Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 420

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Episode 420 But why didn’t you tell me?

Episode 420 But why didn’t you tell me?

Black Tower 81st floor.

“Follow me quickly!”


Iona is a slave…no. I arrived at the hideout of the faceless great thief Rune, accompanied by Chad, vice president of the 8th Association.

“hmm. “I can sense traces of high illusion magic here.”

Iona said as she looked at the center of the illusionary magic circle that Kuengi had broken with his force.


“Chad do you know what’s installed here?”

Iona asked Chad as he approached the entrance of the building.

“yes?! Huh. “A moving magic circle with multiple coordinates registered is installed here.”

Chad looks at Iona’s gaze and answers in a nervous voice. Fortunately, his skills were good, as if he didn’t become vice president of the 8th Association for nothing.

“that’s right. “There are moving magic circles set up in five designated locations that send people one by one in order.”

Although the details were a bit lacking.


After Iona disarmed the movement magic at the entrance, she went straight to the laboratory.

That’s how Iona arrived at the lab.


I was very surprised to see the vast amount of research data and huge amount of reagents in the lab.

What kind of research data is this?


Iona picked up a research document that had fallen on the floor and read it quickly.


The research material was about high-level transformation magic.


Iona picked up a few more research materials and looked at them.

Most of the content was about transformation magic, but there were also content that analyzed and destroyed magic patterns.

“That’s great.”

The person who wrote the research material had a very high level of understanding of magic.

This is a high-level talent!

If someone with such a high level of understanding of magic were to write a report for the Magic Association

Iona smiled, imagining something pleasant.


“what is this?”

Soon, I frowned as I looked at Chad, who was reading the research materials and making a dumb expression.

“Kk-kk-don’t you even know this?!”

“omg! “You were wrong!”

As Iona’s anger gauge rises, Chad dives head first.


Looking at Chad like that, Iona decided that she had to somehow get Rune, the faceless great thief, to work under her.

I want to make you vice president of association number 0!

Instead of prison, the sentence can be fulfilled by the Wizards’ Association, and the compensation to the victims can be paid through the salary of the Vice President of the Wizards’ Association.


you’ll have more time with Theo!

Iona feels good again as she clings to Theo’s tail and imagines being with him.

“Pfft. The power of space. Allow me a new space. “Creating subspace.”

The entire laboratory was placed in a new subspace and moved to the 75th floor of the tower.

It was to find out exactly the amount of Rune’s bounty to be given to Theo and to negotiate with other association presidents so that he could hire Rune himself.


Sejun’s subspace warehouse.

“Um…what is it this time?”

Rune came to his senses and quietly assessed the state of his body.

It would be normal for other people to first figure out where this place is, but

“It’s a blue-furred baboon.”

For Rune, it was more important to understand the condition of his body. This is because you need to know what kind of being you have transformed into so that you can move without getting hurt.

If it’s a blue-furred baboon… it’s strong, agile, and has strong teeth… its combat power is upper to mid-level.

Rune, who quickly remembered the characteristics of a blue-furred baboon, stood up.

Cheer up.

A gold coin falls from the back of such a rune. It was a gold coin placed on the body of Rune, who had turned into a cicada, to prevent Sejun from escaping.

“Where am I?”

Rune stood up and looked around.

The surrounding area was full of treasures from his treasure trove, and some crops were also visible.

Wow. Wow.

Rune was hungry, so he picked up a raw sweet potato and ate it hungrily.


what is this? Why is it so delicious?


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The thought of eating just one meal had long since turned into eating until I was full.

“I should pack a few.”

In the end, beyond filling his stomach, Rune picked up sweet potatoes and other crops in his vest.

Only then did I look to see if there was a place to go outside and asked,

“Subspace warehouse?”

I realized that the place I was trapped in was a subspace that was completely blocked from the outside and I couldn’t get out unless the owner of the space opened it.

“It’s like a subspace warehouse, all you need is a few pieces of equipment…”

Rune took out a cube-shaped magic device from his vest.

Runes could not use magic. Every time your body changes, you have to move your magic differently, but if you can adapt, you will change into a different body.

So, I created my own magic equipment that can be used even when my body changes.


Rune pressed the coin-shaped button in the center of the device

and boomed.

The equipment began scanning the subspace warehouse, emitting green light towards the surrounding area. It was to find a magic pattern.

There were magic patterns that were the source of space magic, and breaking just part of the pattern could create enough of a gap to allow a body to slip in and out.

Rune learned all of this on his own.

Rune was a genius whose understanding of magic was so good that Iona recognized it. The problem is using it for theft.


One hour for Rune’s magic equipment to understand the pattern of subspace magic.


Rune was embarrassed. The magic equipment that was supposed to find the pattern and destroy it in 10 minutes was still searching for the pattern.

No magic pattern? That couldn’t be possible…

Rune felt a huge wall for the first time in her life.

It was natural. Sejun’s subspace warehouse was completely rebuilt by Kaiser Kelion Ramter Tier’s efforts.

Great dragons who use magic like they breathe. For them, there was no such thing as a pattern used by wizards.

This is because magic is implemented with will at each time.

When 10 hours passed without any progress, it


The door to the subspace warehouse opened.

Now is your chance! Overwhelm your opponent with force and run away!

Rune hurriedly rushed out to subdue the being who opened the door.


“Huh?! monkey?”

Sejun opened the door to the subspace warehouse to take out a bowl of eggs for breakfast and found such a rune.

Thank goodness.

Rune, who did not want to harm his opponent, was relieved when he saw Sejun, who could easily stun him.



Theo and Kueng hanging on Sejun’s lap and yelling at him


[Are you going to attack him?]

When he saw Kueng standing in front of Sejun, raising his front paws and making his body bigger, his face hardened.

In my head, Theo and Kkueng, who had transformed into Blue Phoenix, pulled out his tail feathers and grabbed him by the collar,

came to mind.

Rune naturally kneeled in front of Kueng, just as she had originally intended.

Whip?! Whip!

[hey! Are you attacking me?! The great Black Man will scold you!]

Of course, Black Man barked hard at Rune to protect Sejun, but his presence was weak.

After a while,

“Fuhuhuhu. “The tuna chursu made with Chairman Park’s sincerity is delicious!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. It’s delicious!]

Kihihihi. Bip!

[Hehe. It’s delicious!]

Theo Kuengi Kamangi enjoys the breakfast made by Sejun.

And today there was one more person sitting at the table.

“Is it worth eating?”

“yes? yes “It’s super delicious!”

Rune, who was eating egg scrambles and potato soup with ketchup, answered Sejun’s question in a bright voice.

Not to mention the taste of the food, it’s been a while since she’s had a meal with someone in such a happy and comfortable atmosphere…

Everyone was reluctant to see her change shape, as if they were seeing a monster, so Rune didn’t have a single friend to eat with.

I’m so happy.

“There is a lot, so eat a lot.”


“ah. “For your information, if you want to eat a lot, you have to eat it quickly.”

Sejun looked at Kueng as he spoke. Food was quickly disappearing in front of Kuengi.

“ah. yes!”

Rune, who understood Sejun’s words, hurriedly ate the food and fortunately was able to take it one more time.

When breakfast is over

, [One member of the blue baboon tribe has been fed to the full.]

[All stats increase by 0.2 due to the effect of .]

A message appears in front of Sejun.

‘You ate it all.’

Sejun confirmed that Rune had eaten his fill and asked,

“You said Rune’s ability to transform is uncontrollable, right?”

asked Rune. It was Sejun who briefly heard Rune’s situation before eating breakfast.


Rune answered Sejun’s question in a gloomy voice.

“don’t worry. I’m done worrying now. “I know a great expert.”

“Fuhuhuhu. That’s right! All you have to do is trust Chairman Park! “No more worries about Rune!”


[If Dad is the end, then it is the end!]

Theo and Kueng agree with Sejun’s words and cling to Sejun’s knees and sides.




Kamangi couldn’t overcome his hunger and fell asleep. ah. relaxing.

“But Vice President Te, aren’t you going to work today?”

“···I’m not going! “I’m going to rest today!”

Theo refused to go to work, rubbing his forehead against Sejun’s knee.


Sejun stroked Theo’s head because he knew that Theo’s pride was hurt by the non-bidding yesterday.


After patting Theo enough, he said,

“Follow me.”

Sejun took Rune to visit the dragons drinking at the fountain.


– Sejun, that must be difficult.

Even dragons could not treat Rune’s symptoms.

“yes? why?!”

Is there anything great dragons can’t do?!

Sejun looks at the dragons with disappointed eyes.

There are a lot! I can’t farm or cook! So we’re buying you alcohol!

The dragons wanted to answer like that, but the pride of the great dragons prevented them from saying such things.

– Hmm. Sejun, this is a side effect of trying to transform into a very high-class being.

-To put it simply, it’s like trying to turn a cherry tomato into a watermelon.

-okay. How do I turn a cherry tomato into a watermelon? Should we increase the volume by reducing the density as much as possible?

-Then the cherry tomatoes will lose their properties. It’s similar to that.

So, they explained to Sejun in detail why they could not treat him.

In short, Rune’s soul lost its true form while trying to transform into a high-ranking being.


“Oh. So why isn’t there treatment?”

Sejun didn’t fully understand.

-If his soul doesn’t remember his body, we can’t find his original body.

-okay. If we use magic here to force ourselves to find our true selves, it will only cause more side effects.

-First of all, the soul must remember its true appearance.

“ah. so···.”

Only after the dragons explained in more detail did Sejun understand.

“sorry. “I made you look forward to it for no reason.”

Sejun came down the fountain and apologized to Rune.


“Ah…what did you say?”

Rune was in no mood to answer properly.

Even though it was not the original body, it was strange that he was still conscious as he faced as many as four great dragon leaders.

To be honest, I couldn’t remember anything about what the dragons said earlier.

Sejun and his companions came down to earth again.

“This is the last resort. Vice President Te Find something that appeals to you!”

Sejun shouted, holding Theo’s two front paws and pressing one against Rune’s body, just as he was afraid.

“Nyan? Meow! “I’m attracted to Chairman Park!”

“oh! really?! where are you?”

As expected, Vice President Te!

“Here you go!”

Theo proudly pointed to the baggage he was carrying.

“huh? Te Vice President Botzim?”

“That’s right!”

“When did you become attracted to me?”

“I was attracted to Rune from the moment I met him!”

But why didn’t you tell me?

When Sejun looked at Teo in bewilderment, he

said, “Fuhuhu. Didn’t I, Vice Chairman Te, say that as long as I trust Chairman Park, everything will work out?!”

Theo was shouting loudly and giving Rune a look that said, ‘Isn’t our Chairman Park amazing?’


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