Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 412

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Episode 412 I tell the story of how I received a huge temple from Park Se-jun!

Episode 412 I tell the story of how I received a huge temple from Park Se-jun!

In the middle of the merchant aisle that runs from the 10th to the 20th floor of the Green Tower,

“Krta, let’s take that money and run away.”

“okay. “If I have that money, my boss will forgive me if I go back.”

Eokta, the mid-boss of the Immortal Sect, and other subordinates were walking while persuading the youngest, Krta.


“I don’t want to!” “I cannot betray Theo Park!”

Krta, who switched lines to Theo, stubbornly refused.

On the subject of the youngest!!!

Eokta wanted to just beat Krta and take the money, but he couldn’t use violence because the contract stipulated that slaves should not fight among themselves.

“What’s wrong with you, the youngest? Then what if I meet other Immortal Sect members?!”

“okay. Then you die.”

When persuasion didn’t work, they gradually started adding threats.

But that made the situation worse.

“Brothers, I will report this to Theo Park later! And since I’m the representative, please treat me with respect from now on!”

Due to the older brothers constantly telling him to betray Theo, the youngest finally awakened to become the leader.


“Krta, are you crazy?!”

“Uh-huh! I am recognized as a representative by Theo Park! “Follow me!”

“We’ll see.”

“great. “Brother Wark, I will report to Theo Park what you just said, ‘We’ll see.’”



After that, the trolls quietly moved towards the 35th floor of the tower where the Wandering Merchant Association headquarters was located.

The Green Tower, unlike the Black Tower, had the headquarters of the Wandering Merchants Association on the 35th floor of the tower.


Black Tower 99th floor.


When Sejun opens his eyes in bed,

[The Earth Jewel’s seal has been released.]

[The Swamp God Swamp, who was sealed in the Earth Jewel, is released from the seal.]

[The Swamp God Swamp has released his seal. I repay the favor to the person who gave it to me.]

[Swamp, the god of the swamp, repays the favor by turning one square meter of the road into a swamp.]

A message was displayed.

“If it’s a swamp…”

Golden swamp? Jewel swamp? what?


To check the swamp, Sejun picked up Theo, put it on his lap

, and

put it in the sling bag


I got out of bed and marked the date on the wall. The 405th day of Iptap has begun.

Sejun came out and walked around the farm looking for a swamp.

After a while,

“Why isn’t there one?”

Even though I searched the entire farm, I couldn’t find a swamp road.

Could it be a kitchen?

Sejun headed to the kitchen and found a brown swamp created by Swamp, the god of the swamp, next to the milk fountain.

“Isn’t this what it is?”

Devil’s Chocolate Jam Notella!!!

“Hehehe. Swamp, you are a very great god.”

admit! I’ll give it a 7 out of 10!

When Sejun decides to make a 7-pyeong swamp rod,

[The seal of the five gods has been broken.]

[Quest conditions have been fulfilled.]

[5 drops of growth elixir have been obtained as a reward for completing the quest conditions.]

Message and At the same time, a small glass bottle containing a liquid that glowed in various colors appeared in Sejun’s hand.

“Is this the elixir of growth?”

Sejun looked at the light emitted from the elixir as if fascinated and checked the options for the elixir of growth.

[Elixir of Growth]

This is an elixir containing a very small amount of the energy of the Supreme Creator God.

Upon consumption, you gain 1 million experience points.

When consumed, the lowest stat of 10 among Strength, Stamina, Dexterity and Magic increases the proficiency of one of the job skills by a lot.

For every 10 drops of growth elixir, all stats increase by 100.

Amount remaining: 5 drops

Usage limit: Farmer of the Black Tower

Creator: Emilla Evenus, Apostle of the Creator God


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Grade: SSS

“What is it?”

You’re uploading so many different things?

This was the first item that simultaneously increased experience and job skill proficiency.

I felt like something was grabbing me by the collar and trying to force me to grow.

This is why it is the elixir of growth…

Sejun drank the elixir of growth right away.

The taste is…


The taste of healthy green juice that my mom made when I was young.

Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.

Sejun hurriedly drank the water and swallowed the elixir of growth.

[You have consumed 5 drops of the elixir of growth.]

[You have gained 5 million experience points.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have acquired 1 bonus stat.]

[Your strength increases by 10.]




Thanks to this, he leveled up to level 88, and his agility, the lowest stat among Sejun’s stats, increased by 50.

And among the job skills, the skill level of magic sowing, harvesting, growing crops, and you are the field has increased.

Sejun drank the elixir of growth like that.

“Raise the land.”

Using Miler’s hoe skill, I made a 7-pyeong swamp rod.

[Swamp Lord]

Swamp, the god of the swamp, who rewarded us with the devil’s chocolate jam swamp. He was a very, very good god.

“I have to make breakfast now.”

After making his way, Sejun returned to the kitchen and made breakfast.

After a while.


[Dad, good night!]

Kueng came into the kitchen with a cheerful greeting.

“Kueng, try this.”

Sejun said as he spread chocolate jam on a baguette he baked himself and put it in Kueng’s mouth.

Kueng?! Kueng!

[What is this?! It’s really delicious!]

Kueng gets excited after eating something delicious and shakes his butt.



Kkamangi was also excited and ate it, covering his mouth with chocolate jam.

After all, it’s the devil’s jam.

“Do you want to eat Vice President Te too?”

“I don’t like it! I, Vice President Te, said I was going to eat grilled fish.

But the devil’s jam didn’t work for fish lovers either.

When breakfast was over,

“Fuhuhu. “I’m coming back from Chairman Park!”

“okay. Bye.”

“I understand!”

Theo went to work on the first floor of the green tower. Of course, I put Sejun’s grilled fish lunch box in my luggage.


Seed Store Headquarters.

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun built a temple (7 pyeong) for the swamp god Swamp.]

[Holy power increases by 20.]


“7 pyeong…”

When other non-combat gods were surprised to see the size of the temple Swamp received, they said,

“Hehehe. “As expected, my prediction was correct.”

Swamp laughed as he checked the size of the temple that Sejun had built.

A swamp that was continuously trapped in a damaged earth gem.

Swamp realized one thing as he looked at the size of the temple where the other gods were released from their seals and received rewards from Sejun.

Park Se-jun is more generous with food than with gold or jewels.

So, he chose food as a reward, and as expected, Sejun rewarded him with a huge(?) temple.

“Guys, gather around. “I’m telling the story of how I received a huge temple from Park Se-jun!”

“oh! really?!”

“Tell me quickly!”

Non-combat gods gather around Swamp.


Leah, the god of abundance, also sneakily approached and listened to Swamp’s words.

After a while,

“Oh! Park Se-jun likes food more than wealth! “I’ll have to keep this in mind when I ask for something later.”

“Right. “Park Se-jun was different from people who were greedy for wealth!”

“As expected, Park Se-jun!”

“Park Sejun!”

“Park Sejun!”

The non-combat gods are happy that Park Se-jun is a more upright(?) human being than they thought and chant Se-jun’s name.


boom, boom.

When I heard the sound of a battle scene passing from the building next door, I said,

“Park Se-jun…”

“Park Se-jun…”

I quickly lowered my voice.


Green Tower 1st floor.

“10 roasted sweet potatoes!”

“I have 10 corn!”

Hunters who filled the shopping street on the first floor were buying crops at Sejun’s store.

30 hunters standing in the front row eating food.

“But when does the auction start?!”

“First of all, that cat named Theo Park should come.”

It was to buy the sturdy bladed green onions that Theo was selling.

They went outside the tower yesterday and saw for themselves the incredible effect of the sturdy blade wave, and said,

“Today, we will secure more than 100,000 pieces!”

“We have to take it at least once!”

I am here as a representative of the tribe to secure more strong blades.

“joy! “I can’t hand over anything to the Tiger Clan!”

“joy! “Victory is ours!”

Today again, Tysseus, the representative of the tiger tribe, and Maroon, the representative of the lion tribe, looked at each other and growled.

“Nyan? What? “What’s with that stupid way of talking?!”

When Maroon was laughing at Theseus,

“Mean meow meow.”

Theo appeared humming a song and opening a bag from the roof of the store.

Fuhehehe. There are a lot of Neta people today too! “I’m excited!”

He smiled brightly when he spotted the hunters gathered in front of the store.

“Hey Neta people, Vice President Te has arrived!”


Theo jumps off the roof, lands spectacularly with a superhero landing, and pulls out 30 million strong bladed green onions from the bot gym, more than yesterday.

Currently, the Black Tower still has a lot of inventory as sturdy blade green onions are being grown on the 99th floor of the tower and the 67th floor of the tower and the 49th floor of the tower.

“I’m going to start the auction!”

“30 million Topcoins for 100,000!”

“32 million Top Coins!”

The first asking price was about 10 million Topcoin higher than yesterday.

Yesterday, the hunters did not collect enough money, but today all the money of the tribal hunters was collected by the representative.

“It’s 51 million Top Coins!!”

“It’s a winning bid!”

Sturdy bladed green onions were sold around the 50 million Top Coins, and

“It’s sold out!”

Theo sold 30 million strong bladed green onions, generating sales of 15 billion Top Coins.


“Puh-hu-huh.” “I have one more crop to sell today!”

The auction wasn’t over yet.

“You have more to sell?”


When hunters are curious, they say,

“Fuhuhu. After the locust comes the leech! And you have to use this on leeches!”

Theo took out a fragrant grape full of life from the bag.

On Earth, giant vampire leeches appear after locusts, so Theo decided to sell grapes in advance.

“I’m going to start the auction!” “I will sell 5,000 flowers, 100 at a time!”

“10,000 top coins for 100 flowers!”

“12,000 Top Coins for 100 flowers!”

Hunters singing along with Theo’s shout. But the asking price was extremely low.

Hunters tried to buy grapes, attracted by their smell rather than their value as a crop that could kill leeches that had not yet appeared.

At that time

, “It’s 10 million Top Coins for 100 flowers!”

Thysseus, who completely trusts Theo, begins to raise the price and says,

“We can’t lose to the tiger people!” 15 million Top Coins!”

Maroon raised the asking price again to avoid losing to Theseus.

“It’s 33 million Top Coins!”

“It’s a winning bid!”

“30 million Top Coins!”

“It’s a winning bid!”

In the end, the fragrant grapes, full of life, were swept away by the tigers and lions.

After the auction ended,

“Fuhuhu.” “I saved some money today!”

If I save a little more, I think I can give it to Chairman Park!

When Theo was happily putting money in his luggage,

boom. Boom.

Hundreds of green trolls could be seen approaching from afar, accompanied by vibrations that shook the ground.


“Who dares to mess with the Immortal Sect?!”

The monster standing in front shouted loudly.

[Immortal Sect mid-boss Manta]

“Fuhuhuhu. You’re a slave!”

Theo smiled and approached the trolls with a nyangbo, and they

were furious.

He hit the trolls in the back and knocked them out, and at the same time signed the contract and increased the number of Krta’s successors.

When Theo was having fun making slaves,

there was a sound. A sound.

Outside the green tower, five giant vampire leeches were approaching the lion tribe territory.

Theo happened to make something similar to a prophecy.

Neta people’s trust in Theo began to rise rapidly.

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