Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 482

Episode 482: Urban Sea Battle (4)

Who said that the first life came from the sea?

In this worldview where the theory of creation by God is the mainstream, few people would agree with the above proposition.

However, many people agreed with the saying that the last life perishes in the sea.

… Kwak!

The final battle with the devil began with a naval battle.

The sea roaring black, the storm blowing like crazy, the pillars of fire soaring as they shattered the sea level, and the monsters of the deep sea revealing their teeth.

The Don Quixote Family’s Invincible Armada and the Allied Tochica Army were fighting a great war against the devil’s minions.

The place is the highest center of the empire, ‘Emperor’.

The city, once a gathering place of all cultures and fashions, where the richest and most sophisticated walked with graceful steps, became the center of fierce naval battles with tidal waves, storms, and heavy rains.

And in the middle of all this great chaos, there was one chaos, the largest, heaviest and most expansive.

A monster that appears most often in sailors’ epics.

No one has seen it, but everyone has heard of it and knows it.

An unknown existence that can pull an island one by one on each of its eight legs and drag it into the deep sea.

<The Kraken>

Hazard Class: S+

size: ?

Discovery site: Extra-deep part of the lower sea

-Also known as ‘The Great King of the Deep Sea’, or ‘The Adversary of the New Wave’

One of the two monstrous fish born with light and darkness when the world was created.

It is by far the foremost among all kinds of freaks that often appear in sailors’ epics.

Even though it is so cold and dark that it is crouched like a mountain alone at the bottom of the sea floor, where nothing can live, it changes the entire topography of the six oceans once it starts moving.

It is said that no one knows why these terrifying creatures, which should only exist in the depths of hell, live in the sea of ​​the human world.

A huge, round, head that looks like a rocky island from a distance, with tons of attached oysters, barnacles and seaweed.

Eight tentacles, each like a tributary of a mountain range.

The two gigantic circular eyeballs seem to be burning yellow, using the darkness of the deep sea as firewood.


It is one of the two monster fish derived from the process of separating darkness and light during the creation of the world.

The only great king who rules the entire deep sea.

And another name for the Kraken is ‘the antagonist of the New Wave’.


Orca gritted his teeth.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The club, swung with all its might, met the kraken’s tentacles as they fell toward the ship.

Even the Orcas of the world couldn’t fully withstand the Kraken’s tentacles.

The bombardment created by Usher’s knights also faltered in front of the Kraken’s overwhelming size and defense.

How long was it deposited?

The Kraken charged through dozens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of layers of armor made up of oyster shells, barnacles, and coral shells covering its entire body.


A hole pierced the screen of the Usher family, and numerous monsters began pouring in after it.

The monsters that broke through the shelling net pierced the bottom of the ship or grabbed the handrail and pulled themselves up onto the deck.

As a result, several ships of the Invincible Armada were already showing signs of sinking.

However, the response of the allied forces was not easy.

Dordium, Suware, BDSM, and Flubber stepped forward.

“Leave it to us. That guy is the devil of the deep sea that used to attack our New Wave! I have a mountain of debt to pay.”

“I have a history of fighting several times. Can you see the scars on his eyeballs? I made it about 10 years ago.”

“Oh my God, I didn’t know we’d meet again here?”

[…] … ! … … ! … … !]

Dordium created a vortex of slashes and began to scrape the oyster shells and barnacles from the Kraken’s body.

With Gigi Gig-

The heavy armor of the thick shell, which seemed to have been covered with time itself, was cut off by the blade of the axe.

The living ones shattered, bursting with bodily fluids, and the dead coral beneath them lightly crumbled.

Suware also raised the power of the dwarves.

She lifted tall buildings from the bottom of the now-ocean zodiac and pierced the Kraken’s body with a spear of earth and stone.

Pupper puffer puck!

The Kraken began to let out a dull groan beneath the water.

Taking advantage of that gap, BDSM wrapped the Kraken’s body with countless seaweed chains.

Plubber also spread its volume widely, covering and melting parts of the Kraken’s body.


The sound of boat horns coming from the bottom of the sea.

This must be the roar of a Kraken in pain.

The water began to boil and an earthquake began to occur.

… Fuck!

Bikir cut off one of the tentacles as it fell towards the ship.

As dark blue blood splattered, a cold, fishy aura lingered around his mouth.

Right then.

“friend! Now!”

I heard Tudor shouting from behind.

Where Bikir turned his head, he saw the boat Tudor was driving himself.

A ship with a large pointed spear at the head was charging furiously at the kraken.


The small fleet led by Tudor ended up cutting off one of the Kraken’s tentacles.

It was a feat that even the world’s Orca and THAAD could not achieve.

Tudor shouted vigorously at Bikir.

“I will deal with this gatekeeper on our line! You go forward!”

“… … .”

Vikir quietly watched Tudor like that.

When we met at the academy, he was just a newbie, but in the past few years, he has rapidly risen to the ranks of heroes.

Seeing that he now commanded numerous ships against the Kraken, I thought I would not have to worry anymore.

If a little more time passes, he will be able to become as much a hero as the great hero Tudor before his return, or even more in the future.

Because in this life, I did not die, I survived.

And the existence of Sancho and Bianca with such Tudor was making Bikir’s confidence even stronger.

“Bikir! Back please!”

“There is no time! We’ll do something here!”

Finally, Tudor closed the conversation with a tremendous spirit.

“Friend! Go and become a myth!”

At the same time, the Invincible Armada and the Kraken clash fiercely again.

Loud explosions and fires, tidal waves and earthquakes turned the sky and water upside down.

Morgue’s magic, Quo Vadis’ holy shield, and Bourgeois’ supplies continued to explode.

The dogs of Baskerville were also biting the Kraken’s gigantic body with all their might.

Before long, Bikir got into a small boat.

He intended to break through the gap where the Kraken’s gaze could not reach and advance to the imperial palace.

at that time.


Kraken’s body suddenly flipped over.

Before long, a huge eyeball was directed at Bikir.

In addition to the two visible eyeballs, the Kraken had one more huge eyeball hidden in its tail!


In time, the eight legs withdrew from the front line and headed for Bikir.

The legs that had been cut off and burned were recklessly swung at Bikir as they were.

“… … !”

The moment Bikir gritted his teeth and pulled out his sword.


The water surface behind Bikir shattered noisily.

octagonal. eight legs.

Eight gigantic legs protruded from the surface of the sea, blocking the Kraken’s tentacles.


baby madam. Have you been following me all this way?

The young madam, who left behind her offspring and followed Bikir alone, stepped on the clock tower of the ecliptic, where they once glided together, and pulled out her eight legs.

Pupper pupper puck!

As soon as it jumps out from under the water, the cub madame presses down on the Kraken’s leg.

The Kraken seemed very surprised to find that there was another being as big as himself, aside from the poison that spread through his body.

Soon after, the allied forces began to pour artillery fire again behind Kraken, who had been hesitant to compete with the young madam.


The Kraken eventually had to turn around again.

Naturally, Bikir fell out of the spotlight.

“… … thanks.”

For the first time, words came out of Bikir’s mouth that he acknowledged being indebted.

My friends, who would have been happy if they had heard that, didn’t really hear it.

Before long, the boat on which Bikir was riding was driven furiously by the southeast wind.

Riding on a strong wind that could break the mast, the small boat runs at the same speed as an arrow.



Bikir’s boat, riding on high waves, crashed upon the solid steps.

Bikir jumped off the deck and landed on the stairs before the ship broke apart.

A golden stairway so high that one might wonder if it was connected to the end of the sky.

Although submerged by the sea up to the middle part, it is still tall and magnificent.

Above it was the Hwangseong, which was normally hidden from view by clouds.


Bikir took a step on the stairs leading to the imperial palace.

… Drooling!

The sound of a pipe attached to a chain being dragged.

Bikir climbed the stairs dragging a coffin like that.

… … And Kirko, who saw the back of Bikir getting smaller in the distance, tilted his head even in the midst of his urgency.

“What is that coffin? Who was inside?”

“Come to think of it, older brother seems to have been carrying that coffin on his back since he came out of Tochika.”

It was Sinclair who answered the question.

Dolores opened her mouth in a tone that even she herself was confused.

“I was curious too, so I asked yesterday evening.”

“hmm. me too. So, they say it’s the souls of all the comrades who have died?”

Ayen also nodded and said.

Then, finally, Kamyu’s eyes narrowed.

“Hmm. Do you have a bad feeling about something?”

It would be a big deal if the intuition of a great mage was as high as Camu.

The eyes of Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko were asking why.

Before long, Camus opened his mouth and answered everyone’s questions.

“… … Is it a feeling as a woman?”

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