Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 465

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Episode 465 Black Rabbit 2nd generation?

Episode 465 Black Rabbit 2nd generation?

The 99th floor of the Black Tower.

The morning of day 444 of Iptap.


Sejun was sleeping late.

This is because the fatigue from the battle with Delia (?) had not gone away and the fatigue had built up again after transporting the Devourers of Destruction all day yesterday.


Sejun didn’t wake up, so of course Theo didn’t wake up


Oh my gosh.



Kamangi and his subordinates were also enjoying their first late night sleep in a long time.


, sneakily, sneakily.

A baby rabbit as white as a snowflake cautiously approaches Sejun’s bedside.


The rabbit shouted loudly into Sejun’s ear and said,


My ears hurt!

Sejun wakes up screaming from a sudden high-pitched sound.

“What?! Who touched our great Chairman Park?!!!”

Whip?! Whip?!

[who is this?! Who touched the butler?!]

“Great Black Man, open your eyes! “It’s not that way, it’s this way!”



Thanks to this, Theo and the Kamangi family, who heard Sejun’s screams, were startled and caused an uproar.



A baby rabbit with three black spots on its back holding a very small hammer, about 1/100th of the size of the one the black rabbit had, was giggling at Sejun.

‘What is this guy?’

It looks similar to a black rabbit?

When Sejun looks at the baby rabbit and thinks of a black rabbit,


[Black Rabbit II! I told you to be quiet!]

The black rabbit hurried into the bedroom and screamed at the baby rabbit, scolding it.

“Black Rabbit II?”

Then the black rabbit son?! You did it. Black rabbit!

Sejun looked proudly at the black rabbit.

‘But if you yell at a child like that…’

Since I had already experienced raising rabbits, I naturally expected the next situation and,

bwaaeak! Bwaaeak!

[Dad screamed at me! I hate you, Dad!]

As Sejun expected, the baby rabbit who was scolded by the black rabbit began to cry sadly.


[Black Rabbit 2nd generation why…why are you crying?!]

The black rabbit is very embarrassed after making his son cry.

The crying of a 10-day old baby rabbit was a source of fear for the new father, Black Rabbit.

An invincible weapon that cannot be defended.

Help me uncle!

The black rabbit didn’t know what to do and gave Sejun a help look

. Haha. Is it time for me to step up?

Sejun smiled proudly and took out a candy cane from his pocket.

“Why are you crying? ruler. eat this. “Is this really delicious?”

Sejun pats Black Rabbit II’s buttocks and naturally puts sugar cane into his mouth, and he

pulls it out… liquid?

Wow. Wow.

A 2-year-old black rabbit that quickly stops crying and chews the sugar cane intently, concentrating on the sweet water from the sugar cane.

Bang! Bang!

Meanwhile, Sejun was able to hear from Black Rabbit why he brought Black Rabbit II to the 99th floor of the tower.

It is said that in the Red Ribbon Kingdom, there is a legend about the strongest black rabbit born with three black dots on its back.

A being who will lead the Red Ribbon Kingdom to peace with strong force.

The black rabbit said that he came to the 99th floor of the tower where King Uma was located to ensure that his son, who had such a fate, received the best training from a young age.

“Aren’t you too young to receive special training from King Uma?”


Sejun asked in a worried voice as he looked at Black Rabbit 2, who had already chewed all the sugar cane and was sleeping soundly in Sejun’s arms


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[It’s not! My son will be stronger than his uncle!]

“Eh?! “That’s not true!”

No matter how weak I am, I’m not strong enough to lose to a 10-day-old rabbit.

Bang! Bang!

[Probably not! Our son was born strong!]

“Then let’s go to King Uma and ask him.”



Sejun and the black rabbit decided to ask King Uma who is stronger.

In the meantime, Theo and Kueng said hello to the black rabbit and went to work towards the green tower and the western forest.

After a while.


[Sejun uses 2 fingers for 3 minutes, this guy uses 2 fingers for 2 minutes and 40 seconds.]

“Look at that! What did I say?!”

Hehehe. After all, I am stronger.

Sejun, who beat Black Rabbit II by 20 seconds, smiled brightly at King Uma’s words.



Sejun received special training first and then


Next, when Black Rabbit II was receiving special training by holding on to two of the Demon King’s fingers,


[Uncle, please name my son.]

The black rabbit approached Sejun and asked him carefully.

“name? “Isn’t the name Black Rabbit II?”

Bang! Bang!

[I called him that because he doesn’t have a name yet, and I want my uncle to name my son! Ppyupdo also said that it would be nice if his uncle gave him a name!]

There was a tradition that rabbits enjoyed longevity and wealth the more a higher being gave them a name.

So, he asked Sejun, the highest being in the Black Tower excluding the dragons, to give him the name of Black Rabbit II.

“okay?! “Just wait a moment.”

Sejun Nammyeongso opened again just a few days after it closed.

Sejun quickly thought of a suitable name for Black Rabbit II.

There are three black dots on his back, so he is called Jeomsam.

Since the black rabbit is 2nd generation, it is a black rabbit.

Because it’s so crowded, it’s so crowded.


It’s hard to choose.

I liked all the names I came up with today.

A question suddenly arises at that time.

“Black rabbit, but do you still have spots on your back?”

It was a very important issue because if the mole disappeared, it was not a mole.


[That thing will disappear!]

I almost got into big trouble. Jeomsam is eliminated.

It was really fortunate for the second generation of black rabbits.

When the name Jeomsam was eliminated like that,


A small hammer hanging on the back of Black Rabbit II caught Sejun’s eye.

A rabbit and a hammer… a torch?!


The tone was good too.

But the impact is a bit lacking? Because it’s a black rabbit…

“Black torch?!”

oh my god!

Sejun was astonished that he had come up with such a great name. I had goosebumps and shivers all over my body.


oh soso.

Black Rabbit II, who was receiving special training from King Uma. no. One poor rabbit, who now had a new name, Black Torch, also trembled.

Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

[2 minutes and 40 seconds ended. Next black rabbit come.]


When the Black Torch’s special training was over, King Uma called the Black Rabbit and gave him special training.

And then

After the special training, the tired Black Torch slumped down on the floor

and keeheehee.

[Hehe. Newcomer, welcome! Now your name is Black Torch!]

“Nice to meet you. Black Torch!”



Black Torch and his subordinates talk friendly to Black Torch, whose name was given to him by Sejun.


tight! tight! tight!

[I hate black torches! I’ll just play Black Rabbit II! And you guys, don’t act like you’re weaker than me!]

Black Torch stamped his foot on the ground, rejected the shameful name Sejun gave him, and ignored Black Mangi and his subordinates.


whine! whine?! whine!

[Black Torch is one of the best names that the butler has chosen! And how dare you call us weak?! Guys, show us how scary we are!]

“Yes! “Great Kamangi!”




Black Torch had to pay a terrible price after receiving a trivial headbutt from Black Mangi and his men.

30 seconds later.


[Greetings from the great Black Captain! Newcomer Black Torch greets you!]

Black Torch, who was exorcised by Black Torch and his subordinates, has turned into a very polite newcomer.


A black man looks at his exorcism success with satisfaction.

However, there were two beings that Black Mang could not exorcise.

One is Theo, who has a super huge Sejun.

Blackman secretly entered the spirit world while Theo was sleeping, and hurried out when he saw a super-large butler of similar size to himself.

Theo was a crazy cat who only knew Sejun.

Thanks to this, Kamangi realized how scary fanatics are.

The remaining being is Kuengi.

Inside Kuengi, a red bear with terrible strength was curled up and sleeping.


The bear slightly narrows its right eye as if bothered by the appearance of Black Man, who has entered the spirit world.

That alone was taking a toll on Kamangi’s spirit little by little.

The moment Blackman encountered the bear, he was able to identify the bear.

The devil of the apocalypse… If

creation and destruction are a huge flow that repeats itself like life and death, then the apocalypse is the entity that breaks that flow.

That’s why he was also called ‘the one who brings the end’.

When the demon of the apocalypse awakens, it means that everything returns to nothingness.

-scram. It’s not time for me to wake up yet.

At the bear’s words, Kamangi was kicked out of Kuengi’s mental world.

So, Kamangi could not rebel against Theo and Kuengi.

Theo was so crazy that he didn’t know what to do, and once the being inside Kueng awakens, their happy life will end.

When Kkamangi was lost in thought for a moment while looking at the newcomer,


[The end!]


[Thank you for your hard work!]

The black rabbit, which withstood the Demon King’s fists for 10 minutes, greeted the Demon King.



[Uncle, then I’ll come back in about a week!]

The black rabbit prepared to go down the tower with the black torch. As Black Torch was growing up, he could not receive special training from King Uma every day.

“Shall we go after eating?”

Bang! Bang!

[I’ll eat it later! I have something important to do in the afternoon!]


[Goodbye, uncle and grandfather!]

The black rabbit father and son leave in such a hurry.



Sejun suffered serious internal injuries due to Black Torch’s innocuous words.

When the black rabbit father and son left,

“Then let’s eat together.”

Sejun went home and had lunch with his group.


Outskirts of Destruction.

“Leviathan, have you ever heard when the other apostles of destruction will come?”

“I don’t have any.”

Leviathan shook his head in response to Halfas’ question. It was natural. Because that’s not what I came for.


– Where is Leviathan? There’s a lot to eat here! let’s eat together! Jormungand is with you too!

Kraken has been contacted.

Even among the Apostles of Destruction, there were forces that united according to their characteristics or intimacy with each other.

Halfas Melphix Delia with wings.

The Jormungand Hydra Leviathan, which is the same snake, and the Kraken, which are close friends because they are sea creatures like Leviathan.

They were called the wing faction and the vampire faction.

And Fenrir Kuruga, Violet Alice, and Sasha, who like to travel alone, were classified as soloists.

-Kraken help! Please tell Jormungand that I am Halfas and that he should come quickly because I am with him!

When Leviathan asks Kraken for help,

“I feel like Brother Kuruger here…”

Violet, the 11th Apostle of Destruction and Crystal Giant of Destruction, who is of the same rock family and regards Kuruger as her older brother.

Violet’s fragment was moving towards the upper part of the tower, following Kuruger’s energy on the 72nd floor of the Black Tower.


“I’m sure this time!” “It’s like here!”



“Is that so…huh?!”

On the other side, I ran into Yuren, who was leading the way and shouting at Piyote.


[You are a field Lv. 8 is activated.]

[Apostle of Destruction The 7th seat of the Apostle of Destruction planted the Devourer of Destruction seed in the body of Kuruger, the rock that destroys the mountain.]




Sejun eats lunch and plants the Devourer of Destruction seeds in the subspace warehouse.



Around Sejun, 70 destruction pioneers were diligently planting the seeds of destruction predators.



[Hehe. Guys, eat them all up!]


The destruction predators who eagerly prey on the energy of destruction under the command of Kamangi.

Oh my!

Oh my!

The energy of destruction they digested turned into a blue mist and began to mix with the atmosphere on the 99th floor of the tower,

and then

it began to simmer.


Some of it seeped into the branches of the grape tree, and


[It’s done! It’s finally finished!]

Podori was delighted as it absorbed the energy of creation and created a bunch of grapes that resembled an altar.

How difficult was that time?

A time of countless contempt and humiliation when I was scolded by Flame for not being able to make an altar.

Podri absorbed the energy of creation under the care of the fireworks, creating a lovely grape bunch altar where the harvest festival could be held.

When Podori is so happy,

[If you made it, why should you tell the owner as soon as possible?]

Fireworks’ voice is heard.

A few months ago, Flame passed one of the three tests to become a Creation Beast, gaining a rapid rise in rank and great strength.

So, he was unable to appear in front of Sejun, and in order to meet Sejun, he had him dig up grapes and make an altar to hold a harvest festival.

With the help of the Harvest Festival, he can appear in front of Sejun just like Eileen did in the past.

[Sejun, please harvest this for me!]

Podori hurriedly called Sejun out of fear of getting angry from the fireworks.

After a while.


When Sejun harvests the grape cluster altar

[A desirable grape cluster altar has been harvested.]

[Job experience increases significantly.]

[Harvest Lv. The skill level of 9 increases significantly.]

[10,000 experience points were obtained.]

With the message, the purple grape bunch changed to a gigantic size and floated in the air, and the stems extending from the grape cluster supported the altar.


[a quest occurs.]

[Quest: Offer 100 of 10 or more crops each within 24 hours to the altar of desirable grape clusters and hold a Harvest Festival of Abundance!]

Reward: Host a Harvest Festival

of Abundance To hold a Harvest Festival of Abundance A quest appeared.

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