Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 459

Episode 459: Water Source Zone Infiltration Operation (6)

A black barracks built on a dirt mountain.

In the center of the barracks was a huge pot with two giant snakes coiling around it.

Two snakes biting each other’s tails and spinning around.

Whenever the snakes turn around the pot, red venom pools in the center.

Then, the venom is heated by the wood fire burning under the pot, boils, and emits thick red steam.

[Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… … ]


[Kiik! Kkeuk!]

The Germans entered the barracks one by one and were smoked by the red steam rising from the pot.

Wood deok! Awesome! Fast!

The poisoners, who seemed to be dying soon, transformed into a lively figure as soon as they were exposed to the red steam.

Some became so energized that the shape of their bodies changed grotesquely.

And there is one person sitting on the throne at the top and watching all of this.

“… … .”

A black robe covering the whole body and a large scythe on the back.

He was a person called ‘The Harvester’ by those who walk the night.

A mysterious person who stands at the forefront of this Tochika annihilation war, and above all, at the forefront.

The harvester was silently watching as countless poison people were reborn in the red poison fog of death.

Right then.

… Kwak!

A strange thing happened.

I thought that one side of the barracks was being torn to shreds, and then a stranger broke in from outside.

Pupper puck!

As soon as the assailant entered, he blew the throats of the poisoners around him.

Dozens of poisoners were unable to resist and ended up rolling on the floor with only their heads remaining.

“… … !”

The harvester jumped up from his seat.

The poison, manpower, and time required to manufacture one proper poison combat soldier is staggering.

You shouldn’t die like garbage like this.

The harvester came down the stairs as if flying and immediately swung his scythe and slashed it down at the assailant.

… kang!

A stranger who blocks the scythe of the harvester with a sloppy iron sword that seems to have been picked up somewhere.

In an instant, the harvester flinched.

It was because he immediately recognized the identity of the person who invaded the barracks.

Night Hound ‘Bikir van Baskerville’. A rare villain who was imprisoned in the New Wave a long time ago.

… … But why did Lee Ja appear here at this moment?

Bikir’s red eyes flashed at the reaper in front of him.

Taang- Kkadudeuk!

The iron sword pushes away the scythe, creating a heap of sparks.

The cheap iron sword lost countless teeth just by colliding with the scythe once, turning it into a mash-up.

However, Vikir continued to wield the iron sword.

kang! Kaang- Earth! Daang-

An attack that feels reckless. It was to the point that even the harvesters flinched at the reckless rushing that followed.

However, this is the home base of the Leviathan family, a place where countless Germans live.


Large venoms reached out their hands towards Bikir.

Each one is a monster with a grip that can distort an iron pot.

Bikir swung an iron sword, now almost like a saw blade, and cut off the limbs of the poisons.

Pudeudeuk-Ppudeuk-Bagagak! Awesome!

Pieces of flesh and bones that are not cleanly cut are scattered here and there in the air.

In Bikir’s blade, even madness was felt now.

… … However, in the end, it is a heavy overweight enemy.

Even Bikir had no choice but to succumb to the attack of the Germans, who even used the bodies of their colleagues as shields.


A poisonous palm covered Bikir’s face.

Fuck! Fuck!

Another palm on top of it.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! pug… … !

On top of that, more and more palms covered Bikir’s face.

Bikir, who was crushed by countless poisonous people, eventually met death with his whole body being horribly ovulated.

The poisoners tore Bikir’s body to pieces as if their anger was not resolved.


… Took!

Bikir’s body was left rolling on the floor like garbage, with only the upper half remaining.

The harvester looked down at Bikir’s body spread on the floor.

“… … .”

Before long, he reached out his pale hand and gently closed Bikir’s empty eyes.

… … .

Right then.


Bikir’s upper body, which he thought was dead, jumped up and bit the harvester’s hand with his teeth.


The moment when the harvester puts his hand behind his back in surprise.

… Kwak!

The entire wall right behind the harvester’s back was torn apart.

The barracks stumbled once again, and countless poisoners died in great numbers.

“… … !”

The harvester quickly turned his head.

There was an unbelievable sight.

Bikir. Bikir Van Baskerville.

He, who had just been killed by the Germans, was alive and well.

flutter –

With the sound of the wind blowing, Bikir started destroying the poison people wielding a spear that seemed to have been picked up from nowhere.

Accurate and powerful thrusts were blowing away vital points such as the face and chest of the poisonous people.

Again, a spray of blood and flesh rippled throughout the barracks.

After hesitating for a moment, the harvester threw himself to block Bikir.


A scythe, twisting from its hilt, flew in and removed Bikir’s spear.

The palms of the poisoners followed Bikir’s empty stomach.


Bikir had to lose his life again this time by the Germans’ general barrage and the scythe of the reaper.

… … however.


Again, the walls of the barracks were torn apart, and Vikir emerged from beyond.

Bikir. Bikir. Bikir. Bikir again.

Numerous vikirs appeared and tore the poisoners apart.

Because of that, the barracks were devastated, and the moonlight shining through the dark clouds illuminated the inside.

It was only then that the harvester noticed that the appearance of the vikir who had torn the tent and invaded was somehow strange.

Red eyes with black hair. However, the skin color of the whole body is different.

All Bikirs’ skin is black like obsidian.

It was not only dark inside the barracks, but also because of the light of the dark red fog rising from the center, they could not be identified.

Puff! Kwak Kwa Kwak! Cranky!

Each of the Bikirs was violent and ferocious. And I knew how to handle various weapons like limbs.

Before that, the poison people were tearing like wet leaves in front of a fighting power that was not human, or even suspicious that they were living creatures before that.

… bang!

In the end, the cauldron in the center of the barracks was destroyed due to the riots of many Bikirs.

The two snakes inside were startled and hid in a corner, and the red mist that had risen was also stunned.

Whoops- Puck! Denggung-

The harvester, who was shaving and cutting the bodies of the vikirs with a scythe, was greatly embarrassed to see that the pot was broken.

The same was true of the Germans who were gathering outside the barracks.


The harvester jumped out of the barracks and looked around, but there was no existence that seemed to be Bikir’s body.

Puff! bang! Kurrureuk!

There were only fires rising from all over the barracks and the noise of black vikir running rampant all over the place.

* * *

a few hours ago.

Bikir opened Andromalius’s barrier under the hem of Pipung.

What poured out of it were small creatures that looked exactly like Vikir.

Doppelganger leech.

The leeches that Vikir had snatched from the Black Tongue as they left Newvag had grown.

“Oh my, you are cute. What are all these things?”

“Hmm- I’m sure you’ll want to take in and raise at least one.”

“… … Brother, where did you get your children from? right?”

“friend. Is this a real leech? Do you look a lot like you?”

“I’ve seen it once in Naraksu before, but I can’t get used to it.”

“It’s probably because I grew up eating Vikir’s blood, so I look exactly like Vikir. All you have to do is put on the clothes I brought!”

“Wow, even the clothes look the same. From the point of view of the enemy, it must be ignorantly confusing… … .”

Camus, Dolores, Sinclair, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca were all mini-mees who looked just like Bikir to the point of admiration.

Except for one thing, skin color.

“Now, eat.”

Vikir fed the leeches with a large amount of blood that he had never given before.

The leeches drink Bikir’s blood and grow rapidly.

Before long, Bikir let loose the leeches right in the middle of the Germans’ barracks.

The leeches, which had already been ferociously improved by the black tongue, began to run wild, attracted by the smell of blood and death everywhere.

“… … It’s worthwhile to grow while overdoing it.”

Bikir nodded as he saw a number of leeches rushing towards the barracks on the dirt mountain.

“boyfriend! Ignition complete!”

In the distance, you can see Camu waving his hand.

Bikir also nodded and signaled.

Before long, Camu, who recognized Bikir’s signal, triggered Mana.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Flames and iron skewers shot out from under the earthen mountain.

The poisonous people who were coming down the slope were stuck in the feet and stomachs one after another with iron skewer traps.

The flames began to spread in all directions, using the barracks and the struggling Germans as firewood.

… Roaring!

Bikir turned his head after confirming that the fire had spread to the military rice warehouse where ordinary soldiers were eating.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, Sinclair, and Dolores, who had succeeded in moving the fire from far ahead, were also sending out the signal that their mission was complete.

Bikir and Kamu also quickly joined the group.

“Now go straight to the water source.”

If you can go to the mountain peak in the back, blow up one side of the lake, and open the waterway, everything will be solved.

Not only would it be possible to secure drinking water, but it would also be possible to wipe out the Leviathan’s forces in one fell swoop.

‘Maybe it will be the last mission.’

Bikir ran quickly towards the shadow of the ridge in front of him.

It was the final finish line where Tochika’s fate depended.

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