Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 428

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Episode 428 Vice President Te, handle it.

Episode 428 Deal with Vice President Te.

“Chairman Park, I’ll see you later!”

As the black rabbit Kueng and Kcamangi entered the subspace warehouse, Theo looked at Sejun with a faint look in front of the warehouse door.

What is it that makes you so nostalgic? I’ll see you again in less than a minute.

“okay. See you later.”


Sejun made eye contact with Theo until the end and slowly closed the door.

Then he took out a bracelet made of green vines from his pocket and put it on.


[A Seal Grape Vine Bracelet was put on the target.]

[How much ability should I seal?]

A message appears.

Is there anyone?

Sejun checked his surroundings before answering. If your ability is sealed and someone is around at the time, your weakened body may not be able to withstand it and you may faint.

good. No one is here.

“Seal it to the maximum.”

After confirming that there was no one around, Sejun said

[99% of abilities are sealed.]

[A total of 11583 stats are sealed.]


When his abilities were sealed, Sejun stumbled from a feeling of immense helplessness.

The total stats decreased from 11700 to 117, so the gap was too big.


Sejun takes a deep breath and adjusts to his physical condition.

“It must be difficult to get stronger, right?”

I was disappointed as I checked my stats.

Even with the power sealed to the maximum, the total stats are 117.

To have these stats, your hunter level must be at least 30 or higher. Himsumjjin became difficult.

“It’s a shame.”

With a disappointed expression, Sejun took off the equipment that he could not wear due to usage restrictions as his stats lowered.

Sejun took off his equipment and put it in his space expansion pocket.


Sejun opened the Black Tower Land Document he was preparing and

[The summon function is activated to imprint the first owner of the Black Tower 1st floor land document.]

Hehehe. Finally here we go!

It disappeared from the 99th floor of the Black Tower along with a message.


Black Tower 1st floor.

[The black tower you used to enter has disappeared.]

[The exit has disappeared and you cannot leave.]

“What?! “What do you mean, the tower is gone?!”

There is a safe zone in Korea, so how did the tower disappear?!

Hunters who couldn’t make it to the exit were embarrassed when they saw the message.

Some of them were foreigners who used the tower in Korea, believing it was a safe zone.

“What do we do?!”

“Even Brazilian hunters couldn’t go out until a new tower was built in Korea…”

“Will there be a new tower?”

“The pace of building towers has been slow these days…”

“Then you don’t know when you can go out.”

When hunters panic,

“Hello. We are employees of the Korea Awakened Association. “Once you rest in the accommodation we have provided, we will explain our findings.”

Employees of the Korean Awakened Association came out and calmed them down and took them away.

As dozens of hunters disappeared along with the Awakened Association staff,

“Okay. “Take your pick!”

“Our store has the cheapest prices!”

“I’m selling the tarantula’s heart!”

The huge vacant lot near the exit where the hunters were gathered became noisy with the shouts of the street vendors who were originally in the place.

At that time

, [I arrived at the 1st floor of the Black Tower.]

[I moved from the 99th floor, the highest floor, to the 1st floor of the tower.]

[I went down the 98th floor.]

[All stats increase by 98 due to the effect of .]

Day 409 of Iptap. Sejun quietly arrived at the corner of the huge vacant lot on the first floor of the Black Tower.

[The Grape Vine Bracelet of Seal seals 99% of the ability.]

The total stats almost increased by 400, but fortunately, 99% of the abilities were sealed and the total stats increased by 4.

Tower 1st floor, I have finally arrived!



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When Sejun was smiling,

it clicked.

“I missed Chairman Park!”

To keep his energy from escaping, Theo opened the door to the subspace warehouse slightly and jumped out


[Catch me!]

Afterwards, the black dog leaped forward.



Theo clung to Sejun’s face on his own, so Sejun only caught the flying blackbird and put it in the sling bag.


Sejun grabbed Theo by the back of his neck and put him on his lap, then asked,

“Are you okay, Kueng?”

I asked Kueng, who was visible through the small gap in the door of the sub-space warehouse.

Kueng, who had difficulty controlling his strength, decided to stay in the subspace warehouse until he went to Earth. Instead, I put a black rabbit next to Kueng so that he wouldn’t get bored.

Kueng! Kueng!

[Kueng is okay! It’s fun to eat carrots with my little brother!]

Kueng quietly answered while sitting on the floor and eating carrots with the black rabbit.

This is because if you make a loud sound, you may raise your energy without realizing it.


Sejun’s heart ached to see Kueng eating carrots more deliciously on purpose to reassure himself, but there was no way for him right now.

“Have fun while eating other things. Understand?”


[I understand!]

Bang! Bang!

[Leave Uncle Kkueng to me! I’ll have a lot of fun!]



After finishing talking with the two, Sejun closed the small door and looked around.

“You’re finally seeing this.”

Sejun looked around at the view of the first floor of the tower with an expression full of emotion.

Gorgeous chandeliers illuminated the surroundings, the floor was covered with white marble, and in the large square, there were shops selling equipment and potions, as well as a training center where warriors and wizards could learn their skills.

“It’s cheap! it’s cheap!”

“Just come and see! “You can just take a look!”

But I’ve never heard of street vendors…

When Sejun looked at the noisy street vendors and was puzzled, he said,

“Huh?!” Sejun! “You’re Park Se-jun, right!?”

A hunter selling goods on a stall on the floor waved his hand at Sejun.

“Sigh! How dare you name our Chairman Park…”

When Teo, who was excited by Sejun’s name being called, tried to get angry, he said,

“Vice President Te, stay still.”

Sejun hurriedly stopped Theo.

“I understand! “I’ll just stay still!”

So when Theo became quiet,

who was it?

Sejun approached, looking closely at the man wearing leather armor with a bow and a long scar on his face.


When I looked closely, it looked very familiar.

“Are you Kyeong-cheol? SeAH Electronics Oh Gyeong-cheol?!”

“okay. it’s me. “Your face has changed a lot, right?”

Kyeong-cheol, Se-jun’s mate at joining the company, scratched his head and opened his mouth in a slightly dark voice.

“how have you been doing?”

“huh. I’ve been doing well. But where did you get your skin care after you were so busy at work? “Why has your face gotten so good?”

“Hehehe. okay?!”

Sejun laughed brightly at Kyungcheol’s words. I couldn’t help but feel good when I heard that my face was good after hearing every day that my face was rotten.

“But Sejun, with what money did you buy the ticket? “Are you as smart as me?”

“uh? huh! “I was clever too!”

Because it was complicated to explain his situation, Sejun unconsciously agreed to Kyungcheol’s words.

“But did you awaken today?”

Kyung-cheol asked, looking at Se-jun’s outfit without any weapons or armor.

He sealed his abilities and took off his equipment due to restrictions on use, but it seemed to Gyeong-cheol that he was a new hunter who had now joined the tower.


“Great. “I’m level 25, so I’ll take the bus to the 7th floor!”

Before Sejun could respond, Gyeongcheol stepped forward and offered to raise Sejun.

“uh? “You’re raising me?”


Sejun is taken aback by Kyungcheol’s words.

My total stats are pretty good, but I don’t look strong?

Sejun had always been among strong beings, so he had forgotten that his talent: a lot of his energy was hidden due to his insignificant presence.


“Over there.”

A hunter approached Kyung-cheol’s street vendor and called out to him.

“ah. “Sejun, I have to sell something, so let’s meet back here in three hours.”


As Gyeong-cheol goes back to his place to sell the goods, Se-jun decides to meet later to clear up Gyeong-cheol’s misunderstanding

, but why doesn’t the land document quest appear?

I looked around the first floor of the tower, hoping that a quest would appear.

The first places I went to were the Warrior Training Center and the Wizard Training Center, where I could learn skills, but they

were rejected

[I couldn’t learn the skills because I didn’t fit the job] .

Next, we visited the potion shop.

[Lowest Healing Potion] –

When you consume 1 top coin, 5% of your stamina is immediately recovered and 5% of your stamina is slowly recovered over 10 minutes.

[Lowest Magic Power Potion] –

When you consume 1 Top Coin, your magic power is immediately restored by 3% and your stamina is slowly recovered by 3% over 10 minutes.

The effect is so poor.

Sejun, who had mugwort juice potion, didn’t want to buy it at all.

Next, I went to the equipment store, but there was nothing to see as there was only equipment for beginners.

After touring the facilities on the first floor of the tower, Sejun looked at the street vendors.

Most of them were E-class and D-class, so there weren’t many items that Sejun could use, but

oh! This is an unidentified item!

Sometimes, when I find an unappraised item that feels good, I ask,

“How much is this?”

“It’s not appraised, but it’s a D+ grade sword, so I have to get 5 top coins.”

“no way. Please cut.”

“Then 4.5?”

“Please use more.”

I bargained and bought it at a lower price.

I just wanted to buy it because it wasn’t expensive, but

it was an honor to see Chairman Park’s No. 3 sharpening in person!

I couldn’t do that because Theo was looking at me with bright eyes.

“Aileen, please appraise this.”

The unappraised items purchased with three discounts were appraised by Eileen.

[The tower manager says it is an ordinary sword with a cold spell.]

After the appraisal was over, Eileen sent the item to Sejun again.

“oh! “It rose to B level.”

Sejun smiled after receiving the item. When it was not appraised, it was a D+ grade sword, but when it was appraised, it changed into a B grade sword.

“Hehehe. “It feels like a treasure hunt.”

When Sejun was on a treasure hunt, looking for unidentified items from street vendors,

oh! I have to give that to Kyung-cheol.

A bow with quite good performance caught Sejun’s eyes.

[Longbow of Infinite Arrows]

Although it is not infinite as the name suggests, it was a B-class item that automatically fired arrows as long as you pulled the arrow string up to 1,000 arrows.

“How much is this?”

“1000 Top Coins.”

Perhaps because it was appraised and of high quality, the price was high for an item sold at a street vendor.

Of course, it’s a cheap price for Sejun, but

hehe. No matter how many times I see Chairman Park’s 3rd cut, it’s an honor!

Aren’t you tired?

“Please cut.”

Because Theo continued to have bright eyes, I bought the item again after cutting it three times.

Now, if I go to Kyung-cheol, the time will be perfect.

When Sejun, who purchased the bow, heads to where Gyeongcheol is,


There was a commotion up front.


Sejun broke through the hunters blocking his way and went to the front.

“If you want to do business here, don’t you have to pay rent to our black bear?!”

Heavily armed black bears were threatening hunters who were selling street food without their permission.

Sejun didn’t know it, but if he wanted to do business here, he had to pay rent to the Black Gompa.

What are these? What floor are they on and are they installing here?

When Sejun looks at the black bears,

boom. boom.

“I heard you buy a lot of things. Do you think you have a lot of money? “Let’s share some.”

A black bear came in front of Sejun and stuck out its front paw.


[a quest occurs.]

[Quest: Kill the Black Bear faction that is illegally occupying the market and collecting space rent, or make an agreement and regain the rights to the land.]

Reward: Recognized as the rightful owner of the market on the first floor of the Black Tower

. “Hehehe. Quest has appeared. “Deal with Vice President Te.”

“Fuhuhu. I understand!”

Sejun spoke to Theo while looking at the land document quest, and Theo smiled so evilly that he didn’t know who the villain was and disappeared from Sejun’s lap.

Along with the market, slaves were brought in to manage the market.

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