Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 499

Episode 4

Der Vogel kämpft sich aus dem Ei.

– Birds struggle to get out of eggs.

Das Ei ist die Welt.

-The egg is the bird’s world.

Wer geboren werden will, muß eine Welt zerstören.

-Whoever wants to be born must destroy a world.

Der Vogel fliegt zu Gott.

– Birds fly towards God.

Der Gott heißt… …

-The name of that god is… …

* * *

“Yes, Sancho! Were you alive!?”

“Tudor! my friend! How are you!?”

Tudor and Sancho look at each other with dumbfounded expressions.

The two of them stood facing each other with dazed expressions for a while and soon shared a hot manly hug.

“I thought you were dead!”

“me too!”

The two of them hugged each other and cried.


“excuse me. Friendship is good too. Will you take care of me a little bit of love?”

Bianca, who stood behind Tudor, had veins sprouting from her forehead.

“Bianca! They are my two!”

“What, what kind of year are Dulcine’s?”

“That’s just an idiomatic expression… … .”

As soon as Tudor and Bianca reunited, they started quarreling.

at that time.

“Okay… … here is?”

Among the many resurrected soldiers, a man stood up.

And Tudor, Sancho, and Bianca recognized the man’s face at a glance.

“Second Prince!?”

* * *

There is an old man here.

Cold eyes, a stubborn nose, a mouth that doesn’t look compassionate, and a mustache that creates a heavy atmosphere.

The old man who exudes this ruthless impression is now.


I was crying.

It’s also very funky.

“Roxana! Penelope!”

Hugo Les Baskervilles, the head of the Baskerville family, was expelling all the moisture from his body through his eyes while holding his wife and daughter in his arms.

And Roxana and Penelope look at each other’s faces with dumbfounded expressions.

“How did we survive?”

But now there was something more important than that.

“Pomerian! My sweetheart!”

Penelope held the little girl, probably six or seven, in her arms.

Then, towards Pomerian, who blinks as if he doesn’t know anything, Hugo thrusts his tear-stained face.

“house owner! Starting today, you are the head of the Baskerville family! This old lady will do anything for you!”

“Wuueng- mustache thin!”

“You don’t like mustaches!? Hello! Is there no one! bring me my sword! nope! You can grab it with your hands and tear it off!”

Hugo cried for a while longer, hugging his wife, daughter, and granddaughter.

… … and.

Osiris, the eldest son, was making a somewhat dazed expression at the sight of his father for the first time in his life.

“is it. Was your father a human after all?”

He smiled lightly and turned his head.

Standing there was his brother, Set.

“older brother.”

“Yes, aww.”

“I don’t know what to say. Because I was taken over by the devil… … .”

“I know everything. say no more If everyone was revived, that would be enough. You are not guilty.”

“older brother… … .”

Set started to weep.

Before long, Osiris, who had comforted Set’s shoulders, turned his head.

I see a familiar face in the bell tower beyond the balustrade.

Sin D Wendy.

She was looking at Osiris with a wavering gaze.


Before long, Xindi Wendy turned and disappeared down the stairs.

… Tarak!

Osiris ran after Sindi Wendy.

* * *

A little more time passed.

The Morgue family and the Baskerville family, who became the in-laws, held a friendly competition.

Instructors were strolling while 8-year-old boys and girls were fighting.

“If we seriously hurt each other, it counts as a defeat. Keep this in mind!”

“Heh hee hee – you always work hard.”

cried Instructor Pavlov van Baskerville.

And Deacon Barrymore, who is watching it, laughs.

The two started laughing and chatting.

“I heard that the butler is also very talented. He said he cut down a great number of demons.”

“I’m sorry. I’ve been serving the Baskervilles all my life. When I was young, there were times when I had a fight with the head of the household.”

“Hahaha- Speaking of which, the head of household has grown older and has become much more gentle. It’s to the point where I can’t even imagine what it looked like in the past.”

“That’s right. The years are so fleeting.”

Right then.

… Kwak!

An explosion of noise from the gymnasium interrupted their conversation.

“Let’s make a decision today!”

“Very smashed liquor taste!”

The Hive of the Baskervilles and the Hysis of the Morgue were fiercely fighting each other.

“Let’s make a decision!”

“You can do nothing but copy your brother! you stupid!”

By the side of the two swords and magic colliding tightly, it can be seen that the younger brothers, Middle Bro and Middle Sis, are also maintaining a tight relationship.

Hive, Middle, Low.

High Sys, Middle Sys, Low Sys.

The triplets of the House of Baskerville and the three sisters of the House of Morgue radiate strength to each other.


Is it because of the commonality of overcoming the war together and reviving on the same battlefield at the same time?

Their rivalry was raging even today.

… … of course.

“I guess it’s because the hyungs are idiots, so they don’t even get tired.”

“Unnies are also cha-am~ can’t be honest.”

It didn’t seem like it was just like that when I saw Loubro and Lowis holding hands tightly.

Baskerville and Morgue, a pair of handsome men and women, hugging each other tightly, at the feet of each other, a piece of newspaper flutters in the wind.

[Extra] Marquis of Sade, 666th prison break failure!?

-In the afternoon of last night, another prison break occurred in ‘Nouvelle Vague’, which is called the worst prison… …

-The main culprit of the prison break is again the ‘Marquis de Sade’… …

-His granddaughter, Professor ‘Sadi’ disguised herself as a guard and tried to rescue her grandfather… …

-It was stopped by the joint attack of ‘Lieutenant General Suware’ and Count ‘Isabella’, who were just in place… …

-The first person who discovered Professor Saadi disguised as a jailer is known as ‘Colonel Kirko’ and is a hot topic… …

-She is known for her strict and stern behavior, and is known as the guard among guards and the elite among elites… …

-On the other hand, it is known that Professor Saadi’s whereabouts are unknown after he escaped… …

* * *

And some time ago from the time when the Baskervilles and the Morgues formed a relationship with their in-laws.

“… … .”

There was another person who gained a new life from ‘the day of complete resuscitation’.

An unknown minor.

Not even known by name.

A veteran with a more famous surname, Baskerville, sat alone at the fountain in the square.

“… … .”

For a while, he quietly gazed at the scenery of the plaza.

After retirement, while thinking about what to do with my life in the future.

at that time.

“Buy flowers- these are fresh flowers-”

A girl passes by the fountain.

at that time.

“… … !”

The girl suddenly stopped walking in front of the fountain.

Then, she approached the man with a blank expression and handed the flower in his hand.

It was a white and clean lily.

The man looked at the flower and made a puzzled expression.

“I have no money.”

“I’m just giving it to you.”

The girl gave the man a flower.

“Why are you giving me this?”

“Just. Somehow I feel like that should be the case.”

The girl smiled brightly.

and asked the man

“My name is ‘Nymphet’. What about you?”

“… … Bikir.”

When the man said his name, the girl smiled brightly.

“Thank you for protecting this world. Uncle soldier.”

yet. After the girl leaves, the man is left alone in the square with a flower in his hand.

After looking at the flowers for a while, he muttered in a low voice.

“… … Shall we start a flower shop?”

at that time.

“I was here.”

A strange voice came from behind.

A woman wearing a deep red hood came to the man.

The man tilted his head as if seeing the woman for the first time.

Then, the woman pulled back the hood that was covering her face.

“… … !”

Then, the man’s expression is startled.

“Meet the war hero, Empress Wu Chet.”

“Ah, okay. No need to say hello.”

The woman seemed to be striding forward, but soon her stride narrowed again.

She leaned against the banister of the fountain with a slightly awkward, clumsy, somewhat shy gait.

It was right next to the man.

“… … What is Camus-nim doing here?”

“Omit the honorifics. You are the same age.”

“Are you the same age as me? I didn’t know.”

At the man’s words, the woman laughed.

Before long, she peers into the man’s face with a staring gaze.

‘Don’t pay attention to other people’s husbands.’

‘I am you and you are me?’

‘Ah, look at this!’

There was a voice ringing in my ears.

She laughed and murmured.

“I am you, you are me… … This is this, that is that, this is this.”


The man looks at the woman as if he doesn’t know why.

After thinking about something for a while, the woman nodded.

“The flower.”


“Can you give it to me?”


The man seemed a little taken aback.

But the woman didn’t care and continued.

“just. I just thought I’d like to get to know you a little bit.”

over there is over there.

This was this side’s job.

* * *

“Yeah. Everything worked out.”

“I mean.”

Bikir laughed as Camus clapped his hands.

All the people who died unjustly due to the devil’s tricks came back to life.

Because Kamyu adjusted the level of the spell down to the smallest level, the dead did not come back to life, regardless of whether they were evil or demonic.


“Will I, in this world, come back to life? The Red Death was also a trick of the devil.”

“By the way, the original Vikir from this world is also really cool. It must be a middle-aged person with a sense of maturity… … .”

“Hey- hyung, I heard you liked flower arrangements when you were little. In a world without fighting, you aim to become a flower artist.”

“The New Wave in this world has also been restored. Looking at the newspaper, it seems that I, too, are in good health. Happy.”

Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko, who had crossed over from their original world to this world, were still busy talking.

Everyone in this world and everyone in the other world were all revived.

However, the six people on this side who crossed the world line decided not to interfere in their fate any longer.

“Now we have to make plans for our lives.”

“I have to adapt to this world.”

“There is a subtle difference, but I don’t think there is anything particularly difficult about it.”

“As long as you have money, you can live anywhere!”

“You guys are really easy-going guys. Do you like it.”


“… … .”

Only Bikirman was still holding on to unresolved concerns.

[…] … Right. Is it a milestone? Was this my role?]

[You will get what you want just by traveling here.]

[But even after you get what you want, you guys will have no choice but to come back here.]

[Because that’s what ‘he’ wants.]

What Baal said that day does not leave my mind.


‘And when the last moment of life comes, come to this place.’

Is it because of the mystery of the abyss of magic?

What is that voice that came from Baal’s head for an instant?

“… … .”

Bikir ran her chin with her finger.

I don’t know who the owner of that voice was, but for some reason, there was a place that immediately came to mind.

“… … The Tomb of the Knife.”

Bikir let his voice out of his mouth without even realizing it.

OK .

“what? Tomb of the Swordsman? where are you?”

“I have heard from a revived soldier. The place where demons were mysteriously slaughtered.”

“I heard it’s on the salt flats of Uyuni, right? But why… … .”

“what? I suddenly feel strong. Brother, you’re not going to leave again, are you?”

“There are plenty of possibilities. If it is that man.”

The five women, preoccupied with chatter, listened to Bikir’s muttering.

Camus, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko quietly began to observe Bikir’s condition.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

And Bikir, completely unaware of this fact, muttered quietly to himself.

“I guess I’ll have to meet the virtuoso guarding the place once more.”

Memories from long ago come to mind.

‘I’ll see you again someday.’

Both fists are clenched.

… Kwak!

It was truly a sense of well-being that I hadn’t felt in a long time.

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