Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 457

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Episode 457 I understand.

Episode 457 I understand.

[Arrived at the 35th floor of the Golden Tower.]

As soon as Sejun arrived at the Golden Tower, he looked around and was on guard.

Fortunately, there was nothing but trees.

“good. “Nothing wrong…”



Sejun was suddenly turned to ice by a golden thunderbolt that fell right next to him, and then he

burst into laughter!

Lightning struck again and

it crackled.

He quickly fell down and moved towards the nearest tree in a low crawl.

Lightning moves toward the shortest distance from the ground, and that shortest distance is the highest point on the ground.

In other words, if you are under a high place, the chance of being struck by lightning is greatly reduced.


Sejun crawled the fastest he had ever crawled and said,

“Whew. arrive.”

When Sejun arrived under the tree,


A bolt of lightning falls about 5 meters in front of Sejun.


Sparks flew out from the stone struck by lightning, and a golden lightning pattern began to be engraved on it.

“huh?! “What about that?”

It was a thunderbolt.

That’s how thunderbolt stones are made. that’s interesting.

Sejun witnessed the process of creating a lightning stone in real time in such a low, crawling position.


What is here?!

I belatedly discovered trees struck by lightning and stones scattered everywhere.

It was everywhere I looked. I expected it to be a lot, but this was too much.

“Hehehe. As expected, it is not ashamed of its name as the Golden Tower.”

Chuck, Chuck.

When Sejun was lying down and carefully moving around, picking up the trees and rocks that had been struck by lightning, there was

a crash.

“Nyan! Chairman Park, look at this! Vice President Te picked a lot of pine nuts!”

Theo, with his arms full of pine needles, ran out of the subspace warehouse and stepped on the back of Sejun’s head


“100 million.”

Thanks to this, Sejun kissed the floor.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Dad, Kueng also picked a lot of pine nuts!]


Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. The great Black Man appears!]


Sejun gets his head stepped on in succession by Kkueng and Kamangi who come out next.


I couldn’t say anything about accidentally stepping on it, and when I was suppressing my anger inside,

I heard, “President Park, raise your head! “There’s no need to be embarrassed just because your face is rotten!”


Without realizing it, Theo patted the back of Sejun’s head in his own way to comfort him, making Sejun even more upset.

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, don’t be upset! “I, Vice President Te, will make sure your face doesn’t turn rotten someday!”

“It’s not… rotten!”

“Acknowledge the bar kejang sashi rule!”

In the end, Theo was punished with glutinous rice cake by Sejun.

While Theo was being punished by Sejun,


Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Lightning strikes a lot here! You can recharge the lightning stick!]

Watching the lightning strike from the sky from time to time, Kueng was trying to catch the lightning by lifting the lightning


[Hehe. It’s an adventure, guys!]

“Yes! “Great Kamangi!”


Ttungdadang. Ttungdadang.

Kamangi runs out to explore the surroundings with his subordinates, and

then Kwakwang!


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When I saw the lightning strike around me,

I whined!

[Uh…are you feeling sleepy all of a sudden? hey! Put me up!]

After all, it’s dangerous outside the sling bag!

He went to Sejun and started whining.


so on.

Sejun calmed down his anger by touching Theo’s cheek and at the same time healed his heart that had been shocked by the lightning strike a while ago.


He put the whining black cat in a sling bag and

said, “Kkueng, instead of doing that, try going up to the sky. Then the lightning will gather well.”

He made Kueng go up to the sky.


[I understand!]

After hearing Sejun’s words, Kueng used telekinesis to ascend to the sky.



Thanks to this, all the lightning striking in the sky with a radius of about 500 meters disappeared as they were sucked into the lightning stick held by Kkuengi, and

he said, “Okay. “Queng’s lightning rod is completed.”

I went through a lot of trouble trying to plan for lightning strikes for no reason.

Sejun’s worries about lightning completely disappeared.

Of course, sometimes there were lightning bolts that fell to the ground instead of heading towards Kkuengi’s lightning peak, but


Yuren, the icon of misfortune, welcomed them all.

is not it? Is it because of Yuren’s misfortune that the lightning that was supposed to fall from the Thunderbolt falls on Yuren?

Anyway, Yuren is dangerous.

When Sejun thinks he shouldn’t be near Yuren,

he says, “See? “If you cheer up when struck by lightning like this, it won’t hurt at all.”

Yuren said with a proud expression and a little arrogance.

Spirit is not the problem. That’s just you.

“Yuren always stays 100m away from me.”


Sejun kept Yuren nearby as insurance in case of an unexpected lightning strike.

A man who takes advantage of misfortune.

“Hehe. “I’m kind of cool.”

Once the perfect lightning protection system was established,

“Kuengi Piyoti Batbat will let us know if there are waypoints or suspicious-looking places in the sky, and the rest will collect lightning-struck trees and lightning stones.”

Sejun relaxed his prone position, stood up, and gave his companions something to do.


“But why don’t they give me the land document quest?”

I looked at the nearby trees to receive the land document quest.



Sejun saw a bare tree, different from the other trees on the farm, with lots of yellow lemons growing on its branches.

“what? “Is this a lemon farm?”

When Sejun tries to pick a lemon,


It’s not a lemon that spreads its shivering body and tries to bite Sejun’s hand… It’s not a lemon, but bean bugs disguised as lemons.


“Pfft. Overpower!”

[Watchman Theo has defeated the Electric Beanbug.]

[Watchman Theo has acquired 5000 experience points, which is 50% of the experience gained.]

[Watchman Iona has killed the Electric Beanbug.]




Of course, the electric bean bugs were easily suppressed by Theo and Iona, and

[a quest occurs.]

[Quest: Please kill the electric bean bugs that eat the leaves and fruits of the grapefruit trees at the grapefruit farm on the 35th floor of the Golden Tower.]

Electric Beanbug (700/10,000)

Electric Beanbug Queen (0/1)

Reward: Recognized as the rightful owner of the farm on the 35th floor of the Golden Tower

. Land document quest appeared.

“Guys, we caught 9,300 more electric bean bugs and even caught the queen…”

When Sejun informs Theo and Iona of the quest details,

“It’s Chief Yooseong who is ten thousand steps away!”

“Pfft. Overpower.”


Theo and Iona attack the surrounding land.

Electric Bean Bugs (3500/10,000)

Electric Bean Bugs (5700/10,000)

Electric Bean Bugs (8300/10,000)

The number of Electric Bean Bugs that were quickly killed increased rapidly, and then



[10,000 electric bean bugs and 1 electric bean bug queen were killed.]

[Quest completed.]

[As a reward for completing the quest, you were recognized as the rightful owner of the Grapefruit Tree Farm land document on the 35th floor of the Golden Tower.]

[Land document skills . : Farm Information Lv. Max is activated.]

Theo’s huge footprints were recorded 1km from the farm, completing the land document quest.

Thanks to this, Sejun’s work was finished quickly.

“I’m hungry. Should I have a snack?”

I started grilling sausages to eat with my companions.

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It’s a sausage!]

Kkueng used his telekinesis to levitate the lightning rod in the sky and focused on the grilling sausage.

The other group members also sat in front of the bonfire and waited for snacks.

Yuren had no choice but to separate from his companions and eat alone, but instead, Sejun provided him with a lot of sausages and said,

“Uhehe. looks delicious.”

I actually enjoyed the joy of being able to eat so many sausages.

After a while.

Chi profit.

When the juice flowing from the cut sausage falls on the burning wood and evaporates quickly,




Teo Iona Kuengi looked in one direction. Pyoot

with a little time difference



Piyo and Yuren also turned their heads towards the direction the three were looking at.

Hehehe. Whip!

[Guys, spin the sausage!]



Except for the black-faced squirrel, who was so preoccupied with the food that he didn’t even notice that an intruder was approaching.

“Guys, what is it?”

When Sejun, who doesn’t know what’s going on, looks in the direction where his companions turned their heads, he

asks, “Huh?”

Sejun also saw a figure approaching quickly from afar.

A handsome blond man with a tall stature and long limbs.

It was an elf.

“Merchant of the Damon family. Write it. Sell us food!”

The elf who suddenly approached Yuren swallowed his saliva with his eyes fixed on the sausage and knelt down on one knee to bow to Yuren.


“We must find food!”

Hanson, the village chief of Karak, came out to look for food.

It was very dangerous outside the cave because of the frequent lightning strikes, but

we couldn’t last three days with the remaining food.

The village, which had been surviving on one meal a day, had almost run out of food, and residents were wandering around looking for food to eat.


“What is it?”

Why does lightning only fall in one place?

Hanson could see the thunderbolts converging on a single point in the sky.

I don’t know for what reason.

“They say it’s safe down there.”

I guess I can easily find food there.

The location also happens to be a habitat for electric bean bugs.

So, I quickly moved under the tree, aiming for the point where the lightning converged.



What does this smell like?

I could smell the fatty smell of sausages spreading far away.

“Could it be the top of the Damon family?”

The only people who could leisurely eat food outdoors like this were the merchants of Damon Street.

I haven’t been able to see you lately, so I need to go quickly and buy food!

Hanson hurriedly ran toward where the smell came from.

There was no guarantee that the top tier of the Damon family would come to Kara Village, and they could have stopped by another village and just returned if all the food was sold.

Hanson quickly ran towards the smell.

It was the Damon family after all! That’s also a direct lineage!

I was convinced when I saw Yu-ren sitting in a separate place away from Se-jun, waiting intently for the sausages to be grilled.

Pig = Damon family.

Pink Pig = Direct descendant of the Damon family.

This was information that everyone living in the Golden Tower knew.

Hanson naturally thought that Yuren was the general manager of this place, so he approached Yuren, took a bow, and said,


“It’s not me?”

Yuren shakes his head.


“It’s over there.”

Yuren spoke to Hanson and pointed to Sejun


I made eye contact with Sejun, who was frowning.

‘oh my god?! Sejun must be angry.’

“Go over there quickly!”

Yu-ren is in a hurry to send Hanson to Se-jun for fear of being hated.


“No. “Food…”

Hanson somehow held on to buy food.

“no. “Go over there and talk to Sejun!”

While Yuren and Hanson were fighting, he said,

“You look really handsome. “He’s so tall.”

Should we call it the perfection of beauty? There was a perfection that cannot be explained in words.

Did you have to have it all?!

Sejun looked at Hanson with an expression filled with envy and irritation.

Until now, I honestly couldn’t understand it when Theo said his face was rotten, but after seeing Hanson…

I understand it.

So I got more annoyed.


“President Park, cheer up! The first step in treatment is to acknowledge your condition! Now that we have acknowledged that his face is rotten, let’s fix Chairman Park’s rotten face step by step!”

Theo consoles Sejun by patting his leg.

Of course, Theo’s consolation didn’t work at all and he said,


“Ba kejang jamohattanyanang!”

I got slapped by Sejun and was punished once again.

When Sejun was stretching Theo’s cheeks like that,

“Hey Yuren, he told me to buy food here…” Hanson carefully approaches Sejun

and purrs

while talking .

Hanson’s stomach rumbled.

“uh? You must be hungry. “Please eat some of this first.”

Sejun handed Hanson a well-cooked grilled sausage.


Hanson swallows his saliva while watching the sausages being grilled.

I wanted to refuse, but

said, “Thank you!”

Hanson, who hadn’t eaten anything today, couldn’t resist the temptation of grilled sausages.

Hanson greedily eats grilled sausages.

Hehehe. I ate it

, hehe. I ate it!

Seeing Hanson like that, Sejun and Theo, who had suddenly become one, were laughing quietly.

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