Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 493

Episode 493: The Hound Runs (4)

The dark clouds on the horizon recede.

The sun rose, the rain fell, and a double rainbow appeared.

The demons lost their power and were fleeing to the bottom of the sea.

… Kwak! with a plop! Rumble-

The Kraken, the strongest enemy of the Tochka Alliance, collapses under the water, losing all tentacles.

The imperial palace could be seen collapsing in the distance.

“Ah!? The black fog has lifted!”

“Bikir did it!”

“… … also!”

Tudor, Sancho, and Bianca let out shouts of joy.


“Hmm. Do you have a bad feeling about something?”

Standing on top of the large monster’s corpse, Kamyu had been feeling a sense of incongruity ever since.

The flow of mana was unusual. A huge demonic energy was felt, then cut off, and weakly flowed out again.

This was a completely new kind of aura that didn’t belong to Andras.

Moreover, Bikir’s energy was fading as if it were about to break.

It’s not a matter of vitality, it’s a feeling of going a very long distance.

“Camus, what’s wrong? Do you feel something bad?”

Morgue Adolf appears over the corpse of the monster across the street.

Camus simply nodded his head in response to his uncle’s question.

“… … Is it a feeling as a woman?”

And around that time, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko, who were as talented as Camus, also felt suspicious.


Camus immediately jumped off the surface and ran.

And after that, four shadows followed.

Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair and Kirko.

Camus looked back and was annoyed at their appearance.

“what! Why are you following me!”

“I, too, have been keeping an eye on the imperial palace since a while ago. I don’t like the feeling.”

“Vikir-sama could have been hurt. We need to treat it as soon as possible.”

“It’s because I’m worried about my brother. It’s time to borrow at least a cat’s hand!”

“I was following him from the beginning. Any problems?”

Right then.

Chow ah ah-

The sea level parted and a vast land appeared beneath it.

baby madam. The guy was showing his back to the five women, including Kamyu, as if asking them to get on.


Camus, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko climbed on the back of the young madam and headed for the imperial palace.

and soon.

They end up witnessing a shocking scene.

It was Piggy resurrected from the dead, and Vikir standing in front of the portal covered in blood.

Camu was the first to let out a shrieking scream.

“Where are you going! Hey… … !”

I was so embarrassed and angry that the double desire came out to the tip of my tongue and then went back in.

Kamyu suppressed his anger by pressing his chest with both hands.

“after… … no way I barely corrected my tone, but you can’t swear again. What the fuck!”

But no matter how much I endured it, I couldn’t stand it.

Then she extended a trembling finger and pointed at Bikir.

“Where are you going!?”

“… … .”

At Camu’s sharp question, Bikire only widened her eyes and was unable to say anything.

And after a little more time passed there, I was able to barely open my mouth to answer.

“Where I came from. I go where I should have been.”

“Damn it! Where you should be is by my side! Still don’t know!?”

The area around Camu’s eyes was dyed red, like the color of her pupils.

“… … Do you always think of yourself?”

“… … .”

“Aren’t you thinking of me who always thinks of you?”

Camus continued in a hushed voice.

“Who am I to break all the marriage talks that have come into the house?”

“… … .”

“Because of who, I couldn’t enjoy the love that everyone else did, the school life that everyone else did, and spent all my youth rummaging through the jungle of the Red Mountains? In addition, even Jinro was turned off with black magic, making it awkward with his uncle… … .”

“… … .”

“You didn’t even know that I became a member of the Cancer Party to meet you, right? And when I transferred to the school and went to meet him, I wonder if I will fall into the pit, if I come out, I will be judged and sent to prison, if I escaped, I will not have a sit-in in Tochika, or if I will invade the imperial palace… … .”

“… … .”

“You bastard! Guess who isn’t the Baskerville hound!”

Camus was ready to use his own magic.

Vikir seemed unable to handle Kamu’s wrath in his present state, so he quietly raised his hands and fell from the portal.

Only then did Camu’s momentum subside a little.

Bikir suddenly took a closer look at Kamu’s face.

Certainly quite a bit of time has passed.

Although the youthful face of the 8-year-old still remained, she became a full-fledged young lady.

I thought it was just a puppy love that I would give up after a certain amount of time, but I didn’t think it was that.

At that time, another woman walked out next to Camus.

It was Iyen.

“You must not have forgotten the time in the flood, right? And what happened at Nouvelle Vague.”

“… … .”

“The first time I saw you was inside the cages of slave traders. I had a hunch when you saved me. that I will be with you for the rest of my life No harsh and harsh fate will be able to separate us.”

“… … .”

“Even when the red death was popular, even when I was trapped in Naraksu, I have never forgotten you for a moment. That’s why I went directly into New Wave to save you.”

Iyan’s face was unusually red.

“And I am already married. You’ve seen everything I can’t see. Even urinating… … .”

At that time, when the word urine came out of Iyen’s mouth, the face of the person next to him turned red.

I saw Dolores wiggling her fingers.

“… … me, me.”

After hesitating for a long time, she mustered up the courage.

“I’ve been working hard to be of help to Vikir! As a soul mate, I studied the resonance phenomenon diligently so as not to cause any inconvenience, and also followed the demon hunting! And to complete the mission left by Bikir, he formed an organization called ‘The Night Walkers’… … .”

Dolores looked up at Bikir with eyes filled with tears.

“I’ve been working hard on my own… … It is too much to leave without giving a compliment.”

And next to her stood another woman who had been with the Night Walkers so far.


She was looking up at Bikir with clear eyes.

“Brother. Do you remember what you said to me before?”

“… … .”

“You said what to see, what to believe, and what choices to make are entirely personal matters.”

“… … .”

“Your brother is right. So I am going to make a decision that is entirely my responsibility.”

“… … .”

“Let’s go out with me brother! Seriously on the premise of marriage! We promised when we had a late-night snack together in the dormitory! One day, when my brother achieves everything he wants, he will accept me as his bride!”

Camu, Iyen, and Dolores’ eyes narrowed at Sinclair’s explosive remark.

Taking advantage of the gap between them, a fifth voice was heard.

It was Kirko.

“Grim. No Bikir.”

“… … .”

“I am still bewildered. Why did you save me, and how did Gareum feel? Everything is just confusing.”

“… … .”

“So for a while, I want to follow you and find the meaning of my life. What to live for.”

“… … .”

“Anyway, I was already prepared for death once. Without you, there is no relationship or attachment in this world.”

“… … .”

“I don’t know if it sounds a bit brazen, but… … Since you saved me from disappearing with my hometown, I wonder if you have that level of responsibility. So take me with you to where you used to live.”

Camus, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, Kirko.

They were sending eyes as determined as Vikir’s.

Bikir opened his mouth in a cracked, hoarse voice.

“The place where I originally was is an impoverished place.”

Then all five women nodded.

“know. I can guess from your personality.”

“What kind of environment did you grow up in to have such a bad personality?”

“The real Vikir-sama needs to reflect.”

“Brother. Do you have a personality problem?”

“It’s a harsher place than New Wave… … I’m a little curious.”

Bikir spoke again.

“I am a lousy human being. The burden you carry is heavy… … And he’s too old.”

Then all five women nodded again.

“I know you suck. Thank you if you know~ Because I love you, such a lousy person.”

“I did seem older. Look at the way you talk or act.”

“In the first place, our Pope said that Vikir-nim’s soul seemed old from the beginning. That’s why he called inspiration in the first meeting… … .”

“I suddenly remembered the part about carrying it. Hyung, remember when I was in Naraksu before, you kicked me for carrying the dragon’s fist? I have a secret back~ I will make you regret kicking me.”

“How big is the age difference between a man and a woman? I’ve never been in a relationship, so I don’t know… … Is it strange to be 50 years older?”

They sighed and walked up the stairs.


Camus, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko stood behind Vikir.

Just like it always has been.

Of course, even when they saw the scenery beyond the dimensional door, the color of their faces did not change.

“I can’t send you alone to such a bloody place. remember? The words that I said I would be with you even after the threshold of death.”

“I will go too. Because I also want to help my tribe who may be alive on the other side.”

“I saw Vikir-nim’s inner self in the Cimmeries’ Naraksu. You said you were a colleague. Share the burden, Mr. Choco.”

“Wherever my brother goes, I will follow him unconditionally. Don’t even think about leaving.”

“It is a strange place. Has the New Wave over there also collapsed? I still want to go.”

at last. Bikir couldn’t help but sigh.

“Do whatever you want.”

Bikir turns towards the dimensional door.

Camu, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko follow Bikir.

And there was a faint smile on the corner of Piggy’s mouth as he looked at all of this.

“… … They are good people.”

Eventually, the dimensional door closes.

Bikir threw herself into the twisting space beyond the blazing fire.

The dog of the Baskervilles, the hound that walked at night.

He finishes all the duties he has been shouldering and returns to his original place.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

My eyes began to rotate far away.

Every sense of the body is twisted.

The clockwork was ticking backwards.

And between the second hands, Piggy, the last message of a friend he left and who is now leaving him fades away.

‘I wish you a wonderful trip, friend.’

That was the last time in this world.

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