Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 481

Episode 481: Urban Sea Battle (3)

The central clock tower, the symbol of the zodiac.

The central clock tower, considered the second tallest building after the Imperial Palace, was submerged almost to the top.

The captain’s boat on which Bikir rides cuts through the ferocious waves and passes by the clock tower.

Suddenly, Bikir murmured.

“I think I’ve been like this once before.”

Camu, who was next to him, also nodded.

“that’s right. there was.”

“… … yes?”

“okay. when we were 8 years old It was very difficult because my clothes came off during a fight, but you… … .”

“no. not that.”

“okay? So what about festivals? Back then, we fought a lot in the imperial capital. wear masks on each other Oh, come to think of it, it seems like my clothes came off at the end… … .”

“Not even that. I mean the smell of the devil.”

Bikir felt the increasingly intense demonic energy with his own skin.

at that time.

“Is that the imperial palace? I can see something.”

I can hear Iyen, who has good eyes, shouting from the top of the watchtower.

Before long, I see a golden light flashing on the horizon.

Shimmering brilliance like the aurora in the night sky. It was clearly the symbol of the imperial palace.

The highest staircase in the world, and a golden palace built on top of it.

It looks as if the castle on the cloud, where the gods in mythology reside, has been moved as it is.

What had really seemed like a celestial castle above the clouds before the Flood now towered like a solitary castle above the sea.

“Imperial Palace. You really came. I never thought there could be a demon in there… … .”

Dolores said in a worried voice.

The tone seemed quite nervous, but there was no doubt or guilt about rebelling against the emperor.

It is probably because the life after knowing Bikir is felt much longer and in full color than the life lived before knowing Bikir.

And it was the same with Sinclair, the same academy classmate.

“Wow, is that all gold? Did you build a building with that? I will have to take it all off.”

Sinclair’s eyes twinkled while looking at the outer surface of the imperial palace.

The rich hat on top of her head was already shaking.


“… … that’s the palace Where the emperor lives.”

Kirko was looking at the imperial palace over the horizon with a complicated state of mind.

The guards of the New Wave in the Deep Sea were also trained to be loyal to the Emperor.

However, the emperor in the palace far up in the sky and the guards in the prison far in the deep sea never actually see the emperor.

For the emperor, New Wave was just a quarantine area that existed on paper, much less had he ever seen New Wave with his own eyes.

Even if we live our whole lives, we never see each other.

So, Kirko vaguely imagined what kind of person the emperor would be, but never imagined that he would ever meet him in person.

But right now. Everyone stood in front of the imperial palace.

Beyond the pouring rain and raging waves, the image of the imperial palace gradually drew closer.

… … Right then.

“Another tsunami! Bigger this time! And not one or two!”

Xindi Wendy’s warning came.

Looking ahead through her telescope, she issued a warning to all ships in the rear.

“Is another tsunami coming? It’s strangely frequent for a change in the weather.”

“Pusssss- look at the scale. Who made this?”

Orca and THAAD also frowned at the gigantic water bodies rising up and down in front of them.

If waves of that magnitude hit one after another, all ships would capsize before they even reached the imperial palace.


“ha ha ha! Is this the place where the great hero of this body will step out!”

Despite his young age, Tudor, who skillfully led the invincible armada, was not at all discouraged and his eyes were shining.

Tudor’s eyes, sparkling blue like the wide blue sea, guide everyone even in the dark.

“One outskirts! Bunra!”

Tudor’s orders were clearly communicated to all ships even in the roughest storm.


… Pacan! … Pacan! … Pacan! … Pacan!

The sound of chains breaking could be heard everywhere.

The large sailboats at the outermost part of the fleet fell out of the ring system.

“… … ?”

Everyone tilts their heads.

Tudor cried out loud.

“The outer ships are only composed of scraps! There are no sailors on board! Only gunpowder and breakwaters have been shipped!”

And now that they were falling apart, the forward speed of the fleet increased by leaps and bounds.

Since the heavy obstacles were removed, the speed increased.

“But wouldn’t that make it unstable because of the light weight? The waves are so strong.”

“Why did I have to drag these burdens all the way here in the first place?”

Bianca said nervously, but Tudor was still confident.


Tudor raised his spear Gungnir and gave a signal.


Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Flames and explosions broke out all at once in the abandoned ships that were separated into the left and right wings of the fleet.

Huge wrecked ships sink under the water, scattering hot flames.

The heavy breakwaters filled inside were slowly sinking toward the bottom.

Then a wonderful change took place.

“The waves are gone!”

Orca, who is sensitive to changes in water flow, noticed the change first.

Abandoned ships on the left and right sides of the fleet exploded to block the waves, and breakwaters sinking under the water also suppress the current approaching from below.

The sea became safe for an instant. It opened a straight path leading to the imperial palace.

The invincible armada, which became lighter and faster after removing the abandoned ships, was heading straight toward the imperial palace along the straight path.

“It is a bold ploy. friend.”

“Haha- My name is Changhae Changga, so I have to do this much!”

Tudor chuckled at Sancho’s pat on the shoulder.

The ferocious tsunami avoids the passage of the fleet.

The fleet was advancing, meandering through tidal waves that were less than half the size of other seas.

at that time.

Another anomaly occurred.


[Eh eh eh!]

[Shh! hiss-]

It seemed that the waves had calmed down, and then various monsters started sticking their heads out of the water.

Crabs gigantic enough to stand on the floor, ancient panpiers wrapped in hard iron armor, sea snakes so long that you can’t see the end, and indescribably hideous and grotesque deep-sea fish have been attacking the fleet. .

“What is this, you openly released a monster.”

With such monsters in front of her eyes, Bianca just clicked her tongue.

“Shin Gongbi! Ready to shoot!”

At Bianca’s command, the knights of the Usher family lined up at the front of the ship.

Even on the turbulent deck, they were aiming their bows and arrows at the big targets in front of them without a second movement.

“Open fire from the gunner at the ready! percussion!”

Bianca’s final order has been given.

At the same time, countless iron coins carrying a gray aura began to fly and pierce the sea monsters.

Arrows, each shot equaling a bombardment.

Whether you hide under the water or behind the waves, the arrow follows you as if it had eyes.

Pupper puffer puck! Kwak! Kwak Kwa Kwak!

The sea was stained dark red with the blood of monsters.

Among the monsters flocking in, not a single entity penetrated the Usher family’s fire net.

“The devil is openly revealing his true colors.”

“I have no intention of hiding my identity, but now.”

“His Majesty said that he died, so the first crown prince must be a devil.”

“Since his supporters, the Leviathan family, have fallen, he won’t have to hide his identity anymore.”

“Darkness and chaos itself. Are all centers where power gathers like this?”

Camus, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, Kirko.

They also took out their own weapons and were preparing for the upcoming great war against the monsters.

at that time.

bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly bubbly… …

Things are starting to look a bit different than before.

The swarming marine-type monsters suddenly scattered left and right.

The tsunami, which continued to rage until now, has subsided.

A strange silence that came out of nowhere.

And in the middle of it, a huge group of water rose up.


Despite the snipers fired by Usher’s knights, the mistletoe and the water that rises from the center of the seaway, and the huge, dark shadow beneath it, do not budge.

“… … Could it be ‘the guy’?”

Such an extraordinary event that even the head of the world’s Orca would grunt and groan.

After that, New Wave’s All Stars, such as Dordium, Suware, BDSM, and Flubber, also showed signs of discomfort.

“Did you follow me all the way here?”

“no. Do you think the devil summoned you?”

“Anyway, it’s bad luck in many ways.”

[…] … .]

Originally, an existence that lived in a place completely unrelated to the ecliptic.

The enemy the guards of the New Wave were most wary of.

While clashing over the supremacy of the deep sea.

Now that the New Wave has disappeared, ‘it’ seems to have taken the ecliptic as its new territory.


Before long, the last guard of the imperial palace pulled his body completely out of the water.

Eight tentacles surrounded the surface of the sea like a mountain range.

In the chaos where the sky and the sea are indistinguishable, two eyeballs shine yellowish like the sun in the thick darkness.


One of the two monstrous fish that were said to have been born together when light and darkness were created.

At this point, the worst monster that can be encountered has appeared.

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