Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 473

Episode 473: Tochika Extermination Battle (3)

The battle becomes increasingly fierce.

The hands of the clock, which depended on Tochika’s fate, slowly sank and pointed to four o’clock in the afternoon.


One huge bottle of poison was cut in half.

Barrymore’s butler, who saw the Marquis de Sade waving his whip and shaking off the blood, clapped and said,

“You are still very good.”

“Pussss- still? Do you remember my old tricks?”

“To be honest, I have seen more through books and papers than through the naked eye. It is also more than a record.”

John Barrymore. Loyal to the Baskervilles for as many as four generations, he continued as he slashed through countless bottles of poison with the knife in his hand.

“It’s strange.”

“What do you mean?”

“Right now, I mean, no, everyone gathered here is under the command of the Marquis. To join hands with those who once fought for the glory of the empire.”

Deacon Barrymore, while answering Marquis Sade’s question, was knocking down poisonous people one after another in an undisturbed manner.

Meanwhile, Bikir, who saw that, opened her mouth a little.

“I didn’t know that the butler had such great swordsmanship skills.”

“Heh heh- Even if you look at it like this, your body has thick bones when it comes to dogfighting. When I was young, there were many times when I fought against the head of the household. Back then, I had a slightly better win rate.”

After all, I did hear, in passing, the elders of the Baskervilles, looking at Barrymore, say, ‘Then that asshole became a man.’

‘Is it a case of getting older and milder?’

Looking at that decent mustache now, it’s unthinkable.

Bikir thought as he split the head of the giant poison bottle blocking his way like a watermelon.

On the other hand, there was emotion in Barrymore’s eyes when he saw Bikir.

“You grew up really well, young man. The memory of the day I was choosing chocolate at the food warehouse is still fresh… … The head of the household will surely be pleased too.”

“… … .”

When the word gaju came out, Bikir quietly turned his head.

Where is Hugo now, with all the power of the Baskervilles here?

Then Barrymore, who received Vikir’s gaze, naturally smiled.

“The head of the household is coming right here after gathering all the regular troops. You’re on your way through the civil war zone, so you’re a bit late compared to the other troops who took a detour… … .”

at that time.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

A loud noise erupted, obscuring the conversation between Bikir and Deacon Barrymore.

A bottle of poison was torn in an odd way, and annoyed voices collided on both sides.

“How dare you cut it, you crazy bastard!”

Sadie. Demonized with Belial’s eyeballs, she screamed sharply.

And in the direction where her axe eyes widened, another woman was seen standing.

“Oh sorry. I didn’t know you were a human baby. Won only after expelling the demonic energy like that. Beware the blind sword.”

It was Isabella La Baskerville who handed Sadie an apology that was not an apology.

The leader of the Doberman Knights belonging to the Baskerville family, she slashed again and cut down the poisons.

It was a cut that didn’t care at all even though Sadie was right next to him.

Sadie, who ducked her head a short distance away to avoid Isabella’s knife, gritted her sharp teeth and growled.

“Ah-oh-oh, are you trying to get rid of me with a blind knife at this point? This ugly year, it’s still a dog. ”

“Then you, too, still have a bad horse. Well, where would the bloodline of a traitor go?”

“Ho-ho-ho- why did you recommend such a traitor’s lineage to the Imperial Arrest Team? Is that also your successor?”

“It is my lifelong regret to have taken over for a human like you. It is a stain.”

Isabella seemed to be trying to erase a stain on her life in the middle of a melee.

Of course, Saadi too was eager to kill her old predecessor.

Right then.

… Fuck!

A rocky spear that suddenly protruded from the ground separated Saadi from Isabella.

A poison bottle that fell from the sky hit the ground and was nailed to the air without even seeing it.

A sneer was heard at the two of them as they lost a few strands of their bangs and backed away.

“It’s a waste. I wish they both died.”

Suware was standing where Sadie and Isabella’s eyes were directed.

The eyes of the three women collided in one place.

“Ho ho ho- what kind of Themiscyra Women’s University reunion is this? Did three of our classmates get together?”

“alumni? Trash bitches don’t dare mention the name of my alma mater.”

“It’s nice to see the faces of my old dormitory roommates after a long time. Life in the deep sea was so lonely that I didn’t like it.”

Saadi, Isabella and Suware.

Three classmates who graduated from Themiscyra Women’s University with excellent grades and walked their separate paths.

One became a rare villain that shook the empire, the other became a count supporting a great family, and the last one became a symbol of guarding the worst prison.

… … but.

These three, who thought they would never see each other after their careers changed, were now working together in one place.

It’s about struggling to survive.


The giant poison bottles collapse one by one, and small poison bottles take their place.

As the corpses piled up, the ground became higher and the red death became more and more powerful.

The hour hand is now pointing to 6, and the Germans are getting more and more.

No, maybe it looks more like that because there are fewer allies.

“… … .”

Even at this moment, Bikir stood at the forefront and silently cut down the Germans.

It was unknown how long the blessings of the priests would last.

Right then.

Bikir spotted a familiar face not far away.

Pretty old Baskerville. I have known him several times before and after returning.

A hound that was the same age as the owner, Hugo.

‘Was his name Pavlov?’

Among those with the same middle name, I remembered him because he was a person who survived for a long time in his own way.

Pavlov Van Baskerville.

He struck the poison mark with a knife that had lost its teeth and turned into a saw blade.


The knife, which was swung like a handmade blunt weapon, made a dent in the poison man’s head instead of cutting it off.

Doesn’t he even have a handful of mana to ignite his aura?

When Bikir is about to move to help Pavlov.

… Fuck!

A spear from the front pierced Pavlov’s abdomen.


Bikir hurriedly ran over and supported Pavlov’s limp head.

“Don’t lose your mind!”

Bikir shouts urgently, but Pavlov just stares blankly at such Bikir.

Before long, his mouth drew an arc.

“You are a good person. you are.”

“… … .”

“But it’s okay. I’m going to do my job You do your job.”

After speaking, Pavlov took one last deep breath.

And now he let out a breath that he couldn’t breathe again.

“A high-ranking Leviathan appears ahead!”

It was a loud cry that reached the ears of everyone on the battlefield.

“… … !”

Everyone, including Bikir, looked ahead.

In front, a thicker fog than anywhere else was spreading red.

And the existence that appeared through the fog had a look that Bikir was familiar with.

Floros this time. aka ‘Lying Leopard’.

It was looking down at Bikir with a grotesque grin on its left hand that had grown grotesquely long.

It was a self-evident fact that the beast that had just thrown a spear at Pavlov was Flauros.

[You guys are finished.]

Plauros, who had led an enormous number of poison soldiers, passed through Bikir and looked at the walls of Tochka beyond.

[It’s a miracle that I couldn’t eat a sip of water and endured until now. But no matter how much I frown at God, the limit is clear. Now the moment to realize the reality has come, bugs.]

Perhaps, if it weren’t for the last disparaging remark, there might have been quite a few people who sympathized with Flauros’ words.

Before long, an enormous number of poison soldiers began to push through the front lines.

“retreat! All retreat! Enter the castle and lock the door!”

The Marquis of Sade shouted in a rare urgent tone.

Warden Orca, who was guarding the wall, also gritted his teeth.



The huge legion of poison soldiers grabbed the claws and began to stretch.

The small poison soldiers climbed up the large bodies of the poison soldiers and climbed up the wall.

“Sprinkle with oil! Turn on the fire! Pour all the gunpowder! Archers and firemen, hit all the stock! Caring is no longer meaningful!”

Orca and Sade’s instructions coincided.

Everyone in Tochka stopped the hordes of poison soldiers who were rushing in.

… … Of course, the results were disappointing.

The Germans climbed up the wall with their help, and the corpses formed a huge embankment.

Now the wall has turned into an uphill road with a gentle slope.

“… … It’s over.”

Sindi Wendy, who was watching all this from the watchtower, muttered in a cracked voice.

Having not had a sip of water for several days already, she felt defeat.

Of course, it was also something that everyone who was fighting on the front line felt more and more clearly.


Tudor staggered as he watched the red blood spurt from his forehead.

Now the tears of the saintess are also losing their power.

The flags fluttering all over the place were torn to pieces long ago.

A dark shadow was cast on the faces of the knights.

Priests also started crying instead of praying.

The heads of the Germans were protruding one by one in front of the wall where the red death was overflowing with evil spirits.

“… … Is it really over now?”

Amman, even the epic of a brilliant and splendid great hero has an end.

Tudor grinned, his vision blurring.

I was thinking that the end of the fierce oxidation in front of the world dyed black and red would not be too bad.

… … It was then.


A small noise knocked on Tudor’s ear.

It was audible miraculously clear, amidst all the roars of popping and tearing.


noise again.

It was the sound of small stones flying.

A stone that flew from the air hit the forehead of the poisoned man who had his head sticking out from the wall.

“… … ?”

Tudor turned his head.

And soon, I had to open my two eyes that I could not open well.

bubbling… …

I saw a girl who was trembling all over like an aspen tree, and yet not backing down at all.

Tudor remembered the girl’s face and name.

‘My name is Sammuah! Could you tell me the name of the benefactor?’

‘My name is Tudor. There is no last name.’

A girl he saved in a small rural village he stopped by one day.

‘Shammua’, a common name meaning ‘God has heard’.

Now the child was throwing stones at the Germans, standing on top of the wall.

“Mister Tudor! I’ll help too!”

Hearing the girl’s cry, Tudor put on a blank expression.

Bianca sneered beside him.

“When did you twist it?”

“Is that so!? It’s dangerous, so we have to get out of here… … omg!?”

But Tudor couldn’t put his words into action.

It was because he faced the tragic expression of the family who appeared behind the girl before he knew it.

And behind that family was an entire village.

And behind them, I could see all the refugees who had flocked to Tochka, standing with indignant faces.

“Let us fight too!”

“You can’t just be protected!”

“One person can do it!”

“Even if you look at me like this, I’m from a veteran!”

“I will repay you for sharing food and drinking water!”

“Protect those who walk the night!”

All the huge number of refugees who had been inside the Tochka so far started pouring out.

The men picked up brains and long spears, even pieces of stone scattered in the valley.

The women nursed the wounded and at the same time brought drinking water they had saved despite the famine.

Tochka is a structure in which one girl can defend against 100 soldiers.

The Germans, who had hoped to climb over the wall, began to roll down again due to the shower of rainwater.

“… … ! … … ! … … !”

A little light returned to the eyes of Xindi Wendy, who oversaw all supply and procurement on top of the watchtower.

The fire that I thought was completely extinguished is burning again.

It was the beginning of a counterattack that no one expected.

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