Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 483

Episode 483: Marquis of Discord (1)

A palace with an area of ​​about 5 square kilometers.

This imperial palace, the largest and tallest building in human history, is the result of over 100,000 magicians and over 1 million labor over 14 years.

It consists of a total of six palaces, and Shihuangjeon, which rises in the innermost center, shows the true height of architectural beauty.

A splendid, magnificent and lofty place.

The first crown prince was currently staying here, where the emperor should have been staying.

And the hound that came back from the raging storm and windstorm stood in front of Shihwangjeon with its wet body.


Baekjeon Veteran, who had crossed countless lines of death, looked up at the signboard of Shihwangjeon with a bitter expression.

A target I was once blindly loyal to. ultimate master. A majestic existence that even the world’s Hugo was loyal to.

But now this place is just the devil’s playground.


Bikir mercilessly broke down the massive front door and entered.

In the past, it was a serious crime that would have been executed right away, but now no one could argue with such a thing.

no man’s land. Daejeon is devastated as if people were cut off a long time ago.

Vikir passed through the chilly central hall and went straight inside.

Before long, the emperor’s throne came into view.

There was a man sitting on a throne on the dreary steps, looking down at Bikir.

Red hair, pale skin. Inexorably stretched eyes and a high, sharp nose.

The little sun of the Empire, the 1st Crown Prince, ‘Golding Jack Meridue’ was sitting there.

Unexpectedly, he smiled broadly and waved at Bikir.

“Oh, you have a lot of trouble coming a long way. Demon hunter man.”

Contrary to what it looks like, the tone is casual, but the meaning contained in the words is by no means ordinary.

Vikir didn’t answer, but Prince Meridue continued speaking in a pleasant tone alone.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t serve you a cup of tea after coming here. It’s because people are all dead. Am I the only one in this vast palace? It’s really lonely.”

“… … .”

“Is this your first time seeing us? I think I sent a few citations. Wasn’t it the first time you saved the daughter of the House of Morgue in Red and Black Mountain?”

“… … .”

“Oh, what was the name of that daughter of the House of Morgue? Camus? That’s right, it was camu. Her face was so pretty and her body was no joke. She was a bitch and had skills. I fell in love with her at first sight and even talked about marriage several times, but it was all black. Is there a man who has already made up his mind? What makes me so jealous of this~”

“… … .”

“Ah, the horse leaked to the side. Anyway, I thought you were dead then. Of course, I came back alive and well. And when was the next? Was it when you wrote your dissertation on killing ants at the Colosseo Academy?”

“… … .”

“K-At that time, I wanted to meet him in person, but I was rejected in the end. It must have been a disguise, right? Right?”

“… … .”

“I wanted to go to the Colosseo Academy to check it out, wondering if it was that friend of the Baskerville family, but I was so busy with work that I forgot about it. If I had known it would be like this, then I should have visited her and forced her to meet her. right? huh-“

As the chatter continued, Bikir raised his hand to interrupt the prince.


Bikir pulled the chain and set the coffin on the floor.

The prince smiled at the coffin Bikir was carrying.

“What is that coffin? you want to go in? I came prepared for death, what is this? not even pretty There is a part of me that is quite old-fashioned for my age. you.”

“I have come to end the war.”

At Bikir’s words, the prince pouted with a comical expression.

“End the war? Oh, you mean civil war? Seriously, why do you keep looking for your missing younger brother?”

“… … .”

“Yeah, I heard about Leviathan or something. I’m sorry. However, the second prince pushed by the other forces has long since disappeared. I’m the only one with the lineage, so who’s going to be the emperor?”

“… … .”

“Why don’t you rather come under me? It’s better to be a founding contributor than to be the leader of traitors. Isn’t it a bit like being stigmatized as a usurper?”

The prince’s words were indeed strange.

A sense of alienation that is so far removed from reality.

Lines that didn’t fit the situation and atmosphere were endlessly flowing, just like the typical symptoms of schizophrenic patients.

Bikir finally showed his teeth at the continuing alumni response.

“I am not interested in quarrels between humans.”

“oh? Declaration of Neutrality? But isn’t it human beings who have no choice but to take sides in the end?”

“yes. that’s human So you can’t be the devil’s dog.”

Bikir’s words were decisive.

[…] … .]

Using the lines from earlier as a turning point, the black and white masturbation changed color in the prince’s eyes.

The voice, too, began to change eeriely.

[Whoop whoop- Yes. Let’s stop talking nonsense while we know each other.]

“… … .”

[Oh, but before that, just one more thing. How did the Kraken break through? He is a rare species that is hard to find even in the depths of the realm. Originally, he was supposed to be made into a spirit beast, but he was just released into the sea.]

“… … .”

[Have you ever faced that spider? Hey~ Then that picture would have been nice? It’s hard to see such a great fight between giant monsters even in the mainland. When did that little spider get so big? Did it become like that by absorbing miasma and morale, which are signs of destruction? No matter how much I thought I would grow taller than my mother… … ]

The prince who reveals his true colors but is still talkative.

Of course, Bikir had no intention of joining in with such chatter.

4 meals that come out like breathing.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Bikir’s sudden slash shattered the throne.

[Oops! why is this Are you really here to fight?]

However, the prince did not show any fighting spirit.

He tried to calm Bikir by waving his hands as if he was genuinely flustered.

[okay! okay! Let’s talk!]

“The devil is dead… … .”

[Devil kills! Right? I understand everything, so calm down for a second! I have prepared a conversation topic that will be interesting to you!]

The prince was still talkative.

Before long, he came up with a story that would bring Bikir to a halt.

[you. I called.]

“… … !”

Bikir’s eyes widened slightly.

The prince, who did not miss the timing, immediately continued.

[I am the one who brought you back.]

Bikir was momentarily confused.

… … The return to kill the devil was caused by the devil?

Logic that makes no sense at first glance.

However, the prince seemed to be serious.

[The reason I wanted to bring you back with me was because I had something to ask.]



The prince nodded and opened his mouth in a serious tone.

[My little brother. Where are you?]

At that question, Bikir’s eyes narrowed.

The prince continued with a shy smile.

[You seemed to know who my brother was and where he was. Because when I looked into the future, all I could see was my dying brother. It means that the last bond that your younger brother left as he died was connected to you.]

“… … .”

[And there was only one scene in the future that I saw you returning to. I wait at the imperial palace, and you bring the coffin. You definitely said ‘I brought your half body’. So I waited silently. As I predicted, you should bring information about my brother to this place.]

The point is simple.

Andras knew that his brother and Vikir had a bond.

And he foresaw that if he returned, someday he would bring information about his younger brother.

That was the beginning of all of this.

A bizarre psychic ability to see the future.

All descendants of the imperial family, who inherited the blood of the first emperor who was a prophet and astrologer, have this kind of uncanny ability.

‘I’m sure Hohenheim of the Mage Tower I met in the old college league said that.’

So, there was a high possibility that the words the prince was talking about were not lies.

The moment Bikir thinks like this.

‘… … He’s a good person.’

A strange hallucination passed by Bikir’s ears.

It was a voice I had definitely heard several times before.

It was a voice that brought back memories from before returning.

And the moment Bikir heard the hallucination, the prince’s expression changed drastically.

[okay. The first emperor’s blood boils. oh – see you again My brother’s future. In the words of my brother who died miserably!]

“… … .”

[I can tell. You must have something to do with my brother. Who is it? where are you? Just tell me that.]

The prince asked repeatedly.

But Bikir didn’t answer that question.

“Why should I answer your question? What do you really want?”

[You are stupid. What is the reason why the older brother is looking for the younger brother.]

“Don’t make a fuss. You already know that your body is not a normal structure.”

The first poem of a heteromorphic demon. It is impossible to take his words literally.

At Bikir’s reply, the prince sighed heavily.

[As you said. My body is split in two Putting them together is my ultimate task.]

“… … .”

[Of course, I didn’t think you would just cooperate with me. So, I also have a separate thought of the reward when you cooperate with me.]

Eventually, the prince opened his mouth.

[I know because I have seen the future. That you are involved before my brother’s final regression. You just need to tell me the identity and location of my sister.]

“… … .”

[In return, I promise you one thing.]

Eventually, the prince held out a mirror in front of Bikir’s eyes.

“… … !”

Bikir opened her eyes wide.

Inside, the world after the destruction spread out.

Bushes began to grow again on the burnt ground.

It rained and the seas and rivers reappeared.

Few people see it.

They overcame their miserable past and spread their descendants again to rebuild a happy life.

Of course, among them were familiar faces that Bikir knew.

They were comrades who crossed the line of death together.

Inside the mirror was the original world. The original world where Bikir lived before returning.

said the prince.

[After you died, the world worked out in its own way. In the last war, demons lost and humans won. Although the human world has been devastated, the surviving beings are cultivating the land again.]

“… … .”

[However, it is not that easy. Too many heroes died during the War of Extinction. Few people know how to handle mana anymore. They need a powerful hero who can handle mana.]

People who overcome pain and rebuild happiness after the end of the era of destruction.

If Bikir can return to the world he originally lived in, he will be able to make a huge contribution to humanity in the original world.

[Who is my brother. Where are you now. just let me know If so, I will return you to your original world. And I’ll let you see the faces of the people you miss again. I might be able to bring back some of the characters you designate. Of course, it would be impossible to revive all of humanity, but at this level, it is possible.]

It was an unconventional proposal.



Bikir cut off the prince’s request for a deal without a single word.

And the prince continued talking without even a moment to put on a surprised expression.

“I know very well that you are not capable of that. ‘Andras’. ‘Marquis of Discord’.”

and at the same time.

[…] … amazing.]

One corner of the prince’s mouth began to curl up.



Black flames wrapped around the prince’s whole body.

The man’s fur had been burnt away, revealing the hideous malice lurking within.

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