Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 458

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Episode 458 A slave with a rotten face is trying to run away!

Episode 458 A slave with a rotten face is trying to run away!

“Whew. “It was really good.”

Hanson, who was reaching for the next sausage after eating three grilled sausages, put his hand down with an expression that he couldn’t eat any more.


I wanted to eat more… but

my eyes were full of regret.


eat some more.

It’s a shame.

Sejun and Theo’s eyes were also full of regret when they saw Hanson like that. The more you eat, the longer your period of slavery will last.


When Hanson tried to speak, Chuck


“Fuhuhuhu. Nothing is free in this world! Calculate the cost of three grilled sausages!”

“Hehe. And we don’t take trauma.”

Theo puts his front paw out to block Hanson’s words and shouts while smiling like a villain, while Sejun folds his arms behind him and smiles like a villain as well.

Become a worker at our grapefruit farm!

Become Chairman Park’s slave!!

The two looked at Hanson with passionate eyes.


“Okay. Of course, food can’t be free. “How much?”



Contrary to their expectations, Hanson took out his money bag and tried to calculate the price of the sausage.

When Hanson met the merchant outside, he took money to buy food.

After eating, you obediently pay for the food?! If I do this, I can’t make you a slave!

This is a situation that Theo, an experienced slave hunter who created hundreds of thousands of slaves, is experiencing for the first time.

What should Chairman Park do?! A slave with a rotten face is trying to run away! Try it!

Theo urgently pulled on Sejun’s pant legs and looked at Sejun.

Vice President Te, don’t worry. Believe me!

Sejun stepped forward with a confident expression and raised his thumb.


hehehe. Chairman Park, I got it!

Theo nods vigorously, perhaps misinterpreting Sejun’s actions.

“huh? “What do you know…”

Sejun didn’t even have to ask.


Theo didn’t know when he had taken it out, but he stamped the back of Hanson’s hand with the slave seal of the Five Towers held in his front paw and said,


A slave seal in the shape of Theo’s sole was engraved on the back of Hanson’s hand.

[You have hunted 1 slave.]

[All stats increase by 1 due to the effect of .]

[You have owned 1 slave.]

[All stats increase by 0.01 due to the effect of . [It increases.]

Thanks to this, new slaves were created, Theo and Sejun’s stats increased, and Hanson was forced to join Sejun Company.


‘Such delicious food must be expensive, right?’

Hanson was nervous as he watched Sejun step forward.

The money I have now…

When I calculate the money I have in my head,

I sigh.

Theo stamped the back of his hand.


[imprinted on the slave seal of the Five Towers.]

[A debt of 50 billion Topcoins is incurred to be repaid to Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower.]

[If you cannot repay the 50 billion Topcoins, you must work as a slave until you repay them. ]

[The 3,000 Top Coins he possesses are forcibly confiscated.]

[Now the remaining debt is 49,999,997,000 Top Coins.]

Hanson lost all his money and at the same time a huge amount of debt arose.

“Fuhuhuhu. Hanson is now a slave to the grapefruit farm until the debt is paid off! “How much is Chairman Park’s salary?”

What is this…

When Hanson tries to argue with Sejun and Theo, he says,

“Hmm. Would a monthly salary of 100,000 Top Coins and 150 cherry tomatoes a day be enough for food?”

The salary was higher than other places, but the amount received was recovered anyway.

Instead, I gave them a lot of magical cherry tomatoes, which the elves of the Golden Tower love.

what?! 150 cherry tomatoes?!

Hanson’s head turned quickly after hearing Sejun’s words.


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These days, rations have been reduced to the minimum, so the number of cherry tomatoes an adult elf eats in one meal is 5.

150 cherry tomatoes are enough food to feed 30 adult elves.

If you just wait a few days, you can harvest cherry tomatoes…

“Well, Sejun, can you give me a month’s worth of cherry tomatoes first?”

Since Hanson was in dire need of food, he told Sejun that he would like to receive advance payment for a month’s worth of cherry tomatoes in advance. With earnest eyes.

4,500 cherry tomatoes is a quantity that is difficult to obtain no matter how much money you have.

These days, it is said that there is a golden cart carrying millions of cherry tomatoes to the Golden Pagoda in the village, but…

‘It’s probably just a rumor.’

Hanson shook his head, remembering what an elf from another village had told him a few days ago while he was out looking for food.

Damon’s was the only place in the Golden Tower that could sell that much cherry tomatoes.

“okay. “Then I’ll give it to you later.”

“yes! “Then what should I do first?”

Of course, it’s Damon!

Upon receiving Sejun’s permission, Hanson jumps up and looks for something to do.

Hanson still thought that Yoo-ren was powerful and Se-jun and Theo were hands-on.

“First, move the trees and lightning stones that fell nearby here.”


After receiving Sejun’s instructions, Hanson exchanged greetings with the rest of the group and moved the items to the subspace warehouse.

A few hours later.

“Good job Hanson. “Do you have a place to sleep?”

“yes. But… can I really take everything with me?”

Hanson, who had eaten until dinner, contrary to his words, asked, gathering up the remaining roasted sweet potatoes so quickly that his hands were not visible.

“then. “Take it all.”

I baked a lot for you to take with you.

Hanson’s food situation seemed bad, so Sejun deliberately made plenty so Hanson could take it with him.

“okay. Then come by tomorrow morning. “This is 30 days’ worth of cherry tomatoes.”

Sejun handed Hanson a box containing 4,500 cherry tomatoes and said,

“Thank you, Sejun!”

Hanson, who worked together and realized that Sejun was the person in power, said hello to Sejun and quickly but cautiously returned to the village.


Golden Tower 35th floor.

Upper branch of Damon Street.

“Yuren found out?”

Magin, who had closed his eyes and quietly listened to his subordinate’s report, opened his eyes and asked.

“yes. sorry.”

“are you okay. Yuren, that idiot should have found out. If you come to question me, I’ll cheat you one more time. What did you ask me to do more than that?”

“I’m working on the final touches.”

“good. “In just a little while, the elves on the 35th floor will starve to death.”

These are all things you brought upon yourself.

Magin laughs darkly, imagining what will happen in the future.

In the past, the elves and pigs entered the tower together when the world called ‘Krun’ collapsed.

In the world of Kroon, the two races lived together, but their treatment was completely different.

The gods only liked the elves who had perfect beauty. I hated the ugly, fat, pooping pigs.

The pigs have always been looked down on like that.

However, the situation turned around when I entered the tower.

The gods who were friendly to the elves disappeared, and the pigs could roam around the place where the lightning struck as they pleased, but the elves could not.

Thanks to this, the pig people built a business and visited the elves who had built villages in caves to avoid lightning strikes,

selling what they needed at high prices and buying what was left over cheaply, amassing enormous wealth.

In addition, unlike the pigs who could supplement their land power by making compost with dung, the elves continued to plant crops in caves without compost, and as

the land’s land power gradually decreased, production fell significantly.

As the gap between the elves and the pigs grew,

“Let’s take revenge for what was done to the elves!”

Among the pig people, extremists began to emerge who called for the extinction of the elves who had ignored them.

And Margin Damon was the head of Elfkiller, an extremist group that advocated the extinction of elves.

“good. “Guide me to where the work is done.”


Magin moved under the guidance of his subordinates to personally check the final work that would lead to the extinction of the elves.

And the place they headed was a huge basin that looked like an upside-down straw hat.


The next morning.

“Pfft. Sejun’s work is finished! I’ll activate the magic circle! Start!”

Since yesterday, Iona, who had built a large lightning-proof magic circle around the grapefruit farm to block lightning, infused magic into the magic circle.



A transparent square wall is created 500m above the grapefruit farm, and

it’s amazing!

I started blocking the lightning that fell from the sky.

“Good job Iona.”

“Pfft. yes!”

“Then, let’s eat breakfast and start from the waypoint. Guys!”

Since I couldn’t find any suspicious places yesterday and only found waypoints, I decided to register the waypoints first.

Yesterday, I asked Hanson if there was a special place, but Hanson didn’t know anything because he had never been far from town due to lightning.

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, please grill the fish quickly!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Kkueng helps me prepare breakfast!]

Hee hee, whine!

[Hehe. Give me food!]

At Sejun’s call, the group gathered around him.

After a while.

When Sejun was enjoying breakfast with his group,

“Hello, Sejun.”

Hanson went to work.

“huh? “Who’s behind you?”

“I don’t think I’ll have enough workers to manage the grapefruit farm on my own in the future…”

With 20 elves.

All elves came with the determination to keep their families from starving even if they became slaves.

Hehehe. Since the president is great, good-looking employees are gathered.

Sejun was happy alone when he saw them.




Theo stamped the elves and raised Sejun and his own stats.

“If you haven’t eaten breakfast, come and eat some.”



purrs when he tries to refuse the food Sejun offers.


A sound came from the stomach of the elf behind him.

The elves ate five cherry tomatoes for breakfast, but that wasn’t enough.

“Eat a lot. “I have to be full before I work hard.”

“thank you.”

“thank you for this food!”

The elves took the corn that Sejun gave them one by one and began to eat it hungrily.

“Then take good care of the farm.”

“yes. “Please leave it to me!”

Sejun left the farm to the elves and moved to the waypoint with his companions.

“What kind of guy are you?! uh?! Are you Yuren?!”

Nellie, the red pig who was the boss of the 35th floor of the Golden Tower and was the third person on Yuren’s blacklist, was embarrassed when she discovered Yuren.

For reference, the money Nelly borrowed from Yuren was 10 trillion Topcoin.

“Yuren, it’s been a while. But does the head of the family know that you are here at the Golden Tower?”

Nellie, who was momentarily taken aback when she saw Yuren, thought she had caught Yuren’s weakness and asked with a sly smile.

“No… you don’t know…”

As expected, Yuren’s voice became quiet as if he had come secretly.

“I knew it. What does it mean to like Yuren’s friend? I will keep your coming to the Golden Tower a secret. But there’s something I want to buy these days, but I don’t have enough money…”

Nelly pretended to be for Yuren’s benefit and asked him to lend him money.

Of course, as soon as I received the money, I planned to run to Magin and report Yuren’s return to the Golden Tower.


“Really? But I don’t have any money either.”

Yuren, who had never deviated from Nellie’s expectations until now, gave a different answer.


“And there will be no news of my return to my father. Because, Nelly, you will be a slave.”

It was not the King Hogu Yuren from before.

“what?! How dare you make me your slave?! I thought this was a direct descendant until now! “I’ll show you how hot it is!”



When an enraged Nelly grows in size and is engulfed in hot flames,

“I didn’t say it was me… Please do me a favor, Theo. “You know 5 to 5, right?”

“Fuhuhuhu. “Don’t worry!”

Theo relaxes while talking with Yuren. Kueng





A giant Kkueng who hits Nelly, who has become gigantic, with a thunderbolt.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Kuengi will give you 100 Top Coins for helping his big brother!]

Kuengi, who knocked Nelly unconscious, smiled brightly and held out the sole of his front paw to Theo.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Good!”

What a good deal!

Theo gave 100 Top Coins to Kuengi.

Kuhehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Kueng earned 100 Top Coins!]

Kueng was happy as he put the money he received from Theo into his pocket money.

Puhuhuhu. Now he has received 5 trillion Top Coins and is praised by Chairman Park!


Theo smiled sinisterly as he stamped Nellie’s foot on the slave contract.

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