Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 480

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Episode 480 Has it been erased?!

Episode 480 Has it been erased?!

Black Tower administrator area.

“Grandpa, welcome home!”

When Eileen ran towards Kaiser and greeted him warmly,

I realized that Eileen had missed me too!

Kaiser was touched by Eileen’s hospitality.


“Grandpa, do you know what dragon fruit is?”

“Dragon fruit? “I don’t know.”

“no way. “It’s okay if you don’t know.”

Hospitality seemed to be limited to the grandfather telling him what he didn’t know.

In response to Kaiser, Eileen immediately turned around to do her job and said,

“Hmm. It’s my granddaughter. “I’ve heard about dragon fruit from adults before.”

Kaiser quickly opened his mouth as his granddaughter’s cold-hearted attitude changed 180 degrees.


“Really?! Tell me please!”

Eileen quickly ran over and massaged Kaiser’s shoulder, urging him on.

“Hahaha. OK. I’ll tell you. Huh. “That was around when I was 300 years old…”

In order to receive his granddaughter’s massage for a long time, Kaiser started talking 1,000 years before the time he heard from Yonggwa.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

“good. Now, the morning work is done. “Would you like to test this?”

Sejun took out the tough spider web camouflage suit that Komi had made and started to wear it.

Eom Dol-pyo’s sturdy stone pot made by Eom Dol-i proved its performance by making delicious and sticky rice for lunch in just one minute, and the

well-aged golden Samyang Ju made by Kavi was tested by Se-jun because the condition of use was that it had a horsepower of 1 million or more or was a divine being. It was impossible to do.

And it seemed that it would take some time to find out whether the magic bead created by Karr really prevented aging. Aging becomes noticeable only with time.

Additionally, there was no place to use the Death Harvest skill built into the Orb of Morale.


“Vice President Te, stay away for a moment.”

When Sejun tried to get Theo off his lap to test Theo Kueng’s camouflage skills against Fireworks, Sejun said,

“I don’t like it!” “I absolutely hate it!”

Theo refuses outright.



In the end, they were forcibly separated.

Sejun took Theo away like that.

“Instead, if you find me in 5 minutes, I’ll have you follow me to the bathroom.”

I gave a reward that felt like a punishment, but

“Puh-hu-huh.” Good! “I will definitely find it!”

Theo agrees.


[What will Kueng give you if you find him?!]

Kueng, who heard that a reward would be given from the side, looked at Sejun with eyes full of anticipation and asked.

“Kueng, if you find your dad, I’ll give you pocket money.”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It’s good!]

“Fireworks, what do you want?”

[Hehe. There is none!]

The flame answers Sejun’s question brightly.

“Then… if you find me, Fireworks, I will grant you one wish.”

Sejun thought for a moment and then opened his mouth.


“Yes. Then you guys are next so just wait. “Theo, cover your eyes for five minutes.”

“I understand!”

At Sejun’s words, Theo covered his eyes with his paw.

That’s how Sejun and Theo’s hide and seek game began.

5 minutes later.

“Fuhuhuhu. “I’m looking for Chairman Park now!”

As soon as Theo started, he didn’t even look around and ran in a straight line towards Sejun’s direction.

“I found Chairman Park!”

It was very easy to find Sejun, who was hiding and camouflaged among the corn.

The Camouflage skill was funny to Theo, who has a built-in high-performance Sejun knee detector that can detect Sejun’s danger even from a distance.

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, now we go to the bathroom together!”

Thanks to this, Theo is excited that Sejun doesn’t fall when he goes to the bathroom.

“Ugh. okay···.”

On the contrary, Sejun just sighed.

Still, since I put Jeonghwa’s charcoal in the bathroom, I won’t be told that it smells like poop, right?


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When Sejun was worried about taking Theo to the bathroom,


[Now it’s Kueng’s turn!]

Kueng shouted in an excited voice.


“Kueng will give you pocket money. And the fireworks tell you what you wish for.”

Before even starting, Sejun admitted defeat by giving Kueng 1,000 Top Coins as pocket money and asking Flame for his wish.

During the 5 minutes that Theo was blindfolded, Sejun used the camouflage skill and moved around.

Kueng? Kueng?

[uh?! Huh?!]

Because Kueng and Fireworks’ eyes also followed Sejun.

I can see everything…

[I’ll tell you my wish later.]

“Okay. “Then tell me later.”

Sejun failed the camouflage skill test against the three of them.

“Let’s go kids!”

“It’s good!”



We put the three inside the camouflage suit and moved on.



Sejun’s eyes caught the sight of Blackbird, who had just woken up, yawning profusely in front of the house.


Next prey. No test subjects found.


Sejun, using the camouflage skill, carefully approached Black Mangi.

Hehehe. I’m sure you’ll be startled and let out a strange scream like ‘Keeeeek!’


When Sejun imagines Kkamangi being startled and is about to shout ‘King!’,


[Hehe. Butler! Give me food!]

Blackbird barked at Sejun first.

Kkomi sensed the suit she had made approaching and hung on Kkamangi’s ear to tell her the direction from which Sejun was coming.

Sheesh. Not funny.

“ruler. eat this.”

Thanks to this, Sejun, who missed out on the good sights, took care of the meal left over from lunch for Kamangi and his subordinates.

After a while.

“good. “Let’s go again!”

“Fuhuhuhu. “Good!”




After Sejun finished eating, he put Black and his subordinates in sling bags, put them on inside the camouflage suit, and moved again.




There is no need to secretly harvest the mushrooms growing on the backs of mushroom ants in a camouflage state or

say, “Sejun’s food looks really delicious.”

“that’s right. I’ve never had such delicious food in my life. “I’m really going to miss it when I go back.”

“But what will be for dinner tonight?”

“I think Sejun is really generous.”

“that’s right. And I think you’re stronger than you look. Even King Uma was careful around Sejun.”


I overheard myself praising myself.

“What are you talking about? Park Se-jun, that guy is such a bastard…”

Sometimes there were people who gossiped about themselves, but they

said, “Kkueng ah paw.”


I hit Kueng on the back of the head with his front paw.


After completing the camouflage skill test(?), Sejun went to King Uma and said,

“Give me special training, King Uma!”

Requested special training.

The purpose was to test how well the tough spider web camouflage suit dissipated force.

Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

[2 fingers, 5 minutes. Then let’s begin.]


Along with Sejun’s answer, King Uma pressed Sejun with two fingers.


[An enormous weight has been pushed away.]

[Strength increases by 1.]

[The body has withstood an enormous weight.]

[Stamina increases by 1.]


Sejun was able to confirm the suit’s performance by holding on for 2 minutes longer than Umawang expected.

Instead, the effect of the special training was the same as when I held on for 5 minutes with my temperament.

“Performance completely passed.”


When Sejun finished testing the performance of his tough spiderweb camouflage suit and returned to the farm

– hahaha. How was our Sejun?!

-Hahaha. Sejun, we are here.

-Hahaha. How have you been?

-Hahaha. Of course we got along!

The 3rd Apostle of Destruction, the serpent that devours the world, Jormungand, and the returning dragons came to visit Sejun.

“Did you solve your problem well?”

-Hahaha. then! Who are we?! It’s a great dragon! It was solved neatly!

Kaiser speaks proudly after all the dragons of the nine dragon clans battled Jormungand for 5 hours.

Of course, it also meant that the power of Jormungand, who lifted the level 5 seal, was that great.

Lifting the level 5 seal was completely different from lifting the level 4 seal.


– But where does that delicious smell come from?

-So the smell is stronger than golden Samyang liquor?!

-Isn’t it more delicious then?!

The excited dragon statues began to look around and smell.

Dragon statues that originally couldn’t smell.

They modified each other’s statues to smell, and now they can smell, too.

“ah. “It’s probably because of that smell.”

Sejun proudly took out a bottle of well-aged golden Samyang liquor and showed it to the scent-smelling dragon statues.

Even so, since he couldn’t drink it himself, he planned to sell it to the dragons for more expensive than the golden Samyang liquor.

Hehehe. I’m sure there will be an uproar if we both live first, right?

Sejun imagined the dragons taking out money and fighting over who would buy it first.


ruined! It says right there that Kavi is Delia, the Apostle of Destruction!

Belatedly, I remembered the explanation written on the well-aged golden Samyangju.

What do we do?!

In fact, our Kkamangi is an exorcist, so he exorcises the Apostle of Destruction…

As Sejun tries to figure out how to explain it to the enraged dragons

– Hahaha! Sejun, I buy all of this!

-What are you talking about?! I’ll buy them all!

-No way! I buy it all!

-300 billion Top Coins in one bottle!

Putting Sejun’s worries aside, the dragons took out money and were fighting to buy well-aged golden Samyang liquor.



It’s a relief, but something feels off about Sejun.

I quickly took out another well-aged golden Samyang liquor and checked the options,

huh?! Has it been erased?!

I was able to confirm that all descriptions of the Apostle of Destruction were deleted from the options.

It was the effect of a small miracle caused by Sejun.

The miracle that Sejun caused happened not only with Theo’s golden boots but also in many places at the same time.



Thanks to this, he was able to avoid the dragons discovering the identity of Kamang’s subordinates.

Sejun overcomes such a big crisis.

“Please spend more than 300 billion Topcoin.”

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! “You guys, spend more money!”

Together with Theo, he earned 4 trillion Top Coins by selling two bottles of well-aged golden Samyang liquor to dragons at 500 billion Top Coins per bottle.

Thanks to this, the dragons delivered the top coins they earned while capturing Jormungand to Sejun.


– hahaha. ruler. Take a drink each! I will give you the honor of drinking alcohol from a VVIP!

Kaiser, who had accumulated 5 trillion Top Coins in total purchases, became the VVIP of Yongyong Market and started teasing him by sharing the bottle of alcohol he just bought with Kelion Ramter Tier.

shit! I can’t believe I have to see that Kaiser bragging!

dirty! dirty! I need to make money quickly!

I feel bad, but it’s so delicious!

Kelion Ramter Tier cursed Kaiser in his mind, but did not leave.


Black Tower Administrator Area.

“Hahaha. So, do you know what I received as a gift for my 700th birthday?”

Kaiser has been drinking and talking about his past non-stop for 6 hours.


Eileen, who had run out of patience, called Kaiser in a cold voice, but said,

“Hehehehe. okay. “Did you call our granddaughter to pay for this?”

Kaiser, who was intoxicated with the joy of becoming a VVIP at the Yongyong Market, teasing other dragons, drinking delicious wine, and chatting with Eileen, did not notice that Eileen’s mood had changed.


“Grandpa, you liar!” “You don’t know about dragon fruit!!!”

The result was the granddaughter’s fiery anger.

“Aileen Chaebi is not a liar! “Let me tell you about dragon fruit!”

Naturally, Kaiser, being the idiot his granddaughter was, started telling the story he had heard about dragon fruit so as not to make Eileen hate her.

“In the past, Kel-Gath, the first white dragon among the ten dragons created by the Creator God, perished in battle… but when the Creator God harvested the dragon fruit he grew with tears, Kel-Gath was resurrected. “I’ve heard a legend about it.”

“Really?! So how do you grow dragon fruit?!”

“How to raise it? The Creator God raised me, so I don’t know. Ah. “You said that the Creator God raised you while crying, so are these the Creator God’s tears?”


Eileen quietly activated the portal and expelled Kaiser with administrator authority.

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