Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 488

Episode 488: Marquis of Discord (6)

[That means there are sixty-two more demons stronger than me beyond the gates of destruction.]

The shock that hit the back of the head instantly turned my vision into a dizzying darkness.

Even if Andras’ words were a mockery, he knew that they were not lies.

“… … ! … … ! … … !”

This is because the malevolent gazes felt from all over the dimensional gate were coming to the skin in real time.

The skin becomes hot as if it has been exposed to light through a magnifying glass for a long time, the unpleasant sensation as if countless insects are digging deep into the intestines, and the feeling of being watched by countless gazes on your every move.

I feel that the remaining 62 great evils are watching this side.

The gazes I felt through the walls of blazing black fire flew like thick spears and pierced my body and soul.

A normal person would vomit blood and die from receiving one of these gazes.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

Vikir saw huge shadows cast over the dozens of portals Andras had created.

The snake that eats the nebula, the leader of the insects, the king of the vampires, the scorpion that spews thick poison, the woman who looks beautiful on the outside but doesn’t know what’s inside, the angler that eats the desert, the priority of all rotten things, the centipede that wraps around the mountains, The one who walks under the sea, the giant tearing the earth, the lion drinking fire, the bird with wings covering the sky, the executioner by the grave, the rotting corpse lying in the swamp, the tentacle burrowing deep, and so on… … .

All sorts of ominous names were showing interest in this side of the world.

They drool and turn around to look this way.

A world where the door to destruction has not yet been opened, where there are still things to destroy and ruin!

Bikir gritted his teeth.

… … !

Some of those gigantic shadows cast over the portal have already noticed the existence of this side of the world.

And among them, some of the more sinister in particular were preparing to come over to this world.

Gazes of great malice and intense desire to destroy that had never been felt even in the age of destruction.

Andras giggled.

[The 62 demons in the other world are absolutes that even I can’t stand against! And among them, there are noble people who I cannot even dare to have an audience with, who cannot even kiss the shadow cast on the ground.]

“… … .”

Vikir looked through the huge portal in the foremost.

A shadow cast thickly over the army of monsters.

It gave off a stench that would make your nose burst.

You can see the name ‘Baal’ written on the flag in the language of the long-lost suzerain of Sorcery.

The shadow of evil it casts was thicker and darker than anything else, and it was also ominous.

‘… … It looks stronger and more evil than all the tens of times I’ve dealt with so far.’

Even the Dekaravia hanging from his chest was trembling.

[The author is the mother of the 72 demons, the ‘mother of destruction’. When the author crosses over here, everything is over. That day is the end of this world. He is one and all, all and one being… … .]

It was only then that Bikir realized the meaning of what Dekarabia had said earlier.

[Then, are you confident enough to handle the wrath of your own people? Can you completely take the wrath of the one who is ‘one and all’, ‘all and one’ with your own body?]

[…] … The answer will be kept forever by oath.]

The Zen dialogue between Belial and Decarabia during the battle at Bourgeois.

It was probably a warning to the rest of the 62 Demons, who were preparing reinforcements beyond the dimensional gates after the Age of Desolation.

Andras opened his mouth.

[Building the Gates of Destruction is a horse. It is the task of building a bridge for the 72 demons of the polar hell to cross, each leading an army conscripted from their territory. Our last row is the pilot who came over here for that.]

“… … .”

[You may have thought that the war was over after you died, but that is a big mistake. On the other side of the world line, we just finished our work and fell behind. Now, the remaining humans in the other world face true destruction against the remaining 62 demons. You should consider yourself fortunate that you died before then and were brought to me.]

Andras looked at Vikir.

Then he opened his mouth, emitting darkness and stench from his eyes.

[It’s not too late now. If you tell me the identity and location of my sister, I’ll close this door even now. I also don’t want to send up what I can finish on my line. Interfering with the world is just as complex.]

“… … ”

[It’s not the world you used to live in, but wouldn’t this world feel more friendly now? Do you want this world to be destroyed just like the other world, which is wrong anyway?]

Andras created countless illusions in the dark cloud he created.


It depicts all the people that Bikir has met since his return, and all the ties that he has formed.

‘Don’t try to handle everything alone. You’ve come this far, think of the people who think of you.’

‘Everyone gathered here is following Vikir. Wherever Bikir goes, he’s the kind of people who are ready to follow, right?’

‘I’m always watching, so you stop going in. I can’t do it, even if it hurts my health.’

‘Stop fighting. It’s time for Hyung-ah to be confused.’

‘… … Are you going to the golden castle? I’ve only come across it in literature.’

The voices passing by my ears are as vivid as if they are coming from the side.

Camu, who always occupied the seat next to me.

Dolores, who has been silently supporting her without making any difficult noises.

Iyan, who not only saved his life, but also went through life and death many times.

Sinclair chose to stay by Vikir’s side after overcoming the conflict and anguish in her heart.

Kirko left her hometown and followed without a word in the terrible war to come.

And that’s not all.

The friends I met in the sea of ​​red and black mountains.

The friends I met at the Colosseo Academy.

The ties that were entangled in the Nouvelle Vague.

The triplets Hive, Middle, and Low who first met as enemies in the Baskervilles and became trustworthy servants.

The eldest son, Osiris, who has always felt distant and cold, but now looks like an older brother who is not good at expressing emotions.

The seven counts now have a bond in their own way.

… … And feelings for Hugo that I still can’t explain.

And it reminds me of countless other faces that only look at me.

The darkness in my vision shuddered loudly. The visions surrounded Bikir and moved so vividly that they could be caught if touched.

[Now, you have no other options. If you want to close the dimensional door, accept my offer.]

Andras, who knows full well that Vikir will never be able to defeat them, continues to wriggle his tongue.

however. Bikir did not waver at all.

“There is a way to kill you and close that door.”

[Are you still dreaming! The portal I created cannot be closed by anyone but me! Unlike the Gates of Destruction! Have you ever seen a hole in your clothes fill up by itself? If I die, this door will remain like this for the rest of my life!]

Andras continued to push Vikir as if he was full of energy.

But Bikir’s attitude remained firm.

“I don’t make a deal with the devil. He just kills.”

[You’re crazy. Do you really have no intention of closing this door?]

Andras’ threat was becoming more and more tangible.

The ends of the 62 shadows that are slowly cast over the dimensional door gather toward Bikir.

However, despite this, Bikir maintains a consistent attitude.

“no. It can be closed.”

At that, Andras tried to shout out loud.

… … Right then.

Andras, who had just choked up the words ‘How did you do it!’, could only hear the sound of the wind blowing away.


A knife sticking out of the chest.

The blade on the back that pierced the back and came out of the chest was supplying hot mana to the dimension door and pierced the heart of Andras, who was beating.

[…] … ?]

Andras’ face instantly changed to that of 1st Crown Prince Jack Meridue.


His head spins slowly, rattling like a rusty clockwork.

Before long, the scenery behind the back of the head comes into view.

There lay a heavy coffin attached to a chain.

An item that Bikir had been carrying on his shoulder ever since he entered the imperial palace, no, from the time he sailed from Tochika.

The lid of the coffin, which was as heavy as the sense of duty, guilt, and resentment and hatred towards demons that the old demon hunter had kept in his heart all his life, was now wide open.

And the being that was lying there is now driving a knife into Andras’ back.

Upon recognizing his face, the prince’s eyes widened as if they would tear.

The owner of the hand holding the hilt.

He piggies right away.

It was just Piggy without a last name.

An inferior student at the academy. She is a weak friend who has always followed Bikir.

But for some reason, the brilliance emanating from his eyes now overwhelmed Andras, who was facing his gaze.

Before long, Andras groped through the mouth of the prince.

[Golding… … Golding Ralph. Golding Piggy Ralphrad… … No, Andras!]

The 2nd Crown Prince, one of the two bloodlines connecting the imperial family.

At the same time, the first of the tens of thousands, another heteromorphic Andras, who was also a heteromorphic Andras, stood there.

1st Crown Prince and 2nd Crown Prince. And the heterogeneous beings gathered in one place.

<‘One Poem’ Andras>

Risk level: S+

size : ?

Discovery Location: In the depths of the Gate of Destruction, ‘The Serpent’s Womb’

– aka ‘The First Corpse’.

One of the ten catastrophes that lead to humanity’s natural enemy, incomprehensible, and unkillable.

“Both worlds will be dark.”

– 『The Ten Commandments』 10:above –

It was the appearance of a true No. 1 poem.

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