Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 496

Episode 1

By the time the river of blood is slowly drying up.

It happened on a hill in the Western Front, where the battle with the remnants of the demon army had not yet ended.

* * *

The fortress of Morgue, which is composed of countless towers.

It looks like there are numerous skewers stuck in the ground.

Among them, the basement of the tower is hidden in the most remote place.

Like this, each secret underground space exists in the bright hall and the dark hall that make up Morgue.

One of them is ‘Ambu(暗扶)’, which is called the deep part of Dark Hall.

An underground space extending over 600 floors below the ground.

And on the lowest floor, the 666th floor, is the headquarters of Amdang.

This was a space known only to the representatives of the dark party, inaccessible to the Empire’s surveillance, the devil’s gaze, and even the head of the Morgue family.

The bottom of the endless spiral staircase.

There, a woman is seen sitting on a throne with her eyes closed.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

A wizard checking the mana flowing through the veins of his whole body.

With her red hair and fair skin, she was a great mage who had risen to the highest level even at a glance.

Morgue Mu Camus.

She trusts no one and relies on no one.

I have been fighting fiercely with the world standing alone all my life, sometimes winning and sometimes losing, and living every moment like a person who has never been hurt before.

“Whoa… … .”

Eventually, after meditating, Kamyu opened his eyes.

When a bondi wizard checks mana, it is bound to be very vulnerable.

There is a saying, ‘A wizard who checks mana is like a crab or shrimp that has just shed its skin’.

So Camus always meditated only on the 666th floor of the dark side, where no one could enter or leave.

absolute self-righteousness.

No one believes in it, so I don’t even set up a separate protection law.

Your body is something that only you can protect and protect.

… … Together.

“Are you done meditating? Are you longer than usual?”

What Camus saw as soon as he opened his eyes was an unbelievable sight.

A mask with a stork’s beak.

For a woman emerged from behind a stone pillar, wearing a gloomy and ominous mask.

First of all, it is surprising that outsiders exist on the 666th floor, where only members of the dark party can enter.

“… … than usual?”

More than anything, this statement made Camus frown.

This means that the unidentified intruder in front of him watched Kamu meditate for a long, long time.

In reality, Camus had been immersed in meditation for a longer time than usual, so those words were not a mere provocation.


Mana boils around.

Camus summoned flames and iron skewers and threw them at the intruders in front of him.

“I don’t know who it is, but die first. Ask questions after that.”

Camu, a master of the necromantic arts, was more comfortable and accustomed to dealing with the dead than the living.

Especially when interrogating prisoners or spies.


Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The unbelievable sight made her eyes widen.

Flames and iron skewers. It flew from the other side and offset Camu’s attack.

And then something else happened that terrified her.

sssssssss… …

Branches long and thin, like a woman’s hair, hang down in front of Camus.

Ghost Tree.

A tree of mana that takes root in the magician’s imagination and grows with the karma of the soul as food.

An incomprehensible existence that feeds on abstraction and metaphysics and brings its harvest to the material world.

And it was also the proclamation of the eighth demon lord, ‘Seere’.

“No, nonsense! Seeere, I must have annihilated that bastard along with Snake!”

Camus was shocked.

It was a natural reaction.

It’s like the demon lord you killed a long time ago is back alive.


“calm down. I’m not here to fight.”

The masked woman took a step back after neutralizing Camu’s attack neatly.

“What are you? Are you the devil’s lord? How do you have the power of number eight?”

“like this.”

At Camu’s question, the woman shrugged one shoulder.

Then something crawled out of her shoulder.

“Three, Seere… … is it?”

Camus was about to shout in surprise, but stopped talking for a moment.

The thing in front of me right now is a bit lacking in terms of being ‘Seere, the demon of necromancy’ that once brought this world to the brink of destruction.

“… … Why are you so small?”

Camus half-opened his mouth in amazement at Seeere, who had become small and insignificant.

The unidentified woman tilted the mask on her face and said.

“I absorbed most of it.”

“… … demonic powers? Is that possible?”

“It is possible.”

Then Camus made an impression as if it were absurd.

“Since you’re a crazy bitch, you didn’t have anything to eat, so you picked up the devil’s power and ate it, right? You’re not usually a crazy bitch. There will be no benefit to the world by keeping him alive.”

“Don’t lie down and spit.”

“… … ?”

Camus tilts her head as if she doesn’t know why.

Then, the woman took off the mask that was covering her face and threw it away.

Red hair, red eyes, and somewhat familiar features.

“… … !”

Camus opened her eyes wide.

The one in front of Camus was Camus.

“What, what?”

“What is it? you.”

Camu took off his mask and walked forward with a smile.

“I thought you were very old, but you are not very old? it’s me too You are beautiful no matter how old you are.”

“… … ?”

Kamyu walked and stood in front of Camus, who said he did not know why.

Eventually, Camus revealed his identity.

“I am you who crossed the parallel world.”

“What dog… … .”

“Does it sound like X?”

“… … .”

Camus in his 20s raised his head.

Although the Camus in front of me has reached the middle age beyond adulthood, there is not much difference in appearance from the Camus in their 20s.

“Let’s make it easy to distinguish between ‘you on this side’ and ‘me on the other side’. After all, I am from another world.”

“What nonsense have you been talking about since before?”

The Camus on this side gritted his teeth and said.

“The devil kills. He also kills those who use demonic powers. You just have to kill them all.”

“… … Oh. It is much hotter here than in the west.”

Before long, the fire and skewers shot by the Camus on this side fly in.

Camus on the other side defended it by holding up Seere, who was tied to the root of the Wraith Tree, like a shield.

[Kyaaaaaaaaaaa! Camus! It hurts so much! I’m not Dekarabia, oh oh oh!]

Watching Seeere scream and howl, Camus on this side half-opens his mouth as if it were absurd.

at that time.

“Can you believe this?”

Camus on the other side threw a token of reconciliation to Camus on this side.

… Took!

It was Baal’s neck.

Camus on this side opened her eyes wide.

“This is Baal! First Monarch! Did you kill this guy?”

“Exactly, it’s just a shell, but that’s it. The main body seems to be hiding somewhere else.”

Camus on the other side continued as if it was not a big deal.

“I couldn’t find where Baal’s true body was. In the meantime, he caught and beat countless demons, but everyone said he didn’t know. Maybe Baal itself doesn’t seem to have much interest in conquering the human world? It was a problem because there were only a lot of low-level demons who wanted to inherit his legacy.”

“How do you know that?”

“I told you. you are me and i am you So I was able to come in here too.”

Camus over there looked around after speaking.

The sealing device on the door that only reacts to Kamyu’s body, the familiar array of pillars, and even the magic circle drawn on the floor.

Everything was as Camus knew.

Before I knew it, Camus over there had tears in his eyes.

“This is the place where Master passed away. Tears still come to my mind when I think of Uncle Snake… … .”

“what? snake? teacher? Why is that filthy beast your teacher?”

“what? beast? Did you just say Uncle Snake is a beast?”

“… … ?”

“… … ?”

Before long, the two Camus confronted each other sharply.

“I have only one uncle, Uncle Adolf. Although he died after being caught up in an all-out barrage of demons. Snake, that vile, nasty man is just a dog who sold his soul to the devil.”

“If you insult my teacher, no matter how much I say, I won’t forgive you.”

“Shut up. Snake is an unscrupulous traitor who drove Uncle Adolf and Mother to their deaths.”

“Not for me.”

“Isn’t that different from what you just said four years ago? I am you and you are me.”

“Looks like this isn’t it.”

The mood of reconciliation, which was almost created for a very short time as a shell of Baal, soon became dangerous again like a plate of thin ice.

Right then.

“I sent you to hold hands, so what if you mess up?”

A low voice came from behind the stone pillar.

Before long, a shadow appeared in the middle of the two camus.

Bikir. A hound that has crossed over several lives.

A wounded old man stood there.


“… … !”

Camus on this side hesitated.

The eyes of the man who appeared in front of her were deep and intense enough to make even the arrogant and stubborn woman, who was called Empress Wu, hesitate.

Besides, even just looking at it, why does my body lose strength and my heart trembles… … Feelings that I have never experienced in my life just sprout from the depths of my heart… …

“hey! What you looking at!”

However, the Camus on this side had no choice but to come to their senses suddenly at the sound of the Camus on the other side shouting.

Camus on the other side ran quickly and crossed Bikir’s arms.

And he gave a firm warning to Camus on this side.

“Don’t set your eyes on someone else’s husband.”

“I am you and you are me?”

“Ah, look at this!”

Camus on the other side snorted as if it was absurd.

Before long, she asked the other herself and her husband (?) in front of her.

“so. Why did you come here?”

Then Camus on this side answered.

“Let’s hold hands.”

“hand? What, do you want to do nail art?”

“I am you and you are me, so you know my personality, right? If you twist me one more time, I will kill you.”

“I am you and you are me, so you know my personality. Kill me where.”

“Ha, this bitch is really… … .”

At that time, Bikir shook his head as if he knew this would happen, and again interrupted the two.

“It is about joining forces.”

“What do you want to join forces with? To killing demons?”

“Besides that. isn’t there another one more fundamental.”

“… … What else is more important than killing demons?”

“The work of restoring mankind.”


Bikir continued and answered Camus question.

“Since the age of destruction, 99.99% of humanity has died out. Tudor, Bianca, Sancho, Piggy and many others have died in this world. The same goes for those who became hosts of demons and were only used.”

“How can you do that? The dead are the dead. I can’t come back now… … .”

Camus on this side lowered her head with a watery voice.

He was probably thinking of Lespane or Adolf, who died in the war against the demons.


“Isn’t there a way to resurrect them all?”

At Bikir’s words, this side’s Camus raises its head.

And in front of him stood Camus from the other side.


Camus stamps the floor with her feet, with a bright expression on her face.

And on the floor, you can see a large, incomplete magic circle drawn on the floor.

In an instant, Kamyu over there widened his eyes.

A more agitated expression than any expression he had ever shown.


The voices of the two Camus come together as one.

“The sake of complete resuscitation!”

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