Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 432

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Episode 432 How do I convey this to Sejun?

Episode 432 How do I convey this to Sejun?

Black Tower Administrator Area.

“good. “Now that I’ve done what I learned, it’ll be perfect, right?”

Eileen practices frying eggs that she learned from Kim Mi-ran.



The crystal ball vibrated.


Eileen made fried eggs and brought the crystal ball in front of her.

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun achieved the great feat of becoming the first to exterminate the second plague giant vampire leech in the dimension protected by the tower.]

“As expected, our Se-jun did it again!”

Eileen smiled brightly after reading the alarm.

[The entrances to the Black Tower that disappeared from the 0th floor of the Black Tower have been restored.]

“Huh? Are the entrances being restored? What are you talking about?”

Eileen was puzzled because she didn’t see the alarm that the entrance had disappeared.

At that time

, [Black Tower Farmer Park Se-Jun achieved the great feat of becoming the first to exterminate the Third Calamity Fire Moth in the dimension protected by the Tower.]

[A safety zone is created in a 100m radius around the tower on the 0th floor of Black Tower.]

The following message appears. .

Thanks to this, a safety zone with a radius of 100 meters was created around the tower not only in Korea but also in other countries.


Sejun’s house.

Sejun put kimchi stew along with the soup in a bowl filled with white rice, mixed it with the rice, and took a big bite.

“Wow. This is it!”

Of course, Mom’s kimchi stew is the best!

Sejun was impressed while eating Kim Mi-ran’s kimchi stew. No matter how hard I tried, the top didn’t taste like this.

Bang! Bang!

[it is delicious! It’s the best!]

Kueng! Kueng!

[That’s right! Kuengi’s grandmother’s kimchi stew is the best!]

Black Rabbit and Kuengi, who ate kimchi stew with Sejun next to them, could not hide their excitement.

It was so delicious that the black rabbit trembled with its erect ears, and Kuengi waved its buttocks to express its deliciousness with its whole body.

“Guys, eat a lot.”

Kim Mi-ran looked at this happily, then stood up and quickly started making new kimchi stew.

“Give me Chairman Park’s Chuur!” I heard there are a lot of churros on Earth! “I’m going to try all kinds of churs today!”

Fuhehehe. I conquered Chairman Park’s knees!

Meanwhile, Theo was lying down on the lap of Park Chun-ho, Sejun’s father, and asked for some food.

“Hehehe. Vice President Te Wait a minute. “Because Sedol went to buy food for Chur and Kamang.”

When Park Chun-ho responded and tried to pat Theo’s stomach, he said,

“Nyan!” “Don’t touch it!”

No matter how much Chairman Park is, only Chairman Park can touch the boat!

Theo doesn’t allow boats.

It’s too much.

Thanks to this, Park Chun-ho became sad after being a cat fan.



[hey! Why don’t I give him food?!]

While Sejun was preoccupied with kimchi stew, Kamangi was completely treated like a dog by Sedol and couldn’t eat human food.

After a while,

“Dad, I bought it!”

“Why are you so late? “Give us Te Vice President Chuur quickly!”

Sedol, who hurriedly bought a bowl and dog food at a convenience store, handed the bowl to Park Chun-ho and said,

“Okay. “Let’s eat black food.”

I poured the food into the rice bowl.


First, take a bite.



You’re giving me something this tasteless!!!

There was no way dog food would fit the mouth of Black, who was already accustomed to Sejun’s food.


[Ask for something he eats, not something tasteless like this!]

Kamangi was tyrannical, turning over his bowl.

and. A dog that overturns its food bowl is so cute!

Of course, to Sedol, Kamangi’s trivial rebellion only seemed cute.

“ah. full.”

When Sejun’s stomach was full,


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he said, “Mom and Dad, Sedol, come together for a moment.”

He left his companions who were still eating hard, called his family, and said,

“This is a gift.”

Sejun handed the family a space-expanding bag containing the crops he had grown and the herbs Kueng canned.

“And this is a gem. People I know gave it to me.”

Next, he took out four jewelry boxes given to him by the dragons. I thought he might be worried if I told him I lived with dragons, so I just told him I knew him.

“No, even things like this…”

“okay. Something like this…”




My parents were silent, as if they were surprised by the size of the jewel inside.

Well, it was worth it. There are black, red, and purple diamonds that are rare in size and color that cannot be found on Earth.

It will be worth it.



“There’s nothing?” What about

inside the jewelry box your parents gave you

?! There is none.

It was empty.

It seemed like all the diamonds in the jewelry box were liquidated when cashing in to pay for the stay.

“It’s okay… “Because the jewels aren’t important.”

“okay. “I just need my son to be healthy.”

The two hurriedly pretended not to have any expectations, but their faces were filled with disappointment.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. This is delicious!]

Black Inomu bastard!

Sejun glared at Black Man, who was chewing dog gum intently.


Near Bukhansan Mountain.

Plop, pud, pud.

[It looks like the owner couldn’t find it, so I have to get rid of it!]

When the safe zone disappears, the firefly’s roots wrapped around the container that Michael brought in advance for planting.


[A small amount of the power of destruction has been absorbed.]

[The absorbed power of destruction is digested and turned into nutrients.]

A flame that absorbs the power of destruction contained in the seed.

When Flame absorbs almost all of the energy of destruction in the container

– I can’t breathe.


-When do we grow up?

A faint sound, barely audible if you concentrate, began to come from inside the container.

[What is it?]

Puzzled, Flame made a hole in the container and looked inside.


-Do you have anything to eat?

-I want to eat something spicy…

but the inside was full of seeds that glowed white. The power of destruction that the Flesh Predator seed had disappeared and it evolved into a new seed.

[How should I convey this to Sejun?]

Flame was worried.

After a while.

(Batbat. Did you call me?)

In the yard of Sejun’s house, Batbat, which was sucking the kiwi cut by Kim Mi-ran, flew in in a hurry.

Thanks to the restoration of the disappeared tower, the safety zone has expanded again.

[huh. BaeBae, give this to Sejun.]

Flame said, pointing to the container full of seeds.


Batbat is embarrassed by Flame’s words.

What do you say?

If I took this, I was sure to be suspected.

[don’t worry. If you leave it nearby, Theo will take care of it for you.]

Theo often picked up something without context, so when Theo picked it up, Sejun didn’t ask where or how he picked it up.

(Batbat! That’s right! Then I’ll take it!)

Batbat put the seeds in the container into the space pocket and flew back to Sejun’s house.


“ah. “This is not it.”

The original has a good ending, but it ends like this?!!!

Sejun, who left the youngest grandson of the drama chaebol family and entered the tower in the last two episodes, was angry at the ending of the drama as he was eating chicken.

If you’re going to ruin the ending like this, then you should ruin it from the beginning so you don’t have to watch it. Not seeing it was a win.

ah. It’s a waste of time.

Two hours of the time I could have stayed on Earth flew by while watching the ending of the Path of Light.

Of course, I didn’t feel that unfair because I ate the food I wanted while chatting with my family with the drama mostly on BGM.

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park, don’t be angry about things like that! “Chairman Park is already the chairman of Sejun Company, which is much bigger than that!”


After Sejun ate his fill of churro, Theo calmed him down by lying on Sejun’s lap with his back warm, and


[Yeoptteokneun is the best!]

Kueng! Kueng!

[Chi-god is also the best! Jja-God is also the best!]

Black Rabbit and Kkueng sat next to Se-jun and were busy praising him while eating the delivery dishes they received for the first time.




Theo suddenly stretches his front paws forward.

“Vice President Te, what’s wrong?”

“I feel attraction!”


Is there a treasure among the items that have been passed down from generation to generation in your family?

When Sejun gets excited, it’s


Theo hurriedly ran outside.


Isn’t it inside the house?

When Sejun is disappointed, he says,

“Fuhuhu. “This is it!”

Theo came in carrying a leather bag.

“what is that?”

“I don’t know!”

Theo confidently answers Sejun’s question by saying he doesn’t know.

that’s right. Our Theo was always like this.

Sejun opened his leather pouch, blaming himself for asking Theo.



[Destruction Predator Seeds]

I discovered seeds that emit a pure white light.

“What is this?”

When Sejun grabbed the seed and tried to examine it,

a message appeared telling him to get ready to leave

. [15 minutes left on floor 0 of the Black Tower.]

“I think I should go now.”

When Sejun put his pockets in his arms and stood up, his family came out to see him out in front of the house.

“good. “So, is the pizza ready?”

“yes. I received 100 slices of each Romino Pizza menu… Ah! Coop’s chicken has arrived now!”

“We loaded 1,000 boxes of each type of carbonated drink.”

“It was stacked pretty well, right?”

“sure! “They also pay 1.5 times the cost!”

“We also loaded 1,000 boxes of each type of ramen!”

Outside, Han Tae-jun and Kim Dong-sik, Robin Peter, who were so busy that they didn’t even notice that Se-jun had come, were giving instructions to the delivery people.

Since Sejun’s stay on Earth was short, he originally planned to return home by filling up the subspace warehouse with delivery food.

However, Robin and Peter, who received strong instructions from the United States to help Sejun in everything he does,

stepped forward, and Han Tae-jun and Kim Dong-sik, who did not want to be pushed out by the two, also stepped forward, and the four became one and filled Sejun’s subspace warehouse with delivery food and food.

However, the size of Sejun’s subspace warehouse was enormous.

Despite clearing the surrounding roads for two hours and almost monopolizing the supermarket restaurants, they have not yet filled even one-tenth of the subspace warehouse.

While they were working hard to fill Sejun’s sub-space warehouse,

“Taejun, please leave someone out. “I think I should stop.”



“All right. withdrawal!”

Han Tae-jun, who heard Se-jun’s words, hurriedly made the people who entered the subspace warehouse leave.

While people were leaving the warehouse,

“I’ll stay longer next time.”

“okay. “Please be careful.”

“Be careful, brother.”

Park Chun-ho and Sedol greeted Sejun.

At that time,

“Sejun… can’t you tell Eileen if she can’t cook?”

Kim Mi-ran held Sejun’s hand tightly and spoke in an earnest voice.

I heard earlier that you were teaching Eileen how to cook, and it looks like she had a hard time.

“I tried saying that too, but he didn’t listen. “I’ll say it again.”

Sejun held Kim Mi-ran’s hand tightly and then let go.

“Then I’ll go.”

“Fuhuhuhu. Chairman Park’s family, it was nice to meet you!”




[See you next time, Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle!]

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. I loved today’s treat! I’ll give you a chance to treat the great Black Mang again next time!]

(Batbat. Goodbye!)

[The time spent on the 0th floor of the Black Tower has ended.]

[Return to the Black Tower.]

Sejun and his companions waved their hands and disappeared.

Sejun An hour after leaving,




A shock wave that suddenly descended from the skies over the East Sea hit the surface of the water seven times.

The Kueng Man Voucher that Sejun used arrived late.

Thanks to this, fishing boats caught fish stunned by the shock wave and returned to full capacity.

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