Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 447

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Episode 447 Even if it hurts, I won’t lie.

Episode 447 Even if it hurts, I won’t lie.

Seed Store Headquarters.

“King of farming. Hurry up! “Park Se-jun is waiting for my new arrival.”

lol. That way, I can get my achievement fee quickly.

Leah urges the King of Farming, not knowing that there is Podori on the 99th floor of the tower who has revenge on the King of Farming.


– thank God. I am also working hard. Don’t rush it.

The farming king looks a little irritated, perhaps angry at Leah’s urging.

“Khum. I see. “Then take it easy.”

Leah, the god of abundance, was quick to please the farming king.

joy! Later, I have to tell Park Se-jun that the delivery of Shinki was late because the farming king was procrastinating.

In my mind, I was thinking about this to Sejun.

By urging the farming king like that, Leah only offended the farming king.

“I have to go pay the money back.”

I went to see Her again.


“Shark!” “I told you to run away if you see a yellow cat!”

Her is screaming again today.

“Why is he like that these days?”

Did you tell Park Se-jun to invest for no reason?

After investing in Sejun, Her’s condition seemed to be getting worse.

When Leah was worried about Her,

[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, discovered that the item [Slave Seal of the Green Tower], which was bound to Shark, the target of the Green Tower, had been corrupted by the energy of destruction.]

A message appeared in front of Her.

“what?! “The item that was Shark’s target was corrupted by the power of destruction?”

The target item is an item whose ownership belongs to the target person.

So you’re saying that Shark betrayed me?!

Her was greatly surprised by the message.

“I never thought a traitor who was on the side of destruction would appear among the target people…”

To avoid my attention, I only corrupted the target items.

This was a very serious situation. I didn’t know that the person he betrayed might not have been Shark Hana.

What if the merchants who found out about this too late and were on the side of destruction impeached themselves and became gods of merchants?

Seed Store Headquarters Battle Store Headquarters are all contaminated by the power of destruction.


“Hehe. “Shark, you got caught wrong today.”

Theo will immediately turn Shark into a slave, right?

Just today, I felt lucky that Shaq met Theo.


[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, enslaves Shark, the target of the Green Tower.]

As Her expected, Theo enslaved Shark.

“Whew. thank god.”

Thanks to Theo, Herr was able to cleanly dispose of the traitor.

“thanks. Theo Park. “For making Shark your slave.”

When Her thanks Theo with a sigh of relief

[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, asks to show his gratitude through rewards, not words.]

Theo proudly demands compensation.

“okay. As expected, the calculation is clear because he is the target person. good. “I’ll give you this.”

Normally, Herr would have made amends only after the threat had been made, but today she was so thankful that she happily smiled and made amends.

So when Her sent the reward to Theo,

“Her, I’m here.”

Leah, who had been watching from outside, came inside the building when Her’s condition improved.

“ostrich? Come on. “Would you like me to lend you divine power?”

“no. “I came today to repay divine power!”

“really?! You seem to be earning a lot these days? “Actually, thanks to Park Se-jun, I have also accumulated quite a bit of divine power these days.”

“Look. “Did you make a good investment in Park Se-jun like I said?”

“huh! “I guess I listened to you well.”

At first, I regretted it a little because of Theo, but thanks to Theo, I was able to catch the traitor and things turned out well in the end.

“Here is sacred power 10.”

“huh. Now I just have to pay back 912,810,000 more divine power.”

There was still a ton of divine power left to repay, but

“Okay!” “I’ll pay you back soon!”

Leah answered vigorously.

Until recently, it was difficult to even pay interest at an interest rate of 0.001%.

Leah was so happy that she could now repay the principal.

“Then I’ll go.”

“huh. bye.”

Shortly after Leah left the building,


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“Hello, Herr.”

“Come on Pearl. Did you come to repay divine power too?”

“yes! “Here’s 0.2 divine power!”

Pearl, the god of pearls, also came to repay divine power.


Since then, non-combat gods have visited Her to repay divine power, and Her has been busy for the first time in a long time.


Herr smiled happily, although he had not yet received even 1% of the divine power lent to the non-combat gods.

I felt at ease because it seemed like the non-combat gods, who had been living a difficult life due to lack of divine power, had some freedom.

“Park Se-jun is really amazing. no! “This is all thanks to the help of Daesang Man Theo Park!”

Her defends Theo, the target, by saying that crayfish are on the crab side.

At that time,

[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, attempted to bind the item [Slave Seal of the Five Towers], the target of Shark, the target of the Green Tower.]

[Do you want to allow it?]

Theo attempted to bind an item that was the target of Shark, whose name was changed.


Green Tower 93rd floor.

“The Slave Seal of the Green Tower?”

Sejun looked at the stamp Theo gave him.

[Green Tower’s Slave Seal]

This is a seal created from the promotion test that is the subject of the Green Tower.

Babel’s Code, Noose of Binding, 1000-year-old tree root, 1000 advanced magic stones, and 1000 slave contracts were used as materials.

Babel’s Code of Bondage The noose of bondage The roots of 1,000-year-old trees were used as material to strengthen slave contracts.

If you place a seal on the body of an opponent who has been corrupted by the power of destruction and belongs to the Green Tower, you will be forced to owe a debt of 100 billion Top Coins to the opponent, and if they cannot repay, you will be made a slave forever. (Can only be used once on the same target.

) It belongs to Shark.

Restrictions on use: Target: Those with 5000 or more horsepower and belonging to destruction

Creator: Herr, God of Merchants


While Sejun was examining the items,

“These guys!” “Give me my items!”

Shark, who lost his target item, rushed at Sejun, but

he cried out!

[Dad, I’m concentrating right now! Do not disturb!]




I fainted after being hit by Kuengi’s thunderbolt.

After a while,

“Wow. “This guy is a really bad guy.”

Sejun opened his mouth after checking the item that was Shark’s target.

If you just put a stamp on the other person’s body without a contract, you will erase their debt of 100 billion Top Coins and if they have no money, you will be made a slave forever…

“Still, if we pay back the money, they let us go, but it’s forever…”

It was so vicious that even Sejun, who works in the same industry, clicked his tongue.

“Vice President Te says this is an item corrupted by the power of destruction.”

“Nyan?! “Then that guy is a bad guy?!”

Theo grinned and pointed at the unconscious Shark.


“Fuhuhuhu. Then can I make you a slave?!”

“Hehehe. yes.”

The reason Sejun and Theo went directly to the 93rd floor of the Green Tower was to make many slaves.

But luckily, I met the slaves’ owner right away.

If you have a master with a large number of slaves, you will be able to control a large number of slaves without much effort.

“good! Vice President Te!”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

Theo, who ran to answer Sejun’s call with force, took off the hood to get the stamp of the fainted Shark.



I received the handprint of a shark with a shark’s head and a human body.

[1 slave has been hunted.]

[51,231 slaves owned by the slave have been confirmed.]

[Due to the effect of , all stats increase to the maximum of 10,000.]

Thanks to this, Theo’s stats have increased. It has risen tremendously.

“Nyaang… I hunted over 50,000 of Chairman Park’s slaves, but all stats only went up by 10,000…”

Theo is depressed.

There are over 50,000 slaves?! Then I…


Sejun looks forward to the message that will appear in front of him.


[I own 1 slave.]

[Due to the effect of , all stats increase by 0.01.]


Unlike Theo, Sejun’s stats only increase by counting the slaves Theo catches.

System bastard!

Today again, Sejun was angry at the system that treated him poorly.

When Sejun is so angry,

[You can use the power of Fenrir in your body to purify and strengthen the [Slave Seal of the Green Tower] that has been corrupted by the power of destruction.] [Do you want to

use the power of Fenrir?]

Another message appears in front of Sejun. appeared.

“The power of Fenrir purifies the power of destruction?”

Fenrir is the Apostle of Destruction?

It didn’t make sense that the power of the Apostle of Destruction purified the power of destruction.

“But the system doesn’t lie…”

Even if it hurts, I won’t lie.

“I’ll use it.”

[Use 0.005% of Fenrir’s power to purify and strengthen the [Slave Seal of the Green Tower] that had been corrupted by the power of destruction.]

With Sejun’s words, indigo energy flowed from Sejun’s body into the seal.


the [Slave Seal of the Five Towers]

has been upgraded to a seal that can enslave the residents of not only the Green Tower, but also the Black Tower, the White Tower, the Golden Tower, and the Brown Tower.

Instead, the power of destruction was purified, and the debt incurred by stamping the seal was reduced to 50 billion Top Coins, and

the option was changed to allow one to escape slavery by paying off the debt.

Sejun strengthened the target item like that.

“Vice President Te, use this.”

As I imagined Theo making slaves with this seal, my heart grew so majestic that I forgot that it was a bound item.

“Fuhuhuhu. Thank you! “Chairman Park needs to use this!”

Theo received the seal and gave Sejun the bead he received as a reward from Her.

“Heart of Valor?”

I’ll check later and go back first.

When the work was over, Sejun tried to hurry back to where the other group members were. For some reason, I felt bad.

“Queng, let’s go back.”


[I understand!]

When Sejun and Theo return to their group on Kuengi,

[Her, the god of merchants, does not allow the use of items belonging to other merchants.]

A message from Her appears in front of Theo, who is hanging on Sejun’s lap.


Chairman Park gave it to me! I’m going to use it!

[If the items that Her, the merchant god, focuses on one side, the economic balance of the nine towers will be in trouble…]

Her tried to persuade him by explaining the economic logic, but he said,

‘Ugh! If you refuse, Herr, you will be impeached!’

[Theo Bak, the target of the Black Tower, begins voting for the impeachment of Her, the god of merchants.]




Theo you bastard!

[Her, the god of merchants, allows the [Slave Seal of the Five Towers] to belong to Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower.] I

had no choice but to immediately give permission due to Theo’s threat of impeachment.

That’s when Theo, the slave hunter, gained the wonderful wings called the Slave Seal of the Five Towers


[Hehe. We won!]

“Congratulations to the great Black Man!”



Thanks to the activities of Black Rabbit and Batbat, Black Rabbit and his men, who chased after and captured the enemy’s base, celebrated their victory.

And during

[The Pit of Destruction],

the Black Rabbit and the Bat-Baby were able to find the location of the fifth plague, the Great Poison Snail, in the enemy’s main camp.

A red hole with a diameter of 100 m and a bottomless pit like an abyss. Just looking at it was eerie and gave me goosebumps.


[What is this?]

(Batbat. It’s ominous.)

When the Black Rabbit and the Bat-Baby hesitate and cannot get closer to the abyss of destruction, they

come together.

The destruction predators approach the pit of destruction and eagerly absorb the energy of destruction


Oh my.

By radiating the energy of creation, the abyss of destruction became smaller and smaller.

When everyone in my group feels safe thanks to you

, who dares interfere with my work?

A gloomy voice that froze everyone was heard from beyond the abyss of destruction.


boom. boom.

A giant spider that climbs up the pit of destruction as easily as walking on flat ground.

The main body of Alice the Deceptive Spider, the 9th Apostle of Doom, appeared on the 93rd floor of the Green Tower with half of her power.

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