were originally stars.

Episode 488 These guys were originally stars.

Inside Kwin’s mental world.


Kwin was sitting blankly in the middle of a barren land with nothing in it.



“Kwin, don’t you want to have strong power?”

“Become one with us.”

“It is to escape from the body and enjoy eternal freedom.”

The wind stirred around him and he tempted Kwin with a soft voice.


“I don’t like it.”

When Kwin refused in a dry voice,


The wind quickly revealed its true colors and surrounded Kwin with sharp winds,

shouting, “Give up your soul!”

He started threatening Kwin.

“Ugh… I hate it… everything…”

Kwin is increasingly tired of the constant threat of the wind.

“good night.”

In the end, I gave in to the wind and said,

“Hahaha.” “Kwin, you too become part of our craze!”

The tips of Kwin’s hands and feet began to slowly absorb the wind.



A huge external shock that even resonated in Kwin’s mental world.

“What are they doing?”

“How dare you touch our frenzy!”

“Once this is over, I won’t leave you alone!”

The wind quickly absorbed Kwin’s soul.


boom. boom.


A giant wolf appeared in Kwin’s mental world without hiding its footsteps.

“Who are you?!”

“This body is the noble wolf who performs exorcism, the great Kamangi! “How dare you tell my butler that you’re going to kill him?!”

Kamangi answered in an arrogant voice.

“what?! Exorcism? How dare you treat our craze like a scoundrel!? I am! we are! A being who will soon become the apostle of destruction! “I will not forgive you!”

A storm that has been contaminated by the power of destruction and has not long left until the end of the destruction route, the Apostle of Destruction.

However, it was only funny to Kamangi, the former Apostle of Destruction, who had already reached the end of the Destruction Route and was the highest ranked Apostle of Destruction.


He’s not even an apostle of destruction yet.

At the words of his junior Gwangpung, Gamang lightly snorted

… and

the Gwangpung disappeared so vainly.

“oh! “I was going to get my name from the butler!”

Kamangi, who extinguished the storm with a snort, expressed great regret and said,

“Hey! From now on, listen carefully to what your deacon says! okay?!”

When Black Mang looked down at Kwin, who had a blank expression on his face, he said,

“Huh?! yes! “I will be loyal to the deacon from now on!”

Kwin, seeing that the storm that had been tormenting him had been extinguished so easily, bowed down and answered.



“Only I can call you the butler. “You call me Sejun!”

“ah! yes All right! I will be loyal to Sejun from now on!”

“Hehe. okay.”

Thump, thump.

After hearing Kwin’s answer, Black Mang slowly left Kwin’s mental world.

In this way, Kwin’s mania was completely cured.


99th floor of the Black Tower.


“What is this?”

Sejun suddenly makes a fuss, but when he sees Kwin sleeping with a happy smile, he quietly covers him with a few pieces of pie leaves


“oh. “Our black man was exorcised.”

Black, who was sleeping next to Kwin, was carefully placed in a sling bag.


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“Uma-wang, please take care of him.”


[Please leave it

to me!] I had Uma King watch Kwin.

When the commotion was over,


what? Why is my heart warm?

Sejun put his hand in his arms and

hugged the warmth he felt in his chest.

I discovered star green seeds that emit bright light.

[Star green seeds imbued with brilliant starlight]


You will need to harvest to see your options.

Starpureut woke up to the aura of a brilliantly shining being.

Seeds have great growth potential.

Plant it quickly before you lose motivation!

“The aura of a brilliantly shining being?”

What are you talking about?

Sejun cannot understand the English text.


First, I went into the subspace warehouse to plant star green seeds.

Sejun didn’t know it, but Starpureot Seed saw his face.

It was like that. The star green seed was awakened by the aura emanating from Eileen’s beauty.

If Sejun had known, Milky, the god of starlight, would have been hated by Sejun and added to Theo’s impeachment list without a shrine, but fortunately Sejun didn’t know that fact.


[You are a field Lv. 8 is activated.]

[Star Green Seeds were planted in the body of the 7th Apostle of Destruction, Kuruger, the mountain-destroying rock.]




Sejun planted the seed and

it made a splash.

The seed quickly takes root and quickly grows into a long tree about 30 meters tall. When a fruit opens, people say,


Kuruger’s body?

At the same time, Kuruger’s body shrank drastically.

In the meantime, Sejun’s population has decreased by planting predators and other crops, but it has never decreased this quickly.

By the time 10 fruits had grown at the base of the tree, Kuruga’s body had completely disappeared.


[Defeated Kuruger, the 7th apostle of destruction who lost his soul, the mountain-destroying rock.]

[Acquired 5 trillion experience points.]

[Leveled up.]

[Acquired bonus stat 1.]

[Strength 10 . It rises.]




Experience gain and level up messages began to appear.

Even though it was a soulless body, it was acknowledged as having been killed.

“5 trillion experience points?!”

ah. ruined.

Sejun was frustrated when he saw the experience he had gained.

Sejun’s current level is 118.

If he levels up twice, he will be level 120, and then the job quest will be triggered.

In the end, everything except the two level-up experience points was lost.

At that time,

[I achieved the great achievement of defeating the soulless Apostle of Destruction, Kuruger, the 7-seat mountain-destroying rock.] [

As a reward for this great achievement, will be strengthened to .]

Achievement message that appears.

[You have achieved the great achievement of gaining a huge amount of experience in one go.]

[As a reward for the great achievement, you are forced to complete the job quest with the remaining experience points and continue leveling up.]

[Forced the job quest to be completed with 3.5 trillion experience points. It is done.]

[Level 121 is opened as a quest completion reward.]

[As a quest completion reward, all stats increase by 200.]

Then, a new achievement message appears, and Sejun is forced to complete the job quest with a large amount of experience and

[levels up. I did it.]

[Bonus stat 1 was obtained.]

[Strength increases by 10.]




Achieved level 127.


It didn’t fly.

Sejun laughed, happy that he didn’t throw away his experience points in the air, and said,


Chairman Park is smiling, so I am happy too!

Theo also laughed.

“good. “Then let’s harvest.”

“Let’s do it!”


When Sejun approached the starfruit tree and picked up a golden fruit that looked similar to the starfruit seen in the open earth at the base and pulled it, [

Starfruit was harvested.]

[Job experience increases slightly.]

[Harvest Lv. The skill level of 9 increases slightly.]

[100 experience points have been obtained.]

With the message, the fruit turned into light and seeped into the tree, and



The tip of the tree was aimed at the sky outside the subspace warehouse.



A ball of light shot into the sky.

A lump of light flies into the sky, drawing a long light trail.


A ball of light explodes in the sky and

[You have achieved the great achievement of lighting up the star for the first time on the night of the Black Tower.]

[As a reward for this great achievement, you have acquired .]

The first star of the Black Tower appears. It has been done.

“Is the night sky getting brighter now?”

Sejun checked the direction of the stars, which were not visible because it was still daytime, and confirmed the newly acquired tinnitus.

-Weakens the abilities of Apostles of Doom within 200m by 25%.

The skilled destruction hunter was the same as before except for the change in range and power.

– Every time a star lights up in the sky, your divinity increases by 1.

The second tinnitus I confirmed.

“Every time you light up a star, your god level increases by 1?!”

The current way for Sejun to increase his status is

[God’s blood passed through the heart of Dark, the god of darkness.]

[His status increases by 0.0001.]

Every 30 seconds, the blood circulates around the body once and passes through the heart of Dark. entire.

If it was Godhead 1, it was a stat that could be raised in 7 days.

To be honest, I don’t know what the benefit would be if I raised Godhead like Mental Power, but since there was no harm in raising it, I decided to just raise it.

[I harvested the fruit where the star stayed.]




So, I harvested the remaining 9 starfruits and

[My divinity increases by 1 due to the effect of ]




9 stars were added to the sky and god status was raised by 9.

At that time

, [a quest occurs.]

[Quest: Add 2 stars to the sky to complete the twelve star zodiac that will govern the night sky of the Black Tower.] Reward:

The quest



Add 2 more stars?

‘What if I transplant a tree into Alice’s body?’

When Sejun hurriedly saw the star green tree,

he crunched on it.

Unfortunately, the tree that had completed its mission had turned into powder and was falling apart.

The tree from which all transcendental seeds grew was like this. When the fruit was harvested, it crumbled into powder and disappeared.

Should 2 stars wait for the next star green seed?

When Sejun coolly gives up and tries to harvest the acorns on the acorn tree

– Sejun, please give me a chance! I have confidence that Ice Cube will shine brighter than anyone else!

-Sejun, me too! We will shine on Sejun’s future in the sky!

Seongseok Ice Cube and Seongseok Piercing talk to Sejun.

The Seongseok was a star, but it fell to the ground.

ah. These guys were originally stars.

What if you raise that stone back to the sky?

‘That sounds plausible?’

“But how do you make stars out of you?”

-If you reach Shingeki level 5…

-Me too…

“Yes. okay.”

All the divinity I earned today is gone.

When Sejun gave permission, the white light from Sejun’s body flowed into the two Seongseoks and

[Ice Cube the Seongseok absorbs the Godhead 5 of Park Sejun of the Black Giant.]

[Ice Cube the Seongseok returns to the sky, regaining the memories of the stars.]

-Thank you, Sejun! I will definitely repay you!

[The Holy Stone Piercing absorbs Black Tower Park Sejun’s Godhead 5.]

[The Holy Stone Piercing returns to the sky, regaining the memories of the stars.]

-Thank you, Sejun! Long live Sejun!

The two Seongseoks thanked Sejun and flew toward the sky.

[The effect of increases God status by 1.]

[The effect of increases the divine status by 1.]

Then, the two become stars and Sejun gains divine status due to the Alternate name effect. got it

Is it payback?

If you return 1 to 5 Goddess, it’s 20%, so it doesn’t seem that bad.

So, when Sejun calculated the payback rate,

[The twelve star zodiac that will govern the night sky of the Black Tower has been completed.] [

The quest has been completed.]

[You have been given as a reward for completing the quest.]

“Oh !”

It is power!

Sejun confirmed his newly acquired powers.

You will be briefly connected to a star whose name you know.

You can use star abilities while connected.

“Is it good? Starlink.”

I need to connect it with Ice Cube.

[ is used to connect with the star Ice Cube.]

Sejun used the power right away.


-huh?! Sejun’s mental strength is still too much…


I’ll tell you sooner!

Sejun, whose brain was overloaded as he took in the vast visual information that Ice Cube was seeing, fainted.

Sejun’s mental strength was too weak to connect with the stars.


Inside the Temple of the Creator God.

-Emila It’s been a while.

“Creator God!”

The Creator God visited his first loyal apostle, Emilla Evenus, to find the culprit who was rumored to have escaped.

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