Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 487

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Episode 487: Marquis of Discord (5)

The river of blood finally dried up.

The war between the human world and the demon world, which lasted for decades, left a terrifying record in the history books as the ‘age of destruction’.

And the day when the victory of the human world is engraved on the rock.

A neck was hung at the front gate of the Baskervilles, famous for their iron-blooded swordsmen.

<Name: Bikir van Baskerville>

<Crime Name: Negotiation>

Bikir. ‘Bikir van Baskerville’.

The illegitimate son of Hugo Les Baskerville, the head of the Baskerville family.

The shadow that has been covered with countless blood on the back of the family.

It was the hound of the Baskervilles.

* * *

… … .

A severed neck is silent.

The world where the dog’s neck was hung was still suffering from the aftereffects of the war.

The half-destroyed ecliptic.

Red and black mountains were devastated by fire and water.

Colosseo Academy turned into ruins.

Dozens or hundreds of Narak trees soared up to the sky.

Leviathan, Donquixote, and Usher, who are still consumed by the red death.

The Baskervilles where only gun smoke rises.

Corrupted Quo Vadis.

The fallen bourgeoisie.

Morgue struggles alone.

The corpses of Tochika, who had dried up due to the lack of drinking water.

Broken Angel Statue.

The collapsed clock tower.

Nouvelle Vague disappeared without a trace… … .

How can I forget this familiar landscape!

How could that wasteland reddened with the blood of comrades who died countless times… … !

“… … ! … … ! … … !”

Bikir trembled as if struck by lightning.


Andras did not open the door to destruction.

However, it was no more than opening the door to destruction.

The other side of the world where the door to destruction is already open.

The world where Bikir lived and died before returning.

They rumbled open the dimensional gates leading there!

[Whoop whoop- The world line where the door to destruction is already open. It is the door leading there.]

This wasn’t achieved only by Andras’ ability.

Emperor’s lineage.

Golding Gerald, the emperor of the great rock empire that unified the continent into one, was said to have the ability to see the future.

The 1st Crown Prince of the Golding family, who inherited the lineage of the first emperor, also had power inherent in the lineage.

As a result of the combination of the host’s ability to foresee the future and the unique ability of ‘opening the door’, Andras has the ability to transcend the time axis and open the door to the past or future world.

In other words, he obtained the power to interfere with the parallel world.

Although that ability was quite limited in many ways, in fact, it was an enormous power.

Unlike others who chose a host with outstanding military power, Andras chose a host with this ability that he could use best.

As a result, it was also possible for Bikir to stand here now.

Andras smirked.

[Are you ready to accept the deal now? If you just tell me who my brother is and where he is now, I will spare you the worst.]

“… … .”

[You’re not thinking of destroying this world, are you? Are you going to bring misfortune wherever you go? Shouldn’t at least one side of the world be protected?]

“… … .”

Bikir frowned.

The original world where oneself dies and does not exist.

The door of destruction is already open there, and the destruction of the polar hell has descended.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

There and the present world were about to connect.

Although it passed through one bridge, it was somehow indirectly connected to hell.

The rain of fire will flood.

Many monsters will come over.

Again, it was clear that countless human beings would perish.


“… … In the past life, man has won. In any case, the age of perdition is over.”


Although 99% of humanity died and Vikir was also executed due to the plot left by the devil at the end… … As a result, humans did not become extinct.

Although belatedly, a great flood occurred and ended the monsoon season.

All of them died or disappeared after exhausting their mana.


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The thousand lights that covered the whole world were extinguished and all the remnants of the monsters were hunted down.

Private return (事必歸正).

All the insignificant things that passed through the gates of destruction eventually disappeared.

As a result, although there were only a handful of humans left like the grains of sand on a sandy beach, winning was still winning.

“So, even if we made a dimensional gate that connects to that world, there will be no fire or monsters that will come over to this world.”

Bikir gritted his teeth and said.

Before returning, humanity escaped the end due to the sacrifices of countless heroes.

That was what he saw clearly before he was decapitated.

However, Andras only laughed as if it was ridiculous.

[Do you really think so?]

“… … what?”

[Do you really think destruction is over and you humans have won?]

Andras is bursting with laughter beyond ridicule.

And underneath that unpleasant smile, there was a composure and malice that could not be hidden.

Before long, several more dimensional gates opened nearby.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

A portal with dark aura.

A transparent film like a mirror appears in the darkness.

The world beyond the portal became visible a little farther away.

A wider land and a higher sky began to come into view.


“… … !?”

Bikir’s eyes filled with amazement and disbelief.

In the shaking pupil, the image of the world that I had no memory of was clearly visible.

After Bikir was executed, the world was becoming more and more devastating.

From the highlands where the surviving humans had gathered, a huge flame could be seen rising continuously.

I hear the roar of the giant monsters that I thought were already extinct.

A centipede coiling around a mountain, a cephalopod as large as an island rising from the sea, a giant tearing up from the ground, a bird big enough to cover the sky, and various beasts running across the land.

And even at first glance, demons with mighty magical powers were running amok leading countless hordes of monsters.

The desert to the east was full of human blood and turned to mud.

A storm was blowing strong enough to turn the western jungle into a wasteland.

The southern sea has turned into rotten water due to an outbreak of a terrible plague.

A tsunami of fire, hot enough to turn the snowfield in the north into a lava field, is coming.

The demons and monsters rampaging in swarms were more ruthless and more ferocious compared to any dire times Vikir had ever been through.

oh-oh oh oh oh oh… …

All that can be heard is screams of anger, sorrow, and grief.

The few remaining humans were fighting desperately, but it seemed obvious that they would not last long.

“Oh, how is this? Surely I died after seeing the victory of the Human Union… … !?”

It is rare for Bikir to panic.

Even more so after returning.

However, what was happening now was sure to surprise even the seasoned veterans who had crossed countless lines of fire.

“This is nonsense. Is that really the world I lived in?”

Bikir’s pupils trembled.

The world in front of her eyes was definitely the world Bikir originally lived in.

This was according to an intuition that reached the level of a superman.

A terrifying sight that far exceeds all the horrors that Bikir had seen and heard before returning.

Even the regressors who have gone through the era of destruction cannot help but be astonished.

– Got it! More demons are coming!

-annihilation! Annihilation!

-This… … This is impossible!

-How much longer do we have to fight!

– I’d rather kill you! Kill!

-I rather liked it when the Gates of Destruction first appeared.

– Heroes are all dead too!

-… … it’s over. Now is the real end.



Countless people were dying.

The situation is becoming serious enough that even the veterans and strongmen who overcame the era of destruction with Bikir died like garbage.

The monsters that jumped out of the gate of destruction and the Tensangshi who led them were nothing more than a ‘tutorial’.

Although he doubted two or three times that Andras was showing subtle hallucinations.

[…] … human. That is not hallucination or brainwashing. It’s really real.]

As long as the same thing can be seen in the eyes of the demon Dekaravia, it is not a lie.

The landscape now visible through the portal was clearly the world after Vikir was executed.

Andras grabbed the pierced belly as if he was going to die funny.

[What did I say earlier? Did you say that the world became much more stable after you died? If you have to ask, that was a lie.]

“I can’t do that! I must have died watching all ten of them lose!”

[Good job. It’s true that we failed. It’s ‘us’ anyway.]

“… … !?”

Andras smiled and continued.

[If only the ‘Door of Destruction’ remains, demons can rebuild their power. Do you know why?]

And soon, unbelievable words continued from Andras’ mouth.

[We are only the ‘weakest’ among demon lords.]

obvious story.

A common cliché.

… … But there are reasons for all of these things to work.

That’s because those obvious and common things reflect reality the best.

Before long, huge shadows are cast beyond the numerous portals.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

The shadows were so large and colossal that they were not enough to cast a heavy shadow on the other side of the world, extending beyond the portal to this side of the world.

Andras said.

[I am Andras. ‘The Marquis of Discord’. And the devil of the last stone, only 63rd out of 72 ranks. … … Do you know what this means?]

Along with a smile, the corners of the mouth go beyond the ears and tear up to the top of the head.

[That means there are sixty-two more demons stronger than me beyond the gates of destruction.]

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