Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 482

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Episode 482 Vice President Te, here we go!

Episode 482 Vice President Te is coming!

The world Enos is being destroyed due to the invasion of the fifth plague slime.

The survivors of the Innos tribe, who had a human-like appearance and only had fluffy fur on their arms and legs, banded together and formed a huge defense line.


“If even this place is taken away, Enos will be destroyed!”

“Must be observed!”

They were preparing for the final battle to protect the last remaining brown tower.

At that time

(Bat Bat!),

a golden bat suddenly appeared between himself and the slimes.


“Is this a new disaster?!”

The Inos tribe was nervous when they saw Batbat, who despite his cute and small appearance had tremendous strength

(Batbat Storm Fist!),

Batbat paid no attention to the Inos tribe and used his wings to create magic blades to kill the slimes.

Actually, killing slimes is extremely tricky. You have to attack the core to kill it, because the core moves quickly in the slime’s body.


(Batbat Storm Fist!)

flutter, flutter.

It was useless in front of Batbat, who was pouring out thousands of magic blades. Because I just cut it all up.

“oh! “It must be the guardian spirit of Enos who came to protect us!”

“Glory to Enos! Glory to the Guardian God!”

“Let us help our guardian spirit and defeat the enemy!”

Seeing the Batbat wiping out the slime, the Enos tribe, full of courage, began to rush after the Batbat and

took care of the slimes whose cores were not completely destroyed.

The battle ended so quickly.

“and! “I won!”

“Long live the Guardian God! Long live Enos!”

The Innos shouted in joy as they won against the slime for the first time, and

representatives of the Innos approached Bat-Bae to express their gratitude.


(Bat Bat!)


“What is the guardian spirit doing?”

I found a bat bat flying around eagerly and putting the bodies of slimes into a small hole.

“Can I help you?”

When Druika, the chief representative of the Inos tribe, approached Batbat and spoke cautiously

(Babat?! Who are you?),

Batbat asked in a wary voice whether he was targeting the slime meat he had hunted.

“ah. My greeting was late. Although he is lacking, he is said to be Druika, the highest representative of the Innos tribe. “Guardian God.”

(Batbat? Guardian deity?)

“Yes. “Aren’t you the guardian deity of our Innos people?”

(Batbat! It’s not! I’m Sejun’s subordinate, Batbat!)

“Ah. sorry. “Batbat is the apostle of Sejun, the guardian god of Enos.”

(Batbat?! Right… right?)

Batbat was originally going to say no.


‘Apostle?! Are you okay?!’

Batbat, the apostle of Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun!

I really liked the name.

“Everyone listen!”

Meanwhile, Druika began introducing Batbat to all the Innos.

“This person is Sejun, the guardian god of Inos…”

(Batbat! Park Se-jun! The guardian deity’s name is Park Se-jun!)

“Ah. yes “This person is Batbat, the apostle of Park Se-jun, the guardian deity of Enos!”


“Thank you, Park Sejun’s apostle, Batbat!”

At the introduction of Druika, the Inos people expressed their gratitude to Batbati passionately and said,

“Batbati, the apostle of the guardian deity Park Se-jun, please allow us to help you.”

(Bat Bat! Yes! Let’s do it together!)

“Put slime meat here!”


The Innos helped Batbat put the slime meat into the portal.

As thousands of baseball-sized pieces of slime meat passed through the portal,

the size of the portal, which previously had to be opened hundreds of times to grow significantly, began to grow slightly, but only to a visible extent.

ah! It wasn’t a matter of number of times!

Thanks to this, BatBaet realized that in order to grow a portal, you need to pass a lot of objects through the portal, rather than opening a lot of portals.


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Until now, only small-bodied bats had passed through the portal, so the growth of the portal was slow.

At that time

, slurp, slurp.

As a group of slimes approached this place

(Batbat! Everyone, keep adding meat!),

Batbat had the Innos keep adding slime meat to the portal

(Batbat Storm Fist!) (Batbat!)

( Batbat!)


(Bad belly!)

Using my brothers’ skills, I wandered around Innos for several hours and killed slimes in earnest.

Since Sejun’s name was known as the guardian deity of Inos, he could not be allowed to be attacked by slimes.

Batbat annihilated the slimes that invaded Enos.

(Batbat… It’s hard now.)

The fatigue accumulated from killing the slimes and the burden accumulated from passing objects through the portal came at the same time.

(Batbat! Thank you, everyone! Then I will leave!)


“Long live Apostle Batbat! Long live our guardian deity, Park Se-jun!”

BatBaet returned to the 99th floor of the Black Tower after being seen off by the Inos tribe.

(Batbat… Still, Sejun needs to know what I did…)

With his tired body, Batbat made a sign and put it up in front of the slime meat

(Fireworks, I’m back…)

As soon as he said hello to Flame, he went to

the boat. Long.

I immediately fell asleep holding Sejun’s arms.


Seed Store Headquarters.

“Why is there no news?”

The dragon god Myrna, who was busy making dragon fruit to sell at the seed store, spoke in a slightly depressed voice.

Recently, Sejun germinated the transcendental seed of the jelly god Po, the youngest of the non-combat gods, and Po gained a lot of divine power and temples.

“I’ll shoot from now on, sisters and brothers!”

As if to make up for the regret of having only received divine power so far, he happily passed out divine power to other non-combat gods.


I’m jealous…

Myrna had to watch it with envious eyes.

So, Sejun was anxiously waiting for the dragon fruit to be harvested.

At that time,

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun germinated transcendental seeds and harvested dragon fruit.] [

As a harvest reward, you obtained 50,000 sacred power.]

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun built a temple for you.]

[Divine Power This increases by 100.]

[The location of the temple is next to the monument of the Creator God, so the amount of divine power obtained under the Creator God’s protection is doubled.]

[3000 mushroom ants, tenant farmers of Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun, will be placed in your temple. Witness.]

[Holy power increases by 0.6.]




“oh! Of course, Park Se-jun! “I believed it!”

The dragon god Myrna was thrilled when she saw the message.

Unlike regular seeds, transcendent seeds can gain a lot of divine power when they grow and are harvested.

And even the temple that I had longed for.

Trust is always right.

“Ho ho ho. wait a moment.”

Let’s just make this and quickly go out to spread divine power!

Myrna began making dragon fruit vigorously.


Morning of the 6th day of the Harvest Festival.


Sejun woke up energetically again today.

[The 100,000 residents of honor you as the guardian deity of .] [ Your

deity is not enough to become the guardian deity of .] [A surrogate

guardian deity who will become the guardian deity of on your behalf. Please specify.]

[The substitute guardian may be disqualified at any time.]

A strange message appeared before my eyes.

“huh? “I’m a guardian deity?”

What are you talking about all of a sudden?

Plus, a substitute guardian deity…


There is no reason to refuse something given to you. So who should we designate as our substitute guardian deity?

When Sejun was lost in worry,

[Good morning, master!]

Fireworks, who found Sejun awake, happily greeted him in the morning.

“huh. good morning. “Aren’t you bored at night?”

[yes! I wasn’t bored at all because it was in Sejun’s palm!]

Today too, the fireworks only says pretty things.



After Sejun woke up and took care of Theo and the Kamangi family, who were still sleeping, he said,

“Let’s go outside and get some sun.”


I went outside to give the flame some sunlight.




I found a huge slime. A huge size, as if a mountain had suddenly appeared.


“Huh? “Isn’t it?”

When I looked closely, I saw that there were millions of pieces of slime meat piled up.

“Hehehe. “What kind of meat is this?”

Sejun smiled brightly and approached the meat.


[Sejun, enjoy your meat. – Batbat]

Batbat found a sign clearly written in Korean.

“So this is what our Bat-Baet rescued?”

Sejun wants to praise BatBaet.


where is our BatBaet?

With Sejun’s abilities, there was no way to find Batbat, who was in hiding.

“Where is Vice President Te Bat Bat?”

“You mean Batbat?”

Theo wandered around on Sejun’s body for a while.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Chairman Park’s Bat-Bat is here!”

He pointed to the back of Sejun’s head.

“okay? “Thank you, Bat-Bat.”

Sejun patted the back of his head and expressed his gratitude.



I could faintly hear the bat’s laughter as if I had stroked it properly.

When Sejun was petting the bat,

he cried!

Kueng! Kueng!

[It’s meat! That’s a lot of meat!]

Kuengi, who was holding Pink Fur and Pink Fur’s front paws, was excited when he found the meat.

After a while.

“Hehehe. “Guys, eat a lot.”

Sejun said as he moved pots filled with various dishes such as boiled pork with slime meat and spicy pork cutlet out of the kitchen.

“Sejun No. 1, please make sweet and sour pork this time.”


Sejun No. 1 makes sweet and sour pork according to Sejun’s words.

So when Sejun No. 1 made sweet and sour pork,


Sejun infused magic into the sweet and sour pork ingredients and began making a huge amount of sweet and sour pork.

Perhaps judging that Sejun No. 1 and Sejun are the same, the dish that Sejun No. 1 made within 1 hour was also able to be recreated with Sejun’s master level cooking skills.

Thanks to this, Sejun was able to easily make food without cooking and everyone ate a lot from breakfast.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. I’m full! Kueng can’t eat anymore!]

“Uhehe. “Me too… I’m so full.”

While Kkueng and Yuren, who did not put down their spoons until the very end, were patting their bellies and enjoying the feeling of fullness,

[The seed shop opens.]

A message appears in front of Sejun.

The 13th seed store was opened.

[Sejun Park’s grade is Transcendence.]

[7 types of seeds containing transcendental grade to be sold today are shown at random.]

[At the current grade, you can purchase as many seeds as you want within 500 Top Coins.]

[Seeds of Abundance ( Transcendent level) – 350 top coins + 1000 pieces of world energy]

[Star green seeds (transcendent level) – 100 top coins + 250 pieces of world energy]

[100 acorn seeds – 40 top coins]

[20 pumpkin seeds – 30 Top Coin]

[100 Peanut Seeds – 10 Top Coins]




“First of all, buy 2 transcendental seeds and then you have 50 top coins left… so you should buy acorns.”

Among the five seeds, excluding the two transcendental seeds, the only one Sejun didn’t have was acorns, so Sejun decided to buy acorn seeds.

The energy of the world is derived from the coins Piyoti and Yuren took while fighting the Apostle of Destruction

– Apostle of Destruction Coin?

-It had the images of the Apostles of Doom engraved on it, so I threw it away out of bad luck?

-You’re saying you’ll exchange that for alcohol from now on?!

-really?! There must have been something saved somewhere…

After Sejun asked the dragons after the last seed shop transaction, there was no shortage thanks to the coins the dragons took after defeating Jormungand.

“I’ll buy three like this.”

When Sejun purchases the seeds

, he pays a total of 490 Top Coins and 1,250 pieces of World Energy to purchase the Seeds of Abundance, Star Green Seeds, and Acorn Seeds.

[A total of 490 Top Coins are withdrawn from Sejun Park’s account at Seed Bank.]

[4,900 Seed Store mileage points are accumulated.]

[10,010 Seed Store mileage points have been accumulated.]

[Payment of 1,250 pieces of World Energy. ]

[1,250 Seed Store coupons will be provided.]

[Currently exchangeable products are Seed Store Seed Replacement Coupons (500 coupons) and Seed Store Random Period Shortening Coupons (100 coupons).] [

Seed Store Coupons are limited to 100 coupons or less. Please exchange the product so that it becomes.]

“I will exchange it for 1 Seed Store Seed Replacement Ticket and 7 random period shortening tickets.”

The replacement ticket is one of curiosity. The rest were devoted to seed store random short-term coupons.

Hehehe. This time Vice President Te is next to me!

Maybe the seed shop would reopen in a few minutes.

[Thank you for using the Seed Shop.]

[After 30 days, you can return to Seed Shop Lv. 4 can be used.]

As the seed shop closed, three seed bags, one white coupon, and seven yellow coupons appeared in Sejun’s hand.

“Hehehe. Vice President Te is coming!”

“Fuhuhuhu. “Okay, let’s go!”

Sejun grabbed Theo’s front paws with both hands and squeaked, knowing where he was going


I boldly tore up the seed store random period shortening ticket.

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