Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 421

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Episode 421 I can’t forgive you!

Episode 421 I can’t forgive you!

“Shouldn’t you say it quickly?! yes?!”

“Bakejang Jamohadnyang!”

In return for speaking out late when there was a way, Theo had to be punished by having his cheeks stretched out by Sejun.

Thanks to this, Sejun was able to punish and heal at the same time.

“Vice President Te, so what is it that attracts you?”

I asked Theo what attracted his paw and he said,

“This is it!”

Theo pointed to his luggage again.

“okay. I know it’s in the baggage. So what is it that you feel attracted to?”

“Nyan? I didn’t put it in my luggage! “I was attracted to this bodgem!”


What are you talking about?

When Sejun was puzzled, he

said, “Catch this!”


Theo held out his luggage to Rune, and Rune accidentally placed his hand on Theo’s luggage.


The moment Rune put her hand on the bag, she felt her head become clear and refreshed, along with a slightly exhilarating feeling of coolness flowing through her fingertips.

At the same time, something occurred to my mind.

I think you know who I am!

Although it was not clear and could not be explained in words, everything felt hazy, Rune was able to recognize one of the characteristics of his true self.

I had dark brown fur!



Sejun noticed that Rune’s fur, which had turned into a blue baboon, was turning the color of brown sugar.


I know it’s because of Theo’s delivery, but… is it a good thing?

When Sejun watches Rune, he says,

“Thank you so much! Thanks to you, I found out that my original fur color was brown!”

Rune smiled brightly and thanked Sejun and Theo. He seemed happy just to find out his fur color.



Theo was greatly disappointed when he saw those runes.

The person concerned is also happy, but why?

“I can’t stamp it…”

Because the rune did not return to its original form.

Our tenacious Vice President Te still couldn’t give up on the idea of receiving Rune’s handprint and turning him into a slave.

After thanking the two, Rune took his hand off the bag and let out

a sigh.

Rune’s fur instantly changed to its original color, blue.


Rune had a strange experience where he knew in his head that his fur color was brown, but his body did not.

It was like knowing how to walk but having no legs.


Rune is disappointed by the distant feeling of loss.

When Theo and Rune were disappointed for different reasons,

what made Rune change?

Sejun looked closely at the explanation of Theo’s bot, ‘The bot of a person wandering the nine towers.’

The ability to move to another tower won’t matter…

Sejun thought for a moment.

“So what are the ingredients?”

We looked at the five ingredients used to make Theo’s Botjim.

Scales of the Great Black Dragon Branch of the World Tree Red Bones Staff of Calamity Phoenix’s Tail Feathers.

Among these, there might have been the material that had just changed the color of the runes.

It probably wasn’t the scale of the great black dragon…

If it had been, Kaiser would have given it to me with an arrogant look on his face.

The Red Bone Staff of Disaster Phoenix’s tail feathers probably don’t have much to do with finding the rune…

“Then is it a branch of the World Tree?”

“yes?! A branch of the world tree?! Was this Botjim made from branches of the World Tree?! Do you know where the World Tree is?”

Rune, excited by Sejun’s self-talk, asked a barrage of questions.

The key ingredient in the potion recipe that Rune developed to return to his original form before he was captured here was the branch of the World Tree.

The incredible resilience of the branches of the world tree.

Rune thought it would help him find himself.

In fact, it was thanks to the branches of the World Tree that Theo’s fur changed color when I touched him a little while ago.

“World tree? Of course I know. “It’s over there.”

Sejun pointed to Podori, the world tree.


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“yes? “That’s just a vine?”

Rune was confused as she looked at the grape tree that Sejun pointed to.

“okay. “It is both a vine and a world tree.”


Rune is shocked by Sejun’s words.

In the 10-volume World Tree Encyclopedia that he looked at, he said that growing world trees is very difficult.

The World Tree is sensitive, so there are so many things it has to pay attention to, including land, water, air, and sunlight, and it also has a picky personality.

So I said I couldn’t even imagine getting fruit…

But the vine in front of me… was full of delicious grapes.

They just grow well?

It didn’t seem difficult at all.

The original personalities of the World Trees are more difficult than shown in the book.

Podori also wanted to be picky with Sejun, but with Fireworks watching with the double wick on, she couldn’t even imagine her irritation.

And Bulssagi, who grew up under the care of Flames from a young age, grew up to be a world tree that knows nothing about complaints.

Of course, sausages will grow like that soon.

When Rune was confused by the gap between the world tree he learned in books and the real world tree, he said,

“I’ll just take a few branches.”

[yes! Of course!]

Sejun approached Podori and cut a few branches.


the World Tree gives its branches so easily?!

Rune was shocked again when she saw that.

In the World Tree Encyclopedia, the section on obtaining branches of the World Tree was almost three volumes long.

In the book, it is clearly stated that in order to get a branch of the World Tree, you have to please the World Tree for about 10 years to become friendly with it, and

then you have to put in about 20 years of sincerity to have a chance to get a branch…

However, Sejun too easily got a branch from the World Tree. cut it. That’s 5 too.

It’s one of two things.

Either the book was wrong, or the Sejun in front of him was very close to the World Tree.

Of course, there was nothing wrong with the book. The World Tree Encyclopedia was written by a great wise man named Wikis.

Then there is only one conclusion left.

Sejun has been acquainted with the World Tree for hundreds of years.

When Rune looks at Sejun with respect,

“Thank you for the grapes.”

[yes! Goodbye!]

In the meantime, Sejun cut 5 branches of Podori and returned after thanking Podori.

However, Rune’s eyes, which had been looking at Sejun with reverence, cooled when he heard the name of the World Tree.

Did you name the world tree ‘Podori’ because it’s a grape tree?!

Because of Sejun’s naming skills.

At this time, Rune could not have imagined that he would be the next victim.

“ruler. “Hold it.”

When Sejun handed the grape branch to Rune,


Rune carefully grabbed the branch.



This time, an exhilarating refreshing sensation that made my fingertips tingle flowed from the branches of the World Tree.

There was a world of difference in the strength of a branch of the World Tree that had lost much of its properties as it became the material for Botjim and a branch of the World Tree that had just been cut.

A clear image of his true self was drawn in Rune’s mind,

and he wriggled.

The rune’s appearance began to change into the image that appeared in my mind.

Rune’s body gets smaller and smaller. Rune turned into a brown hamster the size of the palm of her hand.

Rune was originally a hamster, the same race as Iona.


Even after transforming thousands of times, he could not find his true self…

When Rune was thrilled as he held the branch of the World Tree with his right hand and touched his own body with his left hand, he said,

“Fuhuhu.” As expected, Chairman Park is great!”

Here was another being that impressed me.

I can’t miss the opportunity given by Chairman Park!

Theo quickly took out the contract and said,

“Thank you, Sejun! Thanks to you, I found myself! I won’t forget this grace! From now on, I will serve Sejun for the rest of my life!”

“Fuhuhuhu. Then, stamp it!”


I received Rune’s handprint saying hello to Sejun.

I did it!

Theo looks at the contract with rewarding eyes.

[I own 1 slave.]

[All stats increase by 0.01 due to the effect of .]

Thanks to this, Sejun’s stats also increased.

After a while,

“Fuhuhuhu. What can Rune be good at?! “Say it quickly!”

Theo asked Rune, who was standing in front of Sejun.

“I’m good at stealing, escaping and breaking in!”

To Theo’s question, Rune answered eagerly, like an applicant going through a job interview, holding on to the branches of the World Tree with both hands.

Rune thought that he had to prove his worth here in order to keep the World Tree branch.

Of course, Sejun had no intention of doing so, but it was natural for Rune, who lived in a harsh world alone.

The answer of a great thief’s rune.


no one showed interest in Rune’s answer.

It’s a big deal!

“I know all about transformation magic and can write in 100 different handwritings! And you can even make simple magic equipment!”

Rune became impatient and started talking about what he could do, hoping to grab something in a hurry.


“Oh. “Can you make magic equipment?”

“yes! “I made these too!”

When Sejun showed interest in magic equipment, Rune hurriedly took out the equipment he had made from his vest and showed him.


“Is this all there is?”

Among the magic equipment made by Rune, there was nothing that caught Sejun’s attention. This is because most of them were equipment for escaping from locked rooms.

“You can’t make equipment that can use very strong recovery magic, use very strong defensive magic, or withstand very strong energy around it?”

If I had known how to make something like that, I wouldn’t have been caught by Sejun!

“Because I lack magic skills…”

Rune swallowed his inner thoughts welling up in his throat and gave a rational answer.

“what. are you okay. You can develop your magic skills starting now. “Iona will teach you kindly.”

Sejun was planning to send the runes to Iona.

“yes? Could it be that Iona, the head of the Iona Wizards Association, that Sejun is talking about?”

“huh. that’s right.”

I don’t think I’ll be okay…

When Rune was embarrassed about suddenly learning magic from Iona, he said,

“Come on. Now there’s something really important left. “Guys, listen carefully.”

Sejun opened his mouth with a serious expression.

“Say it!”


[I’ll listen carefully!]

Kihihihi. whing! whining!

[Hehe. Good decision! Wise Kamangi will decide… yo!]

Kamangi, who had forgotten that Theo and Kkuengi were there, spoke arrogantly, but after seeing what they were thinking, he hastily added ‘yo’ at the end.

As everyone’s attention was focused on Sejun,

“Rune has found his true self, so shouldn’t he give him a name that matches his true self? “I’ve chosen a few names. Tell me which one you like.”

Sejun got to the point. Rune is the name of a criminal. Now that I’ve found a new look, I need a new name.

That’s how Sejun Nammyeongsyo opened.

“Choose one of these: black sugar, black soup, black ham, and black steak.”

Sejun came up with four names inspired by brown sugar hamsters.

“Fuhuhuhu. “What do you like about Chairman Park?”

“I actually like Blackster.”

“Fuhuhuhu. Then, I vote for Heukster too!”

In response to Sejun’s answer, Theo hurriedly raised his front paw and shouted. It was natural. Sejun is the best writer of Black Tower that Theo knows.

“Well… I just like the name Rune…”

Rune hurriedly expressed his opinion, but


[Then Kuengi also votes for Heukster]

Kuengi’s shouting was drowned out. Of course, the best name writer Kueng knew was Sejun.

“good. Because it is more than half of the majority. Heukster wins! “Let’s do well in the future, Heukster.”

When Sejun held out his little finger to Heukster,


Heukster, whose name was changed from Rune, held Sejun’s little finger with both hands with a dark expression.

At the same time, he looked at Black Mangi and asked for help.

Please say something.

Judging by the fact that he didn’t use a table, he thought he was of the same opinion that Sejun’s naming skills were poor.


land! land!

Whip! Whip!

[I can’t forgive Blackster! He’s cooler than my name, Blackstar!]

Blackster was breaking apart, hitting the ground with his front paws.

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