Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 497

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Episode 2

“… … The drink of complete resuscitation.”

Camus on this side was skeptical.

“That’s something that can only be attempted once you reach the level of being able to draw at least 10 mana wheels, isn’t it virtually impossible?”

“It’s close to impossible, but not impossible. Just because it’s close to fire doesn’t mean it’s fire, right?”

“Don’t play with words. I know because I have thought countless times to complete this ceremony. But it was a wall I could never get over by myself.”

“yes. I agree with you on that point.”

“… … ?”

When the Camus on this side showed a puzzled expression, the Camus on the other side continued.

“I mean ‘alone’.”

Morgue Mu Camus.

How many people have ever betrayed her?

How many people did not meet her expectations?

His strong skills, arrogant disposition, and distrust of others accumulated through countless wounds.

All of this made her distrustful of others.

… … But what about himself?

Camus over there said in a confident voice.

“I am a magic genius. The strongest Morgue.”

“… … .”

“You are also a magical genius. The strongest Morgue.”

“… … .”

“What if the two of us join hands and make up for each other’s shortcomings? Aren’t you excited to see what will happen?”

“… … .”

Camus on this side kept his mouth shut.

Because she did not trust others, she had always been alone in meditating to check her mana.

Eventually, after a long silence, Camus on this side opened her mouth.

“… … Can it really be revived? everyone.”

“I can’t give you a definitive answer, of course. But if there is even a slight possibility, shouldn’t it be a challenge?”

At the words of the other Camus, the Camus of this side nodded.

at last.


Two rare magic geniuses joined hands.

The purpose was the ‘sake of complete resuscitation’, a forbidden technique that no one had ever succeeded in.

“One right now?”

“Aren’t you confident?”

“No way.”

Camus on this side came down to the floor and stood up.

And he stood facing Camus over there.

Camus over there took a small deep breath.

And he opened his mouth in a low voice.

“Do you know that the beginning of the Morgue family was a morgue, a morgue?”

“… … !”

“It was also a small family that took full responsibility for keeping only unidentified corpses.”

Over there, Camus was retrieving memories from a very long time ago.

‘Morgue’ is a name for a very old bloodline that has been passed down since before humans established the concept of family or nation. it was

Retrieving corpses that were so damaged that it was difficult to recognize them, finding the bereaved family, handing over the corpses, and receiving compensation.

As a result, there were many things that were naturally with the dead, and as time passed, those who could communicate with the dead gradually appeared.

Even when they once enjoyed power comparable to that of a single country, even when the line was cut off for decades after the fall, even when they were once again called the head family of magic, those who were born with this strange ability steadily appeared

A nostalgic voice that is no longer there.

For Camus over there, he is a lifelong benefactor.

The voice of a teacher who left behind a heavy debt that could not be repaid.

“So, strictly speaking, the beginning of the House of Morgue is very close to death. Since the founders were the ones who conversed with the dead and served them.”

“… … Is it that you have been in touch with the Dark Magician since birth?”



The Camus on this side listened quietly to what the Camus on the other side was saying.

Eventually, she opened her mouth.

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of that, even though I’m the head of Morgue. There was a time when the elders of the dark hall said something similar to that… … The war with the demons was in full swing, so I didn’t have time to listen.”

“It’s just what I heard from Master.”

The teacher over there, Camus, refers to the representative of Snake.

The Camus on this side who knew that just frowned.

“But why are you saying that now?”

“The dark magicians of Morgue are naturally aware of it. The truth that human beings can explore and understand throughout their lives is just a handful of sand picked up from a sandy beach.”

“Then where is most of the truth?”

“You ask me the same question as I did back then.”

Camus on the other side smiled and continued.

“After death. over the door.”

“… … !”


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Camus on this side opened her eyes slightly wider.

Camus over there met her gaze without flinching.

Only when we cross the door of death do we become completely free and eternal.

You will be able to explore the infinite truth behind it.

Before long, Camus from this side spoke.

“So you turned to the Dark Mage. To become familiar with death.”

“no. Quite the opposite. It was to guard against death first.”


Camus on this side tilts her head again.

He also seemed to be seeing his old self, so the other Camus smiled bitterly.

“Warlocks are the ones who despise death the most.”

“Why is that?”

“Because before you can understand and feel familiar with death, you must first understand and feel familiar with life.”

“… … !”

Camus on this side listens silently.

Up to this age, I had never listened to anyone so calmly.

‘Well, isn’t it someone else’s words.’

While Camus on this side was thinking this to herself, Camus on the other side continued talking.

“Life. feelings toward others. love. friendship. trust. organic relationship with all the things in the world. gratitude for being alive. preciousness of life. Only after understanding these things can you understand true death. Everything is two-sided.”

“Can’t we get acquainted with death first? I guess it would be like me.”

“That’s a good question. May the Master answer that question… … No, you will be angry if you hear it. I was a little angry at that time too.”

Camus over there remembered the answer he had heard from Snake at the time.

‘It’s nothing more than ostentatious idiots imitating warlocks.’

If Camus on our side heard that, even more so if it was from the snake he hated so much, he might be even more furious.

“Whatever. Contrary to popular prejudice, a true warlock should be able to love and deeply understand living things more than anyone else.”

“… … He who loves all living and sympathizes with all dying. In a way, he must be something close to what people in the world call a great sage or saint. Are the extremes connected?”

“It is me too. You understand quickly.”

The two Camus talked for a long time.

And in the meantime, Bikir watched the two women’s advice for a long time.


Two Camus sat facing each other in the center of the magic circle.

“To complete the art of complete resuscitation, you must go to the abyss of magic and learn the theories and formulas that were lacking.”

“It is the foundation of this world, the place where all the truth is stored, so you can find the part you want. It will take a long time.”

The Camu of the other side has already tried this technique once and failed.

“I have the know-how from that time, so I will never fail this time.”

Camus sat cross-legged with a firm expression on his face.


… Wow!

The two Camus started infusing mana into the magic circle.

Deed deed deed deed deed-

The magic circle is triggered.

Countless complex shapes radiated light.

stuff in the middle.

That is, 35 liters of water, 20 kilograms of carbon, 4 liters of ammonia, 1.5 kilograms of lime, 800 grams of phosphorus, 250 grams of salt, 100 grams of potassium nitrate, 80 grams of sulfur, 7.5 grams of fluorine, 5 grams of iron, 3 grams of silicon, and other trace elements. 15 memories of blood and flesh… … All of this started giving off a nasty stench, heat and fumes.

‘… … Wait, the stench?’

This Camus hardened his expression.

I don’t know what the process was, but I knew the result.

‘It’s a failure!’

This Camus intuitively sensed it.

right at that moment.

“It is not a failure!”

The Camus over there shouted sharply.

It reawakened the mind of Camus, which had been temporarily clouded by confusion and agitation.

Before long, something strange began to rise in the center of the magic circle.

… … ! … … ! … … ! … … !

The other side of Camus who saw it gritted her teeth.

“See you again! nice to meet!”

At that time, I just thought that I shouldn’t let ‘that’ come out of the magic circle.

But that thought was short-lived.

Rather than preventing ‘that’ from coming out of the magic circle, this side should rather go inside of ‘that’.

Over there, Camus started to control Mana with all her might.

ssssssss… …

The wraith tree moves.

The enormous amount of negative dimension mana stolen from Seere was flowing in a magic circle by Kamyu’s delicate manipulation.

“Eh, suppressing this physically? Are you a monster?”

“Hoho- what are you praising yourself for? You do your part too!”

Hearing the laughter of the Camus on the other side, the Camus on this side gritted their teeth as well.


Two Camus control the magic circle.


… Kwak!

The magic circle broke and mana flowed back.

Momentary binge drinking, heat, and strong winds.

Exposed to the mind-bending shockwave, the two Camus experienced death, albeit for a moment.

Near-death. Everything shatters and returns to nothingness.

Right then.


There was a voice that held the two women’s consciousness firmly together.

Bikir. He was giving power to the two Camus from beyond the magic circle.

“… … ! … … ! … … !”

Camus over there straightened her bent back with all her might.

‘Master! Give me strength!’

Recalling Snake’s face, Camus took a deep breath.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

The scene in her consciousness is shared with Camus on this side.

A black door can be seen in the center of the magic circle.

Wide open.

Camu’s body was being sucked into it by itself.

Toward the distant abyss where stars and clouds of gas drift.

like dust.

… … Right then.


There was someone blocking the way.

A man stood in front of the door waving a black cloak. Morgue Snake.

He said to Camus without looking back.

‘Go back.’

‘Your picnic isn’t over yet, so go back and say it was beautiful.’

In the abyss, the snake stepped toward the door beyond the calling of dawn, dew, sunset, and clouds.

‘I want to become a black magician who can love life.’

That was the end.

… … It was then.

But not this time.


Camu began releasing mana with tremendous momentum.



The darkness rising from the center of the magic circle began to take the form of a huge door, no, a hole.

It sucked in everything around it with incredible strength and appetite.

The two Kamu and Vikir also could not escape being dragged into it.

“… … !”

“… … !”

Bikir, who instinctively resists the powerful suction power that sucks in the body, and Camus here,

However, the reaction of Camus over there was different.

“No need to resist! You just have to drag it! ‘That’ is the entrance to the abyss!”

In order to perfectly master the art of complete resuscitation, there is no choice but to go on an exploration into that terrifying hole that evokes the fear of humans.

‘… … Master!’

Camus gritted his teeth once again.

The road that Snake had left first that day.

An unknown realm where stars, clouds, gas and dust play.

‘Magic Abyss’.

The place that Camu is making as its final destination has been revealed.

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