Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 495

Episode 495: The day after the end (2)

Continental year BE 1020.

The river of blood finally dried up.

The war between the human world and the demon world, which lasted for decades, left a terrifying record in the history books as the ‘age of destruction’.

And the day when the victory of the human world is engraved on the rock.

A head was hung at the front gate of Tochika, the last fortress of mankind.


aka ‘Mother of Perdition’.

72 Spiritual support of demons.

From the day its head fell to the ground, the era of destruction came to an end.

And there were a few who did a great job in driving Baal and other demons out of the land.

The family head of the House of Morgue, ‘Morg Mu Camus’.

The head of the Baskerville family, ‘Osiris the Baskerville’.

The head of the bourgeois family, ‘Bourgeois Sinclair’.

The pope of the Quo Vadis family, ‘Dolores Rune Quo Vadis’.

Nouvelle Vague’s collection ‘Orca Montreuil-sur-Mer Jabe… … ‘.



In addition to that, there are countless heroes, so humanity could barely survive.

… … but.

There were also heroes who did not leave their names in the history books despite fighting more brilliantly than anyone else.

They appeared out of nowhere one day.

Appearing with the eighth guiding star, they suddenly fell onto the battlefield and drove away the demons like messengers promising salvation.

Age unknown, identity unknown, name unknown.

However, among the six heroes, the man who was the leader definitely used Baskerville’s swordsmanship.

Rumors circulated that he had been on the ranks of the 9th class that he could not climb while alive, but the truth was never revealed.

In addition, other characters also have many unique questions, so they have not been listed in official history books.

Surprisingly, they had exactly the same appearance and the same powers as the characters that already existed, such as ‘Morg Mu Camus’, ‘Dolores Rune Quo Vadis’, and ‘Bourgeois Sinclair’, one of the heroes who saved mankind.

Some came from a barbarian tribe that had already been exterminated long ago, and there was a deserter guard of unknown rank who was vaguely assumed to have once belonged to the New Wave.

In the end, Baal fell by their hands and a long peace came to mankind.

Right after the end of the era of destruction, they were able to receive a small amount of territory in recognition of only a small part of their enormous achievements.

Jigadongwoo (只可同憂) Ungainly joy (不可同憂).

They voluntarily withdrew from the ugly squabbles of their work, contented with a small (considering their merits, so small as to be considered absurd) reward, quietly secluded themselves in their estates, and have not been seen in the world since.

It is only assumed by the world that they are living a quiet and comfortable last year with a large family and numerous children under their care.

… … .


As a diligent officer, as a historian with a burning passion for learning, as a writer loved by the public, and as a survivor of an era of destruction, I couldn’t help but have additional questions while writing this journal.

Where did they come from and where are they going?

Who are they and what purpose and thoughts did they live with?

This is a question that cannot be answered no matter how much I ponder and research, and at the same time, it can be said that it is a homework that the author and all mankind who have been saved by them must study throughout their lives.

In a situation where everything is just a question, the guide constellation they came down to today is silent and only shines brightly.

Seven stars shining so brightly… …

-‘Nymphet’ 『The History of Magic』, Volume 3,021 page 中-

* * *

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A dry wind blows away a layer of the skin of the desert.

A long, gray beard with black blood blowing in the wind.

An old man was walking on top of the salt flats.

Is it a side effect of the one who went back in time?

A body that only gets one year old when others are ten or twenty years old.

The children grow up, and the children’s children grow up, and the children’s children’s children grow up, and again and again… … Anyway, a very long time has passed.

The old man is about to leave now.

Throwing off all those restraints and restraints, and surrendering to the instincts that I had been patiently suppressing for a very, very long time ago, for the past eons.


Once again, the wind blows and cuts away the rocks.

The old man silently climbed over the crescent moon-shaped sand dunes with salty salt sand.


The old man began to see what he was looking for.

it tops.

It was a dark red tower jutting out above the white horizon.

This tower, which looked like an awl protruding from the ground, was tinged with the black light of the night sky and the red light of blood at the same time.

‘The Tomb of the Sword’

Seeing the poor writing on the front of the tower, the old man nodded quietly.

“… … A true Baskerville is born in the ‘cradle of the sword’.”

After a moment of silence, the old man continued.

“… … A true Baskerville dies in the ‘grave of the sword.’”

Right then.

[This is the grave of the sword. The place where those who pursue the ultimate of the sword will come for the last time.]

There was a loud laugh echoing through the tower.

Before long, the upper part of the tower opened like a dog’s mouth.

Inside the tower, he saw an iron throne and an old man in black armor sitting on it.

Baskerville with a long white beard.

The former seven counts who have gone through the turbulent times of the reigning kings and the strongest man of mankind who could not do anything even in the era of destruction.

He stroked his white beard and smiled broadly.

[It’s obviously a familiar face even seeing it for the first time. Does the intuition of a superhuman who has reached the highest realm transcend even time and space?]

The old gray beard did not answer the white beard’s words.

He just pulled out a dark red blade with the back of his hand.

Seeing the momentum that the old gray beard gave off, the old white beard smiled with satisfaction.


Two old men with white and gray beards swung their swords at each other.

It was a very fleeting moment.

The moment when nine teeth meet nine teeth.

The gray-bearded old man stopped moving as if struck by lightning.

And in the meantime, my body shuddered as if something that had been blocked for a really long time had been opened.

At the same time, space-time began to distort.

… Quick!

A small halo of light twinkled as the nine teeth tangled fiercely.

it teeth. It was the tenth tooth.

It was so small that it was hard to see, but it was clearly attached to the side of the nine teeth.

yet. The storm has subsided.

There is only one person left. There was only one gray-bearded old man.

He raised his head and looked at the tower.

After standing like that for a long time, I slowly move my steps.

inside the tower.

And behind the gray-bearded old man slowly entering the tower.

[Your birth will be like the sword’s birth, and your death will be like the sword’s death.]

The voice of the old man with white beard, now gone, was fading away.

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… Kwak!

Hot flames soared with a loud explosion.

“Who said it was over!?”

A woman whose anger was soaring to the top of her head was stamping her feet.

“Ah-oh! Is it a side effect of time travel, or is it a body that does not age? This is the old habit of running away without a word again! Guess who isn’t from the Baskervilles!”

Her red hair glows like a volcano erupting.

Red-hot flames and black iron skewers soared viciously around them.

And beside her, beside her, was a woman with tanned skin.

The strong muscles, the bow on his back, and the choker on his neck were impressive.

“I want to have many children. It’s still not enough to rebuild our tribe. And in the yard where fertility is recommended as a virtue because the human population is already small… … You have to fill in at least three digits.”

Aboriginal woman preaching the virtues of fertility.

And next to it, I see a woman in a white nun’s uniform knitting with a calm attitude.

“Oops. Calm down everyone. Excessive excitement is bad for the body. Well, at this point, it’s almost half-body territory anyway, so there’s nothing to hurt your body… … . oh? ho, is that it? Just because the body has become strong and supreme… … Are you asking for too much? Isn’t that why he felt fear and left!?”

A saintess who is the first to panic after having a calm attitude.

The one who opened her mouth after that was a woman with short white hair that looked good on her.

“Hyung, stop working hard. So it bounced again. I always cry like this, but I must have run away because I was too noisy. Wherever you go, you always follow me. People have to have faith.”

A white-haired woman criticizing other women.

The last person to join the conversation was a cold-looking woman with black hair and red eyes.

“Leave it to me. Catching runaway prisoners is my specialty. I found where he ran away this time too.”

Then all the girls’ eyes sparkled.

“where? Where did you go this time?”

“It’s obvious. Isn’t that the desert again?”

“I’m disappointed if you went looking for that tower, it’s always the same pattern.”

“I thought it was a little different this time?”

“don’t worry. I already found that tower too. I’ve completed the field trip twice, so I can visit it with my eyes closed.”

The five women instantly got along.

Even though we always quarrel, when this kind of situation comes up, we have always joined forces to solve the problem at once.

“Wait and see! If you get caught this time, you’re going to go crazy and get a 50-year sentence! Dead very!”

“Eolsssi, the bitch who would hang on to please come back while squeezing tears and runny nose when we meet her is always good at talking.”

“I miss you already. I don’t want to be away even for a moment… … .”

“What are you worried about? I have a lot of time. By the way, if I get caught this time, my older brother’s allowance will be cut in half.”

“Isn’t it because you keep reducing your allowance like that that you’re running away from home?”

“Then why don’t we double the number of defensive battles instead of cutting our pocket money in half?”

“I think I would be more afraid of that.”

“I just like to look at it from the side.”

“Ugh- How many years have you been pretending, really?”

“But this time it seemed like he was really trying to run away.”

“hey! After all, it’s a tomb of swords! It’s obvious. I marked them all on the map.”

“Oh, there? Where was that one basilisk guarding? He hasn’t come out since the last time I went on a pre-exploration trip and beat him up so green and green.”

“If I had an idea for a map, I would have already been frightened and moved to the nest. It’s a high-ranking monster with high intelligence.”

“By the way, is it time to find out?”

“Oh, over there! see!”

Four or five chatty women cross the desert to the tower.

[A life in which you have to run away and run away from pursuit until the end of your life. Words that dwell on loneliness and solitude.]

[But those who pursue you will find you. And in the end, I will reach where you are.]

[You cannot run away from them. forever. forever.]

[see. The angry expressions of those pursuing you. Your miserable future, which will be bound and bound by them forever.]

It was the moment when the ominous oracle prophesied by someone a long time ago came true.

[Five pieces will come in the end!]

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