Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 475

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Episode 475 Bring it all!

Episode 475 Bring it all!

82nd floor of the silver tower.


A bare vine still stands in the wasteland, where the wind blows even more harshly than before.

“You are our hope.”

Silver Tower Farmer Kwin said as he stroked the vine. Thanks to Kwin’s ability, a gentle wind blew only around the vines.

Kwin was protecting the vines from the wind in preparation for any unexpected situation.

Kwinn, Wind Weaver of Abundance.

Kwin was born with the overwhelming talent of being a ‘wind bender’, even among the affluent who were famous for their ability to manipulate the wind.

So he believed in his own abilities and was arrogant.


“Wind! “Listen to me!”

The day I set out to control the wind at the Silver Tower out of curiosity.

Kwin had to pay a heavy price for his arrogance.

Instead, Kwin’s spirit was eaten away by the ferocious wind of the Silver Tower, and he went crazy.

Afterwards, he wandered the tower as a madman for decades and was called Crazy Wind Kwin for his various eccentricities.

If he had not been noticed by the great silver dragon Chrysella Hisron, who was looking for a new tower farmer after the death of the previous tower farmer,

Kwin would have continued to wander the tower as a madman and eventually become part of the wind.

The reason Chrysella brought Kwin, who had become a madman, back to his senses and designated him a tower farmer was because Kwin was the best at controlling the wind in the tower.

The Silver Tower, where strong winds blow due to the power of the Silver Dragon, needed someone to weaken the wind.

It was like that.

The wind, which was strong enough to blow holes in stones with sand, had been weakened by Kwin’s power.

If Kwin had not been able to control the wind, there would probably not have been land in the Silver Tower.

Because the wind would have blown it all the way to the ground.

Silver Tower Top Farmer had one mission. To weaken the wind. Farming was not even a consideration.

At that time,

it was Kugu Palace.

The ground rumbled softly, and a stone shaped like a bunch of grapes appeared in front of the vine.


[The second competition of the harvest festival, the grape-eating contest, will begin shortly.]

[Participants who wish to participate in the contest, please gather in front of the altar with the lovely bunch of grapes.]

The message that appears.

[Time left until participation – 3 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds]

Time in front of the altar began to shorten.

“good! “Everyone gather at the altar!”

When Kwin shouted,


“Wind. Stop! Everyone run to the altar!”


A huge rock was heard, and more than 100 million residents hiding in the ground hurried to the altar along the path created by the abundance wind wizards.

And the number of participants in the grape-eating contest began to increase rapidly.


Let’s go to the altar to sign up for Sejun’s grape eating contest


[Good morning, Dad!]

Kueng greeted Sejun.

“huh. good morning. “Did Kueng apply to participate?”

Kueng! Kueng!

[I did it! Dad is signing up quickly too!]


When Sejun stands in front of the altar

[Time left to apply for participation – 3 hours 55 minutes 9 seconds]

[Current number of participation applications]

– 99th floor of the Black Tower: 11,887

– 4th floor of the Black Tower: 3,214

– 82nd floor of the Silver Tower: 70,49

A message appeared.

“The 82nd floor of the Silver Tower?”

Are there vines there too?

The 82nd floor of the silver tower shows an overwhelming number of applications.

It was surprising, but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

After all, first place is ours. Hehehe.

When Sejun smiled sinisterly,

“Nyan?!” “Chairman Park’s face is rotting again!”

I, Vice President Te, cannot tolerate the shabby Chairman Park standing next to Eileen with such a rotten face!

Hold. Hold.

Theo took control right away.


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“Eup. Eup.”

[I signed up for the grape eating contest.]

Sejun received Theo’s massage and applied to participate with his group.

When we turned back to go home again,


Sejun’s eyes caught the eye of the Neoguri Market, which was bigger than yesterday.

Other raccoons also came after hearing the rumor that the harvest festival on the 99th floor of the Black Tower was huge.

Thanks to this, the number of street vendors in Neoguri Market has increased by about 50.

Unfortunately, none of the new street vendors sold dishes that Sejun would greatly appreciate.

Almost all of them are things that Sejun has eaten recently or are in Sejun’s subspace warehouse.

“How much is this grilled skewer?”

That doesn’t mean I won’t buy it though.

Sejun and his companions bought and ate dishes from Raccoon, who had been diligently starting business in the morning.

While I was eating breakfast at a street vendor and wandering around digesting food

, [Participation applications have closed.]

[Participants are asked to gather under the altar of lovely grape bunches.]

[The grape eating contest will begin in 1 minute.]

Participation applications have closed.

As Sejun and the other participants gathered under the altar,

a huge basket full of grapes appeared in front of the participants along with the message

[The competition begins] announcing the start of the competition.

Even at a glance, the number is well over 1,000.



As soon as the competition started, the winner, Kueng Yuren, the pink-haired demon king, dumped grapes from the basket into his mouth.

In the past, Kueng lost to Pink Fur and Bull Demon King because of his small mouth, but now that he has grown up enough, things are no longer the same.




Kueng swallowed the grapes without chewing them and put the second basket into his mouth.

No matter how good you are, it is impossible to swallow a mouth full of grapes without chewing them.


Quad Deuk.

I was able to get over it easily because I crushed the grapes in my mouth with my telekinesis.

This time, first place goes to Kueng!

Kueng’s eating speed was overwhelming, as if he was trying to make up for his regrets from the previous carrot eating contest.

Thanks to this, Kueng quickly passes the grapes and widens the gap with Yuren, the Pink Fur Demon King.

good. It’s worth a try!

Seeing Kueng like that, Sejun also gained confidence.

Of course, I’m not saying this while looking at the top rankings,



What I say while looking at the Black Minotaurs.

In the past, I wouldn’t have dared to rub it, but

now it’s different!

Sejun had a perfect plan.

“Miniaturization of crops!”

When Sejun quickly used the skill on the grapes, the size of the grapes decreased by 20%.



I picked up a handful of grapes, put them in my mouth, and chewed them quickly.

It’s delicious.

It tasted like the grapes I normally harvest and eat from the branches of grape trees.

I wanted to savor the taste, but

I couldn’t!

Munching, munching.


Seed spit out only what he could and swallowed it all.

There was no reason to think about it later since the grapes would run out before we were full anyway due to the top ranked kids.

“Miniaturization of crops!”

So I focused on eating quickly.

About 5 minutes into the competition,


Munching, munching.

Kueng finally started chewing grapes as he emptied his 11th basket.

From the 11th basket onwards, the size of the grapes increases to prevent them from being easily swallowed.

The basket contained 100 watermelon-sized grapes.




Soon, Yuren, the pink fur demon king, also started emptying the 11th basket.

It will be over in a little while.

It’s almost time for the grapes to run out.

“Miniaturization of crops! vitality!”

Sejun also made a final spurt while watching this.

A combination of crop compactness and vitality. If I was lucky, I might end up in the top 50.


why doesn’t it end!

Contrary to expectations, the grapes did not run out even though Kueng was emptying the 41st basket and Yuren, the pink fur demon king, was emptying the 39th basket.

For reference, in the last carrot-eating contest, the contest ended when Pink Fur and Bull Demon King ate the 25th basket.


“Miniaturization of crops! vitality!”

Sejun continues to eat the grapes without any doubts as it is still worth eating.

“I’m full.”

“I can’t eat anymore.”

People around me started giving up one by one.

1 hour later.

“ah. “I can’t eat anymore…”

In the end, Sejun, who had been holding on with his skill, also raised the white flag on the 10th basket.

The crop miniaturization level increased to 2 and the crop size was reduced by 25%, but I was already full.





The top rankings are still similar to the first eating speed and


Black Minotaurs eating grapes a bit slowly but steadily.

Sejun was quickly pushed out of the 1,000th place, and soon he was pushed out of the 500,000th place.

‘Why do grapes keep coming out?!’

Seed store headquarters

when Sejun resents the endlessly producing grapes .

“uh?! Why are there so many participants?! “There aren’t enough grapes already!”

Uncle was embarrassed as he watched the grapes shrinking rapidly.

A huge amount of grapes were made for this competition, but as the number of participants in the Silver Tower exceeded 100 million, the grapes quickly decreased.

Since it takes divine power to replenish grapes, Uncle wanted to end the competition early, but

‘Park Se-jun will be disappointed if the competition ends because there aren’t enough grapes, right?’

You can’t disappoint someone you trust!

“Grow, grapes!”

In order not to disappoint Sejun, Uncle, the god of grapevines, was working hard to grow grapes.

Thanks to this, the people who were excited were the residents of the Silver Tower and the Pink Fur Demon King Yuren.

“Now I have to work.”

When Sejun leaves the competition location

[290 grapes commemorating the harvest festival were obtained as a reward for participating in the grape eating contest.]

290 hard grapes appear in Sejun’s hand.

“oh! You give me a lot. “What I ate…”

Sejun counts how much he ate.

There were about 3,000 grapes in one basket, so it seemed like if you ate about 100 grapes, you would get one grape to commemorate the harvest festival.

“good. “Vice President Te, let’s do business now.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

At Sejun’s words, Theo, who had been clinging to Sejun’s lap throughout the competition, took out a desk and a sign from his luggage and

started collecting harvest

festival commemorative grapes as crops [can be exchanged for harvest festival commemorative grape crops] .

30 hours after the competition started,


[Kueng can’t eat anymore…]

Kueng put down the basket for the first time since the competition started.

[The last participant gave up eating grapes.]

[Eating grapes. The competition is over.]

The competition is finally over.

[Grape Eating Contest Ranking]

1st place – Kuengi Park (12,500 baskets)

2nd place – Pink Fur (12,450 baskets)

3rd place – Umawang (12,400 baskets)

4th place – Yuren (12,300 baskets)

. ..



1,003,131st place – Park Se-jun (9 baskets + 230 pills)




131,871,213th place. – Theo Park (0 grains)

Sejun continued to be pushed down in rankings and was eventually pushed out of the top 1 million.

Hehehe. Still, there are 130 million under me.

How to cherish what you have rather than what you don’t have.

Sejun was very satisfied that there were over 100 million people under him.


“Mean Meow Meow.”

Theo, a fish lover, only participated in the competition to stay on Sejun’s lap, so he didn’t feel bad at all when he came in last place.

For your information, Kamangi, who had insisted on participating in the competition, was sleeping at home with his subordinates while happily tearing open dried sweet potatoes.

[Rewards are given from 1st to 100th place in the grape eating contest.]

Meanwhile, rewards began to be paid out and,


[This is what weak dads eat!]

Kueng, who had grown smaller before he knew it, ran to Sejun and handed him 10 golden grapes that he received as a first-place reward.

“Thank you Kueng.”


[Eat and become stronger!]


[Golden Grapes Embracing the Spirit of the World]

These are grapes made by gathering the energy of the world through the earnest prayers of Uncle, the god of grapevines.

It has no seeds and is easy to eat.

The taste is very good and the fragrant scent of grapes is very strong.

When consumed, all stats increase by 10.

Every time you take 100 pills, the energy of the world gathers and a small miracle happens around you.

Shelf life: 180 days

Grade: SS


Compared to before, it tasted better and the stat increase was high. And a miracle



“Park Se-jun, the man who causes miracles. Hehehe. “Isn’t it cool?”

The explanation that a small miracle would happen to those around him every time he took 100 pills raised considerable expectations in Sejun.

Sejun confirmed the option of golden grapes that contain the energy of the world.

“You guys are very suspicious.”


In Sejun’s eyes, he saw that his companions, who normally would have already brought him compensation, were in conflict over the compensation.

Two thoughts come to mind at the same time.

First of all…

our Kkueng is a dutiful son.


was it really true that they only gave me tasteless food?!


Sejun is overcome with feelings of betrayal.

“Bring everything!”

With a roar, they began collecting the rewards for the grape-eating contest.

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