Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 456

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Episode 456 Why isn’t anyone coming?!

Episode 456 Why isn’t anyone coming?!

Meanwhile, Sejun continued to send magical cherry tomatoes on a golden cart.

Since the land document on the 35th floor of the Golden Pagoda was the price, I did not receive the price of the cherry tomatoes, but

the trading partner of the Golden Pagoda sold all the inedible items on the cart, such as the trees struck by lightning and stones, so the cost of going back and forth was sufficient.


“Hehehe.” “I finally got it.”

Sejun obtained land documents for the 35th floor of the Golden Tower.

“Congratulations to Chairman Park! Fuhehehe. Of course, it’s all thanks to me!”

As expected, Theo never misses anything if he has something to brag about.

“okay. okay. “It’s all thanks to our vice president.”

Sejun, who was happy to get the land document he wanted, patted Theo’s forehead and praised him.

After a while,

“Nyaang… Puhuhuhu. President Park, take this too!”

After enjoying Sejun’s touch for a while, Theo put his front paws in his luggage, rummaged through it, and handed the items he received from Turbo and Shark to Sejun.

“uh?! “A land document… and a green life orb?!”

Even so, I was disappointed that Brachio gave me money instead of green life beads these days, but it turned out well.

The green life orb that Brachio gave to Sejun was

not intentionally saved as it was collected by Brachio after killing the monster when a monster that became stronger after eating the green life orb put other monsters in danger of extinction.

For Brachio, it was much easier to go out and kill the red fog and make money than to bother exploring the tower and looking for monsters with green life orbs.

“Hehehe. “Vice President Te, please get more of this.”

“I understand! “Just trust me!”

Shark did the hard work, but Theo made the loud noise.

Sejun had 45 green life beads that he had not yet used, including the ones he had just obtained, but he was not satisfied.

The more beads of life you have, the more confident you become.


“Fuhuhu.” “Chairman Park, I did a good job, so please give me some chur!”

Chuur is a compliment!


The more Sejun praised Theo, the better.

Cheap chook chok.

While Sejun was feeding Theo with one hand, he checked the five land documents that Theo had brought with his other hand.

The land documents were for the 22nd, 26th, and 28th floors of the Green Tower and the 2nd floor of the Black Tower and the 97th floor of the White Tower.

Chuck, Chuck.

Sejun was organizing the land documents he obtained in that way.

“huh?! “So now the Green Tower has land documents from the 20th to the 28th floor.”

I realized that the green tower land documents were all from the 20th to the 28th floor.

“oh. “Good.”

I have to go and register all at once.

Of course, now the 35th floor of the Golden Tower came first.

“But if you want to go to the Golden Tower, you first need to prepare for lightning… so you have to use magic to block it, right?”

When Sejun catches Iona by taking her to the Golden Tower,

what happens?!

[Vice President Te, are you going to the Golden Tower?!]

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! “I’m going with Chairman Park!”

Theo was bragging to King Umar Yuren, who had just come with him, that he was going to the Golden Tower with Sejun.


“Are you here? But why are you three coming together?”

Sejun, who heard their conversation, turned his head and asked.


[I received special training.]

“Special training?”

In fact, while running away from the Apostle of Destruction, the farming king Piyo Yuren met the Uma King patrolling the 90th floor of the tower and came up with him.

The three were relieved and climbed up to the 99th floor of the tower with King Uma, but

um, um, um.

[You guys are too weak. [It is special training.]

What was waiting for them was not rest, but three hours of incredible special training from King Uma.

“But why did the farming king come first?”


[The King of Farming was too weak to withstand my special training, so he was excluded.]

Hehehe. The king of farming was also a super sunfish.

Sejun laughed at the king of farming.

“Can I also receive special training?”

Suddenly, with some confidence, he decided to receive special training from King Uma.


King Uma was worried as he stared at Sejun in response to Sejun’s question.


[Available for about 10 minutes.]


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“What?! “10 minutes?!”

Sejun was moved by King Uma’s words.

‘Honestly, I thought it was about 3 minutes…’

I’ve grown up a lot.

“Uma-wang, then give me special training too.”

If you want to see Eileen, you have to become stronger!


[Then hold on.]

“Huh? what······.”

When Sejun was about to ask, he


The index finger of King Uma’s right hand coming down on Sejun’s head.


When Sejun hurriedly raised both arms to block the Demon King’s fingers, the enormous force transmitted through his fingers began to press on Sejun’s body.

After 9 minutes and 55 seconds.


I feel like I’m going to die…

Sejun screamed, sweating profusely.

[An enormous weight was pushed away.]

[Strength increases by 1.]

[The body withstood an enormous weight.]

[Stamina increased by 1.]

Still, I was able to endure it thanks to the message that appeared every minute or so.


it’s no longer possible…

That too has now reached its limit.

Sejun’s body is about to collapse



[10 minutes are over.] After

exactly 10 minutes, King Uma withdrew his finger and said,

“Huff. Huff. Huff.”

“Chairman Park’s face is rotting even more!”

Hold. Hold. Hold.

Theo clings to the face of Sejun, who is catching his breath with his head down, and begins intensive care.

Normally, I would have immediately gotten angry and said, ‘It’s not rotten!’, but I would

have said, ‘I did it!’ ‘I did it!’

Sejun was proud of the tremendous sense of accomplishment that he had withstood the fingers of King Uma.


“Wow. Hehehe.”

The sense of accomplishment continued even while I was sleeping.


The next morning.


Sejun woke up in a good mood.

[The seal on the Earth Jewel has been broken.]




I checked the message in front of me.

Today, Tan, the god of charcoal, left a charcoal of purification on 1 pyeong of land as a reward.

It’s ambiguous.

Sejun decided to determine the size of [Tan Rod] by looking at the reward.


Sejun raised his upper body.







I found Iona sleeping with Theo’s tail curled up.


Even so, I was planning to call you when I went to the Golden Tower.



Sejun took Theo and Kamangi and got out of bed.

Iona, hanging on Theo’s tail, and Eomdori and Kkomi, hanging on Black’s fur, came automatically.

Sejun came out with his group.

First, I found the reward of Tan, the god of charcoal.


“I found it.”

Between the corn field and the sweet potato field, 100 charcoals the size of a calf were found.

[Purification Charcoal]

This is a charcoal product made by Tan, the god of charcoal.

Purifies the air within a 1km radius.

If you wash it clean with holy water, it can be reused with 50% of its original performance.

Producer: God of Charcoal

Grade: A

“Hmm… let’s put one in the bathroom first.”

Sejun placed Jeonghwa’s charcoal in the bathroom.

“oh! “The air has become more pleasant.”

I could see the change right away.

Tan, 7 pyeong.

“Moving the Earth.”

[Road Tan]

Tan, the god of charcoal, who gave us purifying charcoal so that we could breathe clean air even in the bathroom. He was a pleasant god.

After creating the [Tan Rod], Sejun goes into the subspace warehouse and

meets Kiki!


We were greeted by the Devourers of Destruction and checked the crops planted on the body of the Apostle of Destruction.

“good. “The pine nuts are all grown.”

I saw a lot of pine cones-like pine cones growing on a tall pine tree.

I have to harvest it later.

Sejun then broke the amber stone and took out the plum seeds inside to check the plum tree he had planted.

“oh. “The plums are all grown.”


When Sejun picked one plum,

[Plums were harvested.]

[You are a field Lv. 6 activates and deals additional damage.]




The message that appears.

There was no special effect.

“Then how about it, as long as it tastes good?”


Sejun took a bite of the plum.

“hmm. it’s good.”

Sejun ate one plum in an instant.

“They’re not responding.”

I looked at the place where the dragon fruit and the whole swallowing jelly were planted.

Perhaps it was because it was super slow and other conditions were needed for germination, but it hadn’t even sprouted yet.

After watering the two transcendental seeds, Sejun said,

“Okay. A plant that spits out seeds!”

Tsk tsk tsk tsk!

Tsk tsk tsk tsk!

I accepted the seeds of the destruction predators and went to have breakfast.

After a while,

“Pfft. sure! “Please leave it to me!”

While eating, Sejun asked Iona to go to the Golden Tower with him to stop the lightning strike, and Iona readily agreed.



[Sejun, please take me too!]

I, the right front paw, will assist Theo!

Piyote also flapped his wings and shouted.

“Fuhuhuhu. Piyo is Vice President Te’s right paw, so of course I’m going with him! And Yuren, the left front paw, is also going with us!”

“Quick?! “Am I going too?!”

“Of course!”

Yuren from Golden Tower is surprised by Theo’s words.

‘I haven’t received all the money yet, can I go?’

My dad told me not to come back until I got all the money…

‘No. It worked out better. If you happen to meet Magin, let’s check for yourself.’

Yuren continued to seek information about those who had been blacklisted while going around collecting money with Piyo.


“What?! “Ebis Madaf Nellie all became Magin’s subordinates?!”

I recently heard some great information.

The first to third members of the blacklist are all working as subordinates of his relative, Magin Damon.

Moreover, upon closer investigation, it was discovered that they were the ones who had been cleaning up after Magin for decades.

Magin had his men defraud Yuren.

However, the evidence is still only vague.

So, I tried to go after getting a little more certain information, but…

‘It might be a better time now that Sejun and Theo are going together.’

I didn’t know what kind of misfortune would happen if I went alone.

To be honest, Yuren was not confident and

decided to return to the Golden Tower.

“But do you have any preparations against lightning at the Golden Tower?”

I should tell you some great tips from someone from Golden Tower.

“Iona was supposed to solve everything?”


“K-You don’t trust me?!”

“Quick! Absolutely not!”

Yuren, who had been busy eating until now and had not been listening, hurriedly apologized to Iona.

“So what is the method?”

Still, Sejun asked Yuren, thinking that there might be a useful method.

And he said

, “This is it.”

Yuren proudly showed off his thick belly.


“Thick fat. “If you have this, it’s okay even if you get hit by lightning.”

The Damon family, the best family in the Golden Tower.

Their bodies, which had fat so thick that electricity did not conduct electricity, played a big role in the Damon family’s enormous wealth.

Thanks to this, they were able to monopolize the logistics of the Golden Tower and achieve great wealth.


Sejun is lost in thought after Yuren’s words.

Actually, electric eels also use thick fat to block the electricity they generate…

“Is this okay?!”

It’s just your specialty!

Sejun learns that there is no good way to prepare for lightning from Yuren.

“Guys, gather around!”

Sejun had the group enter the subspace warehouse.


“If I’m bored, I’ll pick some pine nuts.”

After subtly telling me to do some work, I got


The subspace warehouse was closed.

“Aileen, I’m going to visit the Golden Tower for a moment.”

[The tower manager tells you to have a good trip.]


I couldn’t tell Eileen not to worry because

she was the type of person who would explode if I touched her.

It’s kind of sad. I need to get stronger quickly.

After reaffirming his determination to become stronger again, Sejun

cries out.

The land document on the 35th floor of the Golden Tower was opened, and

Sejun disappeared along with the message

[The summon function is activated to imprint the first owner of the land document on the 35th floor of the Golden Tower.]


Outskirts of Destruction.

It was

the fourth day since Halfas gathered the Apostles of Destruction…

Halfas was still alone.

“These! Why isn’t anyone coming?!”

Halfas realized there was a big problem with his leadership.

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