Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 467

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Episode 467 But you want to give it a cool name?! No way!

Episode 467 But you want to give it a cool name?! No way!

Bayon, the loser on the 87th floor of the Red Tower.

There, Bayon’s actions were law and his words were truth.

If there was something he liked, he took it away, and if he didn’t like it, he hit it. The surrounding villages collected taxes and made offerings.

Even though Bayon was such a useless person, he also knew his way around it.

When a new being appears, Bayon does not interfere with it and first determines whether it is stronger or weaker than him.

If they were strong, they would bow down to them and give them compensation and send them to another place. If they were weak, they would step on them right away.

A typical weak-strong-strong-weak style that is strong against the weak and weak against the strong.

That was Bayon’s survival strategy.

‘If we can control this place, we won’t have to worry about food for a while.’

So, even though I was in a state of joy as I looked at the crops growing well on the endless huge farm, I endured it.

‘You never know.’

With patience, he searched his surroundings with cool eyes to see if there was anyone stronger than him.


‘Are humans the strongest and do we raise cats, bears and dogs because we are bored?’

Bayon grasped the completely opposite power.

Theo was as used to hiding his energy as breathing because of Sejun, and

Kuengi was compressing his energy because he was in a state of calm due to .

Of course, Kamangi was really weak.

‘It would be enough on my own.’

Bayon thought it was worth a try, but he still didn’t step forward right away.

Maybe there was a strong person somewhere else that he couldn’t figure out.

‘Once you step out, you can’t go back.’

As Bayon carefully waited for the right moment,

he was seen inviting the silver foxes who had been enslaved by humans to eat together with a delicious smell that was hard to resist.

‘joy! ‘He’s a guy who doesn’t know anything about the world.’

Giving meals to slaves…

made me angry.

He and his subordinates lived so hard that they could count on their toes the number of times they had eaten to their fill… but

it was clear that he had never experienced hardship in his life.


seeing as no one shows up even though we are eating delicious food, it is clear that there is no one stronger than that human here.

Bayon, who believes that the strong should eat the most delicious food, was confident that there were no other strong people here.

At that time,

“Mr. Bayon…”

His subordinates who instigated him at the right time.

“Hmm. “Is that so?”

Thanks to this, I was able to leave without looking bad.

“good. “We eat here.”


So I put my men behind me and said,

‘Kkeukkeuk.’ It’s all mine now.’

Bayon headed to the kitchen in a good mood.

Crack, crack, crack!

Bayon and his men had a truly thrilling experience with Kuengyi’s thunderbolt.

Every time I get hit, I feel like my whole body is being shaken with death-like pain.

When the beating was over,



Theo came over, grinning like a villain, and stamped Bayon with the seal that had enslaved the silver foxes.


, [I cannot make you a slave because you are a resident of the Red Tower.]

Hold. Hold.

When I kept failing,

“Nyan?!” Why not?! Fuhehehe. Then you can take pictures yourself!”

Forcibly lifting one’s front foot and stamping the slave contract with one’s foot.

I tried to refuse, but I was

like, ‘What?! What is this power?!’

The power was enormous.

The bear was hiding his strength, and the cat was also hiding his strength.


That’s how Bayon signed the slave contract and became a slave.



A black bird eagerly climbing up your body.

Whip?! Whip?!

[How dare you say you would kill our butler?! [Would you like to be killed by the noble wolf who protects Park Se-jun, the farmer of the Black Tower?!]


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He got angry, stepping on himself with his front paws.

Being a slave was miserable, but being trampled by a dog was also miserable.

Although I was angry, I didn’t dare to rebel because I thought the dog was also a being with hidden powers.

When the yellow cat smiled and asked me to take a stamp, I should have done so obediently.

I should have stopped when I made eye contact with the baby bear, whose mouth was wide open and trying to put a wrap in its mouth.

When the baby bear put down the wrap and took out the thunderbolt, I should have knelt down and prayed that I had made a mistake.

‘···Then it wouldn’t have happened like this…’

Tears like chicken droppings began to flow from Bayon’s eyes as he lamented his situation.


“Hmm…son, write it down.” “The foxes of the Red Tower are quite obtuse and cry a lot.”

Watching through a telescope from afar, Mason, the head of the Traveling Merchants Association, said

: Square. Square.

Xerath quietly writes down on paper.

Since they are both foxes, they were lucky enough to be invited to the harvest festival with their companions.

“This is my father, Sejun and Theo.”

Xerath tried to say hello right away, but he said,

“No!” “We hide our identities here and gather information that will be helpful to Sejun.”

Thanks to Mason’s efforts to stop him, he was able to hide and obtain information about the foxes in other towers.

‘If you are caught by Theo, your money will be taken away and your hardships will be treated as if you were suffering… You must never be caught until the harvest festival is over.’

Of course, what Mason told Xerath was a lie.

Even though he had done nothing wrong, he was a Mason who strangely wanted to hide.


Kihihihi. whine! whine!

[Hehe. It’s a butler. If he freaks out again, tell me! At that time, the great Black Man will personally punish you!]

Puck. Puck.

A black dog who happily steps on Bayon’s face and scolds him.




The captain is on the move!

Devourers of destruction suddenly invade


They began to move as a group, carrying the black beetle in their mouths and placing it on their heads.

“Play carefully and come home early!”

Leaving behind Sejun’s voice,

“I can feel Violet’s younger brother’s energy near the great Black Man.”

Eomdori felt Violet’s energy and reported it to Kkamangi.




Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Then let’s go catch Violet! Go!]

The fourth subordinate!

Kamangi and his men traveled on the destruction predators.


“Uhehe. “Are we here to meet you?”

Where they headed, there were Piyote and Yuren who were returning.




Devourers of destruction surround Yuren and begin to search his pockets.



A purple crystal fell out of my pocket.

Uhehe. I have to give it to Sejun.

Yuren killed Violet and took the crystals that had fallen nearby.


I can feel the energy of Brother Kuruger in those guys.

In reality, Violet had faked her death.

As expected, Yuren of misfortune. I was going to deliver the Apostle of Destruction fragment to Sejun…


-Brother Kuruger, where have you been?! Did you really get caught by these guys?! Then, when Violet

discovers Eomdol and tries to return to her normal self,

“Violet, stop!”


Eomdol rushed towards Violet who called him.


poof! Kiki

stabbed Violet in the chest, took out the core piece, and threw it at the destruction predators



Devourers of destruction flock to Violet’s core, which contains the power of destruction.

-uh?! My brother asked me… why?!

When Violet, who has become smaller as her core disappears, looks at Eomdori with a betrayed expression,


[Hehe. welcome! Violet!]

Black Mangi appeared and welcomed Violet.


“ruler. “Eat this and stop crying.”

“Sniff. Yes…”

“Keying.” thank you.”

“Wow! “It’s so delicious!”

When Sejun consoles the crying Bayon and his subordinates while grilling pork belly,


[Hehe. Butler! I exorcised another one and brought him back!]

Ttungttang. Ttungttang.

Kamangi entered the kitchen majestically. On his back, he carries a purple crystal human of similar size and shape as Eomdori.


[This is Violet, the 11th Apostle of Destruction and the Crystal Giant of Destruction!]

Since Sejun had already discovered that Eomdoli Kkabi’s true identity was the Apostle of Destruction, Black Mangi introduced Violet very confidently.


Violet greets Sejun at a 90 degree angle.

To be honest, I didn’t like greeting this kind of person.

I couldn’t treat him like that since he was the butler of Fenrir, a noble wolf who hunted the former god who is now the great Black Mangi.

Let’s say

hello like that and hehehehehehehe!

[Hehe. Butler! [Give her a name too!]

Black asks Sejun to come up with a name for Violet.

“Great Black Man, I already have a name…”

Of course Violet tried to refuse,

but whined!


“Be quiet!”


But you want to give it a cool name?! No way!

Kkamangi and Eomdori Kabi, minus Violet and Kkomi, glare at Violet with eyes full of jealousy, and their hearts


I looked at Sejun with eyes full of expectation.


Sejun Nammyeongseo opened again before the day passed.


The name that came to mind as soon as I saw Violet’s purple body.


Boradori was very insincere and lacked creativity.

The name that came to mind next

was Eombojeong because it is a purple crystal the size of a thumb.

However, this is a pattern I once used when creating Eomdol’s name, so let’s leave it out.


Today, I had a hard time coming up with ideas, perhaps because I had already created a great name called ‘Black Torch’ that I thought I would make once in my life.

“If there’s something you’re good at, show it.”

So today I decided to choose a name based on something other than its external characteristics.

“Hmm. “I can grow and explode amethyst.”

What makes me nervous about this?

At Sejun’s request, Violet gets

angry when she removes part of her body and uses her powers.

The purple crystal caught fire and a purple flame began to burn.

Originally, it was supposed to explode all at once, but due to Violet’s lack of power, the crystal exploded slowly.

“This… this isn’t it…”

Thanks to this, Violet is embarrassed.

Because it makes purple fire, is it a purple fire?

Is it a good thing because it creates purple flames?

Exploding a crystal causes a water explosion?

Sutta because the crystal is burning?

While watching it, Kamangi and his men were waiting for Sejun to come up with a lame name.

“Your name is now Jaki!”


Sejun breaks everyone’s expectations and says an unexpected name.

When everyone looks at the burning crystal,

‘You’re growing amethyst?!’

Hehehe. The ability to grow amethyst.

Sejun was watching intently to see if Violet’s body would regenerate.

oh! It’s true.

As amethyst grows in Violet’s body and the part that was just removed regenerates


A word that comes to mind like a lightning bolt

: growing amethyst. Jaki for short!

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. After all, you are my butler! You won’t disappoint me!]

“As expected, Sejun!”



“My name is Jaki…”

Except for the person receiving the name, Kamangi and his subordinates were satisfied with Sejun’s naming.

In this way, Violet, the 11th Apostle of Destruction and the Crystal Giant of Destruction, received a new name, Great Black Man’s subordinate No. 4 Jaki.

“From now on, let’s make only 1kg of amethyst per day, Jaki. “If you want to make other colors, you can.”


With the enormous task of producing crystals.


“Hmm… Red Tower foxes eat well even when they cry.”

Mason continued looking at the kitchen.

“Father, the brown top foxes are moving.”

Square. Square.

Xerath, who was writing down Mason’s words and watching the movements of the other top foxes, said.


Mason hurriedly moved the telescope to look for the skulking browntop foxes.

Where are we going?

Mason looked at the direction of movement of the browntop foxes.

“Even the brown tower foxes don’t notice. If I do that, I’m going to be in big trouble…”

Ododog, ohdodog. Ohdodog.

Despite his sad voice, he smiled brightly and took the peanuts out of his arms and started eating them.

To have fun watching the upcoming fight.

Their goal is to return Piyot and Yuren to the farm.

And King Uma.

After a while.


The screams of the brown tower foxes were heard, and soon Piyoti and Yuren were seen diligently stamping the feet of the fainted brown tower foxes.

at that time


Suddenly, Mason’s vision became filled with pink.


When Mason was puzzled,

he said, “Hello Theo.”

Xerath’s voice heard in Mason’s ears.

Theo was blocking the front of the telescope with his front foot.

“Meet Teo!”

Mason quickly put down the telescope and stood up to greet Theo.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Nice to meet you, Mason Association President!”

Theo, following the lead of the front paws, smiled broadly at Mason.



Fuhehehe. After all, I am the right hand man of the great Chairman Park! I thought of a great way to make money!

A great idea came to mind when I saw Mason.

“Fuhuhu. Mason Association President, I want to sell harvest festival tickets!”

Theo had Mason sell tickets to the Harvest Festival with his stamp on it.

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