Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 486

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Episode 486: Marquis of Discord (4)

[The realm of type 9 is beyond the threshold of death… … ]

A voice that breaks far away.

The supreme realm that I looked into in an extremely short moment left like a mark on my retina.

As a result of drawing the landscape of the place in the air once again like a hand-painted ink painting, nine teeth, which are known to be absolutely impossible while alive, were created.

The trajectory of an animated star cluster.

… Flash!

The stage of the Baskerville 9th was shown.


Blood spurts from Andras’ mouth.

The nine teeth that twisted and tore the boundary between life and death tore apart Andras’ body in an instant.

Bikir stood still with a dazed expression.

At first glance, the posture of just standing there in awe.

But Andras’ eyes were seeing something completely different.


A dark red aura rising with terrifying momentum.

A dog of death with bright red eyes and an open mouth on a black body.

[…] … is it. Well, since I’ve been through death several times, I don’t know if it’s possible to go through life and death while alive. But I can’t really reach it.]

Andras muttered in amazement.

However, there was still a strange composure in the movement of the hand that pulled out the sword at the waist.


Red flames burn on the hilt, which looks like it was made by mixing volcanic ash with water and kneading it.

Kazanbai, one of the seven guitas, fell on Bikir’s head.

The demonic sword, Baalzebub, blocks the fire falling vertically, deflects it, and immediately launches a counterattack.

… Caang! earth! kang! Qwagigiggig-

Fragments of the aura are scattered in all directions along with countless sparks.

‘I’m glad I only have one knife.’

Vikir thought as she returned Andras’ sword.

Before returning, Andras, who originally carried two swords, Kazanbai and Asmodeus, was currently using one sword.

Since the master of double swordsman was using only one sword, it was much easier to deal with.

[Sheesh. Is it really difficult with a divided body? It has to be a proper one… … ]

Andras blinked his eyes and corrected his posture.

Bikir radiated a dark red aura and gathered nine teeth into one place.

… Kururrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

black sun. A more massive and massive star appeared.

A huge black sphere of slashing that sucks everything in front of it into its center and then pulverizes it from the inside.

Andras, who saw that, laughed as if it was absurd.

[After awakening at the end of the final match, a 1:1 match with the final boss. Isn’t it too obvious a cliché?]

“Stories that sell well are there for a reason.”

[…] … That’s right.]

At the same time, a dull noise broke out.

Andras’ face was split horizontally, leaving only his mouth.


Bikir’s sword comes back bent at an odd angle in the air.

Andras instantly regenerated his face, spread his wings, and stepped back.


In the blink of an eye, dozens of battles were fought.

… Flash!

A thousand fires of fire from Andras melted the surrounding golden pillars.

Vikir swung a slash through the flowing ceiling and pillars.

Andras also struck Vikir with a flaming sword.

The moment the final clash was expected, the moment I moved away, I felt as if someone was standing behind me.

The warmth on his back that he felt on the battlefield in Tochika.

A reassurance that I didn’t want to admit.

Before long, a small voice echoed in Bikir’s ears.

‘You grew up well.’

A voice that sounds as clear as if it were right next to you.

The moment he recalled that memory, Bikir felt an unprecedented feeling welling up in his heart.

This intense emotion that vomits like congestion is directed towards Hugo, his father.

It was something she had been ignoring, suppressing, and obliterating throughout her two lives.

And it burst out like an explosion carried by the aura at the tip of the sword.

… Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

A straight line formed by the huge, swirling black sun moving.

Black Lightning.

It soon diverges into nine trajectories and extends toward the front.

Nine teeth, each driving, holding, ripping, cutting, mashing, shearing, mashing, mincing and crushing.

The perfect form of the Baskerville family swordsmanship that tears the whole world apart.

In the grave of the sword, the ‘ultimate murder intention’ that Kane Corso showed is unfolded.


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It was a level of swordsmanship that did not exist even in the Age of Destruction.

It was the first time that even Andras, the apex of predators, had experienced it for the first time.

[This, what an absurd… … !?]

A slash that goes beyond the eight directions and rips through the entire nine directions.

Andras struggled in the middle of the torrent that shook his entire body.

However, the result was already predetermined.

The raging wind and fragments of aura fluttering here and there are oxidized with intense flames.

… Quick!

The blade is broken.

Kazanbai, one of the seven guitars, was burning red and was crumbling while shedding crimson red flames.

Andras’s body was the same.

Red lava boils from cracks all over the body.

Her wings were crumbly, and her eyelids were black and dry.

Bikir had a hunch that everything was over.

Although he exhausted all his strength, he got what he wanted as a result.

one o’clock. It was the life of Andras, the ‘Marquis of Discord’.

… thud!

Finally, Andras, the last enemy, knelt down.

Bikir stretched out the demonic sword Baalzebub for the final fight.

“The devil kills.”

Absolute immutable logic that does not change even after death.

The ideology of demon hunters, which can be called doctrine itself.

… … But there was one more absolute thing that didn’t change that much.

[I can’t help it.]

It is the devil’s malice towards humans.

Despite having exhausted all his strength, it was the same smile that was being built all over Andras’ face.

[Did they say that there is a reason for a story that sells well?]

Black darkness once again erupted from the eyes of Andras, who had been dying black.

[…] … I agree.]

Even Vikir had no choice but to stop at that strange composure of Andras, who was facing extinction.

[After awakening at the end in the final match, a 1:1 match with the final boss. The main character overcomes with the power of love and friendship in the end. If that’s the case, shouldn’t there also be the villain’s final outburst? That’s true despair.]

“The siege system does not work.”

[Whoops- I don’t do such superficial tricks.]

The ominous darkness emanating from Andras’s eyes was getting thicker and thicker.

Suddenly, Vikir overlapped the memories of the past with the present image of Andras.

It was the third poem by Andrealphus, and this time the last of the poems Flauros.

The two demons I had killed before risked their lives in the end to open the ‘door of destruction’.

Of course, the cost was heavy.

Sure enough, Andras said.

[I, too, have no choice but to open the door to destruction by pledging my own magical power and life.]

“Stop with your nonsense. I know that the door to destruction can only be opened once.”

There is information already obtained from Seere and Dekarabia.

The door to destruction means that no matter how powerful a demon is, it can only be opened once in this world.

Since Flauros had already opened the door of destruction this time and failed to maintain it, there will be no more opening the door to destruction in this world.

“I’m sorry, but the door to destruction has already been opened by Flauros. And he failed to keep it open. Because of this torrential rain and deluge that is falling now.”

[Oh, was that your fault? Of course, at that timing, the ‘last remaining dragon’ awakens in the world… … I thought it was just bad luck, but it wasn’t.]

“If a door that opens once closes once, it’s over. Now that door can never be opened again. No matter what sacrifices you have to make.”

Andras laughed at Vikir’s assertion.

[…] … Well, is that so?]

Andras laughed bitterly. And he spoke in a relaxed tone.

[I’m really sorry. There is one more door to destruction. Besides, it is already wide open.]

“… … !”

Bikir’s eyes widened.

Then Dekaravia, which was hanging from Bikir’s chest, shouted.

[It’s ugly, Andras. Trying to prolong his life with such a lie. There is only one door to destruction. How can you make two of them when mana consumption is so great that it takes ten demon lord-level demons to join forces to make one in the first place!]

[Hahahaha- What is it, Dekarabia? You look funny. But I’m not lying. Another door to destruction is already open.]

After speaking, Andras burst into a big laugh.

[No, what is one! You can open more than a hundred!]

at the same time.

Andras gathered the last remaining mana and summoned a series of black magic circles around him.


Dozens of dark portals drawn in the air.

All of them are magic circles that do not require a lot of mana.


“… … !”

In an instant, Bikir’s expression stiffened.

[you. I called.]

A snippet of the conversation with Andras from the first time he met was running through Vikir’s mind.

[I am the one who brought you back.]

What Andras summoned was not a dimensional door leading to the Polar Hell.


The world line where the door to Polar Hell is already open.

Before returning, it was a dimensional door leading to the world where Bikir originally lived.

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