Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 465

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Episode 465: The Beginning of the Counterattack (1)

This time, Flauros received an effective hit for the first time.

black tongue. Considered one of the most dangerous figures in the New Wave, he was the one who stabbed Flauros in the back.

… … however.

The appearance of the black tongue was quite different from the one in Vikir’s memory.

First of all, he is much shorter and has a smaller body.

Straight firearms were shooting out of his eyes, which had been stained with bitterness.

The black veins covering the whole body like armor were the same as before, but the body shape was definitely that of a woman.

Kirko. Captain Kirko Grimm was standing there, looking at Bikir.

… F*ck!

Before long, the demonic sword Asmodeus was pulled out from the back of Flauros.

The entire sword body was greatly swollen from how much blood had already been sucked.

[Such nonsense… … !?]

Enraged, the moment Flauros turns his head with red death in his mouth, he sees a green substance covering his vision.


A liquid monster that covers not only the miasma that comes out of Flauros’ mouth, but also the whole body.

Plubber’s dense body stretched out from Kirko’s back and attacked Flauros.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

The red spirit of death that Flauros spewed out was absorbed by Flubber.

Seeing the scene, Vikir opened his mouth.

“… … you.”

Kirko. Wasn’t she definitely with New Wave at the end?

But now, Kirko is here on the ground, in front of Vikir.

With the BDSM handcuffs, the demonic sword Asmodeus, and even Flubber!

Before long, Kirko’s lips moved slightly.

“… … was it you What saved me.”

“… … .”

Bikir didn’t really deny it.

That would also be the case, because Bikir had taken a measure to save Kirko just before escaping from New Wave.

It was arranged by Bikir in the process of removing BDSM right before the prison break.

‘Please save me…’ … I’ll do anything.’

‘If it’s normal, it’s quicker to just kill it.’


‘… … But there is one more thing I want. If you do well, there might be a way for you to survive.’

‘What, what is it? what is that!’

‘I want two things. The first is the original purpose. BDSM To release handcuffs, shackles and cages. And second… … ‘

Bikir, who caused a large-scale prison break using BDSM, took care of Kirko for the last time.

‘If you wait outside the window of the kennel on the 5th floor, a person will come out. Make sure to save that person and bring him to the earth. His name is Kirko Grim, his rank is Captain, and his gender is female.’

This is because if she survives, she highly appreciates her potential to make a great contribution to the human union in the future.

And the measures Bikir had taken eventually led to Kirko being sent to the ground.

According to his original fate, he should have already died at this point.

“… … But why did you become ‘black tongue’?”

In response to Bikir’s question, Kirko explained the situation very briefly.

“As the New Wave collapsed and was washed away by the sea, I heard a voice calling me.”

It was a fragment of a knife that was sinking deep into the sea.

It was the voice of Asmodeus, which was split into nine pieces.

The call of the sword, heard faintly but clearly, was of a nature that could not be expressed in words.

Demon Sword Asmodeus. Along with the demonic sword Baalzebub, he belongs to the Seven Demons.

It had been broken into nine pieces by Bikir and sank in the depths of the ocean.

As it was, no one should have found it forever.

… … However, the demonic sword raised its voice and found a new owner.

What it wanted was clear.

That it wants blood, and that it needs a host to live with.

Kirko, who was destined to die under the heavy water pressure in the cold seawater, unconsciously accepted Carl’s invitation.

And the fate was completely reversed.

Kirko, who was chosen by Carl, has a superhuman body unique to a vampire, just like the black tongue did before.

A body that can withstand the terrible water pressure of the deep sea. Mobility that allows you to move even if you hold your breath for days.

At that point, she was saved by BDSM and came up to the surface, saving all the other guards from being washed away by the sea.

It was a natural result that most of the guards who were saved by Kirko bowed their heads and obeyed her power.

Kirko looked back at Flubber, who was creeping up on his shoulder, and said.

“I saved this guy here at the same time. I think she felt a sense of kinship in that she had a strong attachment to the place of Nouvelle Vague.”

For some reason, Flubber is an ancestor creature who has never left New Waver.

The strong attachment and obsession that it showed to the place could be found in the records of ancient documents here and there.

Despite the collapse of New Wave, Kirko’s act of remaining here and wanting to be with him for the last time seems to have left a great impression on this liquid monster.

Maybe that’s why Flubber stuck to Kirko’s side and acted very friendly.

Seeing that Kirko’s body’s acidic ability is not particularly expressed, it seems that it can be controlled.

Bikir looked at Kirko and thought for a moment.

‘… … Does it mean that he has tremendous talent and potential, and even the luck of sweeping away all of them?’


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Perhaps he had rescued an outrageous butterfly from under the wheel of fate.

And the butterfly effect caused by the butterfly was amazing.


Kirko, who was able to wield the power of the BDSM chain, the demonic sword Asmodeus, and Plubber at the same time, is truly Nouvelle Vague itself.

She easily stopped the Flauros, who spewed red death.

While Flauros, entangled in the BDSM chain, was flustered by the suddenly cut off flow of mana, Flubber ate the red death, and Asmodeus squeezed through the resulting gap.


Asmodeus once again sucks up blood.

[Keuk!? Where do these things come from… … !?]

The bizarre history of New Wave, which was hidden at the far end of the beginning, was unfamiliar even to Flauros, who had meticulously investigated everything in the human world.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

When Flauros wielded the solo Ouroboros, Kirko’s attack also stopped in the middle.

But it was enough to buy time.

Kirko stepped back and said.

“After that, I met Iyan and came all the way here. I heard something about you too.”

“There seems to be quite a confusion about identity, so I gave a lot of advice. It means that the earth is also a good place to live. Keuheum- Even if you look at it like this, I’m a pretty warm-hearted woman, Seobang.”

Iyen jumped beside Kirko and said.

The Balak Tribe’s attitude towards nature must have been a great lesson to Kirko, who was the first to come to earth.

“As soon as I came to the surface, I searched for you. You forced me to live because I said I didn’t want to live, so you have to take responsibility.”

Kirko was staring at Bikir confidently with an unwavering gaze.

At that time, there were hands touching Bikir’s shoulder.

“… … Talk to me separately later, boyfriend.”

“I’m also a little bit pretty a little bit curious. responsibility… … Responsibility.”

“Tongue, brother? What is that uniform girl? Where did she come from and what kind of accident did she come from?”

Camus, Dolores, and Sinclair surrounded Vikir, exuding an unusual aura.

Right then.

[Ho-ho-ho-I don’t think now is the time to talk about the current situation at leisure~]

A magical sadi intervened.

She was brandishing her whip at the hordes of Germans.

Kirko and Iyen also hardened their expressions.

After they came out to sea, they made a raft by weaving bodies together, being attacked by a group of sharks on the way, fighting a sea battle with an unknown ghost ship, etc… … There were numerous episodes that I hadn’t talked about before, but all of these are omitted below!

After defeating the demons later, it would have been enough to let loose all night long.

[You’ve come wearing some pretty troublesome things. But you can’t overturn the game just by being unique.]

Flauros glared at Bikir and opened his mouth.

The solo spear Ouroboros, which had been fixed, was preparing to unleash another red death.

Bikir lowered his stance and confronted Flauros.

Certainly, the joining of Iyen and Kirko would be of great help to the war situation, but it was difficult to hunt the Flauros in front of them with that alone.

When Bikir is making plans for what to do next.


Tudor’s cheers came from behind.

Tudor running around looking backwards.

Soon, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca also raised their voices in excitement.

“… … !”

Bikir also tilted his head back.

I did sense an anomaly from the minute the ground vibrated.

Knocking it- Knocking it- Knocking it- Knocking it-

The sound of horses hooves shaking the heavens and the earth. A shout of confidence in victory.


An army with four banners was approaching at an astonishing rate.

The barracks of the Germans collapse. Poisonous diseases were being trampled like rotten leaves.

Morgue, the head of the magical family.

Faith chant Quo Vadis.

Chaebol family (財閥家) bourgeois.

… … And even Baskerville, the iron-blooded swordsman.

Each of the four allied families was bringing reinforcements here with their most elite troops!

Kirko broke into a cold sweat and smiled lightly.

“A little bit of time is worth it.”

Thanks to that, I was able to see the relief army coming.

The expression of the members of the death squad who were in the seat became determined again.

Vikir also raised her head and looked at Flauros in front of her.

[…] … .]

Flauros had a crumpled expression as if he hadn’t expected this situation.

Now the stage was slowly moving toward the finale.

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