Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 469

Episode 469: The Beginning of the Counterattack (5)


in the dark.

Piggy was once again placed in the same environment.

The difference was that this time Piggy himself was aware that this was an illusion.

‘… … Ah, memories of childhood?’

Piggy looked at her younger self in front of her and at the middle-aged man standing in front of her.

It was a face I had seen many times, but strangely, a face I couldn’t remember. It was just a haze like fog.

‘This kind of trash is not my bloodline.’

Memories from the distant past that even Piggy himself couldn’t remember are replayed.

It was the same fantasy I had when I was about to die while taking the midterm exam when I had just entered Colosseo Academy in the past.

‘I seem to be exceptionally good at seeing visions.’

It was like that when I was in the academy, it was like that when I was trapped in Naraksu, and it is like that now.

He was somewhat accustomed to experiencing strange hallucinations and visions whenever his life was on the line.

… … However, her mother’s cries that followed are not used to each time, and a corner of her heart is cold.

And the contempt and hatred that followed behind such a mother.

‘I don’t even dare to know the topic of being lowly.’

‘Get me out of here right now.’

‘… … Remove it.’

The whispers around them circle around and follow the sobs.

Since then, Piggy’s vision has changed several times.

A mother running away, forests and mountains, pursuers, steep cliffs, rough rivers, hungry wolves, and the astonished faces of merchants and mercenaries passing by.

Time passes and memories pass.

A mother who never smiled, who always looked at herself with a sad expression.

The stepfather, who was always by the side of such a mother, providing affectionate consolation and generous love to his son, becoming a reliable support for the family.

In front of such a father’s devoted efforts, the mother was gradually able to smile.

And the entrance ceremony that follows. Colosseo Academy, the best university in the empire.

Piggy wanted to show something to her mother, who was full of misery, and to her father, who had dedicated his life to making such an unhappy mother happy.

… … But everything was not smooth.

At the first school she entered, Piggy was bullied. It was because of his timid nature.

Unlike his brilliant brain, his relatively weak body made Piggy frustrated in various tests.

The scenery of Naraksu that continues after the academy days. Motives who brutally kill and kill each other.

And the scenery that unfolded next was a world that had been completely burned.

The world is gradually becoming devastated amid rampant monsters and daily civil wars.

… … however.

Piggy was bravely overcoming all of this.

Despite all the hardships and adversity, the reason why Piggy was able to persevere without letting go of her attachment to life.

‘I’m fine now.’

It was thanks to the voices of my friends who always stood behind me.

Piggy, who could have seen the world crookedly, was always supported by her relationships with her friends.

Piggy smiled involuntarily at the blunt but warm voice that came from behind.

“He is a good man.”


‘uh? Come to think of it… … ‘

This is the hallucination I heard when I fought Amdusias in the Auburn City, Cimmeries in the Saban City, and Andrealphus in the Third City.

‘He’s a good person.’

An hallucination that has baffled countless demons.

It was what he heard every time his blood flowed to demons.


… Whoop!

There was a face poking out in front of Piggy.

‘I can not hear you? Are you leaving?’

that’s right… … .

* * *

“… … omg!?”

Piggy opened his eyes.

The first thing that caught my eye was a face.


Bikir was looking down at Piggy’s face.

“It’s okay now, Piggy.”

The voice was exactly the same as the one I had heard through auditory hallucinations.

Piggy smiled with difficulty through his fading eyes.

“… … Also you are a good person In the past and now.”

“Piggy! wake up! The bleeding has stopped!”

Bikir shook Piggy’s body.

But even though the bleeding has stopped, too much blood has been shed.

The seeds of Naraksu spread like a shotgun, lodged deep inside Piggy’s body, and tore out all internal organs.

Piggy answered, swallowing the blood that was rising up.

“Closing the Naraksu is my only strength. I can’t do anything but… … I just wanted to help.”

“Sounds like an idiot… … !”

Bikir opened his mouth, but Piggy shook his head.


“… … .”

“Go and kill the devil. We have to save the world.”

Piggy stared at Vikir with all her eyes.

“Even if I can’t become a hero, I’m very satisfied if I can remain a hero’s friend. Come on!”

Bikir gritted his teeth at Piggy’s cry.

In front of my eyes, the harvester still stands tall with a scythe.

After that, this time, Flauros was operating the ultra-long-range magic circle.

“Get out of the way!”

Putting Piggy down on the ground, Bikir swung the knife at the reaper.


The harvester gladly met Bikir’s slash as if he could hang out with him for the purpose of earning time.

… Quaggie Geek!

Bikir’s blade fell and the reaper’s scythe picked it up.

When there is a brief confrontation between the two.

“… … I know who you are.”

Piggy’s voice instantly made the whole body of the harvester tremble.

Piggy’s dying eyes cast a contemplative gaze.

“… … he’s the devil You are being lied to.”

“… … .”

“And you have the power to see through it.”

Piggy coughed and spat out several gulps of black blood.

And he spoke with difficulty.

“I don’t think you’re a bad person. Because we were friends… … .”

However, Piggy’s words did not carry on to the end.

Piggy’s hand, which seemed to be laughing hard as he put the word friend into his mouth, fell helplessly to the floor.


Tudor and Sancho ran crying, but were blocked by the last poison, the wall of the SS.

The reaper raised a scythe and slashed Bikir’s sword.


Blood gushed from his chest and limbs, but it had already served its intended purpose.

It was because Flauros had completed the space movement magic circle.

[Come here, my eldest son-]

Flauros smiled and summoned the harvesters.

For some reason, he had a wide smile on his face even now, even after losing all the poisonous soldiers and being defeated.

[Can I ask you one favor?]

[ask? are you to me what?]

[…] … to kill a man If he were alive, he would have looked like this by now.]

Recalling the past, Flauros exclaimed in a satisfied tone as if he had made extra money.

[The purpose of coming here has already been achieved! power retreat! Get out alive!]

The cry of Flauros shocked everyone gathered in the water source area.

“… … !”

Vikir noticed the incomparable sense of contentment and achievement in Flauros’ voice.

Also, the real reason and purpose of why he, the master of lies, led all his forces to the Suwon area.


Where Bikir turned his head, he saw Piggy lying on the floor, bleeding.

The smiling gaze of Flauros fixed on the coldly stiffening Piggy with his eyes closed.

The purpose of the demon’s coming here to Tochka was not to kill the demon hunter.

Its purpose was to kill Piggy from the start!

[Demon hunter, I will postpone the conversation with you until later. Promise me. It won’t take long. You will soon realize that today is but a taste. Because my poison sicknesses are much more than this.]

Flauros shouted in the brightly shining magic circle.

… … however.

“Piggy never dies.”

Bikir’s words were short, as always.

“Only you will die.”

At the same time, eight strong teeth rip through the magic circle and push in.

A slash that was more ferocious and lethal than ever before.

Even Flauros in the world couldn’t help but shed a cold sweat at Bikir’s will and tenacity to kill.

[Son! Come on, stop that!]

At the command of Flauros, the reaper immediately raised the scythe.


“… … Weren’t we ‘friends’? trust each other.”

The harvester’s whole body stiffens at the continuing voice of Bikir.

In an instant, the face of the harvester could be seen at a glance under the worn-out hood.

Bikir faced such a reaper with eyes that stretched out in a straight line.

And that very moment of hesitation brought about a big change.

… Flash!

The fiercely meshing teeth took a big bite at the pillar of light emanating from the magic circle.


Flauros screams in unexpected shock and pain.

At the same time, the magic circle shook greatly.


Crimson poisonous mist and light engulfed Flauros and the reaper and swallowed them.

… … .

And an astonishing silence fell.

The place where a fierce battle had been fought just before had become as quiet as a tomb.

A demon that missed right before. and a colleague who lost his life.

Everyone who had gathered belatedly could not say anything in front of this devastation.

In the distance, the sounds of the allied forces subjugating the remnants of the poison disease can be heard.

Camus, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, Kirko, and everyone else just stood behind Vikir and said nothing.

… … .


Bikir’s lips moved as heavy as hardened lead.

“A really big fight is going to start soon.”

Everyone’s faces stiffened when Bikir said that the real fight hadn’t even started yet.

A time when greater, greater sacrifices will be required.

The conclusion of all these stages is coming soon.

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