Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 422

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Episode 422 Our sausages are working hard.

Episode 422 Our sausages are working hard.

Texas, USA.


More than half of Texas is now occupied by flesh-eating predators.

It was two days ago that the movements of the flesh predators began to change strangely.

Flesh predators trying to cross the Mexican border suddenly changed direction and began attacking Texas cities again, and

around the same time, giant leeches from all over the world flocked to Texas.

It was because of Michael, who was given control of the disaster by Halfas.

Michael mobilized giant leeches to raid a feed factory that had placed orders to produce growth promoters, sending half of them to Texas.

And the number of flesh-eating predators that absorbed the growth promoters carried by the giant leeches was increasing explosively.

US White House.

“As you can see from the video, the growth of flesh predators is rapidly accelerating and their numbers are increasing rapidly.”

The Army Chief of Staff showed real-time satellite images to the President and reported. The video was full of flesh-eating predators covering the ground.

“How fast is it?”

“Originally, it took 15 days to grow into an adult, but experts say that at the current rate, it will grow into an adult in 3 days.” “

So it’s almost 5 times faster…?”

“yes. And additional reports of mutant entities have come in.”

“Mutant entity?”

When the President gave an expression of uncertainty, he said,

“Yes. “This is the object we reported during the last Houston evacuation operation.”

The Minister of Defense hurriedly used his tablet to show a monster with a cherry tomato head and human-like limbs.

“Ah… I remembered. “Please continue explaining.”

“yes. Well, let me continue explaining. “We found out where these mutants are breeding.”

“Produced? “Isn’t it growing up?”

So far, flesh predators are growing seeds. It did not fit the word breeding.

“yes. “Look at this.”

The Army Chief of Staff showed another video.

Video running at 20x speed.

In the video, there was one flesh predator that was much larger than the other individuals. Almost 30m in size.

As time passed, the cherry tomato head split and bloomed into a huge flower.

And I saw something crawling out of the mouth in the center of the flower.

“Mutant population…”

“yes. “Those mutant individuals are hunting and providing nutrients to their mothers.”

“Are there many like that?”

“Current analysis shows that one such mother appears for every million flesh predators.”

“Hmm… it’s already difficult with just flesh-eating predators… but with things like that…”

The president’s face became even darker after receiving the report.

“So what’s the plan? “What are we going to do with those guys?”

“Mr. President, I request permission to use nuclear missiles.”

The Minister of Defense opened his mouth in response to the President’s question.

However, they take damage from the high heat, so nuclear missiles can kill a large number of them.

“Nuclear missiles?! Even though···.”

The president hesitated at the word nuclear. It was natural. It was right to hesitate.

The idea of launching a nuclear weapon into the mainland United States…

was a problem that had to be considered even if there was a clear reason and justification.

“If we use hunters and the military to stop the flesh-eating predators, the damage will be too great. And if you look at their location, they are gradually moving towards the east.”

Most of Texas has already been wiped out by flesh-eating predators, so there is no significant damage even if nuclear missiles are used.

As time passes, the number of flesh predators increases and the damage increases.

The Minister of Defense persuaded the President by explaining the reasons and justification for using nuclear missiles.

“Whew. Good. No permission. “But the evacuation of people in Texas must end.”

After thinking for a while, the President opened his mouth.

“yes. Of course. “We will complete the evacuation of all citizens in Texas within 100 hours!”

As soon as the president’s permission was given, the U.S. military immediately began an evacuation operation for the people of Texas.

100 hours remaining until nuclear missile launch.

“Kkkkkk. “This is Korea.”

Michael had arrived at Gimpo Airport on a private plane to destroy the safe zone in Korea.

The cargo hold was filled with the seeds of flesh-eating predators.

The only place on Earth where there is a safe zone. In order to securely occupy the Earth, destroying the safe zone was a priority.

“Chairman, then we will move the cargo to the designated location.”


For this work, half of the giant leeches on Earth were brought to the East Sea.

The moment the safe zone disappears, giant leeches will come into Korea and supply growth promoters to the flesh-eating seeds.

“Kkkkkk. Then this small country will quickly collapse.”

And we will go straight to the continent and destroy China.

If the United States and China, the greatest powers on Earth, collapse, the future will inevitably become very easy.

After a while.

“Here it is.”


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Michael arrived at the black tower on the outskirts of Seoul’s safe zone and placed his hand on the tower.



As the power of destruction was injected into the tower, the black tower began to disappear.


75th floor of Black Tower.

“great. Then, I will take care of the Faceless Great Blade runes from now on!”

“yes. “I understand that the damage compensation that Faceless Grand Thief Rune must pay will be paid by the Wizards Association in the future.”


Iona received the consent of Mason, the head of the Wandering Merchants Association, and Hannibal, the head of the Free Mercenaries Association.

Kkkkkkkkk. Now my work will be less!

Iona headed to the 99th floor of the tower with powerful steps, imagining Rune writing the report on her behalf.

That’s how Iona arrived at the 99th floor of the tower. The members of the 99th floor of the tower were still the same.

Theo is sitting on Sejun’s lap and dozing off. Kkueng and Kamangi sleep with their butts against Sejun’s. And…

Wow?! hamster?

Iona saw a brown hamster holding a branch in one hand and eagerly eating the peanuts Sejun gave her.


How dare…my Theo Park!!!!

Iona raised her magic power and approached Heukster.


My name is Heukster…

Heukster is in a state of self-destruction after receiving a new name from Sejun.

Ododog, ohdodog. Ohdodog.

“it’s good.”

Still, I felt a little better after eating these peanuts.



Heukster suddenly trembled at the ferocious murder that was attacking him.



Heukster hurriedly put the peanut in his mouth and dug into the ground under Sejun’s legs to hide himself. Swift movement worthy of a great swordsman.

Who are you?

Heukster stuck his head out from under Sejun’s legs and looked for the being that sent death to him.



I saw a pure white hamster approaching me, emitting an evil energy.

Iona, the wizard of great destruction?! But there were also five levels of anger?!

Why are you doing this to me?

When Heukster recognized Iona and trembled in fear, he said,

“Fuhuhu. “Iona is here?!”

Theo, who had been dozing off, woke up and greeted Iona.

“Kyu-Kyu-Kyu-Yes! But Theo, who is that hamster?!”

Iona, who had become less angry just because Theo called her name, asked in an angry voice.

“ah. This is Blackster. For your information, man.”

Sejun, who figured out why Iona was angry, quickly cleared up the misunderstanding.

Sejun, who is not good at dating on his own, shows great insight at times like this.

“Pfft. “I see.”

It’s a man.

Iona smiled brightly at Sejun’s words and snuggled into Theo’s tail.


“Sejun, here is the bounty for the faceless great thief Rune.”

Iona handed the bounty she had received to Sejun.

“Hehehe. thank you. But how much is the bounty?”

Sejun asked, accepting the bag containing the bounty with a bright face.

“750 billion Topcoin.”

“There are so many.”

“yes. Because I stole a lot. Sejun, I want to hire Rune. I don’t know if you know, but the faceless great thief rune…”

Originally, Rune had to pay compensation for the damage and rot in prison for 100 years.

However, he explained earnestly that if he hired Rune, he would work to repay the damage and transfer it to other associations as well.

“okay. Do that. Even if that wasn’t the case, I was planning to send it to Iona to learn magic.”

“Really?! “I will teach you well!”

Iona’s expression brightened upon hearing Sejun’s answer, as she had planned to take Rune with her and train her for a few months to improve her magic skills.

“I learned a lot by following Blackstar Iona. Understand?”

“yes! I will do my best!”

Perhaps because it was in front of Iona, Heukster answered in a very nervous voice.

“yes?! Blackster?”

I said I wanted to hire Rune, but suddenly he’s a black star?

When Iona was embarrassed, she

said, “Rune is a black star!” “It’s the new name for the rune given by Chairman Park!”

Theo explained the circumstances of Rune to Iona.

“Pfft. That’s right! “That’s a cool name!”

Iona praises Sejun’s naming skills and

tells him to cheer up.

He looked at his compatriot, the victim of Sejun Nammyeongso, with a sympathetic expression.

“Then leave Blackster to me! “I will teach you well!”

“I’ll be back!”

Heukster, holding the branch of the World Tree tightly, said hello to Sejun and left with Iona, saying,

“Now I have to work.”

Sejun approached the sausage tree.

I harvested sausages two days ago, and there were already plenty of them.

“Our sausages are working hard.”

Sejun patted the branch of the sausage and praised it, then started harvesting the sausage.

[The sausages were harvested.]




While harvesting sausages so diligently,


Sejun’s eyes did not see a bunch of sausages, but a large, long, thick sausage with a soft glow.

It’s a giant sausage!

Sejun hurriedly harvested the sausages. Of course I thought it was a new variety.


, [I have harvested the Sacred King Sausage Rod.]

[Job experience increases slightly.]

[Harvest Lv. The skill level of 8 increases slightly.]

[100,000 experience points have been obtained.]

“Huh? Amazing?”

Is this a bong?


It smells like sausage, right?

When Sejun was smelling the sausage in his hand

, [He achieved the achievement of harvesting divine energy.]

[As an achievement reward, the shelf life of divine energy is doubled.]


Does Shinki have an expiration date?

Sejun looked at the options for the giant sausage stick.

[Great Sausage Rod]

This is a sacred device sent by Vienna, the god of sausages, who governs all sausages.

It is made from sausage and has a strong sausage smell, but is hard and flexible.

When Vienna got hungry during the battle, she ate small bites of the king’s sausage stick to fill her stomach.

When consumed, all stats increase by 20.

Expiration date: 60 days

Restriction on use: Strength 1000 or more, Dexterity 1000 or more

Creator: Vienna, the god of sausages

Grade: S

“Vienna, the god of sausages, sent you?”

Is there a god like this?

Although I was a little surprised, I

said, “Thank you. “Vienna.”

Sejun thanked Vienna for sending him new shoes and created a 1-pyeong Vienna Road.

When Sejun was making Vienna Road,



Eileen checked the vibrating crystal ball.

[Additional sacred energy has been acquired.]

[This is a disposable sacred weapon.]

[Reduces the time required to grow the Black Tower by 200 days.]

“As expected of our Sejun!”

You did something again!

When Eileen is happy

[The growth of the Black Tower has been completed.]

[The Black Tower’s functions are activated.]

[It will take 3 days to include Earth, the dimension currently managed by the Black Tower, into its management area.]

[ Three days later, the Earth will be temporarily incorporated into the 0th floor of the Black Tower.]

A black curtain has begun to cover the Earth.

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