Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 481

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Episode 481 Could it be that I am the creator?

Episode 481 Could it be that I am the creator?

The 99th floor of the Black Tower.

“okay?! “The Creator God shed tears when he harvested the dragon fruit, and the dead dragon came back to life from the dragon fruit?!”

[The tower manager says his grandfather did that.]

Is that possible?

Sejun was listening to the legend about dragon fruit that Eileen had heard from the Kaiser.

[The manager of the tower said that his grandfather had been talking about giving him a long massage for 1,000 years, so he gave him a massage for 6 hours.] [

The manager of the tower said that the way to raise dragons was through the tears of the Creator God, who disappeared 3,000 years ago. He says that he kicked out the grandfather from the manager’s area.]

Next, Eileen informs Sejun of Kaiser’s mistakes.

ah. So, Kaiser’s tension, which was sky-high just a little while ago when he became a VVIP, has suddenly plummeted to the ground.

Huh. I also thought about the tears of the Creator God… I should remain quiet.

“Kaiser was bad.”

Sejun said sternly, looking at Kaiser, who was gulping down regular Samyang liquor at the fountain with a gloomy expression.

Kaiser, I will bring you a few bottles of golden Samyang liquor later.

While sympathizing with the Kaiser.

Sejun was talking to Eileen like that.

“I have to make dinner now. “Aileen, do you want something to eat?”

[The tower manager says he wants to eat the pumpkin soup you made.

“Pumpkin soup? okay. Vice President Te, please clean the pumpkin in the subspace warehouse.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”


[What does Kueng do?]

“Kueng puts milk in the pot.”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. I understand!]

Sejun started making dinner with the help of Theo Kuengi.

Sejun was cooking like that.


Chop the onion to put in the soup


I rubbed my eyes with the hand that touched the onion without realizing it.

“Ugh. “My eyes are sore.”

I can’t believe I made such an amateurish mistake…

When Sejun was shedding tears, blaming himself for his pathetic behavior,


Could it be my tears too?

Suddenly, I remembered the dragon and the legend I had heard from Eileen earlier. Maybe tears will be enough?

“Aileen, would you like to give me some dragon fruit pots?”

So, she received a dragon fruit flower pot from Eileen and dropped her tears into the flower pot.


Sejun’s tears that fell on the soil wet the soil and soon dried quickly.

Is it too little?

Sejun held the onion in both hands and held it in front of his eyes and began to shed tears in earnest.

Drop, drop, drop.

Enough to moisten the soil thoroughly.


“isn’t it?”

Unresponsive dragon fruit seed.

At that time,

[Master, don’t you need butter?! I’ll take it out!]


Before the tears dried, Fireworks urgently opened the door to the subspace warehouse and

let out a sigh.

The energy of creation that had been trapped in the subspace warehouse flowed out.

When the blue mist touched the flower pot,

it started to rustle.

Suddenly, dragonfruit seeds began to grow.


Are dragon fruit seeds really sprouting from my tears?!”

‘Could it be that I am the creator?’

Was it something like that?! What is the secret of my birth?!

Of course not.

While Sejun was fluttering his feet, he

was pouting.

The dragon fruit has already finished growing.

At the tip of the small, towering cactus was a dragon fruit that Sejun knew.



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[Black Tower farmer Park Se-jun has achieved the great achievement of creation, germinating transcendental seeds.] [

As a reward for the great creation achievement, the cost of staying on the 0th floor of the Black Tower will be reduced by 0.5%.]

A message appears in front of Se-jun.

Perhaps because this is not the first time, the rate of reduction in lodging costs has decreased significantly from 5% to 0.5%.


Sejun was smiling and trying to harvest dragon fruit.


The hand that was reaching towards the dragon fruit stopped.

Eileen said that after harvesting the dragon fruit, one of the ten dragons was resurrected.

Ten dragons are beings with such high combat power that they are called the dragons of dragons.

So what if you harvest dragon fruit yourself?

One of the ten dragons will be resurrected.


I will die right away.


It was almost dangerous.

Sejun breathed a sigh of relief.

At that time

, fighting.


The end of the dragon fruit bent and broke, perhaps because it could not bear its own weight.

“Guys, it’s a competition to see who gets to the waypoint first!”

Sejun shouted as he quickly left the kitchen.

An idea I came up with because I had no reason to take care of everything or explain it.

“Fuhuhuhu. “First place is me, the vice president!”

Kueng! Kueng!

[No! Kueng is first!]

Fortunately, the two quickly overtook Sejun and ran to the waypoint, saying,

“It’s a battle to see who goes first!” “Last place gets no dinner!”

Sejun ran hard, shouting to everyone as he ran.

The first-come-first-served running race started so haphazardly.

When Sejun ran hard and arrived at the waypoint, many people had already arrived at the waypoint.

“Fuhuhuhu. Vice President Te is number one! “Chairman Park ranks 10,314th, but don’t be too disappointed!”


Theo tried his best to comfort Sejun and said,

“Kueng! Kueng!”

[Dad, Kkueng is in second place! Kuengi would have won even if the older brother hadn’t suddenly turned into light!]

Meanwhile, Kuengi was also hanging on Sejun’s waist and boasting about his ranking.

But did you see Theo running at the speed of light using the Gwangnyangbo?

Kueng’s visual acuity was incredible.


Sejun hung Theo and Kuengi and called Toryongi to inspect the farm from a high position.

The farm where everyone left.

“what? “Is it quiet?”

If one of the Ten Dragons appeared, at least the kitchen should have been destroyed due to its size, but the kitchen was completely intact.

In addition, the dragons of the Saryu Association drink calmly at the fountain.

“Did I overdo it?”

Sejun carefully approached the kitchen where the dragon fruit was located, taking Theo and Kuengi with him.

Then it


Chii Iik.

I could hear the sounds of busy cooking inside the kitchen.

Who is it?

Sejun sticks his head out the kitchen window and looks inside.


Inside the kitchen, a being with an ivory body was continuing Sejun’s cooking. The speed was significantly slower than Sejun.

“huh? “Is that a dragon fruit?”

In Sejun’s eyes, he saw a dragon fruit hanging on the head of a person cooking in the kitchen.

And the name

[Dragon with the energy of Park Se-jun, the ambiguous dragon]


“A dragon with the energy of Park Se-jun, the ambiguous dragon?”


When Sejun approaches the being who is cooking, grabs the dragon fruit on its head and looks at options.

[Dragon fruit with the energy of Park Se-jun, the ambiguous dragon]

The seeds of the dragon fruit that absorbed the tears of Park Se-jun, who is ambiguous to call it a dragon, absorbed the energy of creation and were created. .

The material was of poor quality and failed to completely replicate Park Se-jun.

Sejun Park’s abilities were copied by 1%.

[Replicated stats: Strength (30), Stamina (35), Agility (29), Magic Power (44)]

[Replicated skills: Cooking Lv. 9 Seedling Lv. 2]

It doesn’t need to eat or sleep, but it disappears when its expiration date ends.

Cultivator: Black Giant Tower Farmer Park Se-jun

Expiration date: 30 days

Grade: S

A description has appeared.

“ah. Then yes.”

At the same time, Sejun realized that his tears were very different from the tears of the Creator God.

What is needed to germinate dragon seeds is organic matter and the energy of creation from the dragon’s body.

The tears of Sejun, who was vaguely recognized as a dragon thanks to the strong bones of a young dragon, and the energy of creation in the subspace warehouse combined to germinate the dragon seed.

“So you’re resurrected?”

Since it was a huge dragon, you couldn’t even see the dragon on the end of its head, right?

Perhaps the Creator God created clones of ten dragons through dragon fruit.

However, this did not mean that Sejun could create a clone of the Ten Dragons if he only had the organic matter of the Ten Dragons.

This is because the higher the ability of the clone target, the greater the creative energy required.

The Creator God was also able to create clones of the Ten Dragons only after dropping several drops of his own tears containing concentrated creation energy.

Of course, the clone created by the Creator God was so perfect that it could be said to have been resurrected, with all of its memories and abilities from when it was alive.


“Fuhuhu. It’s a fake Chairman Park! But the rotten face is the same!”

Kueng! Kueng!

[He’s a fake dad! He’s so weak, just like his old father!]

Theo and Kueng were amazed as they looked at the cloned Sejun.

After a while.

“Sejun No. 1, you bake bread.”


After receiving Sejun’s instructions, Sejun’s clone began baking bread in the oven.

His speed was slow due to his low stats, but his cooking skill was level 9, so his skills were reliable.

Thanks to this, with the assistance of Sejun No. 1, we were able to meet dinner time, which would have been delayed due to the evacuation commotion.

“Guys, let’s have dinner! Eileen, here’s pumpkin soup and bread.”

After having a delicious dinner with everyone, Sejun was taking a break with Theo Kueng outside


[Hehe. Are you the number one butler?! This body is the great Kamangi! Bring me some dried sweet potatoes!]


Kamangi was excited to meet an obedient butler.

When Sejun No. 1 took out a glass jar full of dried sweet potatoes that Sejun had hidden on a shelf in the kitchen,

hehehehe, whine, whine!

[Hi heels. Butler No. 1, open it quickly!]




“Hurry up!”


Kamangi and his subordinates are excited as they urge Sejun No. 1.


Sejun No. 1 opened the glass bottle as instructed by Kamangi, and

salt, salt, salt.

Kamangi and his subordinates quickly took out dried roasted sweet potatoes from the glass jar and started eating them.


“You guys!”

Sejun entered the kitchen and shouted at Kamangi and his subordinates.

What is he doing? Are you having an accident again?

Since Black Mangi was so quiet, they came to catch Black Mangi.


[Run away!]

Ttukdadang. Ttungdadang.

Kamangi ran away in a hurry, but

he was struggling.

Kamangi was captured by Kuengi’s telekinetic powers and handed over to Sejun.



As soon as Sejun started nagging, I fell asleep.

“Ugh. Vice President Te Let’s sleep too. “Sleep well too, Kuengi.”


[Good night, Dad!]

Sejun sent Kuengi to the pink fur and went into the bedroom with the Blacky family and Theo and fell asleep.

A few hours later.




Oh my gosh.




A bedroom filled with only the sound of snoring.

(Batbat. Good night, fireworks!)

The golden bat, Batbat, woke up from its sleep and began its activities.

[Did Batbat sleep well?]

Flame, who was resting on Sejun’s palm, spoke to Batbat.

(Yes! Then I will go out and come back!)


Flapping. Flapping.

Batbat flew hard and arrived at the kitchen.

(Hello, Sejun No. 1! I’m Bat Bat!)

I said hello to Sejun No. 1, ate the fruit that Sejun prepared, and watched Sejun No. 1 work.

Sejun No. 1, who did not need to sleep, was in the kitchen making food that required a lot of work, such as dried roasted sweet potatoes.

(Batbat. I’m full!)

After the meal was over,


Batbat quickly flew away and scouted around the farm.

And once the reconnaissance was over

(nothing was wrong with the surrounding area!),

I started training in front of the house.



swoops as he uses his dimension travel ability and flies quickly.

Before you know it, Batbat has arrived in a completely different place from the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

Behind it, there was a passage the size of a baseball, created by Bat-Bat through the dimensional wall.

[Dimension Gate]

While following Sejun through various towers, he was able to create and maintain a dimension gate with a new ability he had awakened without realizing it.

However, the portal is so small that larger beings cannot use it.

(Batbat! When the door is big enough for Sejun to pass through, I will show it to Sejun!)

So, Batbat trained hard with the intention of crossing the portal with Sejun.

Thanks to this, the portal, which was originally the size of a tennis ball, grew slightly to the size of a baseball.

Batbat trained so hard by repeatedly opening and closing the portal.


Is that Sejun’s favorite slime?!

Clang. Clang. Clang.

BatBaet arrived in a world being destroyed by slimes.

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