Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 484

Episode 484: Marquis of Discord (2)

One hour Andras. Another name is ‘The Marquis of Discord’.

Its wings with white feathers are even sacred at first glance. He had the head of a crow, the eyes of an owl, and the lower body of a wolf.

In his hand, he was holding a sword that was blazing with fire.

A destroyer who is always full of dissatisfaction.

A being who hates everything in a harmonious state, loves trouble, and is with chaos.


Bikir took Baalzebub right away.


[Whooping-what are you so wary of? There is no need for that.]

Andras was still smiling the whole time.

[I just revealed my real face to have a sincere conversation. If you have something to hide from each other, you won’t be able to talk, right?]

“… … .”

[We both have our own goals. And they don’t conflict with each other. So put down the knife for now.]

At this point, Bikir should have felt absurd.

It is the first time that the devil does not fight even though he has revealed his true face.

‘… … If he was a decent demon hunter, he might have been tricked.’

But despite Andras’ kindness, Vikir is not fooled.

The reason was that there was a memory before the return.

Marquis of Discord.

A demon that roamed the battlefield with terrifying momentum and blew off the heads of countless great heroes of the Human Union.

Even though it has a friendly smile in front of it right now, it is basically a monster, and among them, it is a brutal existence that is on the level of the final boss.

While Vikir thought about this and that in her mind, Andras sighed in exhaustion and opened his mouth.

[This is the first time I’ve shown my real face and not fought, right? But I can’t help it because I want to talk. I am also at a disadvantage.]

“… … .”

[Now then, can we continue what we were talking about?]

Andras emitted light from his eyes.

[As I said before… … After you died, the world has stabilized a lot. I can return you to the original world and bring back at least some of the characters in your memory.]


“There is no way to bring the dead back to life. Even if you are a devil, you cannot violate the providence.”

Bikir’s attitude was also strong.

“The devil kills. That is providence.”

Hounds hunt. Do not talk to your prey. I learned that.

So the conversation ended here, and from then on, the only thing to share was the knife.

… Flash!

From the beginning, Bikir exerted all his might in the swordsmanship.

Baskerville 8 meals. Buncheon’s teeth gathered in one place and created a dark sun.

Kwaji support!

The hard throne was shattered like tofu being crushed.

It was quite an empty statement for a place where the supreme beings had resided for the past few decades.

[this. What can I do if it comes this far?]

Andras swung a flaming sword.

A slash like hot flames flew in and headed for Bikir.


Where Bikir escaped, there was a deep crack that soon began to melt away.

The Baskerville Type 8 and the flames of Andras clashed fiercely.

The atmosphere was shattered, and mana was broken in places, creating glowing cracks.

[Sorry. It was only half true.]

Andras smirked as he pushed Bikir at the tip of his sword.

Half truth and half lie in seduction. He knew very well that this would deflect the demons’ basic drunkenness.

“You guys are basically the beings who came over to this world to make humans their food. It is absurd to do business with such people.”

[Do you think so? I’m rather the opposite?]

“… … ?”

Bikir frowned.

Then Andras opened his mouth as if it was natural.

[The devil can rather make humans prosper. It is widely beneficial.]


[it is not so. You are misunderstanding our purpose.]

Andras still seemed to have not given up on trying to convince Vikir.

[Do you know the beast called ‘chicken’?]

“… … ?”

Who doesn’t know about chicken?

As it is one of the most familiar domestic animals to humans, it is natural.

Andras asked again.

[You humans breed, butcher, and eat chickens. What will the chicken think about this? Are they really happy?]

“No way.”

[no. they will be happy Not from the point of view of a single individual, but from the perspective of the species as a whole.]

Andras continued to speak.

[I mean chicken. Before being bred by humans, they were much smaller and weaker beasts. If it had remained, it would probably have gone extinct without surviving. Since they are small and weak, most of them must have been hunted and killed by other animals as soon as they hatched from the egg.]

“… … .”

[However, since humans chose chickens as livestock, the population of chickens has increased exponentially. It boasts a greater population than any other bird. From the point of view of the species as a whole, wouldn’t this be a fairly efficient choice?]

“What do you want to say?”

Bikir’s blade cuts through the air again.

Andras avoided it and approached Vikir’s ear.

[Aren’t humans also weak and weary beasts? How many things make human life painful?]

“… … .”

[War, beasts of prey, famine, drought, flood, forest fire, famine, disease. On top of that, you have to fight, compete, fight and win… … It’s hard to find a house to live in even if you try hard enough, it’s too much to raise a child, and you’re on the verge of breaking your back trying to support your elderly parents.]

“… … .”

[A bottomless race in which the person you want to breed is always taken away by a competitor with good looks and wealth, and you have to work hard day and night to get good grades in all kinds of tests and evaluations that society demands. But was there always only happiness at the end of the race? It’s not.]

“… … .”

[Did you want to be born in this world? no. It’s what you were ‘born’ by your parents. In this rough and lonely world. Thus, human beings are pitiful beasts who are forced to be born and forced to die.]

Andras jumped up and backed away.

Then he sat back down on the shattered throne and stretched out his arms.

[The lives I mentioned before are better, though. Most human bodies die shortly after birth. Do you know the imperial infant mortality rate? That’s over 80%. In this world where the average life span of an adult is in their mid-30s, even if they are born safely, most of them end up going to orphanages. Even they die before reaching the age of ten due to war, disease, or starvation. Did you see the reality of the orphanage where Dantalian was? It’s to the point where volunteer work at the nursery school is a mandatory course at the aristocratic school.]

A dark aura was gathering around Andras.

Bikir sensed an unusual misfortune and cut them with his sword.

However, the black mist swayed in the wind and enveloped Andras’ body even more thickly.

[Human beings are truly pitiful beasts. If you have the desire, you must also have the ability. Sad beings who have intellect but know how to recognize only deficiency with that intellect. Lust, appetite, greed, jealousy, anger, sloth, arrogance… … An ego that wanders without fully satisfying any desire only feels inferiority, debt, and a sense of defeat in an unequal and absurd society. Occasional happiness is only a state in which those dissatisfaction are resolved for a very short time.]

A beast born forcibly and forced to die.

It’s hard when you’re young, it’s hard when you’re grown up, and it’s hard when you die.

[So I suggest.]

Andras said with a smirk.

[The vast majority of human beings suffer from poverty and starvation and die before the age of 30, no, 10. In that case, wouldn’t it be happier if humans were reduced to the devil’s livestock?]


[You might think so. But do you think so of the children who suffered in the nursery school, or the children who died in the back alleys before entering the nursery school?]

Andras continued, blocking Vikir’s slash.

[If you become the devil’s livestock, humans will be guaranteed a healthy life of over 100 years on average. You can mate with anyone you want, reproduce, and live a full and warm life. In a world where there is no disease, war, or starvation, you can live while fulfilling yourself happily. And when you reach the age of 100, you sacrifice your soul to the devil and your body is slaughtered. Just as chickens No. 7 and No. 8 are divided according to their growth period. How is this different from the ‘salvation’ you guys call God?]

In the darkness spreading thickly, Bikir felt Andras’ gaze contemplating this side.

In the dark, its mouth rips red.

[A long time ago, there was an existence that first proposed this to humans.]

“… … .”

[That’s ‘God’.]

Andras giggled and continued.

[Of course, that god is much more evil than me. The slaughter was carried out according to the slaughter, but the promised happiness and peace were not given at all. They even take people who aren’t grown up at will, right? Well, human farming has been so rich so far, so it’s understandable that they behave like that. As for me, I just don’t understand you humans who are unilaterally keeping all contracts even though they are being violated.]

“What do you mean?”

[What? I just want you to know that I have a good offer for humans. And to make this proposal possible, I must find my sister.]

After Andras finished speaking, his face changed to that of the 1st prince.

Emperor’s eldest son. The enemy of the royal family.

He is now anxiously looking for his concubine’s half-brother.

[If you help me, I can make you the general manager of the system, that is, the emperor. Like the Goldings of old… … ]

However, Bikir once again cut Andras’ offer.

“Where did you learn the bad things?”

[…] … what?]

“That logic of yours. Isn’t it a trend that was popular in the Warring States Period in the very old days? It is a logic that would have worked only in the disappearing ‘Supreme State of Magic’.”

Bikir raised the point of his sword.

The end of his gaze was aimed at Andras.

“The human desire for development and the instinct to rise cannot be confined to the livestock system. No matter how much you lock it up, it will eventually break through like an awl in your pocket. That is human.”

The demon sword Baalzebub shoots out an aura with the tip like an awl.

… Kwak!

The throne completely collapsed.

Andras emerged from the thick dust cloud, spreading his wings.

“The devil kills.”

[That’s great. I can’t speak.]

Vikir’s sword and Andras’ sword fiercely crossed in the air.

Vikir thought as she removed the sparks and flames that spewed from Andras’ sword.

‘… … It’s fortunate that there is no Asmodeus in Chilgwita.’

A demonic sword that was Andras’ swearing-in season before returning.

What a surprise I was when I first saw that knife in Nouvelle Vague.

The demon sword Asmodeus was now in Kirko’s hands, so it was safe.

Bikir burned all the aura at the end of Baalzebub.

And Andras, too, was gathering darkness thick enough to swallow Vikir’s aura into his grasp.

[good night. If you don’t want to sign a contract… … I will make you want to do it.]

At those words, Bikir had to be very nervous.

Even though he doesn’t have a sword, the demon’s unique psychic powers are threatening enough.

And now, at once, Andras was trying to use his unique ability.

[Soon you will be begging for a contract yourself.]

It was the moment when the power of being at the peak among the demons who led the era of destruction was clearly revealed.

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