Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 466

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Episode 466. All of the children’s faces are so smooth that they look weak.

Episode 466. All of the children’s faces are so smooth that they look weak.

Seed Store Headquarters.

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun has harvested a desirable grape bunch altar.]

[If Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun completes the Harvest Festival quest within 24 hours, the Harvest Festival of Abundance will be held.]

[Time remaining until the Harvest Festival of Abundance: 23:59:59]

Suddenly, a huge message window appeared in the center and started counting down.


“This can’t be happening…”

Shin Hana is thrilled when she looks at the message window.

A harvest festival is being held to dedicate grapes to me! I believed it! Park Sejun!

Uncle, the god of grapevines, shouted and cheered.

“Congratulations uncle.”

“Congratulations. Uncle. As expected, I gave Park Se-jun a new gift, so I see him repaying the favor right away.”

“i envy you. “This harvest festival is going to be really amazing, right?”

Non-combat gods who checked the message window surrounded Uncle and expressed words of congratulations and envy.

At that time,

“Huh?! right!”

The more crops you sacrifice on the altar, the bigger the harvest festival becomes!

Uncle remembered one thing.

Park Se-jun is currently the top farmer in the top nine.

The number of crops that Sejun offered to the altar was likely to be the largest ever.

As the scale of the harvest festival grows, more sacred power is needed to hold the harvest festival… but

Uncle belatedly realized that he did not have enough sacred power to handle the harvest festival held by Sejun.

‘But if I open the harvest festival small enough to match my sacred power…’

Park Se-jun will be angry, right?

The moment he receives Sejun’s hatred, his 5-pyeong temple, which receives divine power every day, will disappear.


“Guys, can I lend you some divine power? In return, I’ll give you 1/Nth of the profit!”

So I quickly asked for help from the non-combat gods around me and said,

“Really?! “We are investing in Park Se-jun, so thank you!”

“I’ll lend you all 100 of my sacred power!”

“me too!”

“I’ll lend it to you too!”

The non-combat gods were happy to have the opportunity to invest in Sejun and rushed to lend their sacred power to Uncle.

they knew

If you invest in Sejun, there will be no failure.

1 hour later.

“Trust me!”

“Trust me!”

“Trust me!”

The center of the seed store headquarters was filled with the cries of Uncle and the non-combat gods who lent their divine power to Uncle.

Fortunately, this time, the battle gods did not pass by, so I was able to shout ‘Believe’ for quite a while.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

“Bring 100 crops each?”

Wouldn’t it be nice to donate more crops this time too?

Previously, 100 pieces of 11 different crops were offered each, and it changed from a harvest festival of abundance to a harvest festival full of abundance and magic.

“Guys, bring 100 crops each from the storage.”



After having the mushroom ants bring the crops, Sejun said,

“Okay. First, I have to make sure I have 100 Transcendence Black Beans and Medicinal Wormwood.”

I started taking out transcendental black beans and medicinal mugwort that could not be obtained through harvesting.

Sejun always wore Theo on his lap when taking out crops from the magical abundance pouch that Leah gave him, and

contrary to the explanation that the number would increase randomly from 1 to 10, he got 10 crops with almost 50% certainty.

For the remaining 50%, 9 appeared only once, and then 11 to 13 appeared.

Theo’s luck was strong enough to surpass the performance of the magic machine.

“Hehehe. “This is all thanks to our vice president.”

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! “It’s all thanks to me!”

So these days, I don’t get offended even when he acts so arrogantly.

For reference, the day Sejun took out 9 from Bountiful’s pocket was when Yuren came close for a moment to receive food.

“good. “There are over 100 of them both.”

While Sejun counted the number of transcendental black beans and mugwort,



Mushroom ants brought crops in front of Sejun.

Cherry tomatoes of magic, six cloves of garlic of agility, cherries of deep darkness, etc.


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Approximately 60 crops.


pretends to see the crops gathered.

I went to the front of the altar and touched the grape vines supporting the altar.

[Do you want to offer your crops to the altar of desirable grape bunches?]


When Sejun agreed, crops began to be sucked into the altar one by one.


[100 of one crop was offered.]

[100 of two crops were offered each.]



[100 crops of 10 types were offered.]

[The Harvest Festival of Abundance will be held as a reward for completing the quest.] [The

Delicious Grape Bunch Altar prepares to randomly summon 1,000 foxes to enjoy the Harvest Festival of Abundance.]

[A blessing of abundance is given to the entire floor where the desirable grape bunch altar is located.]

A quest completion message appears in front of Sejun.

[15 crops were offered, 100 each.]

[Crops without ability cannot be offered.]




Meanwhile, the altar continued to suck up crops.

Among them, 10 crops that were ineffective when eaten were rejected, but there were many crops to offer to the altar

. [100 of each of the 20 crops were offered.]

[It is strengthened as a harvest festival overflowing with abundance and magic.]

[Floor with the desirable grape bunch altar . A magic stream is connected to.]

[The entire floor where the desirable grape bunch altar is located is additionally blessed with a magic stream.] When

20 crops are sacrificed, the harvest festival is strengthened and a stream flows to Black Tower 99. As we connected to the floor, the magic suddenly became thicker around us.

[100 of each of 30 different crops were offered.]

[It is strengthened into a great harvest festival overflowing with abundance and magic.]

[The Blessing of Abundance is strengthened into a great blessing of abundance.]

When 30 different crops were offered to the altar, the harvest festival began. It turned into a harvest festival.

Since there were still many crops left, the remaining crops continued to be sucked into the altar

. [100 of 40 crops were offered.]

[One more magic stream is connected to the floor where the desirable grape cluster altar is located.]

[One more magic stream is connected to the altar . The blessing is strengthened by the blessing of two magical streams.]

When 40 crops were offered, one more magical stream was connected to the 99th floor of the tower, and the surrounding magical energy became thick enough to feel sticky.

It feels like my magic power will increase just by breathing?

As Sejun was amazed by the deepening magic power,

the last crop, 100 dark cherries, were sucked into the desirable grape bunch altar

[100 of each of 50 crops were offered.]

[It was a great harvest festival overflowing with abundance and magic enjoyed by everyone. It will be strengthened.]

[The Desirable Grape Altar prepares to randomly summon 1,000 foxes from the nine towers to enjoy the great harvest festival overflowing with abundance and magic that everyone enjoys.] [The

entire floor where the Desirable Grape Altar is located . The Blessing of Peace is applied to.]

[A small harvest festival of abundance is held wherever there are vines in the Black Tower.]


With the message, dark green, blue, and white light exploded from the desirable grape cluster altar and spread throughout the entire floor.

And suddenly, multi-colored foxes appeared under the altar.

“uh?! “Where am I?”

“Is there daylight here?”

“Then there is no day?! uh?! But why is your fur white?!”

“Then why are you brown?”

The foxes summoned from the Nine Towers were confused when they saw their compatriots with different fur colors.

At that time,

“Fuhuhuhu. If you’re not sure, just come here and get this stamp!”

Theo shouted to the foxes while holding up the slave seal of the Five Towers.


“I don’t like it!”

“Seals are not applied carelessly!”

Even though the colors were different, the tendencies were similar. The foxes did not take it easy.

“No! Stamps should be applied carelessly! And if you take a picture, you will enjoy the food made by the great Chairman Park for life! Three meals a day! “It’s free!”

While Theo is tempting the foxes with food

[Park Se-jun Lv. 107 – Blessing of Great Abundance, Blessing of Two Streams of Magical Power, Blessing of Peace]

Opened the status window to check the contents of the blessing.

Sejun’s level was now 107. This was thanks to drinking all the growth elixir he had collected.

“First, let’s start with the blessing of great abundance.”

When Sejun presses the Blessing of Great Abundance

[Blessing of Great Abundance – Remaining time: 6 days and 23 hours]

– The blessing is given only to those who have been approved by Top Farmer Park Sejun, the host of the harvest festival.

-During the Harvest Festival, abundance increases significantly on the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

-The growth speed of crops increases significantly.

-Reproductive activities greatly increase your chances of conceiving a new life.

Information that appears.

‘thank god.’

If the rabbits had been summoned this time, they would have all slept.

Sejun then confirmed the second blessing.

[Blessing of two magic streams – Remaining time: 6 days and 23 hours]

– The blessing is given only to those who are approved by Top Farmer Park Se-jun, the host of the harvest festival.

-During the Harvest Festival, two magical streams will be connected to the 99th floor of the Black Tower.

-The magic stat increases by 1~1000 every hour depending on the magic affinity.

-Magic power recovery speed increases.

-The power of magical power increases.

“It was real.”

Just by breathing, my magical power increased.

But I’m a little uneasy…

The explanation that magic power increases by 1 to 1000 depending on magic intimacy was a bit unsettling.

I was working hard to narrow the gap with the kids(?), but I didn’t know that it might widen again in an instant.

“The third is…”

[Blessing of Peace – Remaining time: 6 days and 23 hours]

– A blessing for peace is given wherever the harvest festival is held.

-In order to avoid hurting each other, attack power decreases as the festival matures. (Attack power decreases by 5% every 24 hours)

Deep in the ground

when Sejun confirms the last blessing .

[The blessing of peace is granted.]


Flame’s clone opened its eyes.

[It’s a success! Yay!]

When the flame created a purple flame

[The power of the Creator increases the effect of the blessing of peace by 5 times.]

The effect of the blessing was amplified. It was a flame of amplification that amplified all effects five times.

The spark that created the environment in which he could move.

[Hehe. In just 5 days, I can see my master!]

Drizzle. Pulp.

I started to warm up while waiting for the day to meet Sejun.

And back to the ground.

“Give me 30 more grapes and I’ll stamp it!”

Among the foxes who were hesitant at first, some showed interest in Theo’s proposal.

They were silver foxes from Silver Tower, which had a poor food situation.

“It’s good!”

That’s how the deal was concluded,

and hold on.

When Theo stamped the foxes’ feet,

he shouted!

[They eat a lot!]

Kueng started giving 30 grapes and other food to the foxes who had stamped them next to him.


They swallowed their mouths while looking at the food they received, but desperately held back. This had to be taken and given to the starving compatriots.

“Nak, let’s hold on for a little while.”

“huh. “If you hold out for four days, you can eat as much as you want during the grape-eating contest.”

“Plus, there’s a wine drinking contest.”

“Write it. “I see.”

When the silver foxes fight hunger while imagining eating their fill of grapes and wine, they say,

“Let’s eat, guys!”

Sejun, who had prepared dinner, called his companions.

Chii Iik.

Today’s menu is pork belly.


The tips of the foxes’ noses all began to point towards Sejun’s kitchen.


“You guys come and eat too!”

Sejun called the silver foxes. Since I joined Sejun Company, of course the food was free.

“thank you!”

When the silver foxes called by Sejun entered the kitchen, they said,

“Baion, let’s eat here. “All of the kids’ faces are so smooth that they look weak.”

“you’re right! “If you go too hard, you’ll fall flat on your face.”

The red fox people gathered around Bayon, who was one head taller, and began to chatter.

After a while.


“hey! “If I invite you to the harvest festival, don’t you have to give me food?!”

“okay! Give me food quickly! Before I kill you!”

Bayon and the red foxes burst in, breaking down the kitchen door and spewing murder.


[Are you saying you’re going to kill my father?]

After hearing what they said, Kkueng put down the wrap he was about to put in his mouth

and made a noise.

I started taking out the thunderbolt from my snack bag.

Two sheets of lettuce, two perilla leaves on top of each other, a spoonful of white rice and five pieces of pork belly on top.

In addition, ssam made with two pieces of pickled green onion, grilled kimchi, Cheongyang pepper, three pieces of garlic, and ssamjang.

The fact that Kuengi put down the ssam made with what he thought was the best combination of sweet flavors was a testament to how angry Kuengi was.

The red foxes chose to become slaves in the worst possible way.


our Kuengi…

Sejun was very moved to see Kuengi putting down his ssam for him.

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