Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 436

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Episode 436 no! Far away from home!

Episode 436 no! Far away from home!

Today too, as usual, Piyo is gaining experience by going to receive money from Yuren in order to become Theo’s great right paw.

Phew. Today I received 1 billion Top Coins!

After following a man who said he had no money for several days, he found property in someone else’s name and took the money.

Theo will be happy, right?!

With such a happy heart, Piyot went up to the 99th floor of the tower where Theo was.

But there was something much harder than getting Yuren’s money.


[As expected, Yuren is so unlucky!]

“Quick! sorry!”

Wherever Yuren goes, he constantly encounters fragments of the Apostles of Destruction.

There were various types of apostles of destruction that we met. It almost seemed like I had met the 3rd to 12th Apostles of Doom more than once.

Of course, if two people join forces, they can easily defeat one, but

if there are three, it’s a different story!

The 4th Apostle of Destruction, Melphix, the Demon of

Destruction, the 7th Apostle of Destruction, Kuruga, the rock that destroys mountains,

the 10th Apostle of Destruction, and even the nine-headed serpent Hydra.

-Hold on! I can feel the energy of Fenrir in those guys!

-Stand! Explain the spirit of Fenrir that emanates from you!

-Give me Fenrir’s core piece!

They were currently being chased by three fragments of the Apostles of Doom.

At first, there were two of us and we ran away, but as we ran, we met one more and we became three.

As an unfortunate Yuren, I always went to places where my enemies were.


– welcome back. Into the arms of Sasha, the queen of screams and ice.

Enemies blocking their path.


[Yuren, break through!]

Because the back and forth was blocked, there was no answer other than breaking through.

“okay! Be golden!”

Yuren ran forward and stretched out his front paw towards Sasha, who turned into gold for a moment.

In the meantime, Shasha, who escaped from Piyot and Yuren and returned to her original form, tried to attack Piyot and Yuren

– death… Huh?!

-Shasha, what are you doing?!

Thanks to the Apostles of Destruction who attacked their colleagues and clashed with each other, Pyogi and Yuren were fortunate enough to be able to escape them.

After overtaking the Apostles of Destruction, the two ran for another hour and then

cried out!

[It was really dangerous this time!]


I took a break for a while.


[But didn’t the apostles tell you to hand over Fenrir’s core piece earlier?]

“Yes. “I heard it too.”

Piyot… Piyot?

[Couldn’t it be Yuren?]

Piyote looked at him with suspicious eyes and said,

“Me?!” no!”

Yuren waves both front paws and strongly denies it.


is it really me?

I searched my luggage just in case.


“I’m sorry.”

Yuren apologized as he took out a piece of Fenrir’s core.

There were stones in good shape, so I took them with the intention of turning them into gold later, and among them was a piece of Fenrir’s core.

After all, an unlucky person is unlucky no matter what he does.

Beep! Beep!!!

[Yuren! %!$@!]

Thanks to this, Piyot became so angry that his pure white feathers turned red and he poured out a lot of nagging towards Yuren.


99th floor of the Black Tower.


“Nice to meet you dragons!”


[Hello, dragons!]

Sejun and Theo Kuengi go to the fountain where Kaiser Kelion Ramter Tear is drinking and say hello

– hahaha. As long as our Sejun is healthy, we will always be fine.


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-then! Thanks to Sejun, my grandson awakened… Hahaha!

-Hahaha. Thanks to Sejun, our Red Tower is now almost back to normal.

-They say that our purple top lives a lot better thanks to our Sejun.

The dragons are busy praising Sejun.


It wasn’t a bad atmosphere to ask for something. no. It felt like they would listen no matter what I said.

“Please make me one wand using these materials.”

So I boldly stated my business.


-With these ingredients?

-Is that you, Sejun?

-It must be difficult?

The dragons who checked the ingredients looked at Sejun with worried eyes.

If you make a wand that properly utilizes the effects of the materials that Sejun took out, you will end up with a wand that Sejun can never use.

Moreover, it was strange that Sejun, who did not even know the magic word, asked to make a wand that he did not need.

“It’s not me, it’s the cane that Iona will use.”

– Hmm. You should have said that a long time ago.

-Don’t worry!

-I’ll make you the best wand!

The dragons took the ingredients from Sejun, discussed it for a while, and said

– Okay. I direct the magic stream.

-Then I neutralize the yeti’s heart with my power.

After reaching an agreement, they stood in four directions with the materials at the center.

– Let’s get started.

The four of them simultaneously injected magic energy into the ingredients and


The branches of the grape tree that I had picked up on my way up a little while ago changed shape and formed the shape of a staff, and

the black pearl of the oppressing gravity, the heart of the Yeti, the heart of the King Giant Worm, and the heart of the Albatross merged into one and became embedded in the head of the staff.


At the same time, seven colors exploded: black, white, blue, red, purple, yellow, and silver

– we made it, but it’s pretty amazing.

-of course. Because we made it.

The dragons praised themselves as they looked at the completed staff. Seeing that dragons with high standards said it was great, it seemed like a really good item had been created.

[Gravity Staff of Suppression]

Is it legendary?

When Sejun looks at the name of the cane and wonders

– Now. Take it.

Kaiser handed Sejun a staff with a black jewel on it.

“thank you.”

Sejun said hello and hurriedly checked his wand.

[Gravity Staff of Suppressing Suppression] This

staff was made using the branches of the World Tree, the Black Pearl of Stressing Gravity, the Heart of the Yeti, the Heart of the King Giant Worm, and the heart of the Albatross. It did not have divine status, so it could not be considered a sacred item.

Specializes in gravity magic.

The great black dragon and the great white dragon created balance between darkness and light. The great red dragon created balance with the heart of the Yeti with the power of fire. The great purple dragon created balance between the heart of the King Giant Worm and the heart of the Albatross with the power of poison.

The seven attributes are balanced, and two of the nine streams of magic power are connected to the wand.

When worn, you can access 2 additional magic streams.

Restrictions on use: Those who have access to nine streams of magic power and more than three streams

Creator: Great Balaur


Skill: [Master]


Increases the gravity acting on enemies within a 1km radius. (Skill user For every 1000 difference in horsepower, gravity increases by 1 time. Gravity increases up to 50 times.)


It’s a real scam.

Just by wearing the staff, he was able to connect two magical streams and the skill was very good.

I’m so jealous.

Sejun was so jealous of Iona’s items.

What about me? I make something like this too.

When Sejun looked at the dragons with eyes full of expectation,

he said yes. no.

I won’t make it for you.

Come get stronger.


Dragons shaking their heads.

Even though he put a lot of effort into making it, Sejun could not wear it because the usage restrictions were too high.

However, it was obvious that making equipment that Sejun could wear would be a waste of materials.

And the representative material waste items are the Dragon’s Return Bracelet and the Summoning Bracelet.

Instead of removing restrictions on use by stamping the Kaiser with enormous magical power, the material’s abilities were reduced to the limit.

You’re too firm…

Sejun is disappointed by the dragons’ firm attitude.

“Chairman Park, let’s go quickly and give Iona a cane!”

“huh. okay. Then we will go.”

At Theo’s urging, Sejun said hello to the dragons and decided to visit the magic tower where Iona was located.

When Sejun was about to leave the farm with his group, whimpering


[I will protect the house!]

Kamangi said he would protect the house and did not want to follow.

A black dog that makes strange noises, perhaps thanks to mental education.

“I don’t have to protect the house?”

Whip! Whip!

[no! Please let me guard the house!]

“Okay. Then I’ll be right back. “I’m taking good care of the house.”

Hearing Kamangi’s words convey a sense of duty, Sejun decided to leave Kamangi behind,

and hehehe!

[Hehe. Good-bye!]

After being seen off by a brightly smiling Kamangi, I left to give canes to Theo Kuengi and Iona.


The top floor of the Magic Tower in Black Gak.

Iona’s room.




The only sounds inside were the sounds of documents being turned and sighs.

“Pfft. “They’re asking us to increase the budget again…”

The sound of flipping through documents was Iona and said,

“Ha. “What was it?”

“I heard it clearly…”

“Hey…show me…”

The sighing sound was made by the 10 vice presidents of the association.

All of the vice presidents who ran away were eventually caught, and every day Iona was testing what they had learned yesterday.



Unlike the vice presidents who solved problems while sighing, there was one person who moved a pen without a hold.

oh! I learned this the day before yesterday! Is it too easy?

Heukster solved the problem given by Iona very easily.

After a while,

“Kyu-Kyu-I clearly told you everything, so why can’t you solve this?!” “Everyone, except Blackster, follow me!”


The 10 Vice Presidents who did not pass the passing grade were taken to Iona and shouted

“Gravity Control!”


“Hold on!”

I had to use defensive magic and withstand Iona’s gravity magic until my magic power ran out.

When Iona was looking for 10 vice presidents,

“Huh? “Where did Iona go?”

Sejun and his companions arrived at Iona’s room.

“uh! “Hello, Sejun.”

Heukster, who was creating and solving a new problem on his own, greeted Sejun.

“How about staying as a black star? “Is Iona good at teaching you magic?”

“yes. It’s so much fun! ah! “This is a blueprint for magic equipment created using the magic knowledge I learned from Iona. Please take a look at it.”

Heukster showed a blueprint for equipment in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped.

What if I see it?

“…Can’t you just explain?”

“ah. This is equipment that eliminates footstep sounds created using a technique that increases magic efficiency learned from Iona. If you wear these, you will never be caught when sneaking in. “I named it Sound Eater.”

Heukster is making infiltration equipment because he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

“That’s a bad name. Let’s make it an introduction fee.”

“yes? Introduction fee?”

“Are you combining sound and food? how is it? “Isn’t it ingenious?”

“Fuhuhuhu. After all, it’s Chairman Park!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Then Kuengi is a honey eagle!]


Iona, please come quickly!

Heukster resisted as much as he could by not answering.


Sejun’s farm.

When Sejun leaves with Theo and Kuengi, Kamangi is left alone.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Freedom! It’s my world now!]

I was enjoying the freedom of not having to worry about Theo and Kkueng.




The predators of destruction surround such a black man and rinse him.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Guys, go over there! This time this way!]

Blackbird sat on top of the destruction predators and gave instructions, and the destruction predators moved around according to the leader’s instructions. Height




As if they had felt something, the heads of the destruction predators turned to one side at the same time and shouted


I started running quickly towards that direction.


[uh?! Guys, where are you going?!]

Thanks to that, the Black Mang is riding on the destruction predators and suddenly moves along with it.

Whip! Whip!

[No! It’s getting too far away from home!]

That’s how Black Mang unintentionally ran away from home.

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